Access Your Highest Level of Consciousness | Ep. 5 CONSCIOUSNESS #UnleashYourGift | Tony Robbins

Welcome back dear friend and Happy Holidays today we’re, going to talk about an invisible force that controls the quality of everything in your life, and yet we say the words it may sound of esoteric. The power of consciousness consciousness is really how much you can hear consciousness kamas from inside not outside, and when we can air that deepest level.

We channel that’s, part of our soul in our spirit and the holidays. A lot of people don’t unconscious. Anyone in your thoughts on consciousness – yes, of course, conscious, simply means awareness. You know, awareness that we are indeed life from the notion that mind is what we’ve learned, or what’s been cultivated, or what’s conditioned in us and consciousness is what we are it’s, Like very things like who’s in there watching this, that’s consciousness, you know mind.

Is there real of our thinking of what & # 39? S been actually conditioned just to give you a frame that we can think of consciousness in four levels and a part of how we evolved and not all of us evolved completely, and this is not a measurement for anybody else.

That’s, a measurement for ourselves, because the more conscious we are is really just imagine how much more we care so egocentric consciousness is the first level that’s when you care about the problem.

Is life’s? Not about me, it’s about we, you know we, as human beings can make it as well. We think we’re all islands. We have our own capacity, we’re in control or not. We can shape things. We could influence things, we can certainly influence and control our thoughts and our meanings.

But when we’re focused on ourselves, we usually suffer. Second level is ethnocentric. The problem of endo centric is: it, creates evil, it creates opposites, it creates something to fight, and so, whenever you’re there in the ethnocentric place, it’s better than just being by yourself, because now you care about others, but you Usually, really care only because they can give you something pleasure or give you something painful third level consciousness, really is where your world center, that’s at some stage.

Sometimes then late, teens early 20s, very often people wake up and they go hey. It’s, not just about me. They start caring about people that can’t, get them theater plush. They care about. Somebody who lives in Africa who’s starving and they can’t help them.

They can make their life better, they can air because they’re part of humanity, but ultimately there are spirit consciousness, which is you care about everything animals things they beans you feel at all.

So I just wanted to understand that, as you’re thinking about the holidays, thinking about your life, the more you can care about others, the more alive you’re, going to feel part of how we make that bridge or that jump Is a recognition that we take full and utter responsibility for our experience of life if consciousness expands by how we live and by having an awareness and cultivating that by undated, whether that be to the path of inquiry through the path of mindfulness to the path of Prayer all of these rituals are all these daily practices connects us to our higher self.

Well, I’ll do more for others, and we ever do for ourselves. I’m sure you do more for your children. If you have them, then you win for yourself or for your loved one, that’s, part of the beauty of humanity.

That’s. What makes us human that’s, what it creates, what we’re, proud of so conditioned the notion of mind to be used as a tool and consciousness is a notion to be experienced in life certainly does indeed have its challenges and What more, what most of us would consider problems, but when we expand our awareness beyond the problem itself, we have the gift of seeing a higher truth.

You know the higher truth that we’re all here to evolve and no matter what our life stimulus, what our life experience it’s been painful or otherwise. If we’re born and we’re human, we’re good at Oh pain.

At times. You know it might look different, it might sound different, it might be a different narrative, but we’ve. All experienced pain and a pain as a catalyst for us to evolve and part of that evolution is to expand our consciousness to become more of a true nature.

So, instead of judging let’s enjoy each other, let’s, find a beauty each other. Let’s, find the newness in our consciousness that can renew the joy and the happiness, the love in the unity that makes us all great families.

Great countries. Communities now gives us all the great life [ Music ]. Thank you for joining us today. As you can tell it’s, a passionate love you, I have the most amazing holiday, [ Music ]. You

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