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How y’all doing out there? Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I’m honored and I’m blown away, even though this is my 25th year plus doing this. I’ve, been doing this for a quarter of a century now, which is quite amazing, form in the process.

Thank you, and I & # 39. Ve had the privilege now working with more than three million people live in events from more than 80 countries around the world. So at this stage I got to tell you something I could be an idiot, and I would know that there are certain patterns that cause people to be fulfilled, to be happy to fit, to be strong, to feel alive, to be vibrant, to have passion in their Life to do well financially, but even more importantly, emotionally psychologically, spiritually and their health and their relationships, and there are also patterns and make people frustrated overwhelmed.

Depressed sad lonely cause them to be struggling financially struggling with their bodies struggling intimately and those patterns they’re, not because there’s, something wrong with somebody’s because of a pattern that we’re doing And I spent a quarter of a century of my life, basically studying the most successful people in the world and the most challenged and figure out what’s, the fastest way to create a change in basically developing the one thing that all people have In common to succeed their leaders, this is a leadership program, because I don’t care.

What what style you are? I don’t care if you’re a mom. If you’re a great mom, you lead your child. You’re, not led by your child or great dad. You’re great businessperson. You’re great salesperson. You’re, a great negotiator.

You’re great anything. You’re, great human being things. This has been my entire life’s, obsession. What makes the difference in people’s lives and that leadership component. As I say, doesn’t always mean somebody follows you, a leader.

Somebody lives life on their terms that you will never settle for less than you can be or share or give or create it’s, not what we get. That makes us happy it’s, who we become, how we live our life, who we are as a person.

People can take away all the things, but who you become? No one can take away, and the problem is, most of us are trying to be something we’re, not and it isn’t so much about change about changing yourself.

The change happens when you be yourself know thyself. That’s, the hard part for most people and then be thyself because, most of us in our lives out of a desire for respect or achievement or love or connection or something we’ve been trying to be the way we think We’d, have to be in order to get that love, respect, appreciation whatever it is.

We’ve, been after at some unconscious level, and we’ve, been doing it so long that we think that this is who we are because success without fulfillment is failure, and I can’t. Tell you how many people I work with who are supposedly the best in the world at what they do and they have more money than they can spend, and they have all these people that love and respect them.

And yet they’re unhappy inside, because if you want to know what’s, really you where you gonna be alive, is when it’s. Really you and you may think you know who you are cuz, you’ve been living a certain way, but I’ll.

Tell you how you & # 39. Ll know you’ll, feel you for. If you’ll feel strong, you’ll, feel unlimited. You’ll, feel free. I have seen and a three million people around this earth in 80 countries I’ve, seen just about anything you can see, and there are only so many patterns and what you’re gonna find underneath all of this behavior is.

We have the same needs. There are six human needs. We’re gonna review tonight when you understand what those needs are and which ones you’re. Focusing on you start to understand why people do the crazy things they do, including you and I, and you begin to understand, hey.

There might be a better way to meet my needs and I don’t have to get caught up in this game of stress and frustration upset, or I could really help this person I care about, because I could see what’s.

Really going on part of what we want to accomplish here as leaders is, we want to become practical psychologists. We want to understand what’s really going on, so we can help. So we can make a difference so we can transform.

So yes, of course, you can do better in your business, because the more you understand about what people need and want the greater your gonna be the better manners you’re, a better leader, the better mom or dad the better friend, and there’s, a better you that’s available! When you understand what’s driving you, but most of us are running patterns over and over again, and we want to free that up to free it up.

We got to break the pattern. We got to do things that are different, so we’re gonna. Do something different. I’m, not here, because I believe in positive thinking. If you think’s, that’s, what I believe you don’t know much about me.

I’m, not want those people to believe you’re supposed to go to your garden and chant there’s, no weeds there’s, no weeds there’s; no weeds there’S, weeds right there, all right that’s. What I believe here’s.

What I believe, I believe, if you really want to be effective, you got to tell the truth. In fact, there’s, three mandates of leadership. If you want to jot them down that, are there maybe the foundation of everything that I believe – and I hope that you will see, is something that’s useful for your own life to remember, because it’s so fundamental.

So the first mandate, the leadership – is not just to be positive. First management leadership is see it as it is, but not worse than it is the first secret to be an effective leader in your life, whether it’s.

You want to lead your body from the location. It is right now you’re unhappy about you, don’t. Have the energy want your body’s, not where it wants to where you want to be that’s leadership. You want to transform your business, that’s; a leadership, your income, that’s leadership.

You wan na help your children that’s, a leadership you’re gonna be a leader step number one tell the truth see. Is it really is, but don’t make it worse than it is. So you have an excuse not to try what takes guts is to put yourself on the line.

What takes guts to say? I’m gonna make this work. What takes guts to say? I’m gonna believe, knowing I could be disappointed or devastated. You know what disappointments a good emotion. If you learn how to use it, anybody can see it as it is, and maybe be honest, but here’s.

The real secret, can you come up with a vision, step two is see it better than it is that’s, part of what we’re gonna do this weekend, seeing it as it is, you got to be honest and there’s, not anybody in this room, including me, doesn’t have air of their life.

They’re gonna be made better, but if we can figure out what they are and tell ourselves the truth, regardless, what other people think, then we got a chance to make a change. I learned something of general Schwartzkopf, one of the best leaders.

I’ve ever met. I got chance spent quite a bit of time with him over the years and he said to me Tony I’ll. Tell you the secret to leadership. He said the whole secret to your life for any group of individuals.

No individual, no organization can get better till they can admit something’s wrong. He’s. You know the problem is no one wants things to be wrong, so we compare ourselves to others who are doing better than so.

We can feel really good see. He raised the standard. He went to step two step two. Is you got to see it better than it is and set that as your standard, a standard is something you don’t go for it’s, not a goal.

It’s, something you live, breathe and find a way to get to no matter what, if there the way a leader makes the way if they’re a different between, should and must for you, yes or no. You better believe there is so when it gets when that standards, a must for you, you’re gonna find the way.

Finally, the third key here is, once you see it better than it is make it that way. You got to take massive action. You got to be resourceful. You & # 39. Ve got to find the way to make it you want it.

So this weekend, first, we’re gonna do after a while use you’re gonna get real clear about. How is it really? How was your relationship really? How is your body really? How is your career really how your finances real? All of us in this room is different as we are and you can look around.

You see every gender race, probably religion, belief, structure in this room. The one thing I bet we have in common is we won’t settle. How many came was you want more? How became want more say so, whatever that more is that you came for more energy, more focus, more determination, more confidence, more certainty, more love, more success, more playfulness more! If you’re, a body being where it is more of your spirit, alive whatever it is, I can tell you this: whatever you think you came for that’s, not why you can’t, because I’Ve done this for 25 years I’m, not saying you won’t get that too.

But what brought you here and what you’re gonna leave with is gonna be more than what you thought. I can promise you you want to know what makes us happy progress that’s. It I don’t care what you’ve achieved.

If you don & # 39, t feel like you’re still growing. If you don & # 39, t feel like you’re still contributing. If you don & # 39, t feel like there’s, some progress in your body or your mind, or your relationship for your business.

If you don & # 39, t feel like there’s progress, you’re gonna be unhappy. I don’t care. How big your life is compared to other people. Progress is the game. My friends, it’s being alive, and if we’re going to be alive, absolutely whatever your game plan, is it’s ultimately, to get to a certain feeling and the truth is you can have it right now? This next few days is the beginning of that path, and we want to take it to a whole nother level.

Let’s start now. You

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