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So this whole weekend is about connecting and communication really it’s about communication relationship. I’ll, make everything more worthwhile and the technology that we’re gonna share with you this weekend has a unique name.

We call it reality bridging reality. Bridging I’m gonna make you go into a deep trance trying to figure out what that means right. We’re gonna clarify for you, but reality bridging it’s. The technology of the vital communication and true freedom is what you’re gonna find.

Is you’re gonna find there’s gonna be a vitality in your communication, when you start using the techniques we’re gonna teach you and there’s. Gon na be a sense of absolute freedom. Well, you can share with somebody what your real feelings are and never ever offend them.

They won’t, have to hear you and cry and feel bad, and you will feel so bad either. We want to make sure the communication is vital that you’re, always connecting that. You feel good when you’re. Communicating so does the person you’re communicating with and it produces results that’s.

Our outcome and to be able to do that without having to worry, creates an unbelievable level freedom for people, because how many of you be honest, have felt feelings of times and you were upset, but you didn’t share it because you didn’t know how or you didn’t share it because well you thought.

Well, maybe it’s really about me or you, didn’t share it because you didn’t want to offend somebody, even though you were mad or upset. I’m gonna. Have that experience in the fact, and when you don’t share something: what happens when you just keep it inside and build it up, yeah it festers.

Does it get better or worse, a lot worse intervention? What happens when you blow up about something that could have been handled so much easier along the way, but there’s. The other approach, which is you’re, looking for things on a regular basis to be able to give people feedback about, and some people develop, that habit or you communicate in the way where, basically, you’re.

Communicating your feelings, like you’re upset, but do you always have all the information? No, and so you’re, making a decision about how to feel based on false information. How many you ever gotten upset later on felt a little dumb? Did you find out you’re upset about something really should have been upset about, so one philosophy says: keep it inside a Lafosse.

He says we’ll, get it out. Well, what if you get it out and then you find out it, you were wrong by the way. Do we like being wrong? No, so then what would we probably do justify defend? Well, that’s? Well, yeah I didn’t, know that, but if you’ve done that before, and that does not make a relation to work Plus that person gets upset it’s kind of like anybody ever come up to you and Say you know: why are you upset in Uganda upset? No, no yeah! You are no! I’m.

Not yes, you are well. I’m, getting upset. Okay. That also happens unless we’re really clear. So what we’re, really gonna do is we’re gonna start our whole basis of studying of communication, to remember one thing and write this in your notes, if you would – and that is the quality of your life – is Directly related to the quality of your communication, the quality of your life is the quality of your communication period.

Now pretty basic idea. Nothing earth-shattering, but I’m here, to tell you that’s thing and taught your entire life comes down to this quality of your entire life comes down to quality, how you communicate with home, no no with whom first do you think And determines how you that’s right, quality of your life starts with the quality of how you communicate to yourself that’s where it all starts how you feel is not based on the environment.

Is it based like how you feel is that determine based on like whether or not you have lots of money? Yes or no? We’ll mix the reaction on that? No, no, no! It’s, not no, absolutely not! No! How’s that for incongruent communication from out of here? Okay, some of you have a little mixed feelings about this don’t you! Let me ask you a question: how many of you know somebody who has tons of money and is still not happy interesting? How many of you know somebody who doesn’t have any money at all.

It’s. Easy very happy. So does money determine your happiness, yes or no? How many know if you have lots of money, though you’d, be happy. You’re different. Now see that that’s, not gonna, do it is it it’s, not the money.

It’s. How you communicate yourself about money, your lack of it or the abundance. You think you have by the way. Can people have an abundance but communicate to themself that they’re still in scarcity, yes or no? Absolutely so, money doesn’t do is how you feel determined by whether or not the weather is good.

Yes, oh really other people and freezing weather, we’re, very happy yes or no. Are there people hot, whether they’re? Very happy? Yes or no other people that are in either one those letters in the opposite degree that have opposite feelings.

Does that transfer, yeah yeah, see the weather doesn’t determine it is it? What are you happy not determined by whether or not other people say they love you so the bottom line is we determine how we feel by the way we communicate to ourselves by the meaning that we communicate about a situation? See it’s, not the event determines how we feel it’s, the meaning that we associate to the event the terms how we feel and that meaning is something we create and we communicate to ourselves.

If you’re upset about anything all upsets come down to the meaning you associate to something you’re upset about something that’s, because you’re thinking. Well, that’s, because this means they don’t care about me, or this means I’m no longer in control, or this means I’m, not respect, or this means all upset is based on the Meaning and how many times we’ve been wrong when you linked up the meaning anybody’s been wrong against or now yes.

This means you ask, so I’ll guide you through this okay, we’ve. All been wrong, so what we’ve got to really be able to do is to realize one thing and right at your notes. Nothing in life has any meaning except the meaning that I give it.

Nothing in life has any meaning, except the meaning that I give it. You’re, the one that puts the label on what things mean and the last time you’re with me. I gave you phrase and we talked about transformational vocabulary.

If you recall transformational vocabulary is the idea that we get all these pictures and sounds and feelings and sensations start to come in our body. But we don’t know what it means till we put a label on it.

So you & # 39, ve got all these things and they feel uncomfortable. I feel kind of painful and you call that humiliation. Will that intensify the feeling more than if you say you know, I’m all frustrated, yes or no.

You better believe it. The label we put on our experience becomes our experience and we are the person doing the labeling. Now I’ve. Granted I’ll agree that most of us are on automatic pilot. We’re using a labeling and a communication process that we don’t even think about consciously, and we can easily point to the people show how they created that feeling for us, and certainly they helped us to get into state.

They helped us by giving us some feedback, but we still determine the feeling. Hey give me an example. I was in Hawaii recently I couldn’t believe it. I read this article and I saw the thing on TV or the interview this guy is out swimming and the shark came in bit his leg off.

Yeah you’d. Think he’d, be really upset. Why would you be upset? Oh son, if you lost your leg after the initial pain, why would you stay upset because of the meaning you’d link to that right? What would be the meaning that would make you feel Phillips out all the time that’s right, the meaning of loss that you would lost? Something see almost all pains all pain.

You’re ever gonna feel in your life. The pain that people have that makes them upset, it all starts with theirs. I call it emotional Anatomy, it all starts in one place. Pain starts with number one. I’ll, put it down the bottom here, a feeling of loss.

Now, can you ever really lose anything only if you perceive that there’s, a loss? Is that true? Are you following me on this now for a second, you’d, only feel loss if you perceive it. In other words, you have to tell yourself there’s, a loss.

You have to communicate that you lost something. This man was not upset. In fact, he was concerned about the shark yeah. He says guys are drugs. No, he was sincere because his belief was number one. He was responsible, not the shark, because he was a swimmer and he knew that in the area was were sharks and if he’s thrashing around on the top, they think it’s.

A turtle oh come after him, but his concern was that people are so upset about it. The people are gonna, go out and rage and kill the sharks in that area. How’s, that for sorting by others instead of sorting myself so the meaning for him was.

This was a learning experience that’s, what it meant to him. Other people would mean I maimed for life with a different meaning that he communicate. If he would have said I’m maimed for life, I’ll, never be the same.

You know I can never accomplish anything. I’ll. Never a woman would never be attracted to me. I’ll, be a for the rest of my life. He would have linked those meanings. Do you think he would have been in the same state, yes or no, no way by the way? Maybe this is temporary right I don’t know I don’t know this guy, I’m, not gonna be around a long time to meet him, but I can tell you for years what I’Ve done is interview.

People who asks is what I think, our spiritual masters, what I mean my spiritual masters, not flying the East, to meeting somebody who sits and meditates I mean somebody who doesn’t have the least of the legs or their arms and lives.

An absolute joy it’s, totally loving. It tries to figure out to contribute to other people to me that’s, a spiritual master, I’ll. Tell you what there’s, tons of them and they’re, my friends now, because I gonna learn from them.

You know I find out. They have developed belief systems that have helped them to interpret human behavior in a way that causes them not to be upset, because, no matter what happens, they finally figured out something.

If you want to succeed, life figure out how it works and then do it that way, not the way you think it should be see. What most of us do. Is you run around like lowly rules about how life should be about how you should be about Heath to be how doctors should be, how staff should be how patients should be be? Now they’re gonna be how they really are? Not how you want them to be, and then every time they don’t meet your criteria.

You communicate yourself. It’s, time to be annoyed. When you have an upset of any sort. You’re feeling some negative emotion. It always comes down to really you have a feeling of what was –, but do you ever really lose now you never lose anything it just changes form ain’t.

Nothing in the entire universe ever disappears. Nothing, not your physical body not rocks, not stones, nothing! Everything in the uniform universe transforms from one form to another. You take water, you try to destroy it.

Let’s say you boil it: what does it become steam? Everything in the world transforms to a higher level. It’s, always transforming you got to realize you can’t lose anything, you can transform things, but you can’t lose anything now.

You can try and pretend you’ve lost, something you can might be upset with somebody think, oh, my god, I lost their love or or they lost mine. I’ve lost respect. How do you lose respect? You can’t lose something that’s already inside of you see, the problem is people, are you know, looking for love in all the wrong places? Love is not something you have to go looking for when that’s, where you come from like loudly

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