PRIME YOUR BRAIN FOR SUCCESS | Tony Robbins, Bruce Lipton, Joe Dispenza

You know i come from a very poor background and we had no money for food at times. Quite literally, and it was it was rough, so i i want to make sure money. Wasn’t a you know, an issue for my future family.

So i figured how to make money – and i figured when i was i don’t – know 23. I figured how to make a million dollars. In a year i went from 38 000 to a million and you don’t. Do that by some new strategy there’s, a psychological shift, as well as a strategy shift right, but then i made the same amount of money for seven straight years, even though i built a dozen more companies, i have more people than ever, but It was like unconsciously, when you want more than a million dollars.

What are you you know? You’re greedy and i was it i was actually staying. Where was i was in um, i was in milwaukee wisconsin. I arrived at two o’clock in the morning. On my birthday, i didn’t have a private plane, so i had to go like four different connections from where i was, and i get in this place and it’s a horrible place, and i call my kids and i’m talking to this woman on the phone named maria used to run my house and take care of my kids.

I said you know maria. I’m. Sorry, it’s so late, but i want to talk to my kids. Oh happy birthday, she’s, this whole thing and then she walks me to mr robbins. You know she says i never dreamed. I’d, live in a castle because i had a place called the drama, and i just want to thank you.

I feel like a princess. She goes last night. I was sitting in a jacuzzi looking out at the water and thinking oh look yeah, but i’m in the ramada inn in those days. Looking at this moose head, this woman is really rich, so i finally decided listen if i can make them.

You know 38 000 million. It’s, not about money. It’s like growth, so i wouldn’t make 3 million, but i want to make more of it while i sleep, but then i really began to realize it. Doesn’t matter how much money you make it’s, really your capacity to take your creativity and stop trading time for money.

It’s, the worst trade in the world, everybody’s, a financial trader, they don’t realize their trader the trading time and you can’t get more time. So this book is how to take anybody. An average person a millennial just getting out of college with a bunch of debt and saying how do i really make this work or baby boomer sand? How do i still retire and the way i did it was? I said i want to interview 50 of the most brilliant financial people in the world.

Most people don’t know that i i’ve, been working with paul tudor jones, one of the top 10 financial traders in history for 21. Straight years, and he hasn’t lost money in one year in 21 years. Right we made money in the tech.

You know blow up that happened in 2000 and 911. in 2008, when the market was down 51 from top to bottom. He made 28 positive right incredible so, every day literally he emails me. I monitor him. I come see him.

I work with him and he pays me seven figures a year to be able to do this and i’ve, been able to continually help him go to the next level. But, quite frankly, i’ve learned more from him. I think than i could ever teach him right and he helped me open these doors, so this book is the best from every self-made billionaire that i could find carl icahn i mean i’m sitting down with this guy.

He just made two billion dollars in the last 18 months of a 30 million investment off netflix. He sent an email or a tweet out through that about apple, saying it was undervalued and became. Two hours later was worth 17 billion more by a tweet, so the people i’ve, got to hang with over the last three four years have been.

I’ve got a phd in finance and the people controlling the world’s. Finance, and what i try to do is the reason they do. That is make it simple bring it. So i could train anybody else, because in this business, what you don’t know will hurt you financially.

So i want to know how to protect people and how to help people maximize and that’s. The light of the book. Well, unconsciously, maybe, but let’s, just talk about how it happens. People are not one way.

We are a reflection of the states. We’re living in when you’re in a frustrated state, an overwhelmed state, a tired state, your brain processes, completely differently than if you’re in a passionate state.

Whether you’re feeling determined whether you’re feeling committed, whether you feel completely resolved so learning to change the leader’s, state learning how to change your own state, because you know people one of the silliest questions.

I get asked, is you’re? Not really that happy? Are you or you have bad days, don’t you, of course they have. You know bad times, but i don’t have bad days anymore, and it’s, not bs. It’s because i’ve trained myself, like an athlete to go in these peak states so often that they’re just natural.

For me, it’s like building a muscle, so it’s. Not like i’m, so smart or i’m just so positive. It’s just like. Why would i waste my time stressing out? I have a 90 second rule. I’ll stress for 90 seconds, but stress is not going to solve it.

Let me put myself back in a different state, and so the way i do that is, i use my body because i’ve done this with athletes. For decades, with billionaire businessmen, if you see somebody gets in a in a slump of some sort, great athlete paul, tudor jones, one of the greatest financial traders in the history of the world.

You know he’s. I’ve coached him for 22 years. When i came to see him. This is a man who made 200 in 1987 when the stock market had his biggest single crash in the day percentage-wise. Still he made 200 for his clients more money.

Anybody could dream of, then he went to the moon and he went down to earth and he lost money, so i was brought in to turn him around. Well, how do you turn a guy like that around i watched him? His shoulders were down.

He was breathing like this. He’s sitting like this all the time, because he’d, been through these failures and it started to get stored in his body. Now in this state. This man is a genius couldn’t. Do it so i watched films when he was at his best and he’s like standing up and he’s.

Doing this, he’s. Just gonna do sell this, make this happen and the movement the intensity. The way he used his face – and so i showed him a video of himself today – he showed him a video when he was at his best.

I said what do you notice? He was like. Those are two different people. I said yes, but we can get back to this guy by just using the body first trying to use your mind, you’ll go in circles, but i’ve, been teaching for years that a radical change in your body instantly changes.

Your biochemistry 38 years, i’ve, taught it two years ago at harvard they did a study scientifically proven. What i’ve, been teaching all these decades, where they they call it power postures, yeah, the wonder, woman, yeah standing like wonder, woman or superman for two minutes or, like you see guys like this, pull back like that for two minutes literally increases your Testosterone in your biochemistry, within two minutes by 20 percent, it drops cortisol by 18, which is the stress hormone and increases your chance of taking a more risky behavior, which is what’s required of the leader by 33 percent.

Two minutes now that’s, just standing a certain way. I show people use their voice, their body, their movement, which is ten times more dynamic than just a stiff stance, and when you change your state, your mental emotional state, you change your performance haven’t you had times when you have like can’t remember how to spell a difficult word like the or your own email.

You’re. Really tired, like you, can’t, remember: yeah cousin’s, name yeah exactly and then you’ve had times where you’re in the flow or after you do something like you know. I did that. I don’t know how i did it, but i did it absolutely.

I was in the flow. Well, you’re, the same person. The only difference is state, so training yourself to be in a peak state. Every day i mean you know you think about like a great businessman, you think a great entertainer, like um elton john, has been around and rock and roll like 40.

How many years is that 40 70s yeah yeah? I mean it’s mind-boggling and most people still like some sample of his music. Well, he & # 39. S got to have days when he gets up to entertain when he thinks, if you make me sing that daniel song one more time i’m going postal right, but he never does every single time he’s in that same beautiful State that’s, not because he’s naturally like that he’s trained himself.

To do that, like a great athlete trains himself, that’s, what leaders have to do the state of the union? The state of the company is the culture and the culture starts at the head. Whoever that leader is their state impacts, everybody else so training yourself to be in that peak state is the key to it all.

Okay, great let’s start with people who lost their job. I want to talk to them first, because it is urgent for them and other people who still have their job or have savings. You have a little bit more leeway so for both groups.

The typical advice that you hear is to shrink and cut back on everything, but, as i’ve always said there’s, a limit to how much you can cut there’s, no limit to how much you can earn. So there are really three ways that i talk about in terms of getting stable and it’s.

The ceo strategy cut costs. We all know the the flavor, but i’ll. Give you a specific example. I had somebody reach out to me and say ramit my wedding isn’t for like seven or eight months. What do you think i should do and i said without missing a beat.

I said you got, ta cancel it and as someone who has planned a large wedding, i know how painful that is to just think of all the money lost all the planning all the time. But at a time like this, money in your pocket is worth more than money in your pocket later so money in your pocket now is worth more than money in your pocket later.

That means, if you have to cancel certain things that are going to incur fees later fine deal with the fees later, but get the money in your pocket. That’s c e earn more. We can talk about earning more in a second, but there’s.

A whole opportunity there to start businesses and start earning more. Oh is really something that a lot of people haven’t thought about right now, so whether you have a job or not, you can call up the companies that you owe money to or you transact with, and you can get some surprisingly great results For example, your student loan company, if you guys own oh student, debt uh, if you owe credit card debt uh, if you have a cable bill, a cell phone bill or even a landlord, you pick up the phone, and this is what you say.

You say i’ve, been a good customer for three years. Kobit 19 is making it difficult for me to be able to pay my bills, like i usually do. I’d like to know what options you have available for me and my readers have used this script.

A lot of them have gotten their payments paused with no finance or interest charges, and some of them have even gotten rent waived. So there’s, a lot of opportunity. You’re, talking about possible hundreds or even a thousand plus dollars with one phone call.

That is how you start in your lecture on the biology of belief. You made this um analogy at the end of a camera and then an eye and how the camera kind of inverts the image and puts it on the film. And yet, with our eye, we take invert the image and then we put it through a filter in our brains right – and this is what you’re talking about the first seven years of your life, puts a filter on everything.

Absolutely, how do you behave right, millions of rules, so you and i can look at two separate things or two things and completely have different conclusions right and it’s just based on how you grew up.

What you see you know look. This is not new, i mean there’s, a famous book rich, dad, poor, dad and basically said you come from a poor family and you could struggle your whole life and try to get rich.

But you’re, not going to make it, and if you come from a rich family, you could be stupid. Your whole life donald trump and make it not because it was thinking, but it was unconscious behavior that was downloaded from rich families into kids, which is unconscious, so they’re.

They’re, making the right moves. Unconsciously. If they engage their conscious mind, then they look stupid, but it’s unconscious and that’s. The same thing with poor people. Poor people have beliefs from the family.

Oh, you can’t, make it life’s, a struggle. Things are hard. Who do you think you are? And if that’s, the program you get then 95 of the day. You will sabotage yourself and that’s, why poor people stay poor and rich people stay rich because the programming, the stronger, the emotional reaction you have to some experience in your life, the higher the emotional quotient, the more you pay attention to the cause.

The moment the brain puts all of its attention on the cause. It takes a snapshot that’s called a memory, so long-term memories are created from very highly emotional experiences. So what happens then? Is that people think neurologically within the circuitry of that experience and they feel chemically within the boundaries of those emotions? And so when you have an emotional reaction to someone or something most people think that they can’t control their emotional reaction.

Well, it turns out if you allow that emotional reaction, it’s, called a refractory period to last for hours or days that’s called the mood i say to someone hey what’s up? I’m in a mood. Well, why are you in a mood? Well, i had this thing happen to me five days ago and i’m, having one long, emotional reaction.

If you keep that same emotional reaction, going on for weeks or months that’s called temperament, why is he so bitter i don’t know let’s. Ask him: why is he so bitter? Why are you bitter? Well, i had this thing happen to me nine months ago and if you keep that same emotional reaction going on for years on end, it’s called a personality trait and so learning how to shorten your refractory period of emotional reactions is really where The work starts so then people when they have an event what they do is they keep recalling the event, because the emotions of stress hormones their survival.

Emotions are saying, pay attention to what happened, because you want to be prepared if it happens again turns out. Most people spend 70 of their life living in survival and living in stress, so they’re.

They’re, always anticipating the worst case scenario based on a past experience and they’re literally out of the infinite potentials in the quantum field. They’re, selecting the worst possible outcome and they’re, beginning to emotionally, embrace it with fear, and they’re conditioning their body into a state of fear.

Do that enough times, body has a panic attack without you, you can’t even predict it, because it’s programmed subconsciously. So then you say to the person. Why are you this way and they & # 39? Ll say i am this way because of this event, that happened to me 15 or 20 years ago, and what that means from biological standpoint is that they haven’t been able to change since that event.

So then, the emotions from the experience tend to give the body and the brain a rush of energy, so people become addicted to the rush of those emotions and they use the problems and conditions in their life to reaffirm their limitation.

So at least they can feel something so now when it comes time to change, you say the person. Why are you this way? Well, every time they recall the event they’re, producing the same chemistry in their brain and body as if the event is occurring, firing and wiring the same circuits and sending the same emotional signature to the body.

What’s? The relevance behind that well, your body is the unconscious mind. It doesn’t, know the difference between the experience that’s, creating the emotion and the emotion that you’re, creating by thought alone.

So the body’s, believing it’s living in the same past, experience 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, and so then, when those emotions influence certain thoughts and they do and then those thoughts create the Same emotions and those same emotions influence the same thoughts.

Now the entire person’s, state of being is in the past. So then the hardest part about change is not making the same choices. You did the day before period and the moment you decide to make a different choice: get ready because it’s going to feel uncomfortable.

It’s, going to feel unfamiliar

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