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I just uh i started reading when i was just a kid i i needed something to feed my mind and um. I wanted. I had all the suffering, and i didn’t have a way to escape. Books were my escape that’s. Why i love books so much it’s like i could.

I could learn from somebody from another century. I could learn by another person’s, life experience, and then i started to do some speaking and touching people that way. But honestly it’s, never been motivation.

For me. It’s, always been strategy because motivation without strategy is like a warm bath. You know you should take a bath. You’re, going to be dirty regularly. You need inspiration, but a strategy too, but i know you’re.

Never going to hear the strategy unless we can move you, i mean i do a weekend that’s 50 hours, so oprah comes and says tony. I love you to death, but no one says for more than three hours. I can’t. Do it 12 hours later she’s.

Staying in a chair, look in the camera going. This is one of the greatest experiences of my life or usher. You know it comes to me so story. I can’t, do 50 hours dude. I just can’t. You know. 50 hours later he said i laughed my ass off.

This is one of those incredible experiences of my life, so i’ve, learned a way to refine the process to move people so that they act. If you just get pumped up, what good does it have so this book is all these specific strategies here’s? What to do here’s? What ray dalio says largest hedge fund on earth? I say to him don’t inspire me tell me if your kids, couldn’t get any of your money, not on a dime, and you were going to show them what to do.

What would you show them? What would you tell me so tony, i’ve spent 10 years of my life refining this process. All my money’s in it. It’s called my all-weather strategy because it works and stock market goes up or down.

He said i’ve tested it back to 1925.. It makes money 85 percent of the time. So he tells me the strategy is quite complex and when you show it to the average financial person, they go. That’ll, never work because they don’t.

They’re, not right value. They haven’t figured out 160 billion dollars to manage. It takes 5 billion 10 years ago, net worth and 100 million for him to talk to you now i won’t do that for even that for any amount of money, but he spent three hours with me at the end.

He shows me this formula, i said you know what this is great, but you showed me how to make a chocolate cake. It’s very inspiring um, you said use some chocolate use some sugar, but i need the. I need the actual numbers or no one’s, going to be able to act on this.

They’re, never going to figure this out on their own, and he said tony, that’s, my secret sauce, so that’s. How i get billions of dollars – i said yeah, but you’ve, been taking money in 10 years. I said you’re, a generous man, you’ve, given what half your net worth? You’re, going to give away give me the formula give it to me.

Let’s, tease him. He gave it to me. It’s in the book. It’s, one of the warmest and when you test it over the last 75 years it’s been successful 85 percent of the year at time, year by year and the times it’s lost it’S only lost 1.

6; on average, the biggest loss was less than four percent in a world where the markets got 50 percent. Down back this book’s. Gon na make people money it’ll make people money. The beautiful part of it is they don’t have to pick ray, they can decide who they want to follow, because i give you the strategies of all the best people, the energy.

Do you ever lose your energy? Do you ever get down? Well sure i get exhausted, i get mad. I get tired. I’m, a human being, but it’s like an athlete. You know you built your muscles, so it’s there for you.

It doesn’t. Last, like what used to last, when i was a kid you know a month, might last me a few minutes or an hour. You know something of that nature, lack of confidence or faith, lack of belief. It & # 39.

Ll steal your dream. You got to know you’re, going to win. You & # 39. Ve got to have some faith. These people sitting around you right now. They’re, whispering to you. You could do this. I believe it just like when you were a little boy just like when you were a little girl.

They’ve, always believed in you. They’ve, always known you’re gonna, do something special. They always knew. You were great, you need to know it. You need to take that god that’s sitting there with you and those precious souls that have passed that have always believed in you and you carry them with you everywhere.

They’re with you anyway, acknowledge them. If you don & # 39, t believe that honor them, honor god honor these people who believed in you with your magnificent life, honor them don’t, give in to lack of belief, lack of confidence, don’t ever.

Do that again, don’t, do it in wfg or out of wfg. You were made to do something great. You’re special. You’re made the image of god. Something awesome supposed to happen for you, and those of you that have made something awesome happen, something even more awesome supposed to happen for you number two thing that steals the dream: failure and setbacks.

People quitting chargebacks flunking the exam that’s, all going to happen just get ready. If you’re an entrepreneur – and you want to do something great – you’re, going to have false start after false start.

False start after false start get it going. Then you don’t get to go, and then you don’t your group grows. Then it shrinks. I’m telling you right now just know that you’re. Going to make some money, then you’re, not being an entrepreneur.

Tons of false starts tons of setbacks, but see a guy. Like me, i knew someone was better than me. There’s, more talented people than me, probably more talented than you, but, like my dad said, the best ability is availability.

You might outwork me for 30 days or 60 days or 90 days, but you ain’t. Gon na beat me over a year, you can’t outwork me over two years. You are gonna outwork me over three years. I’ma. Get you eventually.

I’m, a dripping, damn faucet. I just keep coming at. You just like you could be right. Just like you could i just keep coming. You might think i’m knocked out. I just keep coming. I’m too. Damn tough to give up most people half-ass half their life all the time.

I knew they were going to get tired. They were going to flinch. They were going to get down, they may not quit, they might send a letter. They quit getting wide. They quit recruiting people, they quit improving themselves, they start sleeping in.

They spend all their damn money. I’m, not going to do that stuff. I’m going to save money. I’m going to get up early. I’m, going to keep getting wide. I’m, going to stay relentless, just like you should don’t give in to that stuff.

Don’t. Give in to the fears don’t give in to the setbacks. You’re, going to have failure. It’s, part of the game. Remember the jock strap next time you fail remember ray ray next time. You fail go that’s, a damn ray ray right.

There. Third thing that can get steal the dream, some idiot telling you they’re, a competitor of ours, don’t, let some crackpot goofball that we fired and that’s at another company, potentially tell you they’Re doing a, let me just say something to you.

Let me say something to you. For 20 years of my career there’s, always some idiot nibbling at our ankles. They’re all gone now. It’s, many of them far more qualified than a couple goobers out there. Right now.

Trust me, i will never forget what my father said to me, because he looked at me with the most serious but calm tone of voice, and he looked me directly in my eyes. He said my son. He’s, never going to be the most gifted.

He will never be the most talented. He will never probably be the most qualified. There will always be people in his life that are more gifted, more talented and more qualified, but i need my son at a young age to know he doesn’t need to compare himself to anybody.

I don’t care. How gifted and talented and qualified everybody else is hard work works and hard work can outwork, gifted and talented and qualified people. I need my son to understand as he’s chasing his dreams and his goals there’s, always going to be adversity and objects and obstacles, keeping him from reaching the goals in his life.

I need my son to learn to see the problem, identify the problem and solve the problem. Give it up won’t be in his mouth. It doesn’t matter what he has or what he doesn’t. Have i don’t know where he comes from or he doesn’t come from.

My son will not have i quit in his mouth. Think about how many times you’ve done it yourself. My new book comes out in march this random house, the first time they ever put a curse on the cover of a book.

The name of the book in march is called stop bullshitting yourself and in the book i attack every excuse. There is, and at the end of the book i leave you with no more excuses. What the hell are you gonna? Do then? So if you own your failure, you’ll own your success.

So what is personal growth? You know, i think, about entrepreneurialship. Some of us are in this to do social good and make money. Some of us are into this for political causes and make money. Some of us are just here to make money, but we all have different motivations, so we all define growth differently.

Sometimes it’s, social. To me it could be personal, it could be financial, it could be a bigger house, a bigger car, whatever it is, we all define it differently, but what is common about growth? If you do tomorrow, what you did today, you will get tomorrow what you got today, benjamin franklin, that is the definition of not growing isn’t it.

If you do tomorrow, what you did today, you didn’t grow. Did you, then? You get tomorrow what you got today, you didn’t grow, did you so there? It is. If you do it the same tomorrow, there’s, no growth.

If you would change the same result tomorrow, there’s, no growth. So how do we get better every day, every hour? How do we find those resources? How do we find the energy the knowledge to do that? That’s? What i want to talk about, so i want to change your mindset.

Insanity you’ve, seen this before is doing the same thing again and again expecting a different result. You know years ago i used to own 17 restaurants and bars in a bunch of states and every september i’d, go to the property and the gms would make a presentation and give me their business plan for the year and i’d, read through the business plan and would say: oh gon, na raise sales by 20 in six months.

Awesome tells me breakfast lunch dinner late night, booze wine, i’m in then next year. I come back 20 in six months. Lunch breakfast and i realize wait a minute. This is the same. I read last year said by the same people who said it last year and i’m supposed to get on a plane and feel good about this.

So what does 20? In six months mean well, does anything happen next month? What about two months from now three months from now? When did something happen not till the last day, five months and 29 days, i got a sweat bullet.

What the hell does 20 in six months mean: how do you get your arms around that? How do you turn it into something that’s meaningful in business, so open your mind and play with me for a moment? What business are you in? What business do you want to be in retail customer service, consumer b2b? What business are you in? I love it when people say i’m in retail uh.

I’m in medical devices. I’m in uh. Every one of these is wrong. You see it doesn’t matter. What business we’re in we don’t, sell products. We don’t, sell services, we don’t, sell advice and we don’t, sell solutions.

All of that is textbook bull. Everything we do is a process, never a result. That process must establish an emotional reaction. That reaction is our product, so let me be a restaurant guy for a minute.

The cook in the kitchen is making an entree right. He thinks that’s the product, so the entree comes out to the table, goes on a table. One of two things happens: either you sit up and look at it and react to it or nothing happens.

If nothing happens, that business is stuck in mediocrity forever. So is the product the plate of food or the reaction that the guest had to the plate of food, which is the product? The reaction is the product isn’t it.

You see, i’ll redesign that plate 30 times until you sit up, because i understand that the product is the way you react to things. We occur all buy cell phones from any company, it’s. The way we react to the product that matters it’s, presentation it’s; emotion, it’s perceived value, far more than absolute value.

The fact of the matter is everything we do must create reactions. Those reactions, drive, frequency, drive, spend and fuel the economy of our country, and he or she who creates the best reaction, wins that’s, the business world, and that’s.

What we have to get good at is: we have to understand how to cause people to react to what we do and it’s, not the product, don’t. Let your brain! Stop there. It’s, the way the consumer or the individual reacts to it, and when you own the reaction, you own your future, that’s.

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