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Tony robbins comm slash results. Schedule that free session today, [ Music ] welcome to the Tony Robbins podcast. We’ve all had some area in our life that we said we’re, going to change whether it’s, our relationship, our business finances, career or health.

We all have something that we want to take to the next level, but for one reason or another we just never made it happen. Maybe we pulled back too soon or didn’t follow through. Maybe we made an excuse or even sabotage it before we had a chance to start whatever.

The reason we just couldn’t break through in this episode. Tony talks about the three components to creating a breakthrough strategy story and state the way you approach a goal: your beliefs about your life and your mental game from the foundation for any success or failure.

But by taking control of these forces, you can take massive action and you can create the quality of life that you’ve, always wanted about 35 years ago. I got obsessed with a simple question: what makes the difference in the quality of people’s life? What makes some people leaders and other people followers which makes most people talk about a dream and never follow through and other people, just a small percentage.

Kick ass, take names, you can throw any obstacle and they find a way to break through what’s, the difference and when I first grew up, I grew up very poor. Financially, I grew up in a very tough environment when I met my fourth father, I said mom I’m confused.

I was confused because I always loved people, love people just my nature, but when I was in high school I was not the most popular kid in school. In fact, the most popular in school treated me like how he was so vicious and mean.

I thought what what makes that guy popular, so it made me obsessed to want to know why people’s. Wives turned out so differently and my first answer growing up poor with no great role models was well.

Some people are just lucky. They grew up in a family where everybody loves each other and they stay together. You know some people are lucky, they were up in a family and everybody’s educated, so they work hard to educate their kids, or some people are lucky.

They grow up in a family with lots of money, so they have resources to travel and learn and expand and do whatever they want and it’s much. I wanted to believe that story that some people are just lucky that they had a better family when you pay attention, you even slightly honest with yourself that story, doesn’t hold out.

Does it because, when you look around what happens to people that we’re, truly given everything and they don’t have to work for it? What happens to the person who’s born and they got total love and support from their family? They have total financial abundance enough to worry about it whatsoever.

They got all the great education. What happens the majority of those? Not all, but the majority of those people don’t build any muscle. They’re, not hungry, because everything was given to them, so they don’t have any hunger that could give them Drive, which, if you asked me Tony what’s, the single most important key to success above anything else.

It’s, not talent. It’s, not skill, its hunger. If you get enough hunger going in you for an answer, you & # 39. Ll find the answer. If you get a hunger enough inside of you that says, I got ta. Take things to a next level I got achieve, I got ta, make a difference.

I got expand. You will find the answer. People’s. Intelligence will expand if they got enough hunger, but if you got everything and you’re, not hungry, you’re, not gonna have much look at the pathetic people you read about in the rag newspapers who are given everything and as A result: what do you find out the majority of people that are given everything you find them living in rehab? They forget everything else that are going in out of rehab for drugs or alcohol or something else, and then you find these people.

That wife seems to have stepped on you’re. The kind of people I’m talking about life has kicked them in the face they’ve experienced tremendous injustice. Nothing has been fair to them. They & # 39, ve, been abused mentally emotionally sexually, spiritually whatever and very often those are the very people that most of us are inspired by who achieve levels that most people never dream about and who touch society for example.

What would you guess would be the future for a child if I described their background, because most people think biography is destiny? What you’ve, been through, determines who you are and most of us. If we’re, not succeeding, can tell everybody the stories of why we’re in that place, but it’s, much more fun.

To tell people where you are today, in spite of what happened in your life, that’s, a much more interesting story: isn’t it. But if you look around what, if a personal story, is this true story? Person’s born and their father’s, not there as a baby, their father left before they got there.

Their mother is going to raise them and their mothers 13 a child being raised by a child. If that’s, all I told you, what would you predict the future? This child would be red, real, positive, uplifting, expansive, powerful influential or, concerning concerning what, if I said this 13 year old mother, didn’t know what to do with his baby.

He was overwhelmed, so she gave the baby most of the time to her. Grandma, who had lots to deal with and what, if I told you with grandma, not noticing before this child was 13, she was sexually abused more than three times by different people in family and friends.

Now a little baby being abused, the child being abused. What’s? The future, then look too bright. Does it? What have I told you at 13, when the baby turned 13? This baby became exactly like her mother and became pregnant as well, followed exactly in her mother’s.

Footsteps. What, if I told you at 13, when the baby arrived, the baby was stillborn the baby died at birth. What would that do to an adult mom having a baby much less a 13 year old child? What, if I told you, the kid went a little crazy with her behavior got so outrageous and out of control they put her in an institution, but fortunately the institution didn’t have enough beds, so they couldn’t, keep her there More than a few days, and they finally released her to a man who claimed to be her father cause she’s, not mad.

By now I’m sure you figured out whose story this is. Who is it? This is Oprah Winfrey story. Oprah Winfrey went through all that we just said, plus she was african-american at a time in the US when the President had States was not African American and when many people in the u.

s. did not judge people by their character, they judge them by their color. Based on nothing whatsoever, this woman’s becoming the most influential people in the world, females on the planet and that’s, her story, so the reason is whatever story you’re, being told about the economy.

Whatever story you’re being told around you, you have to be so aware not to buy into a limiting story either. Someone else telling you that, are you telling yourself that and I’ll, tell you something it’s gotten worse as the years gone by, and I think the US has been the leader in an amount attacking my country.

It’s, just it’s interesting. What & # 39? S happened in my country, the last two decades. Some of you may be old enough to remember 20 years ago when things started to change, because America likes to export their stories.

So I think many of you, if you’re around them, can remember. There was a story of two young men who killed their parents in Los Angeles. Their names were the Menendez brothers. Does anybody here remember that story, the Menendez brothers keep your hands up, so I can see a sense yeah.

Quite a few of you can remember the story. If you didn’t know the story. It’s about these two young men. They kill their parents and mother and father at point-blank range with a shotgun murder them in cold blood.

But when they went to a jury trial, the jury couldn’t decide, they admitted they did it, they admitted it, but they said by our parents. Were abusive and so the jury literally was deadlocked, it took two jury trials to convict them now all because they were abused, so many people abused they don’t, kill the parents with shotguns right see.

If you and I are gonna be successful. We’re, never gonna get it by blaming somebody else, including God. People say I’m pork economy. Poor. I’m fat. Cos guy got me fat. No! You’re poor. In fact, cuz you sit on the couch and watch TV and eat Cheetos all day it’s, not God’s fault.

So what I’m, suggesting to you, and I have to come up with a better story, a story that can make things works, and I want you to tell me the truth on something here. Tell me right now who here in this room, has ever failed to accomplish something that really mattered to you.

We all know we failed at some point. The first time I ever asked this question on stage it was spontaneous. I was at this group called tad Technology, Entertainment and design, and I asked everybody in the audience because they’re, all multi-billionaires, the guys that started Yahoo, the guys that started, Google, this really unique group of people and then this darkness and they weren’t responding slice.

Let me ask you a question how many of you have ever failed? No one raised their hand. I said thank you for your full participation. How many you ever failed. They all raised their hand. I said great when you failed in the past, why did you fail, and this is where you hear people’s story.

Remember why I’m telling you this, because I want to tell you right now: you might write down something change. Your story change your life. We all have a story about why we are where we are. If you’re, not where you want to be in your life in some area, like maybe your body’s great, but your finances, aren’t or your finance is great, but your relationship sucks or doesn’T or whatever the bottom line is you’ve got a story.

Why it’s. That way and the story we tell ourselves protects us from pain. It gives us a reason why it’s, not our fault or it’s gonna be okay in the future, but the story that protects. You also imprisons you.

It keeps you from changing your life, so in order to create a change in your life, you really truly got to change your story. You got to shift your story. You got to find a story that’s, going to empower you a story that’s, going to strengthen you, a story that’ll push you beyond anything! You’ve ever done in the past.

So the story most people have and that they had at this TED piece was. I said: why have you failed in the past? Didn’t? Have the money didn’t have enough time, didn’t have the right resources. Didn’t know the right people, didn’t, have the right contacts.

Didn’t have the technology, some people said we had. We had a lousy leader, the leader said. I had lousy people. Isn’t this stuff. If people tell you and then in the darkness, I heard this voice say I didn’t have enough Supreme Court justices and I looked into the dark room down there in the front row and it’s.

Vice President, Al Gore, who lost the George Bush and the whole crowd I was in Northern California. It was a democratic crowd, so they all stood up and cheered like crazy and when they’re done cheering.

I just stood there and I said that’s. One way to explain why you didn’t compress. The United States, you didn’t, have enough Supreme Court justices, but I might suggest there might be a different reason and everybody was like quiet go.

What was he gonna say and I said: let’s. Look at everybody else. First, those either told me you don’t, have the money you don’t have the time you know the education and the right people, didn’t, have the right skills.

Didn’t have the right technology. The other right Supreme Court justices or enough of them, I would submit to you, you’ve. All told me. The reason you failed is you didn’t, have the resources? Time is a resource.

Money is a resource. Technology is a resource. Knowing the right people is a resource, and I said to the audience here’s, my experience working with the most successful people on the face of the planet athletes.

Presidents night state’s. Multi-Billionaires here’s. What I know from them resources are never the real problem. A lack of resourcefulness is the real problem. I’ll, say it again lacking the resources is not the problem.

Lacking resourcefulness is the real problem. What I mean by that is very simple. The ultimate resource is human emotion. What starts Wars? Is it logic hell? No, it’s, emotion. What makes you get married or get divorced its emotion? What will make you stay up all night work to build your business emotion? What will make you give up? Emotion if you don’t master, your emotion.

If you don’t become resourceful, then you’re gonna think. The problem is resources because I’m here. To tell you every great person I know, didn’t have the resources, but they got them because they’re resourceful and what that means is.

If you’re creative enough creativity is an emotional resource. Can you find an answer to the problem, yes or no? If you’re determined enough, can you find the money that you don’t have? Can you find it yes or no, if you care enough and get other people to care with you, can you get them to help you, yes or no? If you are bold enough, if you’re strong enough, if you’re disciplined enough, can you get yourself to do things? Other people cannot find a way to do yes or now see the ultimate resources resourcefulness, and I tell you that my friends, because I grew up with no resources, but I became very resourceful that’s.

Why? I have the privilege to be with you today, and I said sir you, mr. vice president, I watched you speak last night and the previous night. He’d spoken to this, who’s, who crowd and he had spoken on the Inconvenient Truth and there’s.

The first time you did that speech that they made into a movie and he was so passionate and you never saw him passionate, but he was passionate. He grabbed everybody. People, like some people, didn’t like him, I said.

Listen, let me tell you something: you said you didn’t have enough Supreme Court justices here’s, the truth. I watch the debate with you and bush. I wanted to vote for you, but i couldn’t there. Wasn’t any energy.

There was just eager there. I said I watched those debates. I said the guy that was up here last night was the guy. In those debates you wouldn’t need the Supreme Court justices and the whole crowd went berserk.

They started clapping standing ovation and he came over. Give me a high five and said you’re right and we begin good friends out of it, and people came to me afterwards, the guys from kleiner perkins multi-billionaires.

They took me to dinner, they go, we’ve all been thinking that no one would ever say that. How could you say that publicly because it’s, the truth inkle yeah, but no one said it and guess what the truth is.

I don’t care where you are today. I don’t care. If you’re totally broke and getting here was a huge stretch for you. If you can find the hunger inside of you – and you can remember – I don’t need resources.

I need resourcefulness. That’ll. Get me the resources, then anything you dream about. You can make real, but the minute you forget that you come up with a story. There goes, I know the money and all the time I can’t.

Do it it’s too far away that’s. What’s? Gon na kill? You change your story, change your life and we all have a story because we’re afraid all of us to fail. We’re afraid to not look good. We’re afraid to be disappointed.

We’re afraid to get our hopes up, but the only way that you get courage. Courage means you’re afraid, but you do it anyway. It’s, not courage. If you & # 39, re, not scared, and so there’s. Gon na be people talking here the next few days, or today they’re.

They’re gonna give you some great strategies, whether you do it or not, is not gonna be based on your ability. What you’re, capable of is amazing. What most people will do is disappointing and has nothing to do with the content of what needs to be done.

It’s, everything to do with the mastery of your own States, so here’s. What I believe my passion is not just get up and talk, my passions get people to rewire themselves, so how many of you came here not just for information? How many came here for some breakthroughs, a breakthrough means a new quality of life, were things that were impossible possible who’s with me on this AI.

So let me give you three keys to a breakthrough. Any one of these three can give you a breakthrough, but if you do all three of these, you’re gonna have an extraordinary breakthrough. So let’s start with something so simplistic that none of us would be emotionally attached to it, and we all know it’s true, and that’s.

Let’s. Take a symbol in society all over the Western world, including Australian. You guys are a bit better than America, but not by a whole lot. What’s happened to societies, Western societies in terms of their health and fitness.

Now I don’t know the current numbers here in Australia, but I’ll. Tell you how bad it is in the US. I know you’re a slightly better than this. One third of Americans are obese net. One third, literally 60 % of Americans are overweight.

Now I want to ask you a question: is that because the strategies required to losing weight are so complex that it’s, just completely overwhelming. Is that why yes or no? No, however, if you have the wrong strategy, you’re guaranteed failure, even if you’re motivated and driven and excited.

Is that fair to say, like I can remember a few years ago when, on the cover of Time magazine, was a guy called the Atkins diet? And it said I don’t, remember the exact number. I think it was 13 % of Americans.

The largest number ever were all on this diet. Now, if you knew anybody was on the Atkins diet, of course, you’d, lose weight. First, the number of calories you chew came down, but second of all, you ate such an acidic diet that you literally had a pee on a stick.

So you wouldn’t go into acidosis and if you ever smelled the breath of someone on that diet, you wanted to stay as far away as you humanly could be. Now that’s, not too hard to figure out. But if I got a pianist fix, I don’t, go into acidosis and my breath is this bad.

This may not be a sustainable approach to losing weight, but everybody did it. So if you have the wrong strategy, it’s not going to work. So let me give you three things in reverse order of importance: okay, reverse or at least important.

First, if you want to break through one things, to give you breakthrough as a strategy, a new strategy could change everything. Does that make sense a new way to do something? If you come up with the right strategy, could save you a decade? It could save you.

Five years, and one reason to come to a seminar like this, in my opinion, is to gather up as many strategies as you can and what I want to do in just this short little time I have with you you see if I can give you some Strategies that’ll, give you breakthroughs, and whatever you want to go after some real quick strategies that really work.

What is a strategy? It’s, a specific way to do something. Then, if you do it that way, you get the result. Every time a sustainable strategy like a recipe – if you know someone’s recipe and they took 25 years to figure how to make the perfect chocolate cake and you’re, not a baker, but you got their strategy.

You got their recipe. How often can you get the same quality chocolate cake if you follow their recipe? If you follow the strategy, how often will it work how many times every single time that’s, the beauty of strategy, so there’s, going to be a lot of strategies available to you here during this course.

I’d, be listening, find the strategies that appeal to you most, but I’d, submit something to my friends. I’m a strategist. I’m, a business and life strategies. I’m, always finding a little thing that’ll change it all.

I’m obsessed by it and I filled up my events with, but I know something about strategies. You can get someone the perfect strategy and they can still not do it. They can even know it’s, the right strategy and still not fall through that’s.

Why? The problem in our society is not a lack of strategies. If I said to you right now, okay, we got to lose weight and we’re in downtown Brisbane and we were to walk 10 blocks. How many places would we pass within 10 blocks that could help you to lose weight for example, or get fit or get strong? How many in fact, you don’t even have to get up out of this building to learn how to lose weight, because today, god forbid, you’re gonna get up and walk.

You could just pull out your iPhone or your iPad or whatever phone you have, and you could download ten books right now that you’ll, never read right on how to do it. Maybe we’ll start reading the first one and then you’ll, get a little tax.

Oh, what’s? The text saying you won’t, read the rest of the chapter. How many trainers are there in the Brisbane area that could get you fit and strong? Are there plenty, yes or no, so is it a strategy problem? Do you think? No, so don’t get me wrong.

I believe strategy is invaluable, but strategy without the next two is basically worthless. In my experience, you know what to do, but you don’t, do what you know, but the right strategy versus the wrong strategy is critical and once you make a note of this really important, you have to do the right thing at the right Time I’ll, give you an example: my country buying a house right thing to do in my country 2007 wrong time.

If you bought a house in the United States in 2007 right now, you’re upside down anywhere from thirty to seventy percent. Seventy in places like Las Vegas, they’re down 70 percent. I have a friend there, ten million dollar home, just sold for three million bucks.

That’s. Why? My friends? I’m, a student of Seasons that’s, why you have to understand, become so incredibly bright and aware as to what’s really going on. So when someone tells you the strategy you go.

Is that really right now? Because they’ll show you a strategy that worked. The question is: is it working now you want someone who’s, done it and is doing it. People go all the time and they go see someone let’s say you know, let’s, say a really nice stockbroker who then tells them what to do their finances, but you got more money than he does.

That ought to be a clue. He’s, not the person to talk to people go to psychiatrists all the time that are taking antidepressants for their depression and they wonder why they don’t get better. I mean we’re weird.

This way I’m telling. If you’re gonna get a strategy, you better get somebody who’s, doing it. Someone’s, getting results now strategy. Is it critically important, even though I’m, beat up on it? Is it still a huge advantage with the right strategy, yes or no? So what’s? The second thing, the second element, those it affects.

What are you gonna use? The strategy, not is the story you tell yourself, does that make sense, because if your story is, I’m big-boned or I’ve tried what I’ve tried what everything, if you tried everything you have the answer right, But when people say I & # 39, ve tried everything.

What does that do? It makes your brain go see? I’ve tried everything there’s, no reason to try anymore it’s, not my fault. I’m just big-boned. I just have low metabolism right. It’s. Just I’ve always been this way and by the way people’s.

Stories are often true, but they’re, not effective. It may be true that you have low metabolism. It may be true that you’re big-boned, but that’s, not why you’re fat. It’s because you’re, doing nothing to change your metabolism, make sense or I don’t, have a relationship with a great man, a great woman, because all the good ones are gone or they’re.

Gay and I’m, not or I’m gay and they’re, not something of that nature. Right isn’t that a common story, people tell themselves, and what does the story do? It kills your hunger? It kills your Drive. It gives you a reason not to face the discomfort.

We’ve all lived in a society that has trained distance where this Paul now most of you by the time you & # 39, re 21, saw two million commercials and how to instantly get out of pain instantly out of pain.

You know the problem of getting out of pain. Is it takes away the purpose of Drive? How many of you know somebody who takes antidepressants right now and they’re, still depressed, that’s because they have the same story even though they change their biochemistry.

The same story brings them to that lousy place. If your story is, I don’t have the resources. That story is gonna kill your future. If your story is, I can get any resource. I want if I find a way to add enough what value there other people’s lives.

Then you can get the resources it’s. So amazing I don’t know because the Australia not want. I know there’s a few, but how many of you in this room, ski or snowboard, then skiing or snowboarding? If you take up the sport and you get on a really vicious Hill, what they call a black diamond Hill, there’s, edges where, if you don & # 39, t, stop you go to the edge and you’ll die and What happens is when you’re brand new and you’re, starting to skid out of control, most people, slam themself on the ground, trying to hang on the hill for dear life, and those are the people that will never master skiing Or snowboarding, because they let their fear of the edge push them down the person that goes.

I’m gonna dig in I’m gonna work even harder. I’m gonna carve it’s. Scary as hell, but I’m gonna stay with it. They learn to carve those the people that have skiing or snowboarding be something they love for the rest of their life.

Your story is everything, my friends and by the way I’m, not lecturing you. I’m sharing with you, because I’ve learned by my own stupidity, that’s. The only reason I can share this, but you change that story.

You’ll change. Your life give up the story that limits you. It may even be true. You may have a Dede, you may have been abused as a child. It may be true, but that story is not why you don’t, have great relationships or a great business.

Now you know if great relationship, great business now, because you’re, so afraid of trying and failing you keep telling that story. Instead of taking action, third key, the most important key, because by the way, if you come to somebody to go well, I’m.

Big boney goes that’s. Just your story. They’re gonna I’ll show you story, I & # 39. Ll beat you to a pulp. We have to do this to ourselves, but if you are gonna help, someone change, including yourself, you need the third elements.

The most important element – and that is you – need the right state state or Australians called sight. It’s. Fine, if you’re gonna, have the right spite. Then what you have to understand is your sight, determines how you think and feel right how many of you in this room could remember a time when you got really angry at somebody.

Jimmy knows when you’re really angry at somebody suddenly remember everything they’ve ever done, because when you go in there angry States, it makes you take the parts of your brain that relate to a story that supports that state.

On the opposite, how many of you in this room commit more time in your life when you fell head over heels in love with someone out of your mind? How many key remember time like that say I it’s been a long time for some of you is that all again make the sound of head-over-heels in love? Go I make this out if that short live for you, let’s.

Try this I’ve ever been so anime is in love. You couldn’t, stop thinking about the person you want to make love to them. Every moment you’re, just dreaming of them. You felt them wanting you. You wanted them, you’re out of your mind.

Make that sound. What does that sound like go ahead, much better, much better, see in the beginning of a relationship when you love somebody? What will you do for them when you love somebody? What will you do anything if they say would you take out the trash? You go pick up the trash right, but after seven weeks, seven months or seven years or seventy years somewhere in that range, something clicks different in you and they go.

Could you take out the trash you go? What do I look like your janitor, I mean I don’t know what it is. We used to have so much passion where to go. I’ll. Give you a clue, write this down. If you do what you did in the beginning of the relationship in the end of the relationship there won’t be an end.

If you do what you did in the beginning of the relationship in the end of the relationship, then there won’t be an end. How long have you two been together? A year, 20 years from now there’ll, be no worries for you.

Two, he & # 39. S got his arm around her. They’re snuggling. They’re connected during the middle of seminar learning and they’re totally connected Julia did in the beginning, a relationship at the end of the relationship there won’t be an end.

It’s, so simple that’s. The difference in state isn’t it, because when you go in a different state, you come up with a different story about your partner and then use different strategies that aren’t very good.

If you’re in a great state, great story, great strategies you tend to maximize – is this helpful, so tell me which one of the three here do, you think is the one that can screw things up the fastest and can mess things up.

The most, which one of these three tell me story, is the one that will sustain the problem, the one that can change everything the fastest is the state. The strategies useful don’t get me wrong. I live for him, I mean I can tell you some strategies in business.

I’ve, taken companies I for next nothing and turn them around make millions of dollars just using a couple of little strategies. Some people come to my business mastery program. You’ll, see. I tell people on day one of my business mastery you come if today, the first day is not worth a minimum of a million dollars to you day, one million dollars minimum that I & # 39.

Ll. Give you all your money back, plus your kids, to keep everything got on day, one. It’s. Only a forty program. My clients are like multi-billion dollar companies. We’ve, helped turnaround home acts the largest home builder.

To give you an idea in Mexico, they credit us in the last two years to seven hundred fifty million dollars increases from what I did with them, that’s, their words, not mine or taking a chiropractor. He’s, got three people and doubled his business.

In six months. I’ve done that with strategies simple business strategies where, if you don’t know the strategy, ignorance is not bliss, ignorance is poverty, ignorance is pain and the way I got those strategies is, I willing to fly anywhere.

Do anything spend any amount of money because I knew the value of the strategy, but all that still would’ve been worthless. If I didn’t apply it. What got me to apply? It was the right story in the right state.

If you want to change your story, first thing you do is change your state. Does this make sense? Yes or no? So now let’s. Take a look at you and what you want if you and I want to say why do people’s lives turn out differently than other people? We can come up with one word and I & # 39.

Ll show you where it is: decisions right down decisions, not conditions, determine my destiny. Decisions, not conditions, determine my destiny. If you look at your life and you look back on it over the last 10 or 15 years, I’d, be willing to bet.

There have been some decisions that if you would have made a different decision, your life would be radically different. Today, your relationships or your income or your happiness or your body weight, everybody’s, got a story about how the condition affected them.

But I can take you to people that went through the same conditions and one person comes back from war and they killed himself or other people, and somebody else comes back and they spend all their line working for peace.

I can find two people who are abused as a child. One of them lives totally inside themself feeling sorry for themselves. The other one becomes. Somebody has an incredibly passionate relationship because they’re.

Never anybody hurt who they love same conditions, different decisions. So when the economy that you’re going through right now, it doesn’t matter. What the season of your economy is what matters is the decisions you’re gonna make, and let me give you the three decisions.

You’re, making every moment you’re alive, including in this moment, and you see if it’s true or not. First decision you’re making right now. In this moment, every moment of your life is what to focus on what to focus on totally affects your life.

Think about it. Whatever you focus on you’re gonna feel, even if it’s, not true, if you’re focusing on oh, my god, you know the economy’s. Gon na go to hell, when you focus on like that, you’re gonna feel like hell, and your decisions are gonna, be hang on to what you got.

If you’re, focusing on everybody’s scared to death. This is a perfect time for me to find an ultimate advantage, because during times of maximum pessimism is when you can do the best. If that’s, your focus, you’re, going to find a different set of opportunities.

Focus equals feeling focus, equals Direction, focus shapes everything. What’s? The problem? Oh most of us, don’t control, our focus. We let the world around us, do it don’t we, if you’re gonna turn on the television set.

Tell me something: what does the news always try to do to get our attention? Tell us what’s? Rosy and beautiful and magnificent now or find something that will jolt us, which one show us in the old days today.

The news is in your pocket right. It comes to you to your Twitter feed. It comes to you by being fed to you know, for example, by text to my friends. However, the news follows us, but to get our attention a world where everyone’s, fighting for our attention, they’re.

Looking for a story to jolt you in the old days before you had news in your pocket, you walked by a newspaper, stand and if it said something like headline it’s, I’ve, said great weather this weekend.

What did you do smiles that’s cool? Did you buy the paper all right? I buy the paper great weather. I know what I need to know, but if the headline says big storm coming, what happened boom some money when that sucker you pulled out, you need to know more.

So the news is so competitive. Today, 24/7, there’s, not enough news. They’ve got to constantly play this game. So if you don’t, take control of your focus. The world will do it for you. If you want to feel good about something, what kind of news what if there was a movie, you went to the movie, and here’s, the beginning, the movie, the main protagonist, the main character, it’s cool having a great time Physically healthy, strong, happy, great family, great finance is great everything that’s, how it starts okay, second, part of the movie.

It’s, still good third part of movie phenomenal in the movie. Everything’s; cool who’s gonna go to that movie. What are they gonna say? That movie is the most boring wet movie on the planet, so you and I, if we don & # 39, t, take control of our own focus.

We let the environment do it for us, because they’re, always looking to get your attention filming level. Your child could die by drinking the natural water. You’re coming out of this area and when you get to the story it’s, never quite the story, but they use that headline to get you.

There are headlines in your own life. There aren’t there headlines. We use on ourselves if you want to change your life change. Your focus I’ll. Give you three examples: real quick! Everyone has a pattern of focus, not what you focus on in the moment that affects you.

It’s. What you focus on regularly so, for example, do you tend to focus personally you on what you can control or what you can’t control? Those of you focus on what you can control tend to feel more in charge in life, those that focus on what you can’t control by the way is there plenty of stuff we can’t control in this world? Yes or no tons, and if you focus on it, you will be depressed depressed people constantly focus on what they can’t control.

Second, it doesn’t matter. What drugs you take if you keep focusing what you can’t control your gonna get depressed. If we add two more here’s, another pattern: do you tend to focus on what you have or what’s missing in your life? The tendency today is what’s missing, and sometimes we make up what’s missing.

If you focus on what you have when you focus on what you’re grateful for how does your life feel when you start thinking? Oh, my god, look at how I’m living. I mean the worst Australian person who’s having the worst toughest time is having a better time than 90 %.

I should say more, like 80 % of the planet, because about 80 % of Planet lives on $ 2 a day. Most of us, our worst nightmare is somebody else. The world’s greatest dream, but if we don & # 39, t focus on what we have, we focusing we’re missing.

You’re gonna feel, like Carolyn don’t. Get me wrong sometimes looks at what you’re missing, will give you some Drive cool, but just got to balance it out. Pee depressed always focus on what they can’t control, always focus on what’s missing, and here’s, the third one they have third one, and by the way most of you have one of these, maybe two, not All three: if you have all three I know you get to press pretty easily.

Okay, third one can tend to focus on the future, the present or the past. Now we all do all three right, but which one do you tend to put more focus on the future, the president of the past? What is for you just saying out loud quit now in this room, you hear a lot of the future which, in my country is called future, and most of you came here because you’re interested in the future aren’t.

You is that why you came here that gives you an advantage. Doesn’t it, because most people tend to look at the past. If you focus to the past, since you can’t control it it’s, gonna probably many times, lower your energy or even depress you.

If you focus on the present, you’ll, probably be happier because the present moments got more to it. A great business person looks at the future and the present back and forth a great happy human being tends to live in the present emerge.

Double human being tends to live in the past. Now there’s, some exceptions. If your past is the best part of your life, you might want to spend more time there, but the problem is: if you’re trying to drive yourself into the future and you’re using a rearview mirror called the past.

What’s gonna happen? My friends tell me what’s gonna happen, you’re gonna crash, you’re, not gon. Na backward, you’re gonna crash make sense. So these are just three. I could give you so many more and if you decide come to seminar, we’re.

Just gonna tell you this. We’re gonna work on it, but I want at least make you aware of it. So if you catch yourself focusing on what you can’t control, okay, of course, I can’t control this, but this is what I am in charge of.

This is what I can control. I’m missing this. That may be true, but here’s. What I do have that will shift your state, which is gonna, allow you to come up with a better. What story, which is gonna, get you to possibly be able to use a better strategy here’s? The second decision you’re, making right now, as you’re sitting here.

Second decision. As soon as you focus on something you now have to give it a meaning, what does this mean? What does this mean? So, for example, is this problem in your life, a problem, is it God punishing you? Would it feel different than if you said I have a problem versus God’s punishing me or is it a challenge or what, if it was a gift with this problem was truly a gift for the change, how you felt the state you in The strategy you would find versus, if you thought this was a curse.

You better believe it in every moment we’re making decisions once we focus on something on what it means. Were you just humiliating me? Were you teasing me? Were you challenging me? Do whichever one you come up with is gonna change, a very different relationship between you and I and it’s, all what you make up and you had the meaning you give it.

Is this the end or the beginning? If you think this is the end of a relationship, are you gonna treat the person the same ways if you think it’s, the beginning of a relationship? Yes or no? If you think this is the end of your career, the end of opportunities to invest versus the beginning of them, then your whole experience is different.

If your economy really would have taken a huge explosion and take a huge drop down, it would be one of the greatest opportunities of your life. The fact that it’s no longer growing geometrically is an advantage to you.

If you understand that, because by the way things you make more money when things burned down than when they grow because they burned down faster, takes years to build, the towers in New York, burn them down in a couple of hours.

And if you’re smart, you can know how to do well, no matter what the economy is doing, that’s. Really the skill set. You got ta master, but none of that will you get to unless you can come up with an empowering meaning from the situation that’s.

What makes somebody successful what makes Oprah Oprah and she focused on what she could control Oprah focused on what was possible, what was in the future and how she could do something right now to make it happen.

Oprah mastered, meaning she didn’t, say I’m african-american. I’m poor and I’m broke and has no resources. She goes. I’m a Tower of Power, and I’m gonna find the way to make this world change. Those belief systems got hurt those states and beliefs to the strategies that made her Oprah make sense.

So the piece here is meaning what does it mean and then the third decision you’re, making right now and again, when I say you’re, making it be honest, you may not be making these decisions consciously, they may be being Made in your unconscious just habitually because you’re, not paying attention that’s.

Why you and I want to change our life. We got ta wake up, so we decide what we focus on. We decide what things mean and then the third decision we decide what to do. What to do. Do I’ve quit or move on.

Do I go interview this person and figure out? Let’s, say now or die just go home and have lunch. Do I enroll in this course? So I keep growing or I go home and say: let’s. Just see how I do your decisions are going to be affected.

Do I stay married or do I get divorced? Do I walk up that person and say I want to meet you or do I just stay here and go? Maybe it’s, not the right time? Your decisions of what to do are powerfully shaped by the emotions you were feeling in the emotions came from the meeting.

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