Tony Robbins Keys To Massive Success – *TOP 13 IN 2019* ( NEW !)

[, Music ] are the number one. I love intelligence. I love wickedly intelligent people. I try to hire as many of them as possible, learn from them, but what’s more valuable than intelligence is hunger? Do you find if you look at what’s, the common Islander between Richard Branson and Marc Benioff? You know you give me your list of whoever it is.

I guarantee if you dig, underneath their hunger has never gone away. Some people get hungry because they got a goal to you, know achieve something or get in a swimsuit like a certain date or some stuff, but that’s.

What I’m, not gon, na identity change right. These are people that are like myself. I’m hungry today, at 57, more than I was at 26. You know I can I feeling me and when I say hungry, I’m hungry to contribute to learn to grow, to make a difference.

I’ll, never sell a less than I can be, or do or share or give or create and everyone. I know that successful that’s, the driving force, because with that hunger, you can get the skill with that hunger.

You can figure it out with that. There are a lot of very smart people who can’t fight their way out of a paper bag in a pragmatic way. So let’s, get into an issue that I think hinders a lot of people on their road to success.

Getting the momentum. Yes, can I show the little graphic here for a second. So just this is so simple. I think y & # 39. All find it useful. Can I just ask all of you: what do you think the potential is for any human being to live the life they want? What would you say? Okay, some two people said and limit everybody else’s quiet a degree.

It’s, really unlaid a potential, at least. If you do give me a yes. So if our potential is unlimited, the question is: do most people’s, results in life reflect their true potential. Would you say yes or no? Absolutely not? Why not you tell me well, a lot of people say because they don’t, take action and kind of led you with this right.

Yes, but you could be a salesman and you can knock on a hundred doors and say you don’t want to buy anything from me. Would you you may not say that verbally, but your fear, your motion could do that.

Somebody’s gonna buy from you out of pity. So a lot of action is helpful, but if you’re, not certain it’s gonna work. You want to execute that’s. What people say. I tried that, and whatever you say, I’ve tried that I know they didn’t.

Do things the right thing, so I created this graphic and you might want to jot it down those those use at home of yourself. These four words potential action results and then belief or certainty, and here’s, how they work in a circle.

Our potential is amazing, but if you don’t believe some is gonna work. If you & # 39, ve tried to lose weight before and you try to die it. Didn’t work out. Well, you don’t. You don’t, feel a certain anymore and you’re.

Also, fearful of failing so when you’re uncertain, do you tap full potential? Yes or no? No, and what you don’t think it’s gonna work. You know we don’t, take full potential, but are you gonna take massive action when you think it’s, not gonna work anyway? So when you lose little potential with little action, what kind of results are you gonna get lousy was also get lousy results.

What does it do your belief? Your brain goes see. I told you wouldn’t work. See I told you nothin ever happened, see and then what happens? Less potentials tap, less action, worse results, and now you’re on the downward spiral who’s ever been there in a relationship or with your body or finances, know what I mean now you might be doing well in one area like With your kids, you got great movement, but maybe on your finance is not so good, so sometimes were going two different directions.

So how would you change this? What would you guys do someone yell it out? What would you do to change the momentum? Where would you enter? Would you work on your potential that’s right? You got to believe.

So how do you change your belief? The way you do with athletes, because I work with like the Warriors last year, I work with their golden the NHL champion Stanley Cup, Washington Capitals. You get results in advance, they visualize it as simple as that sounds, but I’m gonna show.

You can we pop over this yeah. Would you all stand up and I’ll? Show you quick technique. Oh you got a technique. We have to learn this right now come on over here. Put your over here. Yeah put your feet together straight ahead and then bring your right index forward straight in front of you, and when I say now, I want you to turn clockwise comfortably.

Just as far as you naturally turn. Okay, keep your feet straight. Go turn clockwise. Naturally, everyone home can do it too. Keep your feet stretch see where you end up, come back around. Take your finger out of your neighbors here.

Okay, now close your eyes is so simple. Even if you don’t think you visualize, you can feel sorry. I want you, imagine your finger coming up and imagine it’s so vividly it feels like it’s coming up don’t.

Actually do it if you’re at home or here, but imagine that figure comes up and then imagine yourself turning twice as far and it feels really good see it feel it open your eyes now. Can you finger straight and now turn as far as you can comfortably and see where you go this time? Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness, how many of you, how many of you when significantly further how many when at least 25 % further this time, okay go! So here’s.

My quick question: did you have the potential to turn that far the first time, the potential potential? Yes? Yes, why didn’t you? Because you have beliefs even about how far you can turn, even though you’re unaware of those who have beliefs about money and beliefs, about relationship and beliefs, about business here, beliefs about your own beauty or strength, and so the way to change them Is the simplest I could show you two minutes is to condition your mind, because what’s the mind assert in the body will go there or once the mind of certainty you, we went ice racing.

A group of my friends – and I were with me – and some of them are my security guards, some of them my co-workers, some our partners, I have in business, but we went 70 kilometers below the equator and just excuse me the Arctic and went 200 miles an Hour and Lamborghinis – I was doing it like this.

I love that you said you’re stuck and you went you did this versus like going to spawn getting pedicures yeah. I was able to squeeze in a Porsche and if you can imagine 200 kilometres an hour on pure ice on a lake frozen as fast as you can drive and the beautiful thing about it is like you know, most people have fears and I’Ve learned to make sure I get myself enough here to stay intelligent, but here you don’t have to have it cuz.

When you wreck, you just went straight into the snow. It was just incredible so, but we do crazy things together. We have a blast together, we laugh, you know, we cry, we see the impact and to me there is no dividing line and for my kids, you know, like all the work we do feeding people, my youngest son Jarek when he was five or maybe six, probably Five, we would go and even early days I was feeding families and I take all my friends and we build these baskets up, make him great.

We’d, fed all the families get some food left, some baskets left. So we went to this place in Oceanside this Park and there’s, a man lying on the ground in the toilet area covered with a bunch of pieces of rags, and so you know I gave it to my son and I said, come on.

He could barely hold the thing was so big. I said you know what kind of help you give this to this man. He goes and he set it down next to him and also the man jumped up. They grabbed my son’s, hand and I jumped my son John, and then he just did this and he put it down.

My son is thirty: what one years old now thirty, two years old! Now he’s. Just gotten married. He was working on kids, he’s. Entire life is about contribution. He & # 39. S, got a heart. This big, he works his ass off, but he does it in a way that’s, so fulfilling and his wife travels with them and they have this great life and he doesn’t have to pick between work and mission and he’s not burnt out, and he’s probably been to 100 countries, and I’m you.

How did you, how did you model Financial Industry? How did you model pistol, shooting, which is an amazing story of somebody who does not know how to shoot pistols yeah and yet teaches the best marksman in the world? How to do it fast? I mean it’s like uh turley insane, but it showed me that you can take anything and figure out what the the commonalities are in the best people and then pull that into your own system.

It really started with my very first teachers, a man named Jim Rohn and he was a person without foot speaker and he had this three and a half hour seminar. He would do that. I went to when I was 17 years old.

I was already reading books. I was obsessed with wanting answers. I want to know what make the difference in the quality people’s lives, not because I was intellectually interested, but because I grew up in a really tough environment and had four different fathers.

There’s. A lot of my mom was a great human being loved me dearly, but she, you know, abused both alcohol and prescription drugs, so she was very physically abusive and I was Believe It or Not: 5-1 in high school as a little guy.

So I got the you know. It beat out of me pretty regulated for things that I didn’t do anything to do with, and so it made me try to figure out what made her work. What makes life where it made me more of a practical psychologist and the modeling concept came because Jim Rohn used to have this phrase II said success leaves Clues.

He said if there’s, anything you want in your life. Don’t assume that somebody has some special gift. They may have a gift, but they probably developed it most of it. And if you sow the same seeds, you’ll reap the same reward, so figure out what this person is doing.

Different than anyone else, and do that me he used to have a funny way of describing he used to say don’t. You find out what poor people read and don’t weed that’s like because he said that’s, the fabric they’re, trying to build their mind from find out somebody who’s.

Successful wealthy not just financially wealthy, but somebody who’s rich, emotionally and spiritually and physically and financially, and find out how they lived their life differently. What are the things they believe? What are they, what are some of the daily disciplines that they’re, a part of, and so really early on? I got obsessive about wanting to have all the answers, so I said I’m gonna read a book a day because I figured you know: a person takes ten fifteen years of their life.

They pour two or three four years into this book and you absorb in a few hours literally a decade’s worth of life experience, and I’m into confessing time. So I didn’t, read a book a day, but I read seven hundred books in the area of human development.

Psychology physiology all in my first real seven, you reading right, like youth in high school. I was mr. solution. You have a problem. I have a solution, especially if you’re, a girl I was motivated.

I could really help you with your boyfriend, but seriously I so out of that. I started to develop this modeling concept and then I learned neuro-linguistic programming, NLP yeah, I’m Gestalt therapy and no ericksonian hypnosis.

I learned all these tools but along the way, John grinder, who is a co-founder then LP, said I said to him. I said NLP isn’t all these patterns. You could teach your dog patterns, they’re beautiful patterns, they’ll.

Get me wrong how to overcome a phobia. How to do the things. I learned how to do all that, but I was I was bored with that I wanted him. I wanted to go deeper. I wan na think how you changed the whole person, not just their fear in this one area or get him to perform at a different level, and so I said to him, I said really your skill and opihis really modeling.

He said Tony no one’s ever said that before I said you and you figured out the best patterns from the best therapists in the world and you modeled those patterns and you integrated them with other tools.

And now anyone can do them right. Not just the great person and so kind of started with that for me, and then you know with the I became partners with John and very short period of time. It was kind of people upset about it.

Cuz, I’d, only been in involved mental people less than four months that people have been involved for ten years wan na be his partner, so it’s kind of controversial, but part of what I did was. I said I want to go and do things that people think are impossible.

I want to. I want to take somebody who’s in a coma and get him out. You know I want to you know I want to take on the US Army and say show us anything you can do and I’ll cut the training time and a half and increase the competency and so John agreed and the first big project.

I got was the pistol shooting program like what this general said. I can cut the training time in half on anything. I didn’t, know pistol, shooting and I said, and he goes you know you’re crazy. I said no.

I’m expensive, we kind of negotiated, and so the first thing he picks is this 4-day pistol shooting program that they had worked on. For you know almost 75 years, and he says to me: go do this. You know right now.

We have a third of the people that don’t, never qualify, and I said okay and I thought I’d, pull it off because John was my partner, he wasn’t. The Special Forces will figure it out the day I’m supposed to go.

This is the great gift John gave me the damn supposed to go with him down to Langley, Virginia and underground in the secret area and work with all these different guys and kind of figure how to model the method.

Garmo learn from John. He’s, the best model in the world. He calls me up from a pay telephone in San Jose and says I’m. Getting on a plane. I got to go to Germany. It’s, an emergency. You’re on your own brother and he hangs up.

Oh so now I’ve, never should have gone before in my life. I look like I’m 13. I was 24 years old right, but I look like a little kid at such a young face and I go meet these guys, who’ve been shooting 24 years or one guy.

Why was the best shooter in in the Armed Forces as a whole? Was the best in the army and one was the best instructor, and so they walked in and said where’s, the instructor and I’m wearing jeans and a t-shirt I go on him hey.

Where is he is proper and that’s? No, I’m here. They go. How long have you been shooting, I said? Well, I never shot a gun before, but this’ll be interesting right. So this guy’s. Looking like I’m completely insane, I said I don’t need to shot a gun to model you.

I’m gonna extract from you. What works and I didn’t know what it’s doing, but I acted as if I just like. I said, okay. How would I do this? Well, everything we do externally starts with something internal.

We have an internal process of visualization, we have ternal dialogue, we say and use one dialogue or one visualization or what are we abusing your body? You’re gonna feel me differently than to use another, so I got all three of them up and I said here’s.

What you do take the gun. Take the bullets out. First of all, they made me shoot a gun. They go, let’s, see you shoot so they took a 45 caliber pistol. I had never used one before I didn’t know how to kick and I shot the thing and it went up in the ceiling because you know the ricochet off it.

Didn’t build the confidence, but I eventually, I said, look take a gun out and I had him start practicing. I’d. Stop what do you do it? What do you do and the long story short over a period of maybe three or four hours? I figured there were a lot of things, idiosyncratic unique each of them, but there’s, some universals and one of the most important universals that they all did.

They weren’t, even aware of it was the subconscious was when they took the target, like I saw the target 30 yards away and it looked forever way they mentally bring the target closer, and when it’s closer, you feel more.

Certain and we feel more, certain is firing more effectively. Every single one did it, and yet none of them were consciously aware of it. Once I understood that I didn’t just take new people and train and mentally to bring it closer.

The first time I had people shooting again, they practiced everything perfectly just like the best guys in the world and the first time they shot at the target is where you are, and I’m right here – boom right Wow.

I got this thing down versus me: shooting bullet and ceiling, and then you lose all your confidence. So we do that like 20 times, then I take it 10 feet and then 20 meter than 30 yards and it qualified a hundred percent of the people and we did in a day and a half and not four days triple.

The number of people played at the expert level and the colonel report of the general is the first breakthrough in pistol shooting since World War, one, I would say the 30 year old would say this is what we’re gonna do this year And it would be these huge numbers and I develop a principle around the time I was 30, which is most of us overestimate work.

We’re gonna do in a year, and we underestimate we’re gonna do in a decade, and a decade happens that fast, you’ll blink, your eyes that might be here. That is so great point. I really truly, I everything I do is long-term.

I think it’s. The biggest challenge we have in you know, corporate America is every book in the next quarter. Instead of the you know, the best business people, the Marc Benioff, the Steve Wynn’s, the Peter goobers and people that I hang with.

They all are decade-long people. When I was 14, I said this is how my life’s. Gon na I decided, I said in my 20s, I’m gon. Na help I won’t, have the skill the help, anyone change their life. If I’m giving in and they’re committed, it’s, gonna be done.

I’ll have the ability, so I got a bill to that which I did and I said in my 30s at 14 I said I’ll, do that with groups of people said a one-on-one and then in my 40s I’ll do with big groups and my 50s.

I’ll deal with companies and my 60s. I’ll either. Do it in government as a servant there or in a religious context, because I’m a spiritual person, but I don’t tell people what to believe religiously, but at that point I’ve live long enough.

Maybe I will, when I look at how to create answers. I don’t look for the excuses, I look for what can be done and what I found is this I, when I first did this at Ted years ago. I asked this question because I walked in one of the only times it was about as quiet as this room, and I asked people, and you know the room in those days was very small.

It was the heads of Google, the guys from Yahoo Steve Jobs was in the room, pretty great group fact. It was the day that they came up with a technology that made this happen. They should, if the first time from MIT, they pinched things and pictures grew.

She can move things with your fingers and we were so blown away and Microsoft. We didn’t bought. The entire thing that was demonstrate was a tabletop with pictures and Steve Jobs quietly walked back and went.

I’m gonna use that for a phone and change the world right, so here’s. What I said that day, I asked this question that’s. How many of you have ever failed, not one hand without. I said I know you’re out there.

I can hear you breathing. I said how many failed and now everybody raised their hand, and I said when you failed. Why’d? You fail, and I heard some of the same things I heard here. What were the things people said? Didn’t have enough time.

Didn’t, have enough kappa didn’t, have the right technology. Didn’t. Have the right contact right, didn’t have the right people didn’t, have all these things and in the voice in the darkness, cuz it’s very dark room.

I heard this voice say: didn’t have enough Supreme Court justices and they looked at. It was Al Gore. Vice President Al Gore, there and and everybody started clapping right like crazy, and I looked at him and I said that’s.

One way to explain why you didn’t come press the United States, but I said it’s, not an accurate one. I spent pretty easy for me to say I never ran for president, but let’s see if, for you guys, if I’m true or not, when you told me all the reasons why you failed, you told me resources.

You were lacking courage as a resource right time as a resource. Money is a resource. People are resource technologies, a resource, but here’s. The challenge resources are never the real problem. We all know what.

If we look around think about it, you can get the resources. If you’re resourceful enough resources are not the challenge, its resourcefulness. So what is it? We’re, really missing. It’s, some form of human emotion, that we learn to value less and less than a technologically driven Society.

See if you’re creative enough, can you get the answer? Yes or no? Yes or no and creativity is a resource. If you’re committed enough, can you get the capital, yes or no? If you care deeply enough for other people, will you get people to help you, yes or no? Are the answers there? If you & # 39, re resourceful enough, yes or no, and in fact whatever you see, people in business that fail.

If they & # 39, ll always tell you, they were missing resources when they really just weren’t resourceful enough. This man is incredibly resourceful. I’m, resourceful every person that I work with, who’s gone from nothing to a billionaire, and I did indeed fifty of them just in the last four years, an idea which I gave that book.

I’m, not gonna talk about that. I just want to give you a gift cuz. I literally spent four years of my life interviewing these people and they have none of the people. I interview were from the lucky sperm Club.

They all built it from scratch. They did it by doing one simple thing you got to do in business, which is finding a way to do more for others than who, then you yourself, but more than anyone else in the industry.

You got to find a way to add more what and when I did these interviews, one things that came across when I was doing this is these people just took no excuses, they knew they could get the resources if they were source enough.

So what are the ultimate resources? Creativity, joy, love, determination, flexibility with those things there’s, nothing we can’t get. Who grieves me on the say I and then I turned back to Vice President Al Gore, and I said you know so I heard you say: didn’t have enough Supreme Court justices, but last night I watched you to give a speech and he Gave his in can be in true speech for the first time and he was so passionate.

Al Gore was passionate. It was an amazing thing. I’ve, never seen it before, and I said to him. I’ve, never seen you that passion ever before. I said I watch the debate between you and George W Bush and I want to vote for you, but I couldn’t.

You just have the energy kind of had an attitude. I said you were not resourceful, I said it never should have come down to. Justice is having to make that decision. It’s because you are not resourceful enough and there’s.

This pause in the room and all said everybody stood up in democratic, Northern California and started clapping like crazy, and I’ll sit up and keep my. I give you a high five, a little hug and afterwards they said get him run for pass.

It again, I said no, no, no, but the point is its resources: high energy, too high energy people, what kind of relationship where they can have it? They’re, both feeling great. What’s? The relationship could be like come on.

Tell me: are they gonna deal with challenges in a great state? Yes or no, so our state is the most important thing that influences our capability. Our results in life. Lots of people have capability, but activating it comes from energy.

When you are energy rich, you have a different life, the higher the energy, the more things can get done. If there are problems in your higher energy state, can you solve them quicker? Yes or no? And what have you got? Two people in a medium like okay States, not even about each other, so their life is kind of okay.

What’s? The relationship like come on guys? What is it it’s? Okay, when you got two people in a crappy state in a lousy state and they love each other, what’s still gonna happen. Tell me quick: it’s. Gon na be a lousy relationship.

You’re gonna have pain and gonna have problems that’s. Also true in business, the more energy have, the more things can be organized quicker, faster make it happen e to solve problems when your energy, poor, even smart people, don’t maximize and the problem is in our culture today because of technology technology is Starting to condition us, instead of us just condition the technology.

Today we sit so passively if you walk into most businesses. Today, everybody’s in a deep trance and you can see it because there’s very few rooms that I walked in. There are as dead as this one was when we started here and yeah.

I know you’re, not dead. You’re, the peak of the farmers in the world, but we’re internal when I say that, and there’s, nothing wrong with being internal, but there are times we got to be externalize to make it work.

Who’s with me on the sack, and so what I’d like to do is let’s, see if we can do something a little different this, but we don’t want to leave here with Us have you come here, listen the you know, those are interesting thoughts and go.

We want to go home and make the shifts in our lives who’s up for it say I so to do that we’re gonna. Do some unconventional things to get things moving in here, so we have a different level of energy.

So I’d, like you to find somebody nearby right now point and go I own you now st. what the meaning I hold you now. Cynthia! Oh yeah, no, I now you say I’ll. Do what you’re really saying in that moment is I have challenging you, you low-energy person and what we’re gonna do is.

Where does energy come from? Ladies and gentlemen, someone tell me: where does energy come from food? This energy comes from food. How many of you remember last Thanksgiving where you were last night’s, giving yes and Thanksgiving what you do.

You have plenty of food and, after you ate everything in sight, it said I’ll, never eat again and someone said pie, you would okay, who remembers, and at the end of that, what did you do? Go for a ride? What you feel like, after all, that food tell me do I lie down, go to sleep there’s, no energy! There’s, no productivity! There’s.

No joy! There’s, just sleep right, so it’s, not food. Where does the energy come from come on? How do you agree with me that it’s without energy? We are not going to maximize if you agree, mechanics chef.

Yes, thank you very much. So let’s start to create that energy. So, where’s, he coming from it’s. Not food. Sleep, however, slept for eight hours. You’re tired, you feel tired, so it’s, not sleep. Who’s ever had a night.

We got no sleep whatsoever, you’re, totally excited impose something happen to your weight for hours. Who knows what? I’m talking about, say hi, I would say to you where the energy comes from is psychology.

It’s, a decision about who you’re gonna be and what you’re gonna tolerate or not in yourself, and those are the highest energy. If I said to you Richard Branson, energy, rich energy, for a quick okay, Marc Benioff, any rich energy, poor, yes, the room when I walked in here – energy, rich energy, poor good.

So should we change that? Yes or not good? Let’s say somebody? Would say we’re playfully, your truth, I own you when you’re, really doing this challenge in them, and I want to see if you can do something fun.

I do this is the best athletes for world presidents. You name it. It sounds crazy, but what we want to do is we found that you can change your energy just by changing the way you move for a few moments.

If you decide to energy equals emotion, emotion is energy in motion, and so, if you try to get yourself pumped up in your head, you go in circles and we don & # 39, t look for pump up. We’re. Looking for fuel fuel, that will movement well, if you’re entrepreneurs out there here’s.

What I’d, say to you. I’d, say don’t, be so damn hard on yourself. I know that sounds counter to being an achiever, but when you’re beating yourself up, you’re, sucking out the energy you need to move forward.

It’s kind of like I always tell people there’s, so much energy and I built mind. I do a lot of things to build. My energy be incredibly strong and have really strong endurance, because to me energy is life.

If you don’t strong energy, I can do anything, but even after we look at that energy, it only goes so many places. So if your energy is being caught up, if you take energy in a business and you pour it into external marketing going out and reaching people and adding value that business is going to grow.

But if there are inner conflicts in that business between people, then the energy is being sucked in here and less energy is going out there. The business is gonna have problems that’s. Also true of you, if you allow your disappointments to create these inner conflicts and fears and you let them run wild within you, they’re gonna suck the energy out.

You need to go to the next level in your business. You have to discipline your disappointment now. You know, mine is the 90 second rule so watch this. Try something real fast! Look around this room. I’m, going to give you a test, look around this room and see everything it’s.

Brown, I’m gonna test. You in a moment, look behind you. Look around you look clothing. Look the people, look anything that’s. Brown brown, brown, brown, brown, rectal cord in your mind, close your eyes now, with your eyes closed.

Tell me everything you saw just now. That was red. If you see more Brown than red say I open your eyes. Look for red now, really look for red! Look for it anywhere! You can find look around you look besides.

You look at the front back. How many found more red this time rich and you did say ahh? Why did you find more red this time that you told me to seek and ye shall find? But here’s? What’s? Amazing seek and you shall find, even if it’s, not there.

I’ll, prove it to you. How many saw beige it called it brown just successful. How many saw burgundy called it red just caliber pieces? So if you think you’re a jerk or someone else’s, a jerk, you’re gonna color it you’re gonna change.

You’re gonna find the jerkiness in them. You’re gonna find the jerk in you. It’s, really important that you manage your mental emotional state because you are the business. If you’re the leader, your responsibility, your job, your opportunity, your privilege, is to be able to truly lead, and you cannot lead if you’re living in fear.

You cannot lead in a place of constant uncertainty. We all have uncertainty at times, but if you watched an athlete go out to shoot a free, throw or a kicker in the NFL to go, kick the ball. How many were seeing that person they’re about to kick it? They’re about to shoot it.

You go, they’re gonna miss it, and you know they’re gonna miss it. Who’s experienced this before? How did you know you could see in their body if, if they & # 39, re missing the core ingredient? Absolute certainty, you get the great skills in the world, but when you lose that certainty, the athlete goes down that’s.

Usually, when I get the call, I got to rewire them and get them back where they can execute at that level, so be kind to yourself as corny, as that sounds not to be kind to yourself, but so there’s more energy available to Solve the problems and to build the business and to meet your mission, because the time you’re beating yourself up, you’re, trying to prove to yourself.

You really care, but meanwhile, what you’re doing is sucking the energy out of your growth. I had somebody who embezzled some money. When I was a tiny company, I want to come as three million dollars.

They got embezzled, quarter million dollars and I was 750 eight thousand dollars in debt and thought I was in profit and in those days everybody told me. I have to go bankrupt and I remember I was just like so angry there’s.

So much anger because my business was like my child. This guy tried to kill my child. You know so I was chasing him in New Mexico, so I could beat the hell out of him, put him in prison and and then I realized in the middle of stuff.

I got ta. Let go of this because well, I’m busy being angry and pissed off the business is gonna go under. I’m chasing birds. When we do, when I get to the bird, I got ta focus on how to add the value and so take your energy that’s.

All you have in this life and invest it in the things you love and those you love and the mission of your business and in your clients. If you fall in love with what you do, who you do it with and who you do it for there’ll, be no limit to your impact, but you got to be willing to do it for decades because it’s.

All, maybe you’ll hit the lucky thing and it’ll happen in 12 months, but he, if you don’t, even if you did you know, I & # 39. Ve got a friend who’s. One of my partners in the LFC and so forth. You know Chad, who started YouTube, for example, and one point: six billion dollars and what 18 months 24 month, that type of thing it’s, not always the best thing, because, ultimately, in life, whenever you meet people have succeeded.

Almost always. We talk about the toughest times and laugh and remember because in order to have a foreground, you need a background and to appreciate the foreground. You need a background, so I found that the most difficult times have been the best times because they made me appreciate what my life is like today.

You, I think the the dry part is falling in love with your customers. I love people. I’ve, always loved people, and I hate suffering because I’ve suffered and I love to light people up, but not just lighten my pum pum up.

I love to have another skill having a tool have a system. You know when I do my boot camps each year for our business mastery programs. I guarantee everybody there and the day one you & # 39. Ll have a million dollars of value in your opinion, or will give you people all the stuff you got and will give your money back.

No one ever leaves because I know how to add that value in the business for those people. So I think the drive is the biggest mistake. I think businesses make as many businesses are start by people that you built the product.

You love and that may still be true for you, like you, built this great jewelry or you built this great software. Are you or whatever skill set you have, but the problem is the world changes so fast? Now I mean I’m old enough.

Who remembers the Sony Walkman anybody’s. Ancient of hatchet got that product lasted 20 years now product like that small even last a year right. The competition is too high. So today, if you and I are gonna really succeed, you got to fall in love with your ideal customer because look I’m sure.

You know that right now, the economy we have is looking pretty good, but it’s. Gon na correct, because we’ve done nothing since 2008 sit print more money and we need print money when we put you know ones and zeros and computers.

So there’s. Gon na be some Corrections and when those happens it’s. Gon na shake people up, you need to fall in love with a client who’s. Gon na do well with you, even when the economy goes to hell, think about it.

Starbucks I was sitting across from Howard Schultz and have a great conversation and said: what does he most proud of me said used to say starting Starbucks? Then he said now it’s surviving 2008. If they closed, I think it was 1,300 stores.

If I remember correctly, it’s for $ 2 coffee, so you need get your ass ready for winter because it’s coming and if you have got challenges now, but if you do, if you do well in winter, you’ll dominate for the rest of time and the way you do well mentor is you fall in love with your ideal clients, and then you come up with the irresistible offer for them.

You know steve jobs created 99 cent songs, but he didn’t create that we all know that were to come from who’s old enough, remember Columbia, house, where you got like 10 albums for a buck. Remember that or for a corridor and stuff they built a billion-dollar company, Thomas shoes, shitty product.

I love him great great, but he does but but two for one being able to do something where I get it and I benefits somebody else. Brilliant idea dump a whole company on that. He didn’t build the product; he built it on the mission right, so you need an irresistible offer for the client who is ideal for you and you want to fall in love with a client.

Don’t fall in love with your product or service because those need to change, and if you follow them over the product service, somebody’s. Gon na beat you there gonna, be anticipating. I always told businesses there’s.

Two businesses, you have to run manage right now, you have to run the business you’re in because you know what I’m at your cash flow. Your challenges are going to bite. You, but you also have to run the business you’re becoming and both businesses you have to making progress on.

If you get all excited about the future and all the cool stuff, that’s coming – and you go work on that and there’s, no cash flow. Now you’re dead in the water. If you just work on today, you’re gonna wake up and go what the hell happened.

My competition beat me it’s, those two sides and my 33 companies. I look at what the company is now and what it has to be constantly. So we’re. Doing the you know the the grunt work, if you will the important day-to-day work, while we’re anticipating the future, but the issue of time is not the real issue.

The real issue is that they’re operating as an operator, not an owner yeah, and so when I start to do in the beginning have to do both right. But what I start to do is show them how you have to be able to break off and get other people to do things.

But, more importantly, I teach people I do. Have you know a five-day boot camp. You know I call business master eat a couple times a year and we bring in businesses from all over the world literally, and we have people just starting a business, and we have people with.

You know, businesses that are, do it a billion two billion three, and what you find is that there’s, a common pattern amongst all these group of people, where they they find themselves if they’re. If there’s, a small business, they do everything because they figure like they’re, the only one can do it or they tried someone else and they failed.

Well that happens in every business. You have to begin to leverage yourself or you’re, just going to be self-employed and you & # 39. Ll, never have the scalability. A business is a system that adds value even when you’re, not there and you as a leader have to get good enough to both hire people and train people so that you’re, not a manager.

A manager works with people to make sure they get the job done. While you’re there, but if you have to be there there’s at climb 133 companies. I mean every four days. I’m gonna plane. Train helicopter on stage somewhere on average in a year, and I got 33 companies there’s 12.

I managed directly, but I couldn’t. Do that by management. I do it by leadership. I build leaders who can make their own decisions. I hire people that are the best of the best. Now in the beginning that’s, hard cuz, you have no money right, so you hire the that’s called you and you pay them nothing, and then now you try to hi.

Other people, and what do you do you hire your friends which you know is a disaster because they’re, not as skilled and you love them. It’s, hard to manage them, and then I hired people that were really talented, but they were mean.

You know they. Didn’t share my values, and so eventually you get to that place where you can find the right people, but I think the most important secret for the growth of any business. The question, I guess: how do you go over the time and the answer is you’ve got to take two hours 90 minutes a week with your team of 1, 2 3 2000 and you got to meet where you work on the business, and I teach people a format called 7 7, where there’s, seven areas of a business.

You cannot miss marketing sales, optimization, the financials culture and I’ll. Make sure that each week you and your team focus on that. Not the day-to-day business, but how do we strengthen our marketing? Not just for this run, but overall how we build the brand? What do we do to change our sales process? How do we optimize the business? How do we spend no money and grow their business? 30 % in the next three to six months, and when you take small markers in the business that are critical and you improve them – 5.

10. 15 percent – that you do 12 of them. You & # 39. Ll grow your business 120 hundred 30 percent under 40 %, because there’s, a compounding impact. You don’t just get the improvement you’ve made. So I try to help businesses to make those changes so that so you have time to think and be strategic, because if you’re just running how many of you are stressed, I’ll, be honest, but be honest if you it Today, being here and not being at your business, how many feel some stress in your business being away even for a day? Okay, right now, I’m.

A business operator F that I’m gonna come a business owner. You’ve got ta, be the most important decision you can make above any on the face of the earth is deciding that, no matter what happens in your life? No matter what happens? You’re gonna live in a beautiful state and what the hell’s that mean it means that you’re, not gonna suffer.

It means a beautiful state. Is that you’re gonna be happy, but that’s. The only one or you’re gonna feel creative or you’re gonna be passionate or you’re gonna be in awe of something or you’re gonna feel loved.

Any state. That’s, a beautiful state is really the core essence of who you are without fear right. All of our suffering is human beings, and I deal with people all the time I mention to you off camera to be by I coached yesterday, one presidential candidate and the other one is a rap superstar right, but both on the same day and without naming any Names, people that have everything by your point of view, most people for you: they have the fame and they have the love and believe the people love them, and they have great economics, financial freedom and they have homes and there they are, they have the fashion they Have everything they’re? The I can’t tell you how many of them are miserable.

The majority are miserable. I’m, not bullshitting. I don’t want to get the phone call from the vast majority when I say miserable. They’re, so used to it. Some of them don’t even realize they’re miserable, but most do they get a place where it’s like how do I keep this up? How do I keep outdoing myself? How do I you know? I built these 32 companies how to keep all 32 going to make them all grow every single year and that’s, not how life is right right and then they worry about what will people think what will they do so the decision to say I am NOT gonna suffer, then.

If suffering arises, pains one thing sufferings. Another suffering is when you’re like I’ll, give you example. A friend of mine is a very famous Indian, industrialist and billionaire guy, and he just recently took a sport in India that’s been around 2,000 years in almost every village child plays and he turned it into a professional sport.

No one had ever made a professional sport. Two years ago he invested I don’t know I’m, making the number up twenty million dollars in it in two years. The sport is so successful in India that 500 million people watch the finals two months ago, 500 million people right so half a billion.

That’s. I thought it’s. An idiot and people are saying this is gonna, be as big as you know, for them cricket is the ultimate thing right thing biggest cricket, so his team valuation – I’m making the number up.

I think it’s gone down like a half a billion dollars in two years from you know, twenty five million dollars and his team is number two in the whole world right, he’s, got these great players, so I & #

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PRIME YOUR BRAIN FOR SUCCESS | Tony Robbins, Bruce Lipton, Joe Dispenza

You know i come from a very poor background and we had no money for food at times. Quite literally, and it was it was rough, so i i want to make sure money. Wasn’t a you know, an issue for my future family.

So i figured how to make money – and i figured when i was i don’t – know 23. I figured how to make a million dollars. In a year i went from 38 000 to a million and you don’t. Do that by some new strategy there’s, a psychological shift, as well as a strategy shift right, but then i made the same amount of money for seven straight years, even though i built a dozen more companies, i have more people than ever, but It was like unconsciously, when you want more than a million dollars.

What are you you know? You’re greedy and i was it i was actually staying. Where was i was in um, i was in milwaukee wisconsin. I arrived at two o’clock in the morning. On my birthday, i didn’t have a private plane, so i had to go like four different connections from where i was, and i get in this place and it’s a horrible place, and i call my kids and i’m talking to this woman on the phone named maria used to run my house and take care of my kids.

I said you know maria. I’m. Sorry, it’s so late, but i want to talk to my kids. Oh happy birthday, she’s, this whole thing and then she walks me to mr robbins. You know she says i never dreamed. I’d, live in a castle because i had a place called the drama, and i just want to thank you.

I feel like a princess. She goes last night. I was sitting in a jacuzzi looking out at the water and thinking oh look yeah, but i’m in the ramada inn in those days. Looking at this moose head, this woman is really rich, so i finally decided listen if i can make them.

You know 38 000 million. It’s, not about money. It’s like growth, so i wouldn’t make 3 million, but i want to make more of it while i sleep, but then i really began to realize it. Doesn’t matter how much money you make it’s, really your capacity to take your creativity and stop trading time for money.

It’s, the worst trade in the world, everybody’s, a financial trader, they don’t realize their trader the trading time and you can’t get more time. So this book is how to take anybody. An average person a millennial just getting out of college with a bunch of debt and saying how do i really make this work or baby boomer sand? How do i still retire and the way i did it was? I said i want to interview 50 of the most brilliant financial people in the world.

Most people don’t know that i i’ve, been working with paul tudor jones, one of the top 10 financial traders in history for 21. Straight years, and he hasn’t lost money in one year in 21 years. Right we made money in the tech.

You know blow up that happened in 2000 and 911. in 2008, when the market was down 51 from top to bottom. He made 28 positive right incredible so, every day literally he emails me. I monitor him. I come see him.

I work with him and he pays me seven figures a year to be able to do this and i’ve, been able to continually help him go to the next level. But, quite frankly, i’ve learned more from him. I think than i could ever teach him right and he helped me open these doors, so this book is the best from every self-made billionaire that i could find carl icahn i mean i’m sitting down with this guy.

He just made two billion dollars in the last 18 months of a 30 million investment off netflix. He sent an email or a tweet out through that about apple, saying it was undervalued and became. Two hours later was worth 17 billion more by a tweet, so the people i’ve, got to hang with over the last three four years have been.

I’ve got a phd in finance and the people controlling the world’s. Finance, and what i try to do is the reason they do. That is make it simple bring it. So i could train anybody else, because in this business, what you don’t know will hurt you financially.

So i want to know how to protect people and how to help people maximize and that’s. The light of the book. Well, unconsciously, maybe, but let’s, just talk about how it happens. People are not one way.

We are a reflection of the states. We’re living in when you’re in a frustrated state, an overwhelmed state, a tired state, your brain processes, completely differently than if you’re in a passionate state.

Whether you’re feeling determined whether you’re feeling committed, whether you feel completely resolved so learning to change the leader’s, state learning how to change your own state, because you know people one of the silliest questions.

I get asked, is you’re? Not really that happy? Are you or you have bad days, don’t you, of course they have. You know bad times, but i don’t have bad days anymore, and it’s, not bs. It’s because i’ve trained myself, like an athlete to go in these peak states so often that they’re just natural.

For me, it’s like building a muscle, so it’s. Not like i’m, so smart or i’m just so positive. It’s just like. Why would i waste my time stressing out? I have a 90 second rule. I’ll stress for 90 seconds, but stress is not going to solve it.

Let me put myself back in a different state, and so the way i do that is, i use my body because i’ve done this with athletes. For decades, with billionaire businessmen, if you see somebody gets in a in a slump of some sort, great athlete paul, tudor jones, one of the greatest financial traders in the history of the world.

You know he’s. I’ve coached him for 22 years. When i came to see him. This is a man who made 200 in 1987 when the stock market had his biggest single crash in the day percentage-wise. Still he made 200 for his clients more money.

Anybody could dream of, then he went to the moon and he went down to earth and he lost money, so i was brought in to turn him around. Well, how do you turn a guy like that around i watched him? His shoulders were down.

He was breathing like this. He’s sitting like this all the time, because he’d, been through these failures and it started to get stored in his body. Now in this state. This man is a genius couldn’t. Do it so i watched films when he was at his best and he’s like standing up and he’s.

Doing this, he’s. Just gonna do sell this, make this happen and the movement the intensity. The way he used his face – and so i showed him a video of himself today – he showed him a video when he was at his best.

I said what do you notice? He was like. Those are two different people. I said yes, but we can get back to this guy by just using the body first trying to use your mind, you’ll go in circles, but i’ve, been teaching for years that a radical change in your body instantly changes.

Your biochemistry 38 years, i’ve, taught it two years ago at harvard they did a study scientifically proven. What i’ve, been teaching all these decades, where they they call it power postures, yeah, the wonder, woman, yeah standing like wonder, woman or superman for two minutes or, like you see guys like this, pull back like that for two minutes literally increases your Testosterone in your biochemistry, within two minutes by 20 percent, it drops cortisol by 18, which is the stress hormone and increases your chance of taking a more risky behavior, which is what’s required of the leader by 33 percent.

Two minutes now that’s, just standing a certain way. I show people use their voice, their body, their movement, which is ten times more dynamic than just a stiff stance, and when you change your state, your mental emotional state, you change your performance haven’t you had times when you have like can’t remember how to spell a difficult word like the or your own email.

You’re. Really tired, like you, can’t, remember: yeah cousin’s, name yeah exactly and then you’ve had times where you’re in the flow or after you do something like you know. I did that. I don’t know how i did it, but i did it absolutely.

I was in the flow. Well, you’re, the same person. The only difference is state, so training yourself to be in a peak state. Every day i mean you know you think about like a great businessman, you think a great entertainer, like um elton john, has been around and rock and roll like 40.

How many years is that 40 70s yeah yeah? I mean it’s mind-boggling and most people still like some sample of his music. Well, he & # 39. S got to have days when he gets up to entertain when he thinks, if you make me sing that daniel song one more time i’m going postal right, but he never does every single time he’s in that same beautiful State that’s, not because he’s naturally like that he’s trained himself.

To do that, like a great athlete trains himself, that’s, what leaders have to do the state of the union? The state of the company is the culture and the culture starts at the head. Whoever that leader is their state impacts, everybody else so training yourself to be in that peak state is the key to it all.

Okay, great let’s start with people who lost their job. I want to talk to them first, because it is urgent for them and other people who still have their job or have savings. You have a little bit more leeway so for both groups.

The typical advice that you hear is to shrink and cut back on everything, but, as i’ve always said there’s, a limit to how much you can cut there’s, no limit to how much you can earn. So there are really three ways that i talk about in terms of getting stable and it’s.

The ceo strategy cut costs. We all know the the flavor, but i’ll. Give you a specific example. I had somebody reach out to me and say ramit my wedding isn’t for like seven or eight months. What do you think i should do and i said without missing a beat.

I said you got, ta cancel it and as someone who has planned a large wedding, i know how painful that is to just think of all the money lost all the planning all the time. But at a time like this, money in your pocket is worth more than money in your pocket later so money in your pocket now is worth more than money in your pocket later.

That means, if you have to cancel certain things that are going to incur fees later fine deal with the fees later, but get the money in your pocket. That’s c e earn more. We can talk about earning more in a second, but there’s.

A whole opportunity there to start businesses and start earning more. Oh is really something that a lot of people haven’t thought about right now, so whether you have a job or not, you can call up the companies that you owe money to or you transact with, and you can get some surprisingly great results For example, your student loan company, if you guys own oh student, debt uh, if you owe credit card debt uh, if you have a cable bill, a cell phone bill or even a landlord, you pick up the phone, and this is what you say.

You say i’ve, been a good customer for three years. Kobit 19 is making it difficult for me to be able to pay my bills, like i usually do. I’d like to know what options you have available for me and my readers have used this script.

A lot of them have gotten their payments paused with no finance or interest charges, and some of them have even gotten rent waived. So there’s, a lot of opportunity. You’re, talking about possible hundreds or even a thousand plus dollars with one phone call.

That is how you start in your lecture on the biology of belief. You made this um analogy at the end of a camera and then an eye and how the camera kind of inverts the image and puts it on the film. And yet, with our eye, we take invert the image and then we put it through a filter in our brains right – and this is what you’re talking about the first seven years of your life, puts a filter on everything.

Absolutely, how do you behave right, millions of rules, so you and i can look at two separate things or two things and completely have different conclusions right and it’s just based on how you grew up.

What you see you know look. This is not new, i mean there’s, a famous book rich, dad, poor, dad and basically said you come from a poor family and you could struggle your whole life and try to get rich.

But you’re, not going to make it, and if you come from a rich family, you could be stupid. Your whole life donald trump and make it not because it was thinking, but it was unconscious behavior that was downloaded from rich families into kids, which is unconscious, so they’re.

They’re, making the right moves. Unconsciously. If they engage their conscious mind, then they look stupid, but it’s unconscious and that’s. The same thing with poor people. Poor people have beliefs from the family.

Oh, you can’t, make it life’s, a struggle. Things are hard. Who do you think you are? And if that’s, the program you get then 95 of the day. You will sabotage yourself and that’s, why poor people stay poor and rich people stay rich because the programming, the stronger, the emotional reaction you have to some experience in your life, the higher the emotional quotient, the more you pay attention to the cause.

The moment the brain puts all of its attention on the cause. It takes a snapshot that’s called a memory, so long-term memories are created from very highly emotional experiences. So what happens then? Is that people think neurologically within the circuitry of that experience and they feel chemically within the boundaries of those emotions? And so when you have an emotional reaction to someone or something most people think that they can’t control their emotional reaction.

Well, it turns out if you allow that emotional reaction, it’s, called a refractory period to last for hours or days that’s called the mood i say to someone hey what’s up? I’m in a mood. Well, why are you in a mood? Well, i had this thing happen to me five days ago and i’m, having one long, emotional reaction.

If you keep that same emotional reaction, going on for weeks or months that’s called temperament, why is he so bitter i don’t know let’s. Ask him: why is he so bitter? Why are you bitter? Well, i had this thing happen to me nine months ago and if you keep that same emotional reaction going on for years on end, it’s called a personality trait and so learning how to shorten your refractory period of emotional reactions is really where The work starts so then people when they have an event what they do is they keep recalling the event, because the emotions of stress hormones their survival.

Emotions are saying, pay attention to what happened, because you want to be prepared if it happens again turns out. Most people spend 70 of their life living in survival and living in stress, so they’re.

They’re, always anticipating the worst case scenario based on a past experience and they’re literally out of the infinite potentials in the quantum field. They’re, selecting the worst possible outcome and they’re, beginning to emotionally, embrace it with fear, and they’re conditioning their body into a state of fear.

Do that enough times, body has a panic attack without you, you can’t even predict it, because it’s programmed subconsciously. So then you say to the person. Why are you this way and they & # 39? Ll say i am this way because of this event, that happened to me 15 or 20 years ago, and what that means from biological standpoint is that they haven’t been able to change since that event.

So then, the emotions from the experience tend to give the body and the brain a rush of energy, so people become addicted to the rush of those emotions and they use the problems and conditions in their life to reaffirm their limitation.

So at least they can feel something so now when it comes time to change, you say the person. Why are you this way? Well, every time they recall the event they’re, producing the same chemistry in their brain and body as if the event is occurring, firing and wiring the same circuits and sending the same emotional signature to the body.

What’s? The relevance behind that well, your body is the unconscious mind. It doesn’t, know the difference between the experience that’s, creating the emotion and the emotion that you’re, creating by thought alone.

So the body’s, believing it’s living in the same past, experience 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, and so then, when those emotions influence certain thoughts and they do and then those thoughts create the Same emotions and those same emotions influence the same thoughts.

Now the entire person’s, state of being is in the past. So then the hardest part about change is not making the same choices. You did the day before period and the moment you decide to make a different choice: get ready because it’s going to feel uncomfortable.

It’s, going to feel unfamiliar

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“Become OBSESSED With SUCCESS!” – Tony Robbins (@TonyRobbins) – Top 10 Rules

If you’re looking for ways to find fulfillment change, your story and own your business, then this video is for you. What’s gonna fulfill? You is differently at first, and actually you’re, not gonna learn that from anybody else you got to find it because success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure.

The middle of my do is: I want to know more about my clients than anybody that may know about themselves, and I see ya and how many times the science shows something’s impossible. Now, science shows, as possible.

Things are impossible till somebody does. It need motivation, watch a top 10 with believe nation. What’s up it’s Evan. My one word is believe, and I believe in you I believe in that amazing gift you have inside you – that I want to see come out.

So let’s, get your motivation to attend and get you believing in you grab a snack and chew on today’s, lessons from a man who went from having seven fathers growing up and having to leave home at age 17 due To an abusive home environment to found the companies that have now over six billion dollars in annual revenue and advises presidents, he’s.

Tony Robbins and here’s. My take on his top ten rules to success volume. Three, alright, let’s. Kick things off with rule number one find fulfillment. Fulfillment is an art. What’s going to fulfill? You is differently a person.

Next, you’re, not gonna learn that from anybody else, you got to find it because success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure, and I get those phone calls all the time for the multi billionaire entrepreneur or politician or business person or person.

Just one there Academy Award and they’re depressed and they can’t tell anybody because they got all their goals, but they’re, not fulfilled because they really don’t have that sense of meaning in Their life, they went for something and they got it they achieved, and if you doubt this, what I’m saying is relevant to you or us or anyone just think about about a year and what a month ago, we lost.

What I consider be a national treasure robbing wipes how many of you loved robbing wipes look around they don’t. Keep me handsome look and most of you, didn’t know him almost anywhere. You go in the world.

People love Robin wings. By the way was he graded achievement? Oh my god that guy he said he want to make become a great comedian. He did that. I want to make the world laugh. He did I want to make my own TV show he did.

I wanted the number one TV show he did it. I want to make movies, he did. I want an Academy Award for not being funny not his skill set drama and he did it. I want a beautiful family, he did it and then he hung himself make everybody happy, but yourself not a good plan.

So if I had a gift to give you, it would be maybe make a different decision and a decision. Is that no matter what happens in your life? You’re gonna live in a beautiful state, a beautiful state, and that could be happy.

That could be grateful that could be being generous. Those are all beautiful states, aren’t. They could be curious, it could be fun, it could be playful. You’re, not limited to one state, but it’s different than suffering and most people suffering and all suffering.

I’ve ever seen. I’ve traveled 100 countries. I’ve dealt with presidents of countries and you know presidents of businesses CEOs I’ve dealt with people in prison. I dealt with you name, average people suffering always comes because you’ve obsessed about something related to you.

You can only be depressed if you’re, focusing on yourself. So now I’m depressed cos, my kids and, and they’re, not doing well. No, you’re depressed because you feel you & # 39. Ve failed, your kids. It’s about you.

It’s about how you think you what you should have done, or shouldn’t have done or what someone did to you or didn’t. Do to you in the past, through the future, which don & # 39. T even exist, so I have a simple goal.

My goal is help people make a decision that says I don’t know what’s. Gon na happen. You might get a divorce even though you don’t think so you might find a family of your family with cancer. You might have your house get burned down or have a tornado go by and if you live in the same place, that happens.

Every two years and you move back, we should talk, but some people seem to do that. For some reason you can’t control. Those things I can’t control. Those things I don’t want those to happen to you or anybody.

I love or anybody who’s even a stranger to me, but they’re going to happen. True, not positive thinking both just the truth. So if that’s, gonna happen, I say make a decision now that says I’m gonna live in a beautiful state, and I’m gonna find beauty and whatever Life brings me.

Cuz life is too short, not to. I love this as an opener. The first stop that came to mind is man. Tony is just a huge guy sitting on seat you just so much bigger than everybody else, and the other thing that comes to mind is just you have to enjoy the work you’re.

Doing to like you find fulfillment in the day-to-day, not in achieving the outcome. It’s, not about hitting 10 million subscribers on YouTube. It’s about this, is of making another videos but enjoying the process of life, of the work of your career of the relationship and not just hidden arbitrary goals that don’t in themselves have any meaning.

So, thank you, Tony for the great lead moving on the rule. Number 2 feed your mind with greatness. I think I’m gonna like this one. So what do you think was the first real breakthrough that you had as a team that started? You on your path and how did you get there gosh there’s, so many other one of the first ones I think was probably just anchoring in when my mom and my dad I ported fathers, my mom was a powerful woman, so she kicked My fourth father out, whose name I carry and he adopted me and when he went out she decided, was in his side.

So she kicked me out too by chasing me out with a knife, and I wasn’t worried she’s. Gon na stab or anything – but I decided this is freedom – I’ve – got to find a way to make my life work, but I had no money out of 1960 Volkswagen.

I worked forty dollars a week as a janitor to buy and pay for, and so I had no car and no money. I don’t know anything. I went slept in a person’s, laundry room and then I decided I & # 39. Ve got to figure out what to do and I needed a feed my money, because I was so depressed.

I was so overwhelmed. I’m missing my brother and sister and feeling just completely out of sorts. So I I got on the bus and I traveled 14 miles a member because I have running at one time and I was in this book store and I bought this book called the magic of believing my quad head crystals, the first real book other than maybe Thinking go rich or Emerson’s essays, and I started on this journey of saying every single day I’m gonna feed my mind.

I’m, not going to hope good thoughts show up. I’m gonna read biographies. I’m gonna I’m gonna find out what makes people tick. I’m gonna understand what makes me tick and I wanted to read a book a day, but I didn’t.

Do that click to the speed reading class and I read seven books over seven years and they’re all personal development, human development, psychology physiology and what I try to do is take anything that I learned and apply it and then, when I applied It you know, I was 5-1 in my sophomore in high school.

I’m six seven. Now I tell people differences personal growth, but sincerely. I became mister solution because I wanted to help everybody. So I was this little fat guy and I couldn’t lose weight and I lost weight.

All my buddies are like how’d. You do that. I said well here’s. What I did they lost weight man. We all got girls and as a young kid you know that led to where you know, if you have a problem, I was mister solution specially if your girl has more motivated energy, so the breakthrough was really understanding the power of compressing decades in the days.

If someone has spent decades of their life and they compress it into a book – and you can read it in an hour or a few days – you have such an advantage, because when you learn by your own experience it’s, painful and it’s slow when you learn about other people’s experience, everybody knows in the financial world.

Other people’s. Money is elaborate right. Well, other people’s. Experience is more powerful in other people’s. Money because you can have the money and lose it, but if you give the experience you can change it all.

So I think that was the beginning for me and it set me on on path of hire and I & # 39. Ve, never lost my hunger. This is at the core of what I do and why I do it. I wanted to surround myself with greatness daily with video, because I, like video a lot more than reading or listening to things podcast I wanted to wake up and every day I had a place that God I could reliably go to to get new information to feed.

My mind with greatness did I have to think about it every day, and I created that for you guys too, you can wake up load, a new video and boom there. It is something new to feed your mind with greatness, and you just can’t help it.

If you are hanging around Tony Robbins and Steve Jobs and these characters every single day, the way they think the way they blow through lemonade beliefs, the way they don’t accept the status quo will seep into you the help you become a better.

You it just will happen, and so the more you can surround yourself with greatness great minds, people that push you motivate you, the more you’re gonna grow. I’m, loving the first two. So far. Let’s. Move the rule number three own, your business, the minimum I do is I’d, want to know more about my clients than anybody.

Then they know about themselves. I know a man that from Australia decided he’s, a dentist and he decided he was tired of people not showing up. He was tired of trying to bill and not getting paid. You know properly there’s.

Insurance said he was tired. All these things one day he just decided to sit down with everyone was patients 101, and he said I’m changing my practice. I’m gonna practice, where I’m gonna. Take a lot less clients and let go probably have two clients laugh right now.

I only want to do business with people who I personally like who, when they come in, I want to sit down, have a cup of tea with them. Well, I understand what’s going on in their life, what their goals are, and I want to make sure that everything in my psyche has taken care of them and helping them augment the way they look, the way they feel and their vitality and The health of their system and he sat down and said so to do that, I want you to know.

I have some simple things. I’m promising. I’ll, give you the best dental care of your entire life. I’m promising that if you come in your appointment, you will not be delayed more maximum of five minutes.

Ever I’m any way that all these things will get the best care of this. This the most most attention he goes, but this is what I’m gonna require for patients that work with me our through. Not someone else that this companies that require that, if they cancel they’re gonna, have to pay for it.

I require they show up on time, because I’m gonna respect them. They respect me. I’m. Going to also require that in the next six months that, if I do the quality work that I promise they’ll. Give me two referrals to other quality people that I’d, probably want to take care of as well, and he said I’m shutting down any other form of my business, and I’m gonna spend more quality Time with you – and I want the referrals, because I wan na – spend time with marketing and sell a home, I spent time putting my attention and making your life better.

He quadrupled his income and cut the time he spent doing dental work by more than sixty percent. Just because he became an owner who owned his business instead of running around trying to please everybody and being frustrated, people are cancelling and so forth.

Most of us, just don’t own ourselves enough right. You have to as an entrepreneur set boundaries for yourself, both in terms of clients working with ideal clients. Work with the clients who respect you will pay.

You on time will refer business to you to believe you’re, genuine, like working with, and also from your team people who have the skill set, but also buy into the vision, the mission, the culture. What you’re trying to accomplish, and you’ll, find that most of the time most of the headaches come from a select few people select few customers and a select few employees a select few partners.

Most of the headaches come from a select. Few people eliminate those focus on the ideal candidates and you can go a lot further. I love it when Tony gives entrepreneur advice to extra nuggets of gold.

Now let’s. Move on to rule number. Four change: your story when something is considered: quote/unquote impossible. How do you reframe it so it becomes possible in your mind and how much of that is mindset, I think impossible is not a fact.

It’s, an opinion when someone tells me it’s impossible. I always just look at anybody around me knows that they can’t do this, that’s, part of it, but if they didn’t know me: it’s, your opinion they’ll, say No science shows – and I say yeah – I know how many times the science shows something’s impossible.

Now. Science shows it’s possible things are impossible till somebody does it, and so I find that you know most of your business people. You look at businesses and what does it take to make a business grow? It’s, not impossible.

Like a business grow up has been shrinking for a long time or it’s been stuck. The real problem is always the choke hold. As always, the psychology and the skills of the leader always an 80 % of that as psychology and 20 % of the mechanics like.

If you don & # 39, t know how to read your financials and you’re trying to fly the plane of your your company. I mean come on, you know. If all you do is go down. You look at profit loss and you see what it is and you have a beer either way you either celebrated at the brass.

You know something you know you’re gonna be in trouble right, but if you have the skillsets that’s, one thing, but you can get any skill set. If you have the psychology and anytime a business is not growing, it is not because it’s impossible.

It’s because they aren’t innovating and they’re, not innovating, because they’re. Believing it’s impossible, I mean, if we all know what does it take to transform an obviously a people takes three things to create a breakthrough and anything and your personal life in your business anywhere.

You need a strategy, but that’s, not the first place. You should look at it’s. The first place. All of us look me too: it’s, our inherent thing. You want to lose weight. Well, how do I do it? I’m gonna grow, my business.

How do I do it? It’s, it’s instinctively been trained to think that way, but the problem is, the how-to is usually not that complex. I’m gonna come on. 70 % of America is what 75 % of America now is overweight.

Is that because it’s, so complex how to be fit and strong right, you know only the 1 %. No, the answer, is they hide it from you? You have to work your ass off to not hear what it takes right, and so so you know I remember I went to this.

I went to a TED med Center and I watched about 12 doctors. Wouldn’t have to get up and do these stories about if we could just get patients to take their medications and try to figure out the whole thing, and I was just looking and going you’re all talking about strategy.

You’ve forgotten psychology, because strategy is wonderful. I’m a strategist, but my whole life freaking out strategy is we both know a strategy? Could save you a decade right and doesn’t. The strategy could save you.

You know it could make the devastating success and failure, but most people have strategies available or they could get them or you could create them. But the problem is, you got a story and your story is why it isn’t working and the story is, I’ve tried what but everything if you tried everything you’d, be fit.

You try everything you’d, be profitable. If you tried everything you’d, be there, but people said you know. I’m big-boned. That’s. What I used to say, I’m, still big bone, but I’m thirty-eight pounds lighter than I was 25 years ago and I’ve, never gained it back right.

A borrower’s, big bone. That was my story. All the good ones are gone, that’s. Why I’m, not in a relationship or they’re gay, and I’m, not on a game. They are whatever the story. Is there’s, always a story, and what I tell people’s.

You know if you can just divorce the story of your limitation and marry the truth of your unlimited capacity, then the whole game changes. I agree that mindset is everything every major breakthrough I’ve made in my life, and my business has been from changing a limiting belief that I had.

I’m, just realizing that wasn’t true, and it’s funny. How often some of the things we do were just subconscious that we just naturally always do it a certain way where we’re, not realizing that we’re holding ourselves back, and so I love it.

I love the idea as soon as you find that thing that you feel you’re hooding itself back on it’s, a little inkling to the truth that you need to push hard on the fix, because, through that you’re gonna end up achieving your next big goal.

Let’s, go to rule number five be obsessed with adding value when you went off on your own. You know that’s. Kind of the point I think people you know most businesses fail at the beginning in the first few years, so there you are on your own.

What do you think were the keys to success? Those first few years by yourself obsession without any more value than anybody else ever dreamed of I mean my entire life from the very beginning. Days was: how do I do more for others than anyone else on earth? How do I give them experiences that are lasting? How do I create change? What change was impossible? I’m, going to take something from the therapy for seven years in an hour produced that result and the way I did that was by challenging traditional psychologists and psychiatrists and getting on national radio and saying, given you were stationed on handle in an Hour, which was pretty abrasive – you know as a young kid you can get by with that stuff, but the best part was I backed it up, and so one of the first interventions I did was in Vancouver British Columbia, Canada back on the radio, and this psychiatrist Got on the phone and just on the radio whine I’m, just passionate, you are a liar.

You’re, a charlatan people like you should not be allowed on the radio, and I said sir, I said I said, are you you know scientists used to the course of a physician, I said well, a scientist would never make it an a sumption.

I said you & # 39. Ve, never met me right now. You never do my clients know you call me a liar on national radio. I said she must be saving your hypothesis. Your hypothesis is that I’m, a liar miserable cannon.

If you’re stating hypothesis and you’re, truly a scientist you got ta be willing to test it. Am i right yeah yeah it’s great, not doing a free guest event, the Holiday Inn tomorrow night. Anyone hearing my voice can come.

I’m gonna do a series of demonstrations and I’m gonna take one of your clients and turn around. I said share with me. Somebody that you’ve never been able to change. I said I’m sure you got plenty of those you wan na play hardball because wait.

A lot of patients, aren’t me to change yet. I said I haven’t found any course. I’ve done three therapies total, but I’m. Simply a long story short. He told me this one. We’ve, been working on for seven years.

It’s. What a snake phobia a phobia is not just a fear. It’s, a bunny control response to fear so like she dreamed, the snake would bite her on the face and then the adrenaline shoot through her body and wake her up and there’s enough in four to seven times a night.

Seven years so you know he was put in the corner, and so he brought her down. It took me about 15 minutes at the end of it I tested first and she’s, straining and shaking, and then I wrapped the snake around her and that changed my entire career, because in that moment everything there was no question.

Everybody honey Thunder. This woman is transformed, I said you’ve been treated, but that’s like nitrogen. How many years then I took on sports stars that I can’t turn around. You know. I think it’s more.

My mother Teresa Nelson Mandella Bill Clinton and, as the years went by it, just built it doesn’t, though so first off I love they got his big break in Canada, go Canada. Second, I love the business advice, a tactical entrepreneurial advice as well.

Business comes from successfully creating value right, the more value that you create. For somebody and more you’re gonna get paid. You want to get paid quickly, provide a ton of value quickly. Not everybody has the ability.

Yet when you first start to create amazing value, but that’s, the game, the more value can give somebody the more successful you’re gonna be in business. It’s. This the number-one rule. The most important rule abide by it.

Let’s, go to number six focus. Everyone in this room knows how to create you’re, not a manager of your life. You’re, a creator of your life or you, wouldn’t, be in this room. How do you create your life? You get hungry for something don’t you who has done something your life that once seemed difficult or impossible, and now it’s, part of your life who’s, got something in your life.

Let’s, say, say aye. How did you do it? You created it three ways: number one. You decided there’s, something you wanted so bad that you unleashed all your desire. You became obsessed with it if it was a business or a car or a relationship or a transformation in your body.

If there’s, something you want sin vision and now it’s, real it’s because you didn’t just envision it. You brought so much emotion to it. Then now it’s in your life. It was once a dream. It was once a goal and now it’s in your life.

How many have something like that in your life now say I you may take it for granted now. Hopefully not, but it was once just a vision, may have seemed impossible at one time. So how did you do it? You started with a concrete vision of what you wanted and you focused on it continuously didn’t you wherever focus goes energy flows.

You envision something you got clear about it, and then you started thinking about all the reasons why you wanted it. You got excited about it, so this is what’s next for me now I want this. You may have dreamed about a thought about and talked about it, but when you focus on something continuously something magical happens, you get insights, don’t.

You, you overhear, a conversation, hear something you wouldn’t have heard. If you didn & # 39, t have that outcome or goal that you wanted so badly. Who has ever come up with something obsessed about it? Didn’t even know how to do it and it just happened, and it came together who’s that that experience say I, so why don’t we tap into that power now for your business in life again.

This is one of the messages that comes up over and over and over again in the top tens consistency focus determination. Staying with it, you can be people who’ve, been around in business for decades, because you are putting in more work than their because you are more focused than they are.

You can get past. People have more natural talent than you, because you’re, putting in the work to actually get better and you have a clear goal while they don’t so whatever it is. You want to accomplish make sure that your schedule, where your focus in your time is matching the ambitions that you have for yourself and your company.

Let’s, move on the rule. Number seven diversify the goal. If you own a business, I will soon a lot of your viewers, our business owners or for getting started in business, no matter how good you are in business.

Think about this. The one universal rule that idiots in finance know is diversification. If the only free lunch you & # 39, ve got a diversify, because, if you put all your eggs in one basket, no matter how good the basket is one day that real estate market, that stock market, that bond market, that collectibles mark whatever you invest in Right now you showed me, statistically it’ll drop 50 to 70 percent on a day.

Now, if you’re later in life, and that happens, it’s over for you, so you have to diversify and yet most people may know real estate. So they do it or they know stocks, they do it or they grew up with the hand their parents flipping things and it’s.

The wrong thing to do so. You’ve got to diversify. In order for you to be able to truly succeed and that’s, why, when you want a business yeah, if you put all your money in your business, which is what most of us do, naturally you see yeah, you put all your eggs in One basket and there’s, things that can happen.

I mean you know you’re, let’s say you spend 20 years and you figured out how to put together the ultimate map. You know – and you remember, Garmin came out with this thing called the TomTom honor of your number used to get on your.

I would love to remember that before anything yeah, I just put on your dash down cost 100 bucks. It was a breakthrough. They’re, making like I’m design or something oh yeah, yeah, six months later, what happened? The iPhone came out? We have several apps, then you put a bastards.

My French came out with it put Google Maps with their own map on here and tell us how much zero? What am I gonna do to your business when someone takes your product deserve, it gives away for free. So I always tell people competition happens.

Technology happens. What you must do is have a second business. We know with no moving parts, no people, no time. Maybe it takes you two to three days a year for two or three hours after you’ve read the book.

You put it in place and you measure it two three times a year that’s. It yeah go on with your life. Now those are trouble in your business. You’re, financially set. I in my life, I have 31 companies. Now we have, you know what do we have 1200 employees, seven different industries? We do five billion in sales.

I mean I used to be. You know me and my seminar business. It’s grown geometrically, but with all those moving parts, the only web succeed is because I pick in everyone – those businesses I’ve, diversified, my assets so that when things were in trouble, I still have enough economics figure myself and keep The business going, so everybody needs to create a money machine that works.

While you sleep that doesn’t have moving parts and that’s. What this is really about. This is really the most controversial point are the ones that have come so far. There’s varying opinions on this. I think of Andrew Carnegie, who was the richest man in the world at one point and he said, put all your eggs in one basket and then watch that basket so that you don’t.

Have the iPhone Google map thing happened to your industry? You’re, always on the cutting edge. My take, I think it’s, important to focus on your business. I think you can easily get too spread out and easily want to do.

Ten things and then none of them get done properly. But while you’re focused on your business once you start making some money, you take a little bit out like you’re saving, whether it’s. Ten percent a year or whatever it is, the rules from Babylon.

You take a little bit out and then you put it into stock markets, and you put it into other investments that you don & # 39. T necessarily have to be an expert on. You can work with people to manage it for you, but your main focus on your business and then every year you pull a little money out just in case to have as a nest egg that retirement savings.

That just in case something happens. You’re ready to go that’s. My take, but I’d love to hear what you guys think: diversify go all-in or some kind of mix. Let me know in the comments why you guys are thinking about that.

Let’s, move the rule. Number eight live your mission. So what are the trade-offs that you would consider like? You know? We work our asses off. We do a lot of stuff, but this is what we had to sacrifice in order to do it.

If you think it that way, I think, if you think of it as a sacrifice, then you’re gonna build frustration and resentment. I really don’t if you think it’s, that question shouldn & # 39. T do it, I think the challenge is that most people have this illusion about life, work, balance and that’s.

You know, if you’re gonna, accomplish it’s. What people are laughing is you know it &? # 39 s, [ __ ] right. What’s? True? Is life work integration? So I was just in twenty one country or seven countries twenty-one days but who & # 39? S with me is my family, who’s with me.

As my friends and I’ve done well enough to have a plane and that rooms and all that kind of cool stuff makes it. But when I didn’t, we still we pumped it together and beginning days. It was coach and dragging ourselves around, but I thought it was great for my kids to have schooling, but I thought an education was more valuable in traveling.

The earth was a part of that, but you know we’re in the middle of this crazy schedule, but we’re. It’s, not work. It’s, a mission when it’s work. It’s that I was asked people. I said: how would you describe what you do in people? I say because at work it’s, a couriers admission and most people of course say it’s work and that’s exactly what is this heavy if it’s, you know if it’S your career, it gives you something more, but your mission, it doesn’t wear you out.

It brings energy to you, it’s fulfilling and if you can tie your mission in with the people that you love it’s, pretty cool, you know some people assume they’re. My friends, I see Dean here in the front row here and it’s like we’re all on this mission and we find time to connect and be with each other and have a blast with each other.

But we’re sharing about things that matter. I’m, not a person to go to a party in, like you know, go on the corner and chitchat it’s like you want to talk about something deep. Let’s, lock you down. Let me go home and be with my family.

You know, let me go, do something fun without some of that nature. If you can combine your mission with your family, combine your mission with some of your friends. Then you’re gonna accomplish a million times more, but if you think it’s, a sacrifice, don’t.

Do it because then all you’re doing. Is you’re gonna have resentment later on, or frustration later on and and then you really aren’t contributing because it’s? You’re. You’re trading off you’re, not giving.

I really love this point. It’s hard to express how much I love this point for people who are complaining that they don & # 39. T have time for vacation, they don’t have time to do XYZ it’s integration.

It has to be like, if you are looking at as your business is preventing you from doing some things, and you need to change what you’re. Doing your business either change the business completely or just restructure your business so that it allows you to do the thing that you want to do it’s, not taking a break from anything it’s, not taking a break on the Business or taking a break from your personal life, you don’t want to take a break on life.

It’s mixed and so everything you do should be something that you look forward to and not every absolute thing. That’s, gonna be crap that you have to deal with, but net like you want to look forward to going on that business trip.

You want to look forward to doing whatever you’re doing in your company today. You want to look forward to what you’re doing tonight when you get home when you see your husband or wife or significant other.

Everything is a positive that you’re, shooting towards not this at the expense of that. When you wrap your head around that, when you embrace the and instead of this or that that’s, when you start to have success in happiness, let’s.

Go to rule number nine. I know I’m gonna, like this one. I believe most people have a belief about what their real potential is, no matter what you tell them, and that affects how much action they take and, of course that affects the result and then, ironically, that result reinforces their belief and then that belief affects it.

So I’ll, give an example: let’s say a person has unlimited potential. We all agree, but they take little action. Little results. Why? Because they have to start with a problem with their belief. They don’t believe it’s really gonna happen.

For me, maybe for Frank, Kern’s cuz it got the cool, hair and stuff, or maybe it’s for you, because you’re. So driven, but it’s. Not me. Maybe Tony Robbins cuz, she’s, a freak out these big teeth, whatever their thought process is right, they got this thing right, but what happens is if you believe that there’s very little potential? How much action you’re gonna take and when you take a little potential with a little action, what kind of results you get lousy little results when you have the results? What does that do to your belief? You go see.

I told you this was a waste of time soldier. This wouldn’t work and then what happens you tap even less, potentially take even less. Actually, even the worst results in your belief gets even weaker, and this sucker feeds on itself until you are in a downward spiral poisonous it’s poisonous and it’s self-fulfilling.

Now. What if something could happen that could come along and fill you with a sense of absolute certainty? Not like I believed but me well, you know, and you guys this case mine as well. We knew because we had to because we burned the boats.

There was no other option. We had to find a way we had. We weren’t gonna live that way. We all did it in different ways and for different reasons, but in that sense that was it. If you get yourself in a state of certainty that this is gonna work, I’m gonna find the way, and if this doesn’t work, I will make the way.

Then you tap a lot more potential than when you’re certain your potential. You take massive action when you take massive action, you really believe in something you get great results. When you get great results, your brain goes see.

I told you, I was a stud, I told you this thing would work out now you even stronger you have more potential. Take greater action, be results that’s, how you went from 300 bucks in a week to twenty five hundred and five days to a hundred thousand and a month to a million bucks in a day same thing with you and we get momentum.

So the rich get richer, the poor get poorer. Now some people go out and they go well. I’m gonna take a bunch of action. Alright, I’m gonna open this product. Try it they’ll, say to you. I even did it, but it’s like a Salesman.

It goes and knocks on the door. He knocks on 100 doors and says verbally his face says it because he doesn’t believe it’s gonna work so his voice, his body, the execution is so weak. Maybe if he talks 200 people, somebody’s.

Gon na buy out of pity I’m gonna win his kids to starve right, but he’s, not gonna get the result. So the core difference in people is: how do you produce certain day when the world isn’t giving it to you, you go out and try and you try in your case, you’re, a hundred thousand a debt, nothing’s working: how do you keep yourself going the way you did it the way? I did it the way you’re doing it, we may not done it consciously.

Is we didn’t change our potential? That was there and it wasn’t even taking more action, taking more action with beliefs, not gonna works, not gonna change. Anything we got results in our head. That made us feel certain as if it had already happened, not much to sound.

This one, I agree, Tony Plus, believe equals awesome. Last point for you guys before we get to the bonuses number 10 is let go put your hands on your heart. If you would okay, my hands on my heart feel your heart close.

Your eyes are really breathing hard. Those at home could do the same, so they can test this out and those at home. Think of something that’s really bothered you I deal with is 7 or above, and you really want to resolve it and yeah it’s.

Gon na be a relationship situation of business situation, kids, whatever breathe in your heart and actually physically, feel your heart, feel it filling with blood and oxygen feel the beauty of your heart.

Ah, yes, I’m, getting a heart exam because you get to hear that it’s. The strength of your heart yeah feel the beauty, the strength and through what you’re grateful. Your heart has guided you to do in this life, so many beautiful things, especially you mm-hmm, and there’s, your breathing and feeling that I want you to think of three things one at a time.

Just for a couple minutes we’ll do a short version here. I know you have a couple minutes, but things you’re, really grateful for, but something that could be little or big. Oh. But if you step into that moment, you can feel it right now, like you’re, there yeah yeah, breathe, it feel it enjoy.

It fill up with it and then they give a second one that you can feel really grateful for and see it through your own eyes as if you were there and really take it in okay and pick up a third one, find what really you’d really enjoy feel like it was a blessing such a beautiful blessing in your life.

Sometimes coincidences are great because we know we didn’t create them. We were guided right, yeah, yeah yeah, so as you continue that with your eyes, closed breathing there yeah and ask yourself about that situation, but stay breathing.

Your heart stay in that same feeling. So you’re in a beautiful state and just ask yourself in that situation. All I need to remember is all you need to focus on is all I need to do is what, in that situation, that was bothering me breathing in my heart feeling the same beauty.

All you need to remember is calling you to focus on. Is the money to believe all I need to do is what and your heart knows the answer? Can you feel it do you know? The answer is appreciate that I’m even in this position to even have that as a dilemma, yeah yeah, and how does that feel now when you think about it, it feels like gun guys if you just watch that clip.

I’d, recommend you pause the video go back and do it again, but actually try it yourself and if you ever feel overwhelmed by something timestamp that section of this video and do it because you’ll, get a lot more by Feeling it instead of just intellectually thinking about it and watching it, just try it.

I promise you, you’ll, feel something it’s worth the rewind to do it again and actually feel yourself. So thank you guys so much for watching. So many great clips to choose from, I would have to say that rule number nine is my personal favorite.

It’s believed it’s. Tony Robbins, please believe what else am I gonna pick it’s the best I love to know from you, though, what was your favorite clip is number nine, the best for you or is there one that is better for you, that’s more immediately applicable to your life, to your business, to your situation.

Let me know down in the comments below. I really want to hear from you now I made this video because Subash Limbaugh asked me to so. There is a famous entrepreneur that you want me to profile next check out the link in the description you can go, leave your request on the request line, and maybe we’ll make it for you soon.

I also want to give a quick charter to Sheela MacArthur Sheela. Thank you so much for picking up a copy of my book. Your one word, the audible version that was so much fun to make and thank you for posting it to your Twitter account as well.

I really really really appreciate it and I hope you enjoyed the book. So thank you guys again for watching, I believe in you. I hope you continue to believe in yourself and whatever your one, where it is much love I’ll, see you soon parking lot attendant.

I have no business background, but I had this passion to help people and then I was this artist like a lot of dentists out there, and I wanted to do this beautiful work. But I realized again boy. If I don & # 39, t have a market and innovate all these ideas are just gonna die with me, and so I develop those skills, and once I learned how to do that, how to be more for a client than anybody else? How to add more about how to get obsessed about everything you can do for these people? When you do that, you don’t have satisfied, customers satisfied, customers go away, you are breathing fans and raving fans stay and reinvest.

Tell everybody else had really been to it: build your bandwidth grow you. So those things allowed me to grow in my educational business and then I just applied those to other businesses. There was a day that I became wealthy.

I’ll. Take me a day. I know that day I was rich, I was broke. I was pissed. I was angry at everybody else, but who myself, but really underneath that I was mad at myself. I just couldn’t, beat myself up anymore, sauce pissed, and I had a friend that I loaned money to and I had barely enough and I knew he needed it, and I gave him $ 1,200 and I’m here.

Not able to eat, I’m down to like 25 26 dollars, and i’m. Sandi am calling him and he’s. Not returning my call, and I just need some money. He’s. Ignoring me. I didn’t mean ordinance. I’m pissed. I’m frustrated in the midst of all this.

I’m. Also pragmatic. I got 25 and changed called $ 26. What the hell am I gonna? Do I don’t have any plans for economics. I got over it that’s crazy. I’m living this little tiny apartment for an and square feet and Miss California.

So I thought, okay, when I was totally broke earlier on, when I’m 17, I used to save my money up and go to the smorgasbord and load up for a Christmas. You know load up for the week, so I said I was in Venice.

I’m gonna go over to Marina del Rey, where all the yachts are in this place. They’re, called El Torito and I’m gonna go. They have an all-you-can-eat smorgasbord. I’m gonna load up for the winter. I’m gonna get there.

So I didn’t drive there because I wasn’t gonna spend the gas to get there plus. I need the walk, so I walked there and I go in. I’m, not dressed really great, but Marina del Rey. It’s. Okay, and I got a place right by the window.

I can see yotz going by and I’m dreaming of what life could be like, and I’m starting to let go of my anger and I’m, starting to start focus on what I want. Instead of what I don’t want normally follow, say I and that shifted me just a bit, and now I’m eating.

What shifted me a lot, and I got this giant plate stacked up and I don’t know what the amount was is like, whatever it was. 695. 7. 95 right. So I’m gonna do this. I could probably do this three or four times right somewhere that range cuz.

I’m finishing my meal. This little boy comes in dressed in a little suit. I honestly don’t know how Olli be probably in the third grade. So maybe eight years old, nine years old – something like that and he was so adorable and he opened the door for his mother as men.

He was attractive, lady and he came over. He pull out the seat for and she sat down, and I was she was a pretty lady but pretty she was. I was totally obsessed by this boy. He was just he had presence at 7 or 8 years old and it moved me.

I don’t know why I just it moved me, and I thought this kid is like pure. He’s. I wanted to always be this way. He’s such a good kid. He’s, a giver, so I got up and I paid for the meal and whatever it was six seven bucks.

So now I & # 39. Ve got whatever left 17 18 19 dollars, and I walk up this little boy. I said. Excuse me, and I said I just want to acknowledge you for being such an extraordinary gentleman. I said I saw the way you treated your lady, how you open the door, how you pulled the chair out.

I said that’s class.

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Tony Robbins: GO HARD MINDSET | Tony Robbins ft Jim Rohn 2020

If the person is entrepreneurial – and they asked me this question – I always tell them, you know you’ve got to take care of your kids, you got to pay the bills and I said, but you know tell me when you work, and they tell Me well, you know, I work, you know, 9:00 to 5:00 or 8:00 to 5:00 and I’m exhausted when they also said well.

What are you doing with the other eight hours, because that’s? What I did I worked as a janitor, all my long middle than anything else. I could compress time there because it was based on results not time, so if I could do the great job in shorter time, I had that time.

But then you know what I start doing between you know: seven o’clock at night and 2:00 in the morning, which is pretty much the time. I work that’s when I was developing myself getting the skills, learning educating starting the business, so I I think people just have to realize it’s gut wrenching process.

It’s. Not an entrepreneurship is not for everybody. Most people fail entrepreneurship. The vast majority fail. You know ninety six percent of ten years, but what happens after ten years, all clear sailing after that? And anybody remember Lehman Brothers they around a century that gross revenues over a century of more than a trillion.

With a t dollars that’s, ones went through their bank accounts over that century and they’re gone. So I don’t think it’s right for every, but I think you have to really be clear on. Is your personality, the right personality? If you’re gonna begin in this area and then, if you’re gonna work for somebody else, you can still become financially free.

But that means you got to stop being a consumer and become an owner of our under entrepreneurs. You want to own businesses right, get out of just the you know. Don’t just own an iPhone own, the company, but not just Apple.

Obviously, but how do you keep your energy up and your enthusiasm up? I you know, how do you do it? I’m wired for it. You notice it’s, my nature, to some extent, but also the other part. Is I get to see results I mean who here has ever been touched by my work before I’m curious anybody in this room, so look around the room and I just found so hard to be inspired when I’m in A room in a third or a 40 % or 50 % have used my work, and so people come up to me every day, dozens of people a day.

If I’m traveling – and they tell me the most amazing stories outside my children and my wife – that’s – probably the greatest gift of my life – I never get tired of hearing it, and it just makes me want to deliver more.

Give more have more impact you get. The last word tell me what you wan na know. Well, if you’re entrepreneurs out there here’s, what I’d, say to you. I’d, say don’t, be so damn hard on yourself. I know that sounds counter to being an achiever.

But when you’re beating yourself up, you’re, sucking out the energy you need to move forward. It’s kind of like I always tell people there’s, so much energy and I don’t mind. I do a lot of things to build.

My energy be incredibly strong, have really strong endurance, because to me energy is life. If you don’t strong energy, I can do anything, but even after we look at that energy, it only goes so many places.

So if your energy is being caught up, if you take energy in a business and you pour it into external marketing going out and reaching people and adding value that business is gonna grow. But if there are inner conflicts in that business between people, then the energy is being sucked in here and less energy is going out there.

The business is gonna have problems that’s. Also true of you, if you allow your disappointments to create these inner conflicts and fears and you let them run wild within you, they’re gonna suck the energy out.

You need to go to the next level in your business. You have to discipline your disappointment now. You know, mine is the 90 second rule so watch this. Try something real fast! Look around this room. I’m, going to give you a test, look around this room and see everything it’s.

Brown, I’m gonna test. You in a moment, look behind you look around you look clothing with the people. If anything that’s, brown brown, brown, brown, brown rectal cord in your mind, close your eyes now, with your eyes closed.

Tell me everything you saw just now. That was red. If you see more Brown than red, say hi open your eyes, look for red! Now, really look for red! Look for it anywhere! You can find look around you look besides.

You look at the front back. How many found more red this time right hands? You did say ahh. Why did you find more red this time that you told me to seek and you shall find, but here’s? What’s? Amazing seek and you shall find, even if it’s, not there.

I’ll, prove it to you. How many saw beige it called it brown just to feel successful. How many saw burgundy called it red just see, caliber pieces. So if you think you’re a jerk or someone else’s, a jerk, you’re gonna color it you’re gonna change.

You’re gonna find the jerkiness in them. You’re gonna find the jerk in you. It’s, really important that you manage your mental emotional state because you are the business. If you’re the leader, your responsibility, your job, your opportunity, your privilege, is to be able to truly lead, and you cannot lead if you’re living in fear.

You cannot lead in a place of constant uncertainty. We all have uncertainty at times, but if you watched an athlete go out to shoot a free, throw or a kicker in the NFL to go, kick the ball. How many ever seen that person they’re about to kick it there by opportunity? Go they’re gonna miss it, and you know they’re gonna miss it whose experiences before huh? How did you know you could see in their body if they’re missing the core ingredient? Absolute certainty, you get the great skills in the world, but when you lose that certainty, the athlete goes down that’s.

Usually when I get the call, I got to rewire them and get them back where they can execute at that level. So be kind to yourself as corny, as that sounds not to be kind to yourself, but so there’s more energy available to solve the problems and to build the business and to meet your mission.

Because the time you’re beating yourself up, you’re, trying to prove to yourself. You really care, but meanwhile, what you’re doing is sucking the energy out of your growth. I had somebody who embezzled some money when I was a tiny company when I went to come here’s, three million dollars.

I think I embezzled quarter-million dollars and I was seven fifty eight thousand dollars in debt. I thought I was in profit and in those days nobody told me, I have to go bankrupt and I remember I was just like so angry.

There’s, so much anger, because my business was like my child. This guy tried to kill my child. You know so I was chasing him in New Mexico, so I could beat the hell out of him, put him in prison and and then I realized in the middle of stuff.

I got ta. Let go of this because well, I’m busy being angry and pissed off the business is gonna go under. I’m chasing birds. When we do, when I get to the bird, I got ta focus on how to have the value and so take your energy that’s.

All you have in this life and invest it in the things you love. So you & # 39. Ve got to handle the negative here’s. What part of it is it’s called the great war between good knee mr. Reynolds, and I are working on a new book this year called the great war between good and evil, and there is a war on the minute you were born.

You got involved in the war between good and evil, between darkness and light between negative and positive, between evil and good, between tyranny and democracy between weeds and human activity. I mean the war is on [ Music ].

If democracy sleeps guess who never sleeps tyranny in the absence of light, guess what’s automatic darkness? If good does not arouse itself and become active guess what moves in evil it’s, a war, a mental war, a physical war, a financial war between enterprise and ease between accomplishment and failure.

It’s, a war that’s. Why there’s, an old testament phrase that gives the best advice for human activity when it says six days labor one day rest now, I’m sure we’ve. Taken that to mean don’t work. All seven days take one off here’s.

What it also means only take one: Oh or you’re liable to lose the war. Now we’ve, got it down to five and two, and maybe that’s, not too dangerous. I don’t know if God would have thought of five in two.

He might have made it five and two. I don’t know you can’t. Think of everything, but here’s. What it does me enterprise is better than ease. If you rest too long. The jungle overtakes, the village now here’s.

The good news about the war between good and evil evil is no match for good, but good must be active. Weeds are no match for human activity, but if you stand still, how far in will they come? [, Music ] all the way they & # 39? Ll grow right up around your shoes, but if you get busy, how far back, can you take them as far as you wish? They’re no match, but you must be acting.

That’s. Why the six and one make sure you’re, not losing the war by taking off too guess what the average years are after retirement, six six, which means don’t retire. Your chances are too okay the war between good and evil.

The weeds you got to make sure you recognize the negative handle it deal with it and then go on. Let’s, make a list of the diseases of attitude that can wreck all your chances to do with one of the words that destroys everything is called neglect neglect, and I found this out a week of neglect – could cost you a year of repair, Isn’t worth it.

So what to be on the lookout for here’s? The list, if you were making it, you’d, have the same list. I’ve got right. We’re, not covering anything new tonight. This is a reminding session, not a teaching session, but it doesn’t hurt to go over it again here’s.

The list attitude diseases number one – is indifference: the shrug of the shoulders a guy’s, not even concerned. He’s just drifting. This is called the mild approach to life, a disease known as mildness [, Music ], the guy says.

Well, I can’t, see getting all that worked up well to be any kind of winner. You got to get worked up there’s, one problem with drift. You cannot drift to the top of the mountain and the good Lord said in the closing chapters of the Bible here’s, the best way to live one way or the other, that’s best hot, or what’s? Next best cold is next best, the heart, not the half-baked middle lukewarm, not too hot, not too cold.

What a sad way to live. I think what it means is pick a direction and go with everything you & # 39. Ve got just pick one and go somebody says yeah, but what if it’s, the wrong direction, you’ll, find out quicker.

It won’t. Take you 25 years to wake up and say: oh no, I’ve, been walking the wrong road. I told my staff the other day. Next. Best of prosperity is adversity. If one doesn’t get you pray for the other.

We all do better from one of two reasons: inspiration or desperation, and I don’t wish anything bad on you tonight. But if you’re, not inspired, I hope a wagon comes down. You’re rut, whatever it takes to get you to try harder, read more set your goals and go for it.

Somebody asked me one time what quality would I pick if I wanted to work with somebody, and you know what I picked first number one strong feeling. Please number one give me somebody that feels strong about most anything.

I don’t even care just so they believe it, even if they disagree with me wonderful just so they disagree vigorously. I’m, not saying it’s, easy to win those kind of people to your point of view, but I’d rather do that than to try to resurrect people from the dead pump them up every month.

Para la pompe ma I pass [ Music ]

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Feed Your Mind With Success | Tony Robbins, Ed Mylett, Nathan Harmon

I just uh i started reading when i was just a kid i i needed something to feed my mind and um. I wanted. I had all the suffering, and i didn’t have a way to escape. Books were my escape that’s. Why i love books so much it’s like i could.

I could learn from somebody from another century. I could learn by another person’s, life experience, and then i started to do some speaking and touching people that way. But honestly it’s, never been motivation.

For me. It’s, always been strategy because motivation without strategy is like a warm bath. You know you should take a bath. You’re, going to be dirty regularly. You need inspiration, but a strategy too, but i know you’re.

Never going to hear the strategy unless we can move you, i mean i do a weekend that’s 50 hours, so oprah comes and says tony. I love you to death, but no one says for more than three hours. I can’t. Do it 12 hours later she’s.

Staying in a chair, look in the camera going. This is one of the greatest experiences of my life or usher. You know it comes to me so story. I can’t, do 50 hours dude. I just can’t. You know. 50 hours later he said i laughed my ass off.

This is one of those incredible experiences of my life, so i’ve, learned a way to refine the process to move people so that they act. If you just get pumped up, what good does it have so this book is all these specific strategies here’s? What to do here’s? What ray dalio says largest hedge fund on earth? I say to him don’t inspire me tell me if your kids, couldn’t get any of your money, not on a dime, and you were going to show them what to do.

What would you show them? What would you tell me so tony, i’ve spent 10 years of my life refining this process. All my money’s in it. It’s called my all-weather strategy because it works and stock market goes up or down.

He said i’ve tested it back to 1925.. It makes money 85 percent of the time. So he tells me the strategy is quite complex and when you show it to the average financial person, they go. That’ll, never work because they don’t.

They’re, not right value. They haven’t figured out 160 billion dollars to manage. It takes 5 billion 10 years ago, net worth and 100 million for him to talk to you now i won’t do that for even that for any amount of money, but he spent three hours with me at the end.

He shows me this formula, i said you know what this is great, but you showed me how to make a chocolate cake. It’s very inspiring um, you said use some chocolate use some sugar, but i need the. I need the actual numbers or no one’s, going to be able to act on this.

They’re, never going to figure this out on their own, and he said tony, that’s, my secret sauce, so that’s. How i get billions of dollars – i said yeah, but you’ve, been taking money in 10 years. I said you’re, a generous man, you’ve, given what half your net worth? You’re, going to give away give me the formula give it to me.

Let’s, tease him. He gave it to me. It’s in the book. It’s, one of the warmest and when you test it over the last 75 years it’s been successful 85 percent of the year at time, year by year and the times it’s lost it’S only lost 1.

6; on average, the biggest loss was less than four percent in a world where the markets got 50 percent. Down back this book’s. Gon na make people money it’ll make people money. The beautiful part of it is they don’t have to pick ray, they can decide who they want to follow, because i give you the strategies of all the best people, the energy.

Do you ever lose your energy? Do you ever get down? Well sure i get exhausted, i get mad. I get tired. I’m, a human being, but it’s like an athlete. You know you built your muscles, so it’s there for you.

It doesn’t. Last, like what used to last, when i was a kid you know a month, might last me a few minutes or an hour. You know something of that nature, lack of confidence or faith, lack of belief. It & # 39.

Ll steal your dream. You got to know you’re, going to win. You & # 39. Ve got to have some faith. These people sitting around you right now. They’re, whispering to you. You could do this. I believe it just like when you were a little boy just like when you were a little girl.

They’ve, always believed in you. They’ve, always known you’re gonna, do something special. They always knew. You were great, you need to know it. You need to take that god that’s sitting there with you and those precious souls that have passed that have always believed in you and you carry them with you everywhere.

They’re with you anyway, acknowledge them. If you don & # 39, t believe that honor them, honor god honor these people who believed in you with your magnificent life, honor them don’t, give in to lack of belief, lack of confidence, don’t ever.

Do that again, don’t, do it in wfg or out of wfg. You were made to do something great. You’re special. You’re made the image of god. Something awesome supposed to happen for you, and those of you that have made something awesome happen, something even more awesome supposed to happen for you number two thing that steals the dream: failure and setbacks.

People quitting chargebacks flunking the exam that’s, all going to happen just get ready. If you’re an entrepreneur – and you want to do something great – you’re, going to have false start after false start.

False start after false start get it going. Then you don’t get to go, and then you don’t your group grows. Then it shrinks. I’m telling you right now just know that you’re. Going to make some money, then you’re, not being an entrepreneur.

Tons of false starts tons of setbacks, but see a guy. Like me, i knew someone was better than me. There’s, more talented people than me, probably more talented than you, but, like my dad said, the best ability is availability.

You might outwork me for 30 days or 60 days or 90 days, but you ain’t. Gon na beat me over a year, you can’t outwork me over two years. You are gonna outwork me over three years. I’ma. Get you eventually.

I’m, a dripping, damn faucet. I just keep coming at. You just like you could be right. Just like you could i just keep coming. You might think i’m knocked out. I just keep coming. I’m too. Damn tough to give up most people half-ass half their life all the time.

I knew they were going to get tired. They were going to flinch. They were going to get down, they may not quit, they might send a letter. They quit getting wide. They quit recruiting people, they quit improving themselves, they start sleeping in.

They spend all their damn money. I’m, not going to do that stuff. I’m going to save money. I’m going to get up early. I’m, going to keep getting wide. I’m, going to stay relentless, just like you should don’t give in to that stuff.

Don’t. Give in to the fears don’t give in to the setbacks. You’re, going to have failure. It’s, part of the game. Remember the jock strap next time you fail remember ray ray next time. You fail go that’s, a damn ray ray right.

There. Third thing that can get steal the dream, some idiot telling you they’re, a competitor of ours, don’t, let some crackpot goofball that we fired and that’s at another company, potentially tell you they’Re doing a, let me just say something to you.

Let me say something to you. For 20 years of my career there’s, always some idiot nibbling at our ankles. They’re all gone now. It’s, many of them far more qualified than a couple goobers out there. Right now.

Trust me, i will never forget what my father said to me, because he looked at me with the most serious but calm tone of voice, and he looked me directly in my eyes. He said my son. He’s, never going to be the most gifted.

He will never be the most talented. He will never probably be the most qualified. There will always be people in his life that are more gifted, more talented and more qualified, but i need my son at a young age to know he doesn’t need to compare himself to anybody.

I don’t care. How gifted and talented and qualified everybody else is hard work works and hard work can outwork, gifted and talented and qualified people. I need my son to understand as he’s chasing his dreams and his goals there’s, always going to be adversity and objects and obstacles, keeping him from reaching the goals in his life.

I need my son to learn to see the problem, identify the problem and solve the problem. Give it up won’t be in his mouth. It doesn’t matter what he has or what he doesn’t. Have i don’t know where he comes from or he doesn’t come from.

My son will not have i quit in his mouth. Think about how many times you’ve done it yourself. My new book comes out in march this random house, the first time they ever put a curse on the cover of a book.

The name of the book in march is called stop bullshitting yourself and in the book i attack every excuse. There is, and at the end of the book i leave you with no more excuses. What the hell are you gonna? Do then? So if you own your failure, you’ll own your success.

So what is personal growth? You know, i think, about entrepreneurialship. Some of us are in this to do social good and make money. Some of us are into this for political causes and make money. Some of us are just here to make money, but we all have different motivations, so we all define growth differently.

Sometimes it’s, social. To me it could be personal, it could be financial, it could be a bigger house, a bigger car, whatever it is, we all define it differently, but what is common about growth? If you do tomorrow, what you did today, you will get tomorrow what you got today, benjamin franklin, that is the definition of not growing isn’t it.

If you do tomorrow, what you did today, you didn’t grow. Did you, then? You get tomorrow what you got today, you didn’t grow, did you so there? It is. If you do it the same tomorrow, there’s, no growth.

If you would change the same result tomorrow, there’s, no growth. So how do we get better every day, every hour? How do we find those resources? How do we find the energy the knowledge to do that? That’s? What i want to talk about, so i want to change your mindset.

Insanity you’ve, seen this before is doing the same thing again and again expecting a different result. You know years ago i used to own 17 restaurants and bars in a bunch of states and every september i’d, go to the property and the gms would make a presentation and give me their business plan for the year and i’d, read through the business plan and would say: oh gon, na raise sales by 20 in six months.

Awesome tells me breakfast lunch dinner late night, booze wine, i’m in then next year. I come back 20 in six months. Lunch breakfast and i realize wait a minute. This is the same. I read last year said by the same people who said it last year and i’m supposed to get on a plane and feel good about this.

So what does 20? In six months mean well, does anything happen next month? What about two months from now three months from now? When did something happen not till the last day, five months and 29 days, i got a sweat bullet.

What the hell does 20 in six months mean: how do you get your arms around that? How do you turn it into something that’s meaningful in business, so open your mind and play with me for a moment? What business are you in? What business do you want to be in retail customer service, consumer b2b? What business are you in? I love it when people say i’m in retail uh.

I’m in medical devices. I’m in uh. Every one of these is wrong. You see it doesn’t matter. What business we’re in we don’t, sell products. We don’t, sell services, we don’t, sell advice and we don’t, sell solutions.

All of that is textbook bull. Everything we do is a process, never a result. That process must establish an emotional reaction. That reaction is our product, so let me be a restaurant guy for a minute.

The cook in the kitchen is making an entree right. He thinks that’s the product, so the entree comes out to the table, goes on a table. One of two things happens: either you sit up and look at it and react to it or nothing happens.

If nothing happens, that business is stuck in mediocrity forever. So is the product the plate of food or the reaction that the guest had to the plate of food, which is the product? The reaction is the product isn’t it.

You see, i’ll redesign that plate 30 times until you sit up, because i understand that the product is the way you react to things. We occur all buy cell phones from any company, it’s. The way we react to the product that matters it’s, presentation it’s; emotion, it’s perceived value, far more than absolute value.

The fact of the matter is everything we do must create reactions. Those reactions, drive, frequency, drive, spend and fuel the economy of our country, and he or she who creates the best reaction, wins that’s, the business world, and that’s.

What we have to get good at is: we have to understand how to cause people to react to what we do and it’s, not the product, don’t. Let your brain! Stop there. It’s, the way the consumer or the individual reacts to it, and when you own the reaction, you own your future, that’s.

Business [, Music, ], you

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Tony Robbins: Prime Your Brain For Success | Tony Robbins ft Les Brown 2020

The only way to deal with fear that I found in my life is a couple ways. One of those ways is to turn it on itself and ask yourself what am I afraid of I’m free of that I got to be more afraid of what I’m gonna miss out on missing out on my mission.

This thing out who I’m supposed to be missing. In other words, if you’re, not you’d, get rid of fear than use fair use, fear or it uses you. It’s. That simple. You know, fear is a pandemic levels fears you know viral today and, as you know, when someone gets in a fearful place for whatever reason, whether it’s, something real or not, it has a hormonal response.

All of a sudden, the heart starts racing. You start to breathe shallow everything, narrows down your focus and what happens as we go into survival, and we all have a survival brain, because we have a two-million-year-old brain.

That brain is always looking for what’s wrong, and unfortunately there are a lot of people that tap into that today, 80 % of success in life. I found beyond a shadow of a doubt with a tens of millions of people.

I worked with in over 150 countries. 80 % of success is psychology that your mindset it’s, your emotion, it’s, your capacity to overcome your fears and your limitations and just push yourself anyway. 20 percent of success in life is knowing what to do having the skills or the strategies of the tools.

Now that might sound weird to you, because most of you know I’m a strategist like I know the right strategy and anything can save you five. 10. 15. 20 years. You can be looking for a decade doing something that’s, not working and all of a sudden.

You get the right offer the right approach, the right insight, the right way of communicating and the whole game changes. So strategies can turn decades in today.’s can compress decades of days. They can accelerate your success like nothing else, but strategies don’t get implemented whenever we allow our mindset to get in the way and the natural mindset of all human beings it’s set in our brains.

It’s. You have a two-million-year-old brain that’s, all that’s been around and if you let the survival mindset, which is the the part that we go to under stress and fear, most of us, can you let it take you over.

It’s, always looking for what’s wrong. It’s, always looking fine. What’s wrong? What could hurt me? We could get in trouble and let me either avoid it. Let me freeze or let me fight or let me hide try.

People are either running from it or they’re freezing or they’re fighting with what they were afraid of, and so what I want to talk to you about is that four-letter word that four-letter F word: that’ll Mess you up and it’s, not the word most people.

Think of is the word fear that we call it false evidence appearing real f.e.a.r, because if you moan own the morning you own your day and it’s, it starts the frame of reference. You know we all forget that if you’re in a fearful state, you see everything differently.

If you’re, an angry state, you see everything through that filter. So, every day I start my day by training, my brain, how to feel – and I do it for just literally eleven minutes ten to eleven minutes, because you say twenty minutes, thirty minutes people say don’t have time.

If you have ten minutes for your life, you don’t. Never like the reason is when you’re grateful. It destroys the two emotions that mess us up, fear and anger. You can’t, be angry and grateful simultaneously.

You can’t, be fearful and grateful simultaneously. So the first step after changing your physical state and emotion is to stack these three experiences. If you do that, every day to start your day is the first step you’re gonna see the world through a different set of eyes.

Well, if you can have compassion for others and yourself, if you can send love to others and yourself, if you can imagine that healing light, a gold white like coming through your body like a shower of the course through so the second step, is three enough minutes.

You think about people, you love and you Cora light and love them to them. You see your own body healing and then you move to the third step, which is focusing really on what we call your three to thrive.

Three-And-A-Half minutes the last part of the ten minutes we think of three things you really want to achieve it, but instead of thinking like you want them, you see this done. You feel a sense of certainty is fear, a sense of celebration, because in that state of celebration, that sense of certainty gives you momentum.

And now you want to go. Do something when people are uncertain, that’s when they don’t. Take action that, when fear takes over you can either live your dreams or live your fears. I think the majority of people actually not living their dreams but a living their fears.

So I want to ask you a question: what are your fears? What are you afraid of? What are you scared of? Because we all have fears don’t? We we all have something that’s, blocking us, that’s, holding us back and, as we begin to look at life, what we realize is that the reason that most people are not living out their true potential and not doing all Of the things that they would really like to do it’s because of fear some people called fear, false evidence or expectations appearing real, a reminded of a story of a guy that was living in an area where he had some new neighbors.

And these neighbors had a bulldog and when he came home every day, this Bulldog used to chase him about a half a block from his house every day he would have to streak home. I mean he would just run this bulldog be right on his heels, and so he just got tired of that, because he would go home and about a half a block away from home.

He would look around for this Bulldog that he would see and he would go walking casually along and his Bulldog come out of nowhere. Well, it’s, not chasing him here to run home, so this one day he just got tired, and so when the Bulldog was running after and he started running, he saw a rock and he stopped to pick it up to throw out the Bulldog And when the Bulldog got up warning me Starbuck, he realized the Bulldog.

Didn’t have any teeth in his mouth and he’s, not chasing the Bulldog him. You don’t, get all away from it. The boss, the Bulls not gonna done is gum, you know, and so you know what most people go through life running scared, running scared from things that have no teeth in them, because their false expectations appearing real, let’s, see we’re brilliant enough to scare ourselves to death.

You realize that there are some people actually who get a kick out of scaring themselves to death. I remember the last frightening movie I saw it was the Exorcist I will never forget. I was so frightened when I came home.

I’ll, never forgot drove in the driveway, and I had already called my former wife and said: listen turn the lights off. I was coming in the driveway and I and I was getting out of the car and all of a sudden I couldn’t get out of South Floral.

My horn, I said ma & # 39, am when they got me there Gabby. She came to the kitchen: where does that? Take your seat belt loose food? I was freaked out of my wits, but there are a lot of people who think you know for that.

They love I’m a person. My brother is a paratrooper. My twin brother, he’s, a military career man. I would love to jump out of an airplane, a parachute. I’m scared, though I mean I really admire my brother for that.

I would really love to be macho man like that. What are the things that you fear that’s, been keeping you from living your dream, that’s, been keeping you from doing some things that you would like to do just think about those things, and how do we begin to handle That Abraham Maslow said that the life is about growth and he said you could either go back to your comfort zone.

There you won’t, find any growth or you must Willie be willing to go forward and face your fears again, because you’re, never going to have a a fear free existence, I mean some fear is acceptable and legitimate.

There are some things that you, you really should be afraid of. Now you shouldn’t, allow it to immobilize you, you acknowledge it, you take it into account and you carry yourself accordingly. There are times that we should proceed with caution, but it’s, the difference between being stopped by theme.

There’s, a difference between having a fear and the fear having you. So what do we do? One acknowledgeable, knowing that it’s. Okay, don’t condemn yourself for being afraid. It’s perfectly fine to have some fears.

You acknowledge your fears, you embrace those fears and then you move on you act on whatever it is that you fear, because once you embrace it see what you resist will persist. What you resist will persist, so one of the most important things is is to begin to embrace your fear: [, Music, ], [, Music, ]

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People who succeed in any situation have a pattern of what they do to succeed and it doesn’t matter whether that person is succeeding at a business context or in a relationship context. Doesn’t matter.

What the environment is the fundamental lessons or laws for succeeding are very, very basic. So if we’re looking for the ultimate success for me, the very first thing we have is: you have to know what you want, which we call know your outcome.

You’re gonna succeed in anything it’s hard to succeed, hard to hit a target when you don’t know what it is and as simplistic as it sounds, do you know, do most people really know what They want, what do you think, yes, or no at least not consciously? They don’t right, and so it’s.

Gon na be very, very difficult to achieve what you want when you haven’t defined it, but this is gonna become a question we’re gonna. Want you to ask yourself a lot. What is my outcome in this situation? I don’t even have a time management system that I developed it’s, really a life management system which we call opa, because the first o stands for what’s? My outcome, cuz, you can come up with a question like what should I do and you’re gonna knit with a long list.

But as you do all these things, what will happen? Is you can cross something off your list and still be unfulfilled and not really achieve anything that matters? So you say what’s, my outcome? First, then, you begin to decide what you need to do to get the outcome.

So, in this case, we want to say what’s, your outcome, you want to make it a habit. Ask this question a lot. You’re in the middle of conversation. Stop yourself! If it seems to going nowhere and say what’s, my hell come here, I want to connect.

I don’t want to influence this person. Do I want to learn something? What’s? Your outcome, for example? How many of you have ever been caught up in an argument, and you even forgot what you’re arguing for, but you knew you had to win.

How many been there say? I okay! If, in the middle of that argument, you were to ask yourself the question: what’s, my outcome here, I guarantee you, your brain would say: well my how comes not to fight my outcomes to resolve this, and if you could clear what your real Target is your behavior.

Will change automatically, so very very few people know what they want and the more are you clear you can get about what you want, the more you can really achieve. So my right, underneath this it’s, a subset of number one still number one.

Just like clarity is power. Clarity is power, more clear. You can become about what it is. You really want and more power you’re gonna have cuz. Your brain is like a servomechanism in a a bomb as an example, they sent a missile out.

It has a servomechanism, it knows what the target is and when the target moves. It follows it well, your brain is very similar when you decide exactly what you want. You start picking up information that you never would have picked up before.

Consciously, for example, have you ever bought a particular car, maybe or maybe a certain outfit, and then all of a sudden you see that car or outfit everywhere. How many got that experience say I well what’s that car outfit already around you all? The time yeah, but you didn’t notice it because there’s, a portion of your brain, that it was responsible for one thing, and that is screening out 99 % of what you see here and feeling life.

Because if you were to notice everything that’s going on in this room right now, you go stark raving mad, but most of you don’t. You pay attention to a small number of things. If you could right now notice what millions of things you cannotice my voice, you can listen to what I’m, saying you cannotice.

What’s, going on the background, the screens? You could hear the air-conditioning. You could smell your neighbour off to all that jumping up and down notice that right, you can feel it maybe a little sweat trickling across your chest or whatever was going on.

After all that jumping up and down, you could feel the blood, maybe vibrating or circulating through your left eardrum. But you don’t think about those things. So maybe I mentioned them or something triggers it.

So this part of our brain, that’s responsible for deleting most of our thoughts and most of the things that are going on around us that part of our brain. When you know when it knows what you want, it makes you notice those things.

You suddenly see that car, because it’s, important it’s called the reticular activating system. You don’t have to write all the down for sure it’s called Ras. The reticular activating system tells your brain.

What to pay attention to so when you say that this is what I really want that anything that relates to that that you would have noticed before will start popping up into your focus a lot of times. People say it’s.

Amazing. I decided this and it was kind of you know. Synchronicity these things started popping up. Well, these things were probably around you before, but you never noticed them because you hadn’t decided your outcome.

Now, when you know your outcome, you’re ahead of 95 % of the population, but that’s, not enough. The second thing you got ta know is lot of times. You know your outcome, but you lose your drive. You know you want something but forget the most important thing, which is know why you want it know why you want it.

You got another purpose in our oppa training system when people are managing their lives. We have them ask what’s, my outcome, and then why do I want this? Because any person’s, success or really successful? I was exactly what they want.

They know why. The reason I don’t know. Why is remember. I said yesterday reasons come first answers come second, give enough reasons. You can get a big enough why you can figure out how to do about anything, but you got to have purpose because purpose provides Drive.

Now, if you know what you want – and you know why you’re lightyears ahead of most the population, but you got to go to the stuff that most people seem to avoid, and that is you got to take massive? What that’s right and a key word there is massive.

Massive action can be a cure-all when you know what you’re after, and you know why you want it, because you know you have to when you take action. You won’t just be expending energy. You’ll, be moving yourself in a direction towards something you really really want, and by the way, last night we call taking massive action personal.

What power, which means ability, take action and what stops people from taking action? Primarily, what fear and the way you get over that fear is, what do you think is the number one fear most people have failure and the reason is they feel if they fail, they won’t, be loved, they’ll, be rejected.

They’ll, be hurt, they’ll, be judged, so what they really are afraid of is losing love, and they think that this rejection – or I should say this failure – will lead to that rejection or loss of love.

The truth of the matter is, you can’t fail unless you don’t, try you try something. Doesn’t work, you just learn from it and that’ll. Make you better the next time you go about it now? If you know your outcome know why you want and take massive action.

You’re now in the most small percentile of people on the planet. So what’s? The next step, though, well you can take a lot of action and get caught up in a pattern like become so determined that you became like tunnel vision like I know this is gonna work, and so you keep running east looking for a sunset with total Certainty, a lot of belief, high-standard still doesn’t work, so what you have to be able to do to succeed, so you don’t, get caught up in some old pattern.

Is you got to know what you’re? Getting know what you are know what you’re, getting the word we use for this. As for sure, as we call it sensory acuity, sensory acuity is the idea that you want to become acutely sensitive to whether or what you’re.

Doing is working or not you don’t want to just say, okay, I know what I want to know. I don’t want, and I’m just gonna make it happen this. How I’m gonna, do it you keep hammering and hammering and hammering it doing something that doesn’t work and people do this all the time right do the same thing over and over again expecting a different result.

That’s called insanity. You can’t, do the same thing again and again expect a different result. When you can see it, doesn’t get the result, but we get caught up in our patterns. So we want to get really sensitized acutely sensitized sensory acuity to whether what we’re doing is working or not, and by the way sensory acuity is really the measure of a person’s, intelligence.

What I mean by that is, how do we measure intelligence intelligence is a measure of the number and quality of distinctions you have in a given situation like, for example, if you talked to Eskimos that’s, actually not the politically correct term anymore.

I guess it’s in a way you talked in in a way what we formally called Eskimos. You’d, find out that in a way have more than a dozen words for the word snow. More than a dozen now I’m from Southern California.

Guess how many words I have person? Oh one, I don’t, see any of it. It’s called snow baby right, but they got to know what kind of snow they & #. 39 re gonna make more refined distinctions to be effective in the world to get their outcomes.

I don’t know what kind of snow you can build an igloo out of what kind of snow you can take your dogs through what kind of snow you can eat all right. What kind of snow you’re gonna fall through, so who has more intelligence? Who has more power in that snowy environment, the Eskimo army, which one Eskimo, because they have more sensory acuity? They have more refined distinctions about what each of these elements mean versus I to see it as snow.

Now, if you took that Eskimo and you stuck in my car in Los Angeles, then we find out that maybe I have a little more intelligence because he might try to steer the thing using the rearview mirror right.

He just doesn’t know so, since he doesn’t have that acuity. He doesn’t. Have those distinctions he wouldn’t do terribly. Well, there see some people, I can hold this up and I can say what is this and they say: well, it’s, a cylinder other people say no.

No, that’s, a blue white black cylinder. Someone else does no. No, that’s. A blue color marker, a few people say no, no, that’s, not just a blue color marker. That is a pilot super color bride and WOD color marker and, if you get in your clothes, come out now, whoops whoo those people has more power, 1, 2, 3 or 4 4 because they have the largest number of distinction.

So now, if you know your outcome, you know why you want it. You got your purpose, you have to drive, you got your a and oppa. This is outcome, purpose action. You know the massive action you’re, taking action and you notice what’s working? What happens if you notice it’s, not working.

You’re, taking action, but it’s. Not getting you closer to your outcome, what’s, the obvious 5th step, but this step is change. Your approach change your approach. If what you’re, doing your Qt says is not working change it now.

What, if you change your approach and that’s, still not working, then what would you do? What would you do come on? What would you do? James again, keep yourself in a peak state sit up in your chair. Some of you’ve gone back into that deep hypnotic state of learning I can see, and what have you tried that that didn’t work? Then what you do? What, if that doesn’t work? What do you do and what, if that doesn & # 39, t work? What do you do? What, if that doesn & # 39, t work? What do you do what, if, after all that and still doesn’t work? What do you do and what have you tried out and it doesn’t work? How many times until you find out what works do not say to yourself.

I’ve tried everything that’s Bowl. If you tried everything you’d, have what you want? Why haven’t tried everything, but I tried millions of things. Millions number them name them. Well, maybe tens of thousands, tens of thousands name a thousand – well maybe 100 name on it.

Well, maybe I did these two things over and over again that don’t work. Ok, but we start saying I’ve tried everything. We tend to encamped that don’t, wait, we make it an incantation, then we believe it and since we think we & # 39, ve tried everything we just give up.

That’s, garbage it’s, not true, hey! Let me ask you a question: how long would you give your average baby to learn how to walk? You know before you shut them off and didn’t. Let him try anymore yeah. What are you crazy, my kids gonna keep trying until he or she walks ah magic formula.

You know what almost everything the whole world walks. Ok, so this is the ultimate success form that comes down to knowing what you want. Why you want to take a massive action, know that’s, working and simply changing approach until you get it that’s, it? Anyone who succeeds does this.

They may not call it Robins ultimate success for him. I guarantee they did it. Anna Coren example, Thomas Edison, these lights in here did this guy know his outcome, yes or no, yes, or no. He was absolutely clear without knowing me how come he couldn’t have built that a million years it didn’t exist before he had to decide.

He wanted to create this result without the use of candles. Did he know why you want to do it? You bet you read his writings. This man had a sense of incredible purpose and drive. Did he take massive action? Yes or no? Oh, yes, tens of thousands of experiments did he noticed when it wasn & # 39.

T working and learned from it, yes or no did he keep changing his approach. That’s. Why? Right now in this room, we don’t smell candle light right now, if you know the old story of him was written about him.

Early in his early days, he & # 39. S, got his best friend with him. He’s, doing this experiment and as he’s doing a he creates a small explosion which shakes the room scares both of them very, very severely and then at the end of that he gets up and his friend is totally shaken.

Freaked out he pulls out his journal. He starts writing and his buddy says to him. What’s? The matter of you insane almost killed us, so you’re gonna wait. You have 10,000 failures, for you, give this stupid idea up and Edison’s.

Response to him was I didn’t have a failure there. He goes that’s, your 9090 99th failure. I said no, it’s. Not. He said I discovered the 9999 a way not to invent electrolyte bull, but I did discover how to create a small explosion which may be useful in the future somewhere else interesting right, because he understood what this process was.

Hey did Bruce Springsteen use this. Do you think you just want went out used his gravelly voice and said they may be born to USA and everybody went yeah. You’re. It man that what happened know what really happened.

If you know his story was that all the agents and people who went to try and book was said just play the guitar and keep your mouth shut. Your voice is gross sounding it’s. Gravelly it’s, irritating no one’s.

Gon na, like the stuff, keep your mouth shut and play the guitar, but he knew what he wanted. He had all the drive you can imagine who I want. It took massive action, kept changing his approach, so he got what he want.

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Tony Robbins – Change Negative Thoughts

Most of us think we have a problem in our life unless we have something that’s, a bigger problem, to contrast it with, and when you see this story, you walk through their exact life experience of the course of these two years, the year That we work with them is thirty days, but you see the course of what & # 39.

S happened to them by finding out what’s happening a year later, you begin to understand that it doesn’t matter. What happens in your life? You were more than any moment there’s, no challenge you can’t face and overcome all the events of our lives.

Don’t control our lives, our decisions do, and so I figured if we could take a couple that has faced this bigger challenge and be able to break through. Then you could look whatever’s in your life and make it happen.

It’s kind of like. If, if I wanted to show you that you could face your biggest fear, though your slow affairs kind of drop aside, it’s like what’s. What’s? Your biggest fear today, one of the biggest fears so many people in North America and around the world the Western world are facing is losing their job.

It’s, a horrific possibility. It has impact on your family and your psychology or emotion. So many things your choices, but the truth of the matter is what’s? A problem losing your job is a massive problem until you find yourself in a position where you lose all your savings, what it took you, maybe ten years of working to get, then what’s, a problem after losing your savings? That’s, not a problem anymore.

When all of a sudden you lose your leg or an arm or something horrific happens to one of your children that’s, not a problem. When someone tells you all of a sudden that you have terminal cancer, then I’ve.

Had those moments where somebody says you’ve got that tumor in your brain and we don’t know what it means. Those moments take your other problems and make them disappear, and you know it’s interesting when you ask most people in North America, what’s, the greatest thing that could ever happen to you give them ten seconds it’S been done a lot over and over again, first ten seconds.

What comes your mind? What’s? The best thing you’d ever happen in your life, the majority of people, North America say what can you guess, winning the lottery and many of them say winning a hundred million dollar lottery.

Two hundred million dollar lottery that’s. What’s gonna make their quality of life extraordinary? But when you do the studies – and there been many done over the last 15 or 20 years – and people that win these giant water e’s.

What our lives like, two years later, three years later five years later, is the quality of their life extraordinary. Rarely if ever because what’s happened, is they haven’t grown? They haven’t life gives us these events? These quote horrific events, because there’s, an area of her life that has to grow.

If you were to ask me Tony out of all the millions of people you’ve worked with. If someone really wants to feel alive, they want joy, they want happiness, they don’t just want money or things or just even respect.

They want to feel a sense that life is meaningful and alive. What does it take? I tell you one word progress when you’re, making progress in your life, it doesn’t matter where it is, you’re gonna feel more alive.

If you’re overweight, but you get yourself today, and you say you know what I’m stepping into gear. I’m just putting these darn shoes on I’m, not waiting for the perfect. You know person to come by and coach me.

I’ll, get that too. But right now I’m just going for a walk or I’m gonna go for a jog or I’m gonna go lift some weights. I’m gonna. Do something right now and you get yourself in the gear you do that for a few days in a row, even if you haven & # 39, t lost the 10 20 or 30 pounds.

Yet you’re gonna start feeling better immediately, because you have the power of momentum and you’re. Making progress, progress, equals growth, growth equals feeling alive, we grow or we die. So what’s? The worst thing that could ever happen in your life same survey asked the people in North America, 10 seconds to come up with the answer number one answer to become a quadriplegic: that’s.

Why? I made the show, because the idea that I could be in a position where I’d be alive, but I couldn’t physically feed myself. Take care of myself that I’d, be completely immobilized for most people.

That’s, the scariest thought of all to them that’s, the worst possible fear. So, by going through this journey with Frank and Kristin and experiencing their emotions and seeing and feeling that in 30 days, they could go from trapped in their home, where there’s, no possibility of a future, no idea of intimacy no idea of children.

Two world travelers, who are doing things they weren’t doing before when he was quote supposedly able-bodied happier and stronger and closer in their love than ever before, and you know it’s real and you see the results a year later.

As we do the follow-up, so you haven’t, seen the follow-ups be sure to see that and hear about the story. What’s happening with them? When you get that experience? In fact you because it wasn’t somebody verbally telling you a story.

It’s, something you kind of went through. So the idea here is, I’m sure you have some other fears outside the one we just came up with whatever you’re afraid of the job, the loss of relationship. Trust me.

It’s, small. If you’ll face a bigger fear that little fear will start to be handled pretty easily. That’s. Why, when all of us go through in our lives, extreme stress we’re all going to go through it.

You’re gonna have a home burn town or something’s. Gon na happen to somebody you love or someone’s. Gon na pass before you’re prepared for it, which is almost always or you’re gonna find yourself in a financial situation that feels like you can’t turn it around.

Well, you might feel like personal character assassination, or maybe you get mugged, or maybe you get a terminal disease. We all will face multiple times in our life. Extreme stress the difference in people’s.

Lives is not what we face. It’s. What we do with what we face. You can take yourself from a place where, in the face of absolute total tragedy, you triumph, but it requires making some new decisions, taking some new actions and mastering a part of yourself that can unleash all of your power and abilities human being that human spirit as Corny, as it sounds, can be channeled in a very specific way, and if you do the game of life changes.

So I’ll. Give you another example outside Frank and Chris and a friend of mine who just passed recently. He’s. Always been a deep inspiration, man, his name is art, Berg and arts, a guy that was a young man, good-looking strong athletic.

He lived in Utah and he fell in love with his absolute sweetheart. She was you know the most popular girl, the most attractive girl. She met all the criteria of a college boy and his buddy here, driving across the state to go to where he’s gonna get married and he falls asleep in the backseat, while his best friend is driving and his best friend falls asleep.

In the middle of the night, as they’re driving, my friend art Berg woke up rather intensely on the desert floor. The car upside down his legs, trapped beneath it and unable to feel anything. He became a quadriplegic in an instant.

His friend actually was beat up but actually survived. Now. What do you do in a situation like that? Well, the first thing most people do is they want to curse God or they want to curse their friend? It’s, not their fault.

Most of what happens in our lives is not our fault, but what we do with it is gonna determine the quality of our lives. Sometimes it is our fault, let’s, be honest, but lots of times and thence happen.

Stuff happens, or whatever word you want to play stuff with. You know what I’m talking about, but was different about this man as he made a different set of decisions on that day, he said to himself, you know what I got two choices.

I can live here in the dirt and live and suffer the rest of my life when I’ve lost, so I can figure out I maximize what I have he developed this mindset. His mindset was before the accident. There were about probably 10,000 things.

I could do after the accident. He said I could probably do 9000 things before the accident. I was probably not even doing 500 of those things I’m gonna do more. While I am now – and he did, he became an entrepreneur start.

His own book store and became very successful. He married the same childhood sweetheart, because this man was so inspiration. We’ll, be around it. Didn’t matter. What he was in a chair, she loved him.

He had two children, one of the greatest gifts of life and he did all kinds of crazy things. He’d scuba dive. His friends would put him in a suit and tie a set of weights to him. He dropped to the bottom.

They dragged him a hot ball on the bottom. That was his idea of scuba diving. He was incredible human being and he lived an incredibly full life filled with joy. The worst thing ever happened to you being quadriplegic, the best thing when a lottery, I feel, like everybody, wants something from you and you, didn’t, earn it and there’s, no sense of joy and everything’s about Trying to hang on to what you got, what is the best thing that happened to you? What is the worst? The worst is not to take control of the force that controls your life and that force is human emotion.

I mean I want you to think about this and answer a question for me. If you would what really changed Frank and Kristin’s, quality of life, what changed them you can see the change! You can see it even more a year later that it’s continued to happen.

What made the change possible? Did you get it? Did you see it? The answer is simple: we changed the emotional pattern that was controlling their life and you and I have emotional patterns that are controlling us right now, whether well we’re, a bit consciously or not.

Doesn’t matter. It’s, the force that is shaping you. It’s, shaping your relationship. It’s, shaping your finances. It’s, shaping your career, it’s, shaping the amount of joy or unhappiness or suffering or excitement.

You have right now in this moment, but it’s, an invisible force. Most of us never take a look at you. Might want to take a look at it right now through the eyes of what we did was Frank and Kristin. Now what was the emotional pattern that was dominating them at the beginning of the show? He could feel it.

Couldn’t you, and there was this feeling of death that there was no future, probably the most common belief system in people in North America. Now in Europe, 60 % of Americans now believed that the future is going to be worse than the past.

For themselves and for their kids, 70 % of Germans and Europeans, I think it’s 80 %. According to Pew study. Recently, in France around the world, we’re, starting to believe that circumstances, control who we are don’t get me wrong.

Circumstances play a huge impact. Events play a huge impact on your life, but they’re, not the ultimate determining factor the force of human spirit or emotion is in with the right emotion. You can unleash things you could never dream of, and I know you know this is true.

So take a look: let’s analyze. Where do these two live after the accident? Well, where would you live? If you were Kristen, I mean you’ve lost your future. Supposedly there’s, no intimacy there’s, no chance of children.

You become the full-time nurse to your husband who you love, but now you’re, changing his catheter every few hours. You’re afraid to leave the house because you’re afraid what if he falls over, he may stop breathing.

I mean there’s, no life, so she goes from the emotions of feeling depressed to the life she’s lost to feeling angry. I call it a crazy eight. We get tired of feeling sad and then we & # 39. Ll. Get angry for a while, and then we beat ourselves up for being angry at ourselves or God or a partner, and then we get all depressed again.

It’s. A common pattern. You don’t have to have something like their event happen in your life to get stuck in a crazy, a but interestingly enough. She’s living in that place and now what? What & #? 39 s, Frank doing Frank, wants to help his wife, but he & # 39.

S got a limitation. We got a breakthrough, he’s got a belief. All breakthroughs start with a change in your beliefs, because you believe how something is that means you’re certain that’s. How it is, if you’re, certainly can’t change.

You’re right, it can’t. I can’t convince you know. No one else. Can she convinced you in Frank’s? Thinking I’m helpless and I’ve harmed. My wife and he’s, living with the emotions of guilt and sadness and depression when he’s, tired of that he gets completely overwhelmed because he says, if I just would have not jumped in or if I would have jumped in A different spot, or a million of the things that they were different, then I wouldn’t, have destroyed my wife’s life instead of saying my wife needs me right now, and I don’t give a damn.

If I’m strapped physically in this chair, my soul, my spirits gonna reach her that’s. My assignment to get him to remember that power to not even remember it, but to get him to use it and shift his wife and that’s.

What we did through this process, how well the process really was giving him a series of experiences that would change his entire belief about who he is. I could try to tell him. Oh here’s, what you can do yeah! I’m six foot seven and I obviously have use of all my appendages easy for me right.

But if I get him to have some experiences like, I bring him to Fiji and I show me and get out of the house more than good house – become a world traveler and go through all the challenges that are part of that.

That, if you watch our little section and the story behind the story, you & # 39. Ll, hear some things that weren’t in the show about that by the way. But I gave him a travel to Fiji and the first thing I got to do within this.

I got to get him to experience, not know, intellectually, but experience. He can make a difference for his wife. He is not helpless, she needs him and he can transform. He can take her from crying sad out of control, angry laughing and giggling, and feeling loved that fast.

It’s a beautiful moment. The Shelf you watched and all this is something called presence, something if you’re, not clear clear about. Do some homework follow up with us or someone else figure out how to create that? Because that’s? What changes relationships presents it works and the strength starts to understand, not verbally, but by his own experience.

Hey you know I don & # 39, t have to live in that sadness or that feeling of being unworthy or that feeling of being overwhelmed matter. I can matter to her. I don’t have to be the person she just takes.

Care of. It was a huge shift in the experience and then giving you Frank’s example because it relates to yours may be of different emotions. But then we all get the points where we feel like we don’t matter.

We can’t change, something we’re stuck and it’s, our belief, great way to break that belief. Get yourself another experience that’s. What I do with people in seminars that’s. What they do in any coaching process change it.

What do we do, after that? We take him through the experience of facing his fears and we get him to do the skydive together with his lady, and he feels total freedom for the first time since the accident.

You get freedom when you face your fear, not just face it, but you push through it. I get him to face separation from his lady for 10 days. Get him to be in a room with Olympic athletes who couldn’t move across the room.

He couldn’t move across the room, but now they’re incredible and he feels like he’s not enough, and he has to push through that show him how to get back. His dream drive his truck kidding. That thing and drive 100 miles an hour, even though all you got is your elbows to drive the darn thing, and I’m on the other seat, pretty cool thing.

So it was a stacking of these experiences that got Frank to own himself. In a new way to build a new identity, a new set of emotional patterns, so here are the steps, and this is what you want to do, what I do with him.

I did four things that’s. All I really did at its core number one for both of them for Frank and Krista to transform I identified. Where do they live emotionally? That’s? What you got to do, where do they live emotionally? Well, we just decided we just described where they live, depression, anger and one said feeling guilty feeling overwhelmed feeling sad on the other.

There’s, no way that can change your life with. That is the emotional fuel to get you to take action. You’re, not gon. Na take action. There’s, not enough intensity to get you to get through the obstacles or the tragedies or the challenges.

Once you see what the pattern is, and you tell yourself the truth, this is where I’m living step. Two I did William has identified what’s, the antidote. So, if fear is what’s controlling things right now, we need an antidote called courage.

Now, courage, doesn’t mean that you’re, not scared. Courage just simply means that you’re scared of death, but you do it anyway. It’s, an emotional muscle, it doesn’t feel good. You just exercise it that’s.

What courage is, I mean everybody. You know has different emotional patterns and it may be hard to see in yourself, but I bet you know what other people I mean come on don’t. You know somebody who every day and they’re angry all the time when it pissed off or they’re frustrated or they’re worried all the time.

I mean haven’t. You met people different times who don’t. You know somebody that’s, always kind of playful or crazy or cracking jokes better. Yet do you know somebody who’s, not really funny, but they think they are and there’s.

You tell stupid joke and everything else. It’s, not even funny, but they cracked himself up so much that you find yourself cracking up right, I mean people have patterns. The question is what yours see.

If you can identify the patterns in other people, you can start to see them in yourself as well, and you know what we all do. We all find a way to try to get what I call home home is. I noticed after 9/11 I’m with two thousand plus people from.

I think it was 45 countries that was in Hawaii. The accidents happened. The tragedy happened. You know that the attacks happened and we got the information at 3, o’clock in the morning in Hawaii, and we had you know: 100-plus people 200, people that were from New York, many of which little worked and had offices and friends in the Towers and all the friends died that a whole company disappeared and I had to bring these people in from all these countries with different religions, different backgrounds, different belief systems.

Some people were celebrating, other people are crying and saying was the end times. It was unbelievable. I noticed all this emotion around me and the biggest thing put them all together is. I had to say what what’s really going on here and I noticed angry people got angry.

Sad people got sad guilty people, the nurse she was guilty. She wasn’t there helping people, but she’s always guilty. The angry lady is always angry. We all have a home, maybe people didn’t live in the United States.

Didn’t know anyone in New York City and they were yet angry guilty or sad. Why they weren’t angry guilty or sad about the 3,000 people a day that died of cancer and heart disease. They’re. All mothers, fathers, children – I pointed out that day you can’t, be convenient with your compassion and yet most of us are or unaware that we use events as a trigger to get home back to the patterns.

We know, even if it’s uncomfortable. So, if you identify where you live emotionally, the patterns are limiting you. The second piece is find the antidote courage to replace fear. If feeling this unbelievable feeling of overwhelm you need love or support and not just go, get it go, get it see finding that antidote starts to change the game and then, after you identify it, you find the app to do number three.

Is you got to practice that emotion? I know that sounds weird. I’ll, explain what I mean in a moment, but you got to do that emotion enough, consciously that you can go from frustrated or depressed to determined, and you know how to shift that gear and it’s, not fake.

It’s, not some pump up. It’s real and it changes your life when you can do that like that and it’s, a biochemical change it’s, not some! I’m happy. I’m, happy and happy positive thinking, BS that’s, not what I teach I’m, not here to tell you go to your garden and chant there’s, no weeds! I’m, going to say there’s, the we go pull it out, but you’re, not gonna pull it out without determination, without passion.

Without commitment, am I making sense? So if you know the pattern, if you find the antidote, if you practice it enough and then the final step, you condition it, you practice enough that you can just automatically go into it.

That’s when your life changes. So what are you gonna do? Is your assignment for this week to take this little 10 minute, you know rant. I’m, giving you and convert it into a massive, measurable increase in the quality of your life.

I can’t. Do that, for you can do it for yourself, if you do what I tell you here’s, what you’re gonna do step one and those will be on the web as well step one you got ta identify where you Live so where do you live? Where do you live emotionally you personally, just like we do it Frank and Kristin.

There are thousands of emotions there’s 4,000 words in the human in the English language. I should say four different individual emotions. I did the research on that years ago. I’m happy to take out a piece of paper pen.

Take out your you know. Your notebook computer get a page on one side. One column write all the emotions that you experience at least once a week that empower you in some way. Love passion excitement, creativity, whatever it is peace determinate I don’t know what are yours.

I want you to write the emotion as though you don’t experience once in a while the ones you experience at least once a week in a powerful way and really feel it not an emotion. You feel once every blue moon on the other side of that page or, if you do it on our little application or whether we put it here the other side.

I want to write all the negative emotions are to be more fair. All emotions can be positive. You use them all the disempowering emotions, the ones that tend to put your state. We don’t follow through, and I want you on that side to write all of them and do it simultaneously just keep making your list.

What are the emotions? I go into that mess me up like feeling frustrated or overwhelmed or lost, or alone, or depressed or pissed off and rageful whatever it is, you go and again not emotions. You experience once in a while, though buncha experience at least once a week, so make a list of all the emotions experienced at least once a week, ones that empower you ones, disempower you on the list that’s, step one that’S identifying where you live and circle the top two out of the whole list that you experience most often that are empowering and the top two experience most often that are disempowered.

That’ll, be step one. Now, if you I’m, trying to explain it to you here, it will be right in front of you as well. So if you forget what I’m, saying it’s, gonna be a little checklist, but I want you to know what I mean step: two, let’s identify the solution.

So you look at your list and you see on the disappearing list. I got sadness and depression or I got feeling lonely or I & # 39. Ve got filling rage and anger, or I got feeling fear what emotional state would you like to feel in that situation? That would change your life.

If it’s fear, maybe it’s, courage, again: courage, doesn’t mean it’s, easy doesn’t mean you feel you know confident. It just means you’re gonna. Do it anyway? Maybe it’s determination, maybe, instead of feeling alone, you feel loving and you go give to somebody else.

What’s, the antidote? What’s, an emotional pattern that if you live, that will change the game? Is it faith? Is it passion? Is it courage? Is it playfulness you takin things just too damn seriously you’ve, forgotten perspective, watch the show again see if you really have a problem see if your problems are as challenging as the people.

You just saw ants form their tragedy into something tremendous, something beautiful, something magnificent, something meaningful something that can even help other people that are watching that’s; the beauty, so that’s, the second step.

What’s? The antidote? Come up with your answer, go to motion step. Three is got to practice that emotion. I know that sounds silly stupid kind of weird. But if you came to a seminar with me, you’d, see you know three thousand ten thousand people we do.

This and we conditioned that a new motion till you can shift gears. Have you ever heard about the firewalk? It’s, not about the firewalk. I do skydiving all kinds of crazy stuff. It’s, a metaphor, for how do I go from afraid, fires metaphor for whatever you don’t follow through and on your life.

Whatever hold you back to snap and go in a state of mind where I just move through it’s, not this big mind over matter thing. It’s, mind over emotion, it’s shifting and when you learn how to go from scare to determine an action.

What can’t? You do in your life, so we show you how to do that. But for right now I’ll. Give you a just a quick example understand that emotion is really created by motion by the way you use your body, so quick, exact, real, quick, a match at a time when you know someone who’s depressed or you were depressed, you ever felt That way, I’m sure you have at some time and think about what you do with your body.

When somebody’s depressed, they get all excited, talk faster, just know everything kind of slows down, doesn’t it well. That was your shoulders. They drop. Where’s, your head, when you’re depressed drops, but you’re, breathing, full or shallow.

You know it becomes shallow. You talk loud and fast or slow and quiet, slow and quiet. More hesitant. Now emotion is created by emotion, we can try and think yourself and I’m happy. I’m happy, but if I’m happy, I’m happening.

Your body’s like this. Nothing’s, gonna change. We can change our biochemistry by eating by taking a drug by smoking a cigarette, because then you take a different breath. You eat food, you like you, fill up your tummy and you start to breathe nice.

Your whole mental emotional state changes doesn’t it. So what I’m saying, is you don’t need the cigarette you don’t have to need the food you can just physically learn to say this is what I do when I’m depressed.

This is what I do on a most determine as her sister’s gesture I made. I remember one time when I was a kid or one time I got pissed off, and I just what did I do? I’ve made a gesture. I stood taller. I look the person in the eye.

I spoke with more authority now. My idea, passion determination, may be a little off the top for you and I get it. I’m, a crazy mofo and I I am a passionate human being, but you can do your version. What do you do when you’re, really feeling something like determined? What do you do when you were passionate with your face with your voice with your body just practice and make a contrast here’s? What I do when I’m sad here’s.

What I do when I feel left here’s. What I do when I’m, worried here’s. What I do when I’m, determined that’s. What I mean by practice – and I’d love to have you an event, but I’m trying to give this to you, so you can do it right now and you can – and it may be this to be helpful – to do With friends, so they can give you feedback and say here’s.

What you do I see you do this when you’re, really strong. I see you do that when you’re kind of weak, that’s, the third step practice. Now, what’s, the assignment figure out your emotions? Where do you live positive negative? What are the big primary one antidotes? What emotions do you need practice? The emotions you need, so you can go into them.

A few times sounds a little weird, but if you do it, you & # 39. Ll, see it’s. Actually quite fun feels powerful. Maybe do it with a friend that’s, the easy way to do it and condition it, and that means take the next three days.

Do this three times figure out the difference and shift from not sure worry to determined from overwhelm I don’t know what to do to focused, and you just deliberately physically make the change from one to the other three times for three days.

If you’re bold, do it for seven. But if you do this three or four times a day for three to seven days, I’ll start to get a pattern in your body and the pattern and your body. A new pattern means a new life.

Our life’s, a reflection of our emotional patterns. If you live in sadness and depression, you can have a billion dollars in your life is called sad and depressed. If you’re living feeling grateful failing alive, feeling, passionate your life is filled with gratitude and passion, it doesn’t matter.

What’s happening anywhere else and you can face any challenge from those emotions and you can overcome this make sense. This is how you can take what you watch in that show and convert it into some actions that will change you very simple approach or come see me or get some coaching.

I & # 39, ve got all kinds of resources, but this is something you can do right now. You don’t anybody else to make happen. You just need a little ability to take action makes sense and if you haven’t seen the show, for god, sakes go on Hulu and watch the show or all this will just sound like a bunch of words.

If you have the experience, you know what I’m. Talking about you & # 39, ve witnessed it, it & # 39, ll, be reeling you right now, and you’ll, get a sense of what you can do to move forward and if you can’t find on Hulu once again.

Send us a little email, we’ll, make sure we find a way for you to be able to observe or experience. The show directly and last thing I say t is the best way to keep something in your body is share it with somebody else.

The whole philosophy of my life has been. If your life’s, gonna be meaningful, you can’t just hit me about me. You got to be about we, so if you can, if you feel like it, if your spirits touched by this help us pay it forward share this with your friends, you can share the clip of our show.

You can share this little section. We have all kinds of ways just take the clip and send it. We’ve. Member way, you can push a button and once again send it virally to everybody, everybody who’s on your email list.

We’d love. It if that works for you, if you don’t, we’re totally respectful of that, but in the end I can promise you one thing: if you will do this, if you & # 39, ll discover your current emotional pattern and You’ll change it to a little bit of practice.

Over and over again, you will change the quality of your life, no matter what you’re facing make sense thanks for taking the time I don’t hope this was close to ten minutes. I went a little crazy, but it’s really just designed to try to really serve you so till I see again, hopefully next week live strong and live with passion.

God bless

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[, Music ] there’s. One thing I teach and I want to remind you of it: it’s, really simple things. Getting things is not going to make you happy that’s, good news in a tough economy. It’s, a good reminder.

You know, doesn’t matter. What you get doesn’t matter, whether it be money or opportunity. All those things might excite you for the moment. You know even a relationship as magnificent. It may be might be exciting for a while, but if you don & # 39, t keep growing that relationship.

Isn’t going to stay exciting, so the secret to real happiness is progress, progress equals happiness and if we can make progress on a regular basis, we feel alive and that’s. Why? At the beginning of the year we get this thing like okay, I can have this fresh start.

I could really do what my soul desires. I could expand, I could grow, I could improve, I could change or maybe better than change. I could progress, see think about that progress as an aliveness to a governor.

You have to work at changing people say all the time that allow I’m working on changing don & # 39. T worry about it. To work on. Changing change is automatic. Your body is going to change whether you want it or not, as the years go by, but no matter how hard you work there’s going to be some changes going on there.

The economy is going to change, no matter what you want it to do. The weather is going to change. Relationships are going to change. Everything in life is always changing. We have to work on change, change is automatic, but progress is not so if you want to make real progress and you really got to look at your life in a different way, you got to say I got to take control of this process and not just Hope that’s, going to work out like people do who make a resolution because really isn’t what they’re really doing at the beginning of the year.

They’re, saying well here’s, my resolutions for the year, and they really basically tell you their wishes. It’s, their wish list. It’s, what they hope it all comes together and then they call it a resolution, but they don’t know what a resolution is when you resolve something to have.

A resolution is to resolve it when you resolve. This is how it’s, going to be that’s when you cut off any possibility, except the thing you’ve committed to it’s like the old adage. If you want to take the island, you burn the boats, because when you burn those boats there’s, no going back, you’re, going to find a way to make things work and most people they’re, stating what They hope will come together and, if happened, and they’re disappointed, but they’re, not too disappointed cuz.

They’re, not too vested. What does it take to successfully create a lasting change in your life? To not only have a new year’s resolution you follow through on, but really have a lasting change. Well, the first step for lasting change is very much like making a new year’s resolution.

Fundamentally it’s. The same the first step is you got to have a vision, a vision for what it is. You really truly want not what you think you want or what you should have. I mean what are most people’s New Year’s resolutions I’m going to stop eating sugar.

You know I’m gonna stop smoking. I’m, going to lose 10 pounds problem with that. Is it’s, not very inspiring for most people? You know it’s, not telling you what you’re, going to get it’s. Only what you’re, not going to do it’s kind of hard to have you move forward with that.

A vision is about what you’re here, to create a vision that really works is one that excites you. If you say well, my you know my resolution, my goal, my help come for this month this week this year is to lose X number of pounds that’s, okay, but it’s, not very compelling.

It has to be a compelling vision that have something has the power to pull you not something you have to push yourself to do. Well, they’re, two different kinds of motivation. Push requires, willpower and willpower never lacks.

What will last is pull having something so exciting so attractive, so something to desire so much that you have a hard time going to sleep at night. You get so up early in the morning to a rocket and take it to the next level.

That’s. What you’re, looking to create that isn’t easy to get, but one of the reasons we do seminars and events um saying you know: why do that? Why isn’t? Why not just read a book or something is because when you give it an environment where you were people that are being split in a peak state like when you’re going to a sporting event, if you watch the sporting event at home, it Might have a certain level of excitement, but when you’re in a stadium with 50,000 people, suddenly it has a whole different level of intensity.

When we feel that, in the bottom line of our follow-through comes down to our emotional intensity in a different state of mind, you’re, going to come up with a much better and more exciting vision than if you’re sitting.

The couch going okay, one of my new resolutions for this year and you’re doing it the morning after the new year started, and you’re. A little inebriated and I put games on the background – probably not going to have the power of focus they’re.

Probably not gonna have a power, the energy to create something that’s, going to pull you for this year and you got to do that. So it & # 39. S got to be a vision that’s, compelling something that you know it’s, going to be a gift to make sure that it happens, and also along with that compelling vision.

You got to have strong enough reasons that you’re going to follow through when the going gets. Tough, that’s, one of the biggest things missing for most people. They say this is what I want to do not very exciting.

It’s, not very compelling, but most importantly, they don’t, have strong enough reasons to push themselves through what’s, going to be necessary to get that dream to get that goal when the inevitable challenges come up? When you’re starving hungry and you’re trying to go on a diet right when you got no time and you’re stressed out, you haven’t worked out still that’s.

What you’re supposed to do when the economy gets tight and what you thought you’re going to do it. Doesn’t work, and so you give up on the goal instead of finding another way to get there. You don’t, let the fear take you over.

If you & # 39, ve got strong enough reasons. Those reasons can be positive or those reasons can also be negative. It can be if I don’t. Do this. It’s going to cost me, and if I do to this, this is what I’m going to gain.

In my life reasons. Come first answers come second. If you & # 39, ve got a compelling vision and you got strong enough reasons that will push you through the tough times you’re, going to do things. Other people don’t do instead of collapsing.

Even if you get off target you won’t go! Oh, I blew it. You’ll, get right back on target, make the change make things happen, and I know you & # 39. Ve done this in many areas. Your life just think about it again, I’m, not teaching you something really new here today.

I just want to remind you what your soul knows. You got a change, you got to be proved and you & # 39. Ve got to go through a simple process fundamentally to make that progress first step vision is compelling second step, make sure that they’re strong enough fries with the bottle trip third step, you got to review it and feel it every day.

I mean anything if you ever have this happen in your life. Has there been anything in your life that you’ve ever wanted so badly? You were so desirous of it. Yet such a hunger for it. Now you couldn’t.

Stop thinking about it could then a career move could have been when you’re, a kid a car, it could have been a relationship, it could have been anything, but you were obsessed you wanted to make this happen.

You wanted to track this to your life. You want to you just wanted something and you didn’t even know how to get it, but it was so compelling to you kept thinking about it every day and visioning, imagining it feeling it and then stuff happened and suddenly you started attract people Or situations to your life, and it just came together like you, didn’t even have a total plan.

It was just that it was so part of your focus with so much intensity and emotion, so often that it sensitize you to notice anything that could get you there. There’s, a part of your brain called the reticular activating system.

For short, we call it the RAS that part of your brain determines what you notice in the world and it’s really important, because when you set a goal, when you get really clear in a vision, they’re strong enough reasons And you review it enough, it becomes a part of you that part of your brain says anything that relates to this.

I need to notice. Why did you ever buy a certain kind of car or maybe a certain outfit, and suddenly you see that car everywhere? Those outfits everywhere, you know the cars were always around, but why do you see it now, as your Ras? No, this is important.

This was part of my world map. Similarly, when you really get clear and it’s compelling and you’re, reviewing it every day that strong reasons you’re, viewing it every day and you’re feeling it. The brain becomes incredibly acute at noticing anything to get you to move forward, and so that’s, the power of this.

So you know what do people do with New Year’s resolution? They come up with something they kind of want. It’s, not a compelling vision. They don’t really have strong enough reasons, and they never review it again until they notice that they broke what they said.

They really want to have make happen because they didn & # 39. T really resolve you resolve. You got the vision, it’s, compelling review it daily and you feel it you envision it and you experience it simple as it sounds now.

Ultimately, what is this really about? Ultimately, if you’re, going to have lasting change in anything, you’re, really talking about just raising your standards, I mean, I always tell people if you want to know how to change your life that give it to you.

In three words boring as it sounds, raise your standards. What does that mean? Corny, as it sounds, raise your standards? Well, thank you for the breakthrough. Thought Tony. I’m glad I wasted my time watching the little email with you but think about it.

Lasting change is different than a goal. You don’t, always get your goals, but you always get your standards. Maybe they’ll help. You is to think about it. This way, I try to explain standards to people with a different set of words.

Think of it as everybody in life they’re months. They don’t, get their right, think about it. Most people of a list of ships don’t. They don’t gentlest of the shoulds things you should do you should follow through on I I should lose some weight.

I should work out more. I should make more calls. I should respond more rapidly to my email. Whatever you know, I should get into the office earlier. I should be, you know more confident. Whatever your should list is people love to have their should list Nanette, but it’s kind of like New Year’s resolutions.

If it does it’s really exciting, but if it doesn’t, which is most the time if a little disappointing, but you kind of know it’s not going to happen. But when you decide something as a must for you an absolute must when you cop any possible, you say I’m, going to find a way.

I’m, going to make the way human beings when they resolve things, and they make a real resolution inside themselves, which is they raise the standard they make it a must they find the way think about in your own life happens.

You had some area of your life where you raise your standard. Your life has never been the same. Maybe at one time you like you, use smoke cigarettes or you did something and you did it for years and you kept trying to change it, trying to change it and kept telling yourself.

I should and then one day something happened, something just clicked you over. Something took you over that kind of tipping point and inside yourself you said no more. It was a very, very different experience.

Wasn’t, it something excited, you shifted and what was a should became a must and you’ve, never gone back. Is there an area like that in your life? You could think of again Jay ever smoked cigarettes.

Did you ever eat a certain way drink, a certain form of alcohol and then finally saying no more and you just don’t, go back and notice this it doesn’t really take any willpower no morning because somewhere when we make This click we make something a must.

We attach ourselves to it. It becomes part of our identity. One thing I’ve learned in the last gosh 33 years of working on people. From now over 100 countries, four million people is human beings absolutely follow through on who they believe are, and you say said to me: well, I’m, really going to work hard to stop smoking, but you know I’ve been a Smoker my whole life and I’m.

You know I am a smoker. I know your days are numbered. You’re, going to be back smoking cigarettes again because we all act consistent with who we believe we are. I tell people the strongest force in the whole human personality.

Is this need to stay consistent with how we define ourselves? If you define yourself as somebody who is really conservative, you’re, not going to be crazy and act nuts. Unless you’re, really drunk or something, and then you can say it’s, the alcohol, when it really does you finally getting permission to be yourself, the alcohol is your excuse.

If you’re, a really crazy person, you act crazy, outrageous, playful! You don’t act; conservative because it’s, not who you are very often people say well, I can’t. Do that. I’m, not that kind of person and I always say to people really.

When did you define yourself, I mean really how many years ago did you come up with what you could and couldn’t do in your life? How many years ago, most people if they really look at how to live in your life today, it’s based on a set of standards, a set of beliefs that they made choices about 10, 20, 30 or more years ago I mean very often We made decisions in our youth or very young about what to believe about what we were capable of about who we are as a person, and that becomes the glass ceiling.

If you will that controls us there’s a according metaphor, but it’s. True, I remember one time I was with my family at the circus and there’s, a person there and they had this big giant elephant. And you look at this elephant and they take this little rope put around that opens neck and they dropped a stake into the ground, and I mean you look at this.

You know that elephant could rip down the entire tent with almost no effort, and yet the elephant doesn’t struggle. Doesn’t, try. Why could the elephants conditioned and they take that elephant condition? The elephant when it’s? A baby elephant that’s, how they trainable when it’s, a little bitty elephant, it doesn’t have a power, yet they put a big rope around it and they drive this huge stake in the ground.

The elephant fights and fights and fights, and one day finally, that open decides – I’m, not capable pulling this out and once that becomes the definition of an identity of any one elephants. In this case, they don’t even try anymore.

It’s, just who I, that’s, how it is that’s just the way it is in my life. I’d, like to ask you to take a look at any place. You’ve, got a limitation. Ask yourself. When did I decide to accept that limitation and you may not even see it as a limitation? You might see there just that’s, who I am, but so often our lives.

We’ve, adapted to be a certain way so that we don’t fail or so that people will like us or respect us, but it’s, not necessarily who we are. Joy comes when you’re spontaneous it’s, really hard to be truly happy when you’re, not being yourself, and most of us have no clue who we are, and so a big part of my work, you’ve ever been to an event.

You know is to get people abusing spontaneously without thinking, because that’s when the real you shows up that’s when the energy comes alive, and when you do that, when you start to connect your true nature, suddenly there’s energy available for you to set a higher standard for what you want in your life, that’s.

What this is really all about, and when I talk about standards, when I talk about you know, shoulds versus must think about your own life. I know there have been areas in your life where some point in time.

You just shift it and you raise the standard in your life change because whatever people have their identity attached to they live, we live, who we believe we are, that’s. Just how it works it’s, just kind of like I give an example.

Look at your physical body. Your physical body today is an absolute reflection of only one thing: not your goals, not your desires, but your standards, the identity you have for yourself. If your standard is you’re, an athlete, then there’s, a certain amount of strength, a muscle tone and energy, that’s available in your body on a regular basis, because that’s, who you are, If you do whatever is necessary to maintain that identity, again the strongest force and the human personality, this need to stay consistent with how we define ourselves, because if you don’t know who you are, you would not act once you lock in on That identity, your brain, finds a way to keep you that, if you say you know, then I’m overweight.

I’ve, always been overweight. I’m big-boned and that’s. The story you’ve got, and you’re, going to always find a way to get back there. That’s. You’re, settling point that’s; your identity, that’s. Where things lock in, if you see somebody who’s a really great shape, you ask him: you work, he’ll.

You know the answer. Yes, how often and okay three times four times five times a week, whatever into seven our last people who here works out at least five days a week and I’m stand-up and you look around that room and you know that they work out.

Five times a week, as you can see their body, you don’t just get a result without some kind of action, without some form of ritual ritual, meaning actions. You do consistently now. Do you think it those people that are out there working out five days a week? Do they have more time than you do, or I have for anybody else? Of course not? Is it a wife, less busy, of course not it’s.

Just a must for them, they must work out that way and they’ve made that turn their life change. So I’m, not saying you have to work outside days a week I’m, just saying whatever you really want, once don’t get met consistently, standards do whatever you identify.

This is who I am, and so it’s, not so much about changing your identity as there’s expanding it. You know deciding that you know instead of your goals, to lose ten pounds, which is not compelling what if your vision was to get back to my fighting weight.

You know just this year this month. This makes 90 days I’m, going to transform my body. I’m, going to take on a new challenge. I’m, going to find some technique or strategy there’s, a million of them.

They can reframe myself, where I want to feel younger, stronger, more vibrant than ever before. Here’s, my reasons, because I want the energy to really make my life work because it’s tough out there, and I want to be stronger than I’ve ever been before home.

I go in front of mirror. If I’m naked, not you know want to laugh. I will look there and take a good look and go yeah. I’m, proud of whatever I see there, whatever it takes something’s going to make. You laugh smile, something’s, going to tease yourself, but something’s going to move you to another level.

If you identify yourself in a new way – and you own that every day and that becomes the staredown, you live, you & # 39. Ll find the way to make that standard. Real money is the same way. Think about it.

Doesn’t matter. What’s happening quote-unquote in the marketplace? People that make money find a way to make money. No matter what don’t, they I mean most people’s. Standard is to pay their bills, so that’s.

What most people find a way to do? Evil neck and times get tough, most people that’s, their absolute standard. They find what some people’s standard is pay their bills and, most of the time it’s. The most the time they do, some people standard is not just to pay their bills, but to take care of your family and maybe even some of their friends, and they find a way.

In fact, you know some people may be in a family where they don’t have enough money, you barely have money, pay their bills, they work for guts out and then somebody, their mother, the father somebody else.

Their sister gets ill and there’s, not enough money to take care of it. Nobody else has money, the family, they don’t either, but they find a way to get that money to take care of their mother or father.

Don’t they and their bills. They never could do it before why the situation made them raise their own standard and not everybody does that somebody else in the family might have money and still not take care of their mother.

It all comes down to the inner game. My friends, changing your life is a change in the inner game, the outside world. You can’t control, but you have absolute control over this one. If you learn the dynamics of what shapes you, an identity is one of those simple, clear, fundamental basics that if you start to shift it, everything else will shift in your life as well.

Some people, by the way, have to have more than enough money to do. What they want when they want, where they want with whomever they want, contribute the way they want. If that’s, their muscly find a way.

I know that sounds overly simplistic, but it’s. True now somebody once said you can take all the money in the world out of the hands of everybody out of all the wealthy people in the world who are really successful given to other people it wouldn’t.

Take you long. Those people will have it back in their hands. It’s, not because they’re manipular. It’s because they have a standard. So I’m going into it. Don’t get me wrong, but they got a standard of what they’re, going to find a way to make happen.

I’m. Just simply saying to you. Take those three magic words and live them raise your standard. If you really want to do it, and I’ll, take the most important secret. Have you ever done this? Have you ever told yourself you’re, raising your saying, okay, I’m going to go.

Make this happen. I’m going to go. Make this much money. I’m, going to transform my kids. I’m, going to create the ultimate relationship of my life. I’m, going to transform my body whatever it is, and then you don’t, have strong enough reasons and you know a little use it.

You don’t, follow through it’s, because you didn’t back up your standards with what makes those standards real and that’s. Rituals rituals are the power is whenever we do. Our robbins results. Coaching and we did Robbins equals results way.

We get results with people, it’s. The same way, if you listen to my ultimate edge program, are back in the old days, personal power or if you went to one of my seminars, you know what I do is I take these huge challenges you got and we break them down into little bite-sized Steps little things you do each day that after you do them, you get so much momentum that it’s, easy to succeed.

You’re, not overwhelmed. You have these victory day after day after day and little things. If you’d want to ultimate edge, I’m sure you learn about the hour of power or the 15 minutes to be able to be fulfilled or 30 minutes to thrive, where you literally just condition your body and emotion.

With a couple of the rituals, so it doesn’t matter. What’s going on in your world? You feel that strength and it’s, not fake. It’s, not some pump up. It’s coming from inside you and it works. Rituals define us see all the results in your life are coming from your rituals.

They start with a standard and then have rituals that follow it up. Like, for example, if you are where you want to be physically, you have very different rituals, and if you’re, not where you want to be physically, you’re overweight.

You and I both know, you got a different ritual than if you’re physically, fit completely different. You get up in the morning. What’s? The first thing you do. If you’re fit your shoes. Are there you roll over the minute, how you feel you put on the shoes, you lace and you start walking or whatever that ritual is.

If you’re overweight, you roll over and you have a very different ritual. You might roll over several times to turn the alarm clock off. You go in and get your mocha mocha whatever you know, special coffee, you stop by at Starbucks or in the case maybe have your nice sugar muffin.

They’re supposed to be really nice for you, whatever you do it’s, a different ritual. If you have a great passionate relationship, you have very different rituals and how you come home than if you have a lousy relationship become home, and the first thing you do is you’re tweeting somebody or you’re emailing or flipping On the news or you, don’t even come home, and what are the rituals whenever I study people that are successful while I look for is what’s, the standard they hold himself to and then what are all those little ritual That up because think about it.

Success and failure are not giant events. They don’t just show up you don’t just suddenly become successful or suddenly have this cataclysmic event. That makes you fail. They look that way, but failure comes from all the little things it’s.

Failure to make the call it’s stale! You’re to check the books, it’s. Failure to say I’m. Sorry, if still here, to push yourself to do things physically, that you don’t want to do and all those little failures day after day, come together until one day some cataclysmic event happens.

You blame that that event happened because you missed all the little stuff Geary’s me and success by the way is not some overnight event. It’s. All these little things. Success is having a vision. Success is making it compelling.

Success. Is really seeing and feeling it every day it was strong enough for reasons success. He is feeling the sense that I’m here to grow, and I’m here to give something to the world more than just myself.

Success is caring about other people. Success is calling and saying I love you in the middle the day for no damn reason or sending a note that will change your relationship, how to ritual of something funny playful or a surprise.

You do how many relationships are dead today, because they have no surprise rituals anymore. You need to have some rituals and cool things. You do that nobody else. Does they give you a better life than anybody else? Has all the little stuff that’s? Where success comes from in business, it comes from delivering more than anybody.

Could imagine all those little things that appeal to wow that’s? Who I want to do business with it’s, true with any area of your life? So if you look at somebody’s really successful, you think wow. I mean they’re, so amazing they’re, such a genius.

You got to dig underneath you got to remember something. People are rewarded in public for what they’ve practiced for years in private myself and my business people say: how do you get up and speaking of no notes and you go for three days and nights and the room is like it is wired.

It’s, incredible it’s like a rock concert. How do you do that? How do you have that confidence call? And you know it’s, not confident that’s experienced now, but I did so much behind the scenes and I still do to make things right.

I mean how many people would know that, since the time I was 17 years old before a walk-on in stage school due to this day, wouldn’t need to do it, but I still do it. I never walk out there without being in an absolute peak state of mind.

You know there days my back is hurting. My throat was hurting, or I may have had a challenger. My father passed away and I & # 39. Ve still got to deliver for these people, because my standard is give my all every time everything has to be better talk to anybody has been to events for five ten years.

Some of our trainers – and I’ll, say I don’t know he does it. He’s, always find the way to make it better. That’s, not an ego thing that’s. A standard in me I have to find the way, and my ritual, though, is I prepare.

I think I gather new information. I figure out how to put something across better. What do people need? I spend time with our customers. I see what’s going on and before I get on stage each time and it’s, a ritual to put myself in a state of mind, and I did it starting like seventeen years old, I started doing it.

I now command my subconscious mind, and I say this out loud several times this little phrase: data phrases as an incantation to kind of condition my mind and body – and I say I now command my subconscious – mind to direct me and helping as many people as possible.

Today I give me the strength and the emotion and the humor and the brevity whatever it takes to show this person helped this person change their life. Now I started that with a person when I work with people one on one.

I would do that for 45 minutes driving in my Volkswagen to go serve and coach somebody for the first time now I don’t say that person. I did these people and I can go out in the room of 10,000 people and deliver for 50 hours and I do it every time I come back on stage it’s, a ritual, a ritual to go into peak stay Peaks.

They don’t just show up it’ll interrupt you great ideas. Only interrupt you got to pursue them. I talked to Michael Jordan. I’ll, never forget dad the peak of his career and got to watch his final game.

So I’m backstage and spend some time with them and there’s pretty exciting time, your famous basketball player and I think that ever lived and haven’t lived and I asked them. I said you know what sets you apart Michael, you know, what is it and is it god-given talent ability, skill? What is it you tell me you know, so I can shoot you straight.

You know it’s. Not you know me trying to act. Humble he goes. I have a lot of town a lot of god-given talent, lot of skill. I’ve, worked really hard, but he said really it’s. My standards is it every day I demand more for myself than anybody could humanly expect.

I’m, not competing with somebody up. I’m competing with well, I’m, capable of hmm magic formula because most of us lower our standards. Why? Because who you spend time with my friends would even come one of the biggest reasons I started go to seminars when I’m 17? Is I had nobody around me is a great robot.

I can read about somebody but being around people being in that environment is very different finally way to go to work with someone who lived that standard life is very different, get around people with low standards, and you compete with it.

You don’t need to compete with it. It’s like okay. I mean number Jerry Springer. I know if he’s still in the air, but I never used to get people on the show. I thought where would he find these people and why would people watch okay, why they watch? They watch these people to my life, so pretty darn, good career, that person rid of them you don’t have to change your life.

All you have to do is find somebody with a lower standard. You’ll feel good about yourself, but if you feel that good feeling it’s, an illusion, the only thing that’s going to make you happy my friend and this year, any other is to step up it’s to raise the standard is to discover what you’re, capable of and feel that incredible power pushing through whatever is holding you back and get to the other side of more of your true self.

That’s. What this game is all about and look at the best of the world anything Tiger Woods. What’s? What’s, his vision to win golf tournaments? No to be the best that ever lived, that’s, his goal, that’s, his it! But here’s.

What’s interesting? He backs it up with rituals. If you just have a vision and you don’t know the rituals stop lying to yourself. His rituals. Are you started doing things nobody did before he was there lifting weights golfers lifting weights no way he went out and he changed his swing when he was the best in the world, because he realized already be the best that ever lived.

He took enough to change a swing if you don’t think my golf, you don’t change your swing when you’re the best and he went and retrained himself because he has different rituals and other golfers. Now many people are modeling his rituals to get better it’s.

Amazing. You know you look at somebody like Michael Phelps, 2008, swimmer, 1, 7, only 2 people, I think in history. If I remember correctly that I’ve, gotten seven gold medals in one session and here’s, a guy, he’s, got number six centers don’t.

He’s exhausted and he’s going in for that final swim, I’m, you remember, and how does the guy win by one hundredths of a second? Do you think that was some massive skill that got him over the top or was it a standard that says this is who I am? I am the champion and no one is taking us from me and somehow in those final milliseconds hundredths of a second and pushed himself just beyond this competitor, but you know how about Michael Phelps, what allowed him to be able to push beyond that moment? It just rituals go steady, the guy most people who swim have these unbelievable workouts.

He does two and three of those workout sessions a day. All the other swimmers in the beginning thought he was insane. You’re over trained. You can’t, do that it’s, not physically possible, but he had a standard and the rituals to back it up.

So here’s. My final message to you because I’ve, gotten carried away. I was gonna, send you like a five-minute message, but you can see there’s no script here it’s. Just me all go crazy with you, but I want to really see you get what you want this year.

Don’t, let this year be like last and if last year was great, still don’t. Let it be that way raise the standard. Your life is perfect and extraordinary. You darn well know you’re, not going to be happy unless you keep making about it.

That’s. What makes us feel alive it’s, not what we get to make us happy it’s who we become and what we’re able to give, because we become more. That sense of contribution is what creates our deepest meaning.

So here’s, my assignment for, if you want one, if you want to go from conversation to some action, your simple thing to do what scenario your life right now that you really want improve? What’s, an area that’s important to improve if your body is great? How about your career career is great about your relationship, implement one especially or your kids or your relationship with your Creator, spiritual side of your life, or is it your finances figure an area that really matters decide on that area? Number one write down what your life is like in that area right now, specifically as possible, so you might say: well I’m thirteen point.

Five pounds: overweight: you, whatever the weight, is whether the situation is, or my body snapped like this or wake up exhausted in the morning, and you write the truth of where you are right now, so you’re real, clear or I’M not in a relationship.

I say I want a relationship, but I I’m. Not in one I don’t seem to find them all. The good ones seem to be gone. Is my Balu? You know – and I really do want one, but I don’t. Have it whatever your definition.

I’m in a relationship and god I wish I wasn’t in a relationship. I’m planning, my escape wherever you are, or I have a wonderful relationship. We love each other, but there just isn’t enough passion. Just like the truth of where you are the area, you want to change, but right how it is, and then the second step is is we are really honest with yourself.

What are the rituals that have put me there, because whatever results, you’re? Getting even if you don’t like the results, there are some rituals that are keeping you in that place. There are some rituals of what you eat, or don’t eat how you move or don’t move how you sleep with.

Hopefully there’s, some rituals and the lack of variety or spice or energy, or focus in an area there’s, something you’re doing and it’s. Usually not one thing: it’s. A bunch of little things they kind of do consistently whenever you think about getting in a relationship whatever you think about working out, whatever you think about money and get yourself in a state of overwhelm, you start thinking all the things you can’t Control just write down all the rituals you have and then here’s, the third step.

What do you want? What’s, your vision and be really specific? I want to be my fighting weight. I want to be the strongest I’ve ever felt. I want to be. I’m, going to turn my whatever it is, be specific and then last step number four: what are the rituals that’ll? Get you there? What would you need you differently into mourning? If you’re, going to be that kind of energy that kind of strength? How would you have to happen? Would you work out what days would you work out what time a ritual something you do consistently? Usually, at a specific time, so it becomes automatic.

Let me tell you something: willpower, doesn’t last, but rituals can last a lifetime. I bet you have some rituals in your life right now. You’ve been doing for years, even though some of them don’t serve you.

I’m, just saying wake yourself up make. If you want a new year and a new life, you don’t need to start in January. First start today start with this little video and just begin to see what happens and see how easy it is to just do a few little rituals don’t.

Do them all just do two or three new things, and you know what happens you’ll get momentum, because once you discipline yourself in one area life, you feel yourself doing in other areas as well. I always say something that my original teacher taught me.

I always remind people there’s, always two pains in life. There’s at the pain of discipline or as the pain of regret and discipline, weighs ounces, as my friend Jim Rohn taught me regret, weighs tons you don’t have regret so right now.

What do you want to change? What’s? It really like what are the rituals that got you there that will take a little homework if you’re, not sure, ask the people around you, they & # 39. Ll. Tell you what your rituals are.

What do I really want in depth where the rituals will get me there and then get yourself to start a few? Those actions and lock them in place, but I can help you in any way. We’re here as a company to support you come and have an event with us, come to unleash the power within or master university or get a coach.

You can get a free coaching session if you call our company and click on something on this. We & # 39. Ll, probably have something on here: get a product or don’t. Do anything with us would do something with somebody starting with you.

If you make the change in yourself, you’re, going to be proud this year and no amount of money or accolades from other people can mirror the feeling of being proud of knowing you taking back control of your life or you taking a great Life to another level, because once you do that, you have something you can give other people, would it be your kids or your friends or your family and ultimate that’s? Why it’s about so thanks for listening.

I know how long I went to here, but I hope this has been helpful for you. I just thought the new year and I want people to be able to truly create a new life and till I see again, probably substitute or get the chance to meet.

You live strong and with live with passion, and of course, god bless to you. Happy new. You [, Music, ]

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Tony Robbins REVEALS The Mindset & Success Habits For BUILDING WEALTH | Lewis Howes

Welcome back everyone to the school of greatness podcast. Thank you. So much for being here, I’m in tony robbins jet good. To see you thanks for thanks for inviting me on your jet. I’m, very excited to be here.

The last crazy place to me, but i have to go so this is the quick running gun interview. You’ve, got a documentary coming out right now that you’re headed to Palm Springs for so we’re. We’re, doing it on the jet, which is incredible, and it inspires me about the topic we’re covering, which is on your book.

Money master, the game, seven simple: steps to financial freedom. You’ve shown that you have the financial freedom, but you didn’t, always have financial freedom. In fact, when you were growing up, you were really poor right, extremely looking the poor.

We had no money for Thanksgiving for food, it’s, part of why. Last year I fed I started feeding when I was 17. I started feeding families, as I said when I was 11 and I & # 39. Ve had two families literally and it was so moving.

I said I’m gonna double. I went to four and then to eight and then it was a like a game to see. If I reach more people and then I started with some my employees and then eventually got two million people a year, then two million, then I started matching my foundation with 2 million.

So for 12 years I’ve fed 4 million people a year and then, when I was writing this book, I’m interviewing. If you can imagine all these people start with nothing and are multi-billionaires. At the same time, Congress cut food stamps called snap now, but it was food stamps originally by eight billion dollars.

So it’s equivalent to give you an idea of every family that’s being supported, giving up all their meals one week out of every month for 12 months. So I decided I wanted to do something about it. So I got a five million dollar advance with the book.

I gave all the money to feeding America and then I said if I want to feed 100 million people what I got to do so I wrote a much bigger check and now I’m, so it we did 102 million people last year. But now I’m gonna do a hundred million again this year and I got a plan to feed a billion people over the next 10 years.

So I’m. It’s. It’s, so full circle from where I began it’s crazy and it’s. It’s. It’s, an incredible privilege to be I’ll. Make a difference like that. How is why? Is it important to be thinking of giving and contribution in order to generate wealth when people say that well, I don’t, have much to give.

I’m, barely making enough to pay my rent, my food. How can I have the mindset of giving in order to build wealth? For? Would you say it’s? It’s, the only you never get beyond scarcity. You got to start beyond it.

You got to plant your feet. You know. I’m, so many people say well. When I’m rich, I’ll. Give some money. If you won’t give a dime out of a dollar you’re. Not I can promise you’re, not gonna give 10 million out of 100 million, not a trillion years.

So if you, but if you start what I always believe, is it it transforms you when you, I had a group of kids that I went to like when I was 31 years old. I was invited to this grade school in Houston, Texas and I each grade did a little mini assembly for me of what they have used.

My stuff you know at that year and at the end of that was really emotional. I was like you guys asked me to come inspire you, you’ve inspired me, and so the 6th graders have only done it for one year and I said I’m gonna sponsor a college education.

So I had no idea how I was gonna. Do it. I didn’t have the money to do it. I said I was 31 years old. I was doing well, but not that well, and I said I’m a paper. Your college education, so I said here are the rules of the game and I just made it applause right there I said you got to keep it be average.

I’ll, get you mentors there’s, no excuse not to be above average. You got ta, not use drugs. You not get yourself in prison and you got to give me 20 hours of community service a year, and the reason I did is I don’t have a college education, but I knew if I got these kids, who thought they needed something to Be the ones to go, give something it would change their identity would change their life more than college, and, ironically, I think we had 70 kids.

Originally I lost 95 % kids. I was gonna lose. I lost the first year. It’s like 30 kids and the reason was their parents did not want them to have to do community service. They said they should be receiving, they shouldn’t have to work, and it was just staggering to me, but the ones that did it I mean some have PhDs now went through that process.

So I really believe that the secret to living is giving as corny as it sounds. I have an experience where I was driving on the 57 freeway not far from here in San Gabriel Valley, and it was midnight I was driving my 1968 Volkswagen bought Baja Bug and I was been in business for you know a year year and a half, and I was working my guts out and I was so frustrated because you know I always say that most people overestimate what they can do in a year and they underestimate women do in a decade or two or three right.

So I’ve, been working for this year and a half as hard as I work, and nothing was working level I wanted. I was so frustrated as mad myself as mad with the environment. I was feeling overwhelmed and stressed it’s.

Midnight I’m exhausted and all of a sudden, this thought hit me and I literally pulled over the side of the road and I’ve, always kept physical journals. I still have the journal to this day and I wrote on this one whole page the secret to living is giving and I sat there and I cried cuz.

I just realized my life for the last year had gotten focused on why isn’t. It working instead of how do I give more, and I made that shift, and it was one of those important shifts in my entire life and for probably a year, things start to get better, and then you know you’re in business.

You make mistakes, you know how to you know as young young kid, and I found myself all of a sudden in a foreign and square-foot bachelor apartment. I’d, lost the progress that I made and I was so broke that I wrote about this at the end of my book, because I’m, like how do I get this thought across to somebody and the most seminal moment? For me was, I had I don’t know 21 22 dollars whatever it was to my name.

I’m living in a foreign square-foot bachelor apartment. I’m feeling. Sorry for myself. I’m watching Luke and Laura on General Hospital. I mean I was a mess. I was a total mess and I realize I’ve, not paid my rent and I’m out of money, and I don’t have any prospects for some new cash in the short term.

How am I even gonna eat, so I decided to go to this all-you-can-eat salad bar that they had around the corner. This place called El Torito. Still there Marina del Rey, and I lived in Venice, so it was about a three mile walk.

I didn’t think the car goes. I didn’t gonna pay for parking, you know for the gas and I walked there and I went in and I had this meal right, basically loaded up for the winter aconite plates of food, this tacos and salads and everything else.

And while I was sitting there, there was this little boy that came in he opened the door. He was wearing this little fast, this little soup. I don’t PI, nine years old, something like that. You know eight, nine, ten and, and he held the door open and in walks behind him is beautiful woman who was clearly his mother, and so you know I definitely took it in and then he sat down.

He pulled out the chair for her and he was just so attentive to his mother. I mean was just so with her that honestly I was moved, and so I finished my meal and then I got up. Then I paid the bill and I was like six dollars in those days.

You know for all-you-can-eat, salad bar whatever it was, and so I had whatever’s left 17 18 19 dollars, and I walked over this low point for my left and I said hi and I introduced myself. I said I’m Tony and his name is Paul or whatever it was.

I remember his name, this little boy I said Paul. I said you are a class act. I said I saw I held the door open for your woman. I saw you pull up the chair for her. I said taking her out to lunch like that.

That is really cool and he goes well. She’s, my mom right yeah and I said that’s, even more cool and I said, take it or logicals. Why I didn’t take her to lunch. She goes. You know what I think he says: eight or nine.

I’m nine years old. I don’t a job yet yeah, and I said yes, you are taking her lunch and I reached in my pocket. I took all the money I had left: whatever was 17 18 19 dollars and I dropped it in front of him.

I had no plan to do this. It wasn’t like manufactured. I wasn’t trying to impress this woman and he looked up at me like shocked, and he goes. I can’t. Take that my security. Can he said how come I said? Cuz I’m bigger than you are and he laughed like crazy and I didn’t even say another word.

I just walked out the door. Didn’t, he look his mom and I got ta tell you. It was the most powerful experience of my life because I didn’t walk on my kind of flew home and I should have been like what is the matter with you.

You have no money for food, you give the last little pennies. You have left, but I had no fear. I had no scarcity and I got home and I realized what I’d done. It was like I’ve, no money like no money, nothing right! I was trying to conserve.

By going there. You know, and I don’t. I don’t know that I just saw I & # 39. Ve worked on a plan. I figured I’ll make some. I’ll figure this out and the next day I got the old snail mail and came in around like noon, and I pull out this letter and there’s, a young man that I had loaned $ 1,200 to and he had Not paid me back and I was desperate for cash, I probably called him 10 times trying to track him down, not a single response, and I was so hurt and pissed and here’s.

The letter from this guy saying I’m. Really sorry, I know you’ve been trying to reach me. I’ve, been avoiding you and here’s, the money you are, and I’m gonna give you some interest as well. So I got at that point that was like more money, man ending and so once again I’m sitting there.

Tears blowing down my face have an emotional character and – and I just thought to myself – you know why did this happen and I chose to believe I know it’s true, but I chose to believe that it’s because I let Go of trying to just take care of myself, I did what was right.

I didn’t plan it I did it spontaneously. I saw it, it felt right to me, I did it and I felt no scarcity and I can tell you I’ve had plenty of tough times. You know 18 companies and 12. I managed actively.

I got 1,200 employees on multiple continents. We do five billion a year in sales across different industries now and it’s a different world for me now, but since that and I’ve been near bankruptcy multiple times and companies and things like that, I didn’T I pulled it off always Neverland bankrupt, but I faced really tough times.

I never went back to that level of scarcity, not since that day, so it’s. A long way of saying when you have nothing is when you need to give. You know if you’re gonna wait till you think you have something you’re.

Never gonna have something of any size or scope. There’s, something inside the human psyche that when you do, what’s right and you get outside of yourself there’s, something that’ll click for you and also you know, hiding is a perfect low, Regardless of religious belief who’s, five, ten percent of their income for a decade and not prospered massively and Sir John Templeton was the first billionaire investor was the first person who said that to me so Tony, I know you tied, but he said Tied more, he said, do more give more and he said you’ll receive more just how it works, and I found it to be absolutely true.

You continue to give more. Every year let’s. Look at I’m. Just writing checks for five million buddy work on a book for four years and gave up all the profits, and then I want to feed more people’s. There were at another big jack above that so and now I’m doing it this year, I’m gonna.

Do it for the next ten years. Amazing incredible! I love hearing this story. I’ve heard this story before, but I’ll, always it always captivates me who was the most influential person in your life growing up? Well, my mom was in that she she taught me too.

She demanded that I show up in a different way than most people would meaning she wanted me to grow. She want to be successful. She pushed me incredibly hard, but also she was kind of. She was a drug addict, a prescription drug addict.

She over you abused those and she was an alcoholic. We had no money, we live in a 1200 square foot house and my four different father’s. All lived in the living room, a different stages. She had her own room and she would call me every day on the phone one, one, nine five five sick of bring your own phone.

I’d, pick it up and she’d. Give me instructions, and I’d. Go to the store on my bicycle and I buy the groceries and I make the meal. I really literally didn’t, see my mom most days and I didn’t understand any difference, so she gave me an incredibly high standard and she gave me a big challenge and she was physically abusive.

She smashed my head against the wall. I bled she poured liquid sub down my throat till I threw up because she thought I was lying and yet I loved her – and I knew she loved me. So it’s confusing as hell, but she made me a practical psychologist because I had to figure out.

I have a younger brother, five years younger younger sister, seven years younger and I had to figure out. How am I going to keep them from getting hurt and if she had been the mother, I’d, who thought I wanted? I wouldn’t be one-tenth as driven I wouldn’t.

You know I suffered so much. I don’t want to be else to suffer that’s. Why I’m, as driven as I am. I’d – have to do anything at this stage of my life, but I’m. I’m more driven today than when I began so she was the most influential person.

The next most influential person were a set of mentors. I had Jim Rohn, you know personal Veltman speaker. I went to work for him at seventeen massively influenced my philosophy, John grinder, who started NLP, taught me strategy.

He taught me how to produce results that people thought would take decades and in days and minutes and and I became his top student and so forth so and then along the way I’ve had incredible mentors Peter Guber rooms, the MBA warriors and The LA Dodgers – and you know Mandalay pictures one of my dearest friends for 30 years, plus Marc Benioff.

You know I’ve, been coaching him for 16 years. From the day he started Salesforce. You know he told me Tony. I’m, leaving my company because you I’m gonna start this company Salesforce calm. We’re gonna do a hundred million a year.

Now they’re doing eight billion. So I & # 39. Ve got some really steve wynn as a mentor for me, so i have a lot of brilliant people and i’m. Always i coach others, and i get coached by that – you’ve, been doing their work for 40 years right well, not quite 39.

It’s. My thirty minutes they’re. Not this is a question. A friend of mine, ed, O’Keefe asks. You said with all the tools you there’s; wealth of information over 39 years, almost four decades strategies to break people through to help them overcome their challenges.

If you can only have, if you got to strip them all away, you can always use one strategy or one thing to use. What would that be? I wouldn & # 39. T wonder why I’m. Effective is because I don’t buy that I’m, always looking for more strategy, just one strategy that will work with one person not with another.

But philosophically I would say that the capacity to strengthen and increase your hunger is the one common denominator amongst the most successful people. You know Richard Branson’s, good friend of mine and Peter Guber, Steve Linn all these guys they’ve.

Never lost their hunger, most people are hungry to achieve a certain amount, make a certain amount of money, and then they get comfortable and relaxed or to get a certain level of fitness, and then they relax.

But you know Richard is as driven today as when he was 16 years old starting, I mean it’s like on fire and he’s. 65 years old. Warren Buffett is 85 years old. He’s as driven today as when you know he began the journey right and so people that have that hunger.

I believe, intelligence. I love people that are wickedly smart and I work to be wickedly smart by educating and training myself and so forth and training. My brain but intelligence, a lot of intelligent people can’t fight their way out of a paper bag right.

Hunger is the ultimate driver, because if you’re hungry, you can get the strategy. You can get the answer. If you can’t model it you can find it so. Hunger, modeling would be maybe the next best skill, knowing that success leaves Clues like why reinvent the wheel.

If someone took this plane, oh it was Mickey Spillane who owns the Miami Heat and owns carnival right. I mean you can learn so much from there. Like Mickey’s blow your mind, what this man is Mabel do in his life, and so why would I go learn by trial and error and maybe take 10 or 20 years when I can learn from somebody in a few weeks or a few Months or a few hours, something that could save me a dick that’s.

What it is that’s! Why? That’s? Why I read seven or eight books of the first seven years because I was like if somebody takes ten years of life, they’ve bought into a book, and I can read that an hour two or three or four.

Why wouldn’t that, so how does someone continue to stay hungry now or reef? You know rediscover what they’re hungry about the best way is get around where it’s better and things will hit. You say again get around where it’s better and things will hit you who you spend time with us who you become so you know when I started coaching all these billionaires.

You know there’s, a part of me. That said, I know I was smart and think certain areas as they are. I got to step my game up it’s, not about the money it’s about. How can I take the invisible and make it visible? How could I find a way to add more value to other people to such an extent where economics are not a question whatsoever, and then I can take those economics and do even more where I’m, not there.

I look as money as portable power. I can leverage my money to do things for people, even when I sleep, but I love doing these for people, and I work 18 20 hour days though, but it’s really nice to have the leverage of that as well share share and a Few sentences, what would you say is your current vision for life? What’s? What’s, the vision you have and what’s? The legacy that you want to leave behind, I saw have you, seen, Hamilton the play and your hair.

It’s. Incredible there’s, one Iranian you’ve, seen it right yeah I loved it. I thought it was long. Might be a lot of hype, but it was as good as the promise there’s, a line in Hamilton that thought was really interesting.

It says legacy is planting seeds in a garden that you & # 39, ll, never see, and that is really interesting. But so for me I know what they are and you want to create. You’ll, never yeah. For me, it’s human lives.

For me, it’s, it’s. I love my life is about being a blessing in the lives of the people. I mean. I hope that whoever decides to watch your video, I thought something here will strike them and they can say you know I got to get in proximity or I got to raise my standard or I’m gonna go master, my damn money.

I’m, not gonna dabble. I hope that it stimulates someone in a way where it becomes a blessing in their life, and my legacy is the lives that I’ve touched and my legacy is the institutions that I’m building right now.

But when I’m gone, we’ll, continue to touch people, my foundation, the work that I’m, doing, with mentoring with kids, I mean the ability to touch another generation, but my heartfelt prayer every day is be a Blessing and you know it’s, loosening sometimes your blessing just by giving somebody a few moments just by loving on them just being them.

Sometimes you’re being a blessing because you coach them or you intervene with them. You can be blessing in so many ways, but that’s, my daily focus and it’s, not what I’m gonna build for the long term.

It’s really. What am I gonna? Do right now: why is that, and why do you want to create that legacy um again it’s less about legacy than it is about doing what I’m made for while I’m here and maximizing you know, I want the end to have me.

I want to be climbing the mountain when I die, not sliding so to me it’s about growth and it’s about giving those the only things that fulfill human beings. I always tell people if you want to be happy: it’s.

One word progress if you can make progress and if your progress is not only within yourself, but it’s actually doing something of value for more than yourself. You’re gonna be a damn fulfilled person yeah.

How do you stay grounded in your personal and intimate relationships? When everyone wants a piece you, you know, you sell out events. Ten, twenty thirty thousand people come to your conferences, pay tens of thousands of dollars.

Everyone wants to interview you, you’re. Coaching presidents billionaires world-class athletes; they call you they want you to help them break through the next level. How do you stay, grounded in your marriage or with your kids or with you know, friends, my mom, my mom’s.

Craziness gave me a great gift. I wanted to be a professional athlete and I’d, be a professional baseball player and when I got cut from the junior high school team, I figured out. I’m in trouble, and so I decided become a sportscaster sports right now and so I took typing when I was in junior high school.

I was the only boy in an all-girl shorthand class. I could capture everything cuz. I wanted to be the best reporter best sportscaster I interviewed Howard, Cosell and Woody Hayes and Dodgers and Rams.

I got a job working for a daily newspaper when I was 13 and then I got this huge prank, which was, I got these interviews. No one had like Joe Namath, but he was so famous. I got these interviews and here in LA KT TV channel 11’s.

Now a Fox channel. They were trying to get viewership, and so they kept trying different kinds of sports casters. They even tried Fanny Fox, the stripper and, and somebody watched some interviews. I did and went holy this fourteen-year-old kid was about to be 15.

He’s, brilliant. He’s, getting interviews, nobody else is getting you know, so they called me up and they offered me the job to be the nightly sportscaster, as was turning 15, and I was out of my mind like the dream I was gonna have when I was like 25 or 30, nice happened and you know every 15 and my mom said to me your egos too big, and if I let you do this, you’re good, even getting bigger, and she not only would not.

Let me take the job she made me quit my job working for the progress bulletin, which was a daily newspaper in Pomona, California, doing sports and I hated her and I was devastated. But it created a sensitivity inside of me that that that, along with, I think, watching, athletes who would not sign a card for a kid because they were making money selling cards would make me so angry.

That said, I’m, never gonna be one of those people, and so I’m. Not you know. I certainly have plenty of pride and what I’ve been able to accomplish, and people I’ve been to help, but I always know I’m.

Just a guy, and while I’ve worked my ass off, I’ve, also had grace in my life, you know, and it I think, when you achieve things, it comes from incredible: obsessive, focus, massive action and figuring out the how to Execute and do things effectively and it’s grace, and I never forget that that’s, a part of the formula for where my life is today.

Do you think people need a little bit of ego to have that kind of Drive and insanity or obsession, or is it more just belief in a bigger vision? I think you know ego can produce Drive, but that kind of ego will make you not be fulfilled.

Yes, and – and we all have it until we get a few hammers, because in the beginning, when you’re young, especially a young man, I think even more so than a woman. You know you’re, trying to find yourself, you’re, trying to prove yourself to the world and really you’re, trying to prove it to yourself like on the very beginning.

For me, I used to tack, psychiatrists and psychologists because I care about people so much and I cuz I learned how to handle them in an hour and they working with someone for seven years and I just go crazy.

But I was also attacking him because I was also defensive because I didn’t have a degree, and so I figured I’m gonna be on the offense. I’m gonna show them, but, as I grew up, I realized totally should these people care just as much as I do now.

I’ve trained a hundred thousand therapists around the world with my partner, Chloe Madonna. So we make films of people’s lives like suicidal people, people who’ve been through hell and you get to watch how I do it as I do it, and then you could see them two years later know it really.

Do you ever question choices of decisions you make today, okay and does does everything you touch turn into what you want it to be? Oh, of course not. No, no failure is part of life. I mean the difference.

For me, though, is I like a failure? As a stepping stone to success, it’s, a speed bump. I know I’m gonna fail, but it’s, not failure. If you learn something and so gosh I’ve made so many mistakes. I’ve screwed, so many things out, but every time I do it just becomes, it becomes a way for me to explain to someone else what it takes.

You know it’s like here’s. What I’ve done. I think I have the ability to influence people, because I talk about my failures. I talk about all the things that mess me up, but I show people that didn’t.

Let it stop me and you don’t need to stop you, and I think I think that’s, really the secret matter, and if everything you touch was successful. First one got a relate to people as much. Oh, you’ll, be late and also it’s be total and everyone know it’s, and also you’d, be bored silly.

I mean think about it. If you just said, I want this to happen. I want this to happen. You know people don’t value it they don’t fight for you know it’s like you see, kids, sometimes in it. You know your parents will say you’re, not gonna value this.

If you don & # 39, t work for it and you’re kidding on you, oh well, you just give it to me, but it’s. True, you know about things we & # 39. Ve worked the hardest for we value the most. So I think you know the purpose of the goal is not getting it anyway.

The purpose of goal, you know, is what who you become well. You becomes gonna make you happier it’s. Gon na make you sad. So I’m, not looking for an effortless approach. There’s. No such thing. I’m curious about relationships and building wealth.

There’s, an importance to or how important is it to have the right partner in a marriage or an intimate relationship and relating to building wealth? Does it matter who you choose their mindset? Does any of that play affect and how much you’re gonna make or it won’t affect how much you make, but it & # 39.

Ll! Think how your relationship a lot right, you know getting on the same page – is really really important. But and when my wife and I met my wife, we both grew up very poor, but I decided that I was gonna find a way to add so much value.

That money would never be a question for my family and you know who never stopped me from giving or doing or sharing anything, and I made that decision early on so I became an earner ways of earning she became a negotiator, cost manager, her mom’s number one thing: if somebody comes in, she goes sharpen your pencil that’s, not a good enough deal, and so when we first met, I remember we were.

We were in New York City, and this dates me how old I am, but I remember when they first came out with digital cameras, the very first digital cameras from Sony – and it was like such a cool thing. You could take 12 pictures or whatever it was, but we were down in New York.

City were in Times Square and we went into one of those camera shops. It was Christmastime and I saw the camera. I was like so excited about this camera and I said you know when we get one for my brother, my sister, my mom, and you know I came up with and I was like 12 cameras and they were very expensive.

Then I I mean you’re like 1200 or $ 2,000 each. They were really crazy. Nothing like 200 for the same yeah, not even it’s, not a million times better, but I went to the counter and the guy goes. Oh, my god, Tony Robbins, can I take a picture with you.

I’ll put it on the walls. I said sure. If she goes hey just sharpen your pencil, we’re gonna deal. You’re gonna get my boyfriend here and I wanted to grab her by the throat just go. What are you doing here? He’s like what are you doing and she’s like no? No, what’s the deal here and he goes oh well, I give you 10 % off.

She goes sharpen your pencil 10 %. You’re, not taking a picture of my boyfriend and I’m one who murder her right and I was so mad. I mean I was so mad, and so she got like 15 % off and free camera cases low stuff, and I’m shaking my head.

We left I was like I am so we have this big fight today. I just call her squeaky. She’s. My squeaky girl. She wants to go to Walmart, as if we’d ever need to go to Walmart. You know, and what I do is I’m delighted by the difference and I go.

You know what what a beautiful gift I & #. 39 ve, been in relationships before where I gave everything and the people were totally unconscious with money. So they answer your question. It’s, nice to be on the same page, but you know I one day I told my wife, I was coaching someone and a person gave me a quarter of a million dollar bonus who you are it’s mind-boggling.

It was like he didn’t have to it. Wasn’t part of the deal here. Pays me a million dollars a year plus the piece the upside, and you just said. Oh, you did so much for me. I just want to give you this additional quarter million our bonus, it wasn’t the money.

It was the generosity that just knocked me off my seat, and so I called my wife, I said honey pause. Give me a quarter million dollar bonus. I mean there’s like he’s so generous, and she goes oh, that’s, nice honey! Hey! Do you know what I’m making for lunch? You know why.

So I used to get upset about that like that’s, my squeaky little girls, I’m thrilled. She doesn’t have to think about it. I’m in charge, and so I don’t think your partner has to one of you has to master it, and you have to have some alignment.

Okay, but you don’t want them to be against you essentially. Well, sometimes they’re gonna be we were against each other. In some ways we’re having fights, but what you eventually decide is. Do I want to be right or don & # 39? T want to be in love and also, I just said you know: Turner, I’d, say listen, honey! I’m.

I understand your intent. I had to go to her intent. Instead of being frustrated with her saying this is really actually a cool quality and she’s, my opposite in that area, that’s, a we’re good, more good balance together.

All right, you know there’s, a lot of people that I grew up with, who were poor, who had a negative mindset around money. They thought it was evil that it was bad. What would you say to someone who has that mindset where they just they have a story around money, that isn’t a positive one yeah, I think of money, I think, of evil, bad corruption, whatever maybe yeah? How does someone shift it like? What’s? Is it a daily practice? Is it something they can do right away? It’s, the truth get to the truth.

The truth is simple. Money does not change. People money makes you more of what you are. It’s, a magnifying tool. If you’re mean you got a lot more to be mean with. If you’re generous, you got a lot more to be generous with and give so it’s.

It’s. That money is anything all money is, is a symbol and we all project it. On that symbol, different things you can you know if you feel out of control of money, then you’re gonna project it as evil.

If you feel incompetent – and you see someone else more successful – oh they’re, the 1 % they’re, the jerks, usually by the way they’re. The point – oh oh: 1 %. You’re pointing ahead, but it used to be aspirational to be in the 1 % today there’s.

This new mindset that says they’re evil. They’re wrong. The people in our society that say they’re, the 99 % are lying because half this planet lives on two dollars and 50 cents a day right, 900 dollars a year.

If you were considered in poverty in the United States, you are the 1 % of earners in the world. You are the one person in poverty in the u.s. poverty. You know in the world the 1 % of the world’s arms.

So we you’re. Doing is saying poor me. While you’re typing on your Apple computer or drinking a cup of Starbucks. Somebody showed me a picture of the you know. The people that were, I’m camping out and they’ve got these great kids.

Jules I mean they got all these brand name corporations that they’re doing. They think they’re, the 99 %. Now don’t get me wrong. I wrote an entire book exposing the abuses in the system, but here’s. What I said the system is rigged against you, but you can still win, but what you have to do is understand the rules of the game instead of complaining and whining and what I did is I went to the very best and said: how could you possibly Win when 70 % of the stocks every day are being traded by high-frequency traders so before you choose Apple Ani trade and hit it as you hit it in microseconds, they see what you want.

They get in front of you. They buy and sell multiple times to make money off of you. If you’re, a trader that’s, a pain in the butt. But if you’re, an investor over the long term, it doesn’t affect you at all, and what I really try to detail for people’s, how to get from where you are to where you want to be.

If you’re, a millennial that’s, got all this debt and you don’t, think you can ever be free. I show you how if you’re, a baby boomer and you’re older and you think I don’t have any money I’ll, never have it.

I show you how to get that piece and it’s. Not none of this is from my perspective. I teach the emotional part yes, but it literally is the 50 smartest minds in the world, and we were talking before we started the interview that you learned something new over the last six months or a year.

Since writing the book came out. Can you share with no one disappointing? Can you share with us talking about fiduciaries? Yes? Well, the first thing that I did was most people don & # 39. T understand that there are lots of things you can’t control in the system, but there are a few things you can control and that’s.

What you focus on and you can win and one of those is, you can control the markets. Are gonna, go real estate stock, anything, but you can control fees, and that sounds so third-grade like what does that matter and that’s sexy? Not sexy well, when I met with Jack Bogle who created Vanguard, largest index fund in the world, they got three trillion dollars with a tee and 63 years in the business he said Tony, I know you care you’ve got to uncover for people Where the fee structures are like, for example, most people in America have their money in their home or the 401 K there’s more throwing case than their homes right.

Yes, he said only the abuse in that system is so bad. So when you uncover the fees – and I did this in the book – I created a system where people could go in to show me the if they had a 401k and it showed you exactly what the fees are and what it means to compound it.

Because every 1 % in fees you pay more than you need to because of compounding means. You gave up 10 years of income when you go to retire. So, for example, the average person puts their money in a mutual fund.

They don’t know what to be fun to go to. They look on Morningstar, maybe that’s, five stars. If it’s, five star, you’re already overpaying for it’s, not gonna stay. A five star and the average mutual fund pays three point: one: two percent: all right: that’s; the cost that you think it’s; 1 %, but there’s.

A 35 page document that, if you know how to read it, you’ll find 17 other page. Well, why does that matter? It’s, only 3 % 3 % compounded year after year. So what happens? Is you go out? You put up you put yourself in this position and you could have paid for Vanguard.

For example, an index fund 14 basis points that’s, 14, one hundredths of a percent of 1 %, the other person’s, paying 3 % for the same product. It’s, the exact same set of stocks. So what’s, the difference? Well, those 3 percent are gonna cost.

You to give you a perspective, 60 percent of what your earn is gonna go to somebody else that didn’t have to go to them just because you were ignorant, so it’s kind of like do you want to buy A Honda Accord an example – I always give us $ 20,000, but in this case $ 20,000 on record, you’re, paying a million to 4.

That’s, the difference between point 1, 4 and 3, point 1, 2, and so there are people living next door to each other that are paying a thousand percent more most of them, 100 percent more, but in their neighbor for the same product.

There’s, no industry in the world. It’s at the financial industry. We can do that and the way they do is by confusing you so much that you give up and say just you know, manage my money, and so they take it away from you.

So in the book I explained how to do that. I also built the site, another site called portfolio check up calm and I built it. So you could put all your accounts in there, not just 401k. It pulls them for you in two minutes showed you all.

The costs shows you how much risk you’re, truly taking and compares you to some of the best portfolios in the world. Hach compares I don’t just like the book. I donated all the profits from I didn’t do anything in and if you wanted to work with someone, I taught everyone: 90 % of the people in the financial markets that you go to as a wealth manager, investment manager there a broker – and There’s, no wrong with a broker, except they’re, just the salesman and they’re gonna sell you what the house tells them to sell you, because the house always wins and they they’re.

Gon na sell you underperforming assets, cuz mutual funds – 96 % of them never match the market over any 10-year period of time. So it’s gonna underperform in they’re gonna overcharge. You so I said, go to a fiduciary new word for everybody, the F word fiduciary.

All it means is there’s, a small percentage of the population, that’s required by law to put your needs ahead of their own meaning. If I told you that I’m a fiduciary, I tell you to buy Apple this morning and then the stock drops – and I buy it later today for myself, I have to give you my stock, that’s, how strong the laws Yeah small groups are called are, is registered investment advisors or fiduciaries, so I’ve built this platform, gave away all the money and then said, go to a fiduciary, and I recommended the seven largest fiduciaries in the country and then five months ago I Had one of the guys on the platform, his name is Peter Mallick and he has a company called creative planning and creative planning is the number one rated firm in the world number one independent wealth manager by Bloomberg for three years in a row that’s, no one’s ever done it for three years, two years around for CNBC, and he built this family office.

It’s, like billionaires, have a family office. It’s, a place where they have eight or nine people who one works on protecting you. One works on your mortgages. One works on your taxes, one to make sure you get the most efficiency ones, working on your investments and all billionaires have a family office.

He built the family office for people that are multi millionaires, and so he comes to meet with me and said Tony. I want to share something with you. He goes there are these hidden rules in the law, these gray areas that a people are on the edge legally and everyone on your platform is doing this and he said it’s called dual registration and what’s that he said? I tell you: I’m, a fiduciary sue.

Now you trust me and legally, I’m responsible to take care of you, but I have this dual registration. So, in the middle of a conversation, I can switch hats and become a broker and you don’t it, and I can sell you some product that could cost two or three or four percent and it under reforms and you don’T even know it, you think I’m, giving you independent advice and it’s, not an append advice, and I did the homework in every firm, including people.

I really like. We’re doing it because there’s, a way to get more margin for their business, so it’s, not right. So I kicked everything off the platform and I sat down with Peter, and I said you’re. The only guy of size use 20 billion in assets.

He’s budging right now. I said you’re, the only guy in you’re number one. I said I want to recommend more people to you, but you only do billionaires and multimillionaires. I said, keep doing that. We got the greatest practice in the world, but how about you build something? Another division that’ll work with people with as little as $ 50,000 and give them the CPA.

The tax give him everything the same and he charges less than 1 %. 1.2 is the highest for somebody. They like no money. It goes down to 25 basis points. I said people people charge more than that. Just for the financial advice you’re, doing everything.

I said if you do that I’ll partner with you, so he took three weeks came back to me, went back and forth started building a new division over the last five months. He’s been building it. So now I want his Board of Advisors and I’m, also the chief of investment psychology, so I educate both the general public and his people on how to meet people’s.

Financial needs in a different level, and I got him to create a second opinion, which means, if you had a health challenge, anybody smart knows no matter what this person tells. You get a second opinion and go to the best, because there’s.

So many pains about to do health-wise there’s, so many paints what to do financially. So I said why don’t. You give a second opinion from the number-one firm on earth. Why don’t you provide that give people a plan and they make a little implement on their own if they want or for less than 1 % they can go with you.

I think most people when they’re going with you. So he’s agreed to do it. Anyone who wants to can go to the number one firm com, the number from become, or they go to create a planning dotnet and you can just apply they’ll interview.

You they’ll, take you through a process. They’ll, build a plan for you and then you can go implement it or you can work with it.

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