Tony Robbins Best Motivational Video – The Speech to Inspire Masses

Oh, Graham, let’s, hear some clapping. Let’s, get excited up Tony coming to the room. Hey! We’re crazy. How y’all doing how y’all doing out there Dreamforce? Thank you. Please grab a seat so after that Marlee introduction by Mark.

We have a lot of history together and I’m very grateful for the kind words he said. I have had the privilege of interacting with him knowing him indirectly for about 25 years, and certainly he’s directly for the last 15 years of this journey and it’s, so amazing to watch Dreamforce grow from 1,300 people to 135 Thousand 5 million people online.

This man is created like a festival. It’s like a music festival for geese. Excuse me, I mean techies, we’re, all techies right and it’s. Pretty amazing clearly hampered mark for this creation. He’s. Not here called Dreamforce is truly amazing, and what touches me most about mark is his commitment to really find a way to add value.

We all know in this room there’s. Only one way you succeed long term. Anybody can get lucky do something for a period of time, but real success and any measure whatsoever comes when you do more for others than anybody else.

There’s. No other way to do it. You find a way to add more what value and if we find the way to add more value, we can be superior in the marketplace, but we can also be superior in our own lives. We can enjoy our lives at a different level.

A different set of pride that isn’t fake. It’s, not ego egos. When you try to make it better than it is, and you know the truth, is it’s not? But when you really are in a position low, when you’re in a position where you own what you’re about – and you know what you here to deliver and you delivered on a significant scale, then you have an opportunity to Really experience not only success but fulfillment, and this conference has gotten bigger and bigger, not only in its size but also in its impact, and so I’m, really free little privileged to be back with you here, and I know you’Re raising working to raise a million meals and I’m very, very into hunger, to say the least, primarily because I was so hungry at stage of my life and my life was completely changed, because when I was 11 years old, we had no Money and no food, and we’ve, gotten used to that, but it was Thanksgiving which makes it more emotional and my parents were saying and doing things that after you say them, you can never take them back and it was very profoundly painful.

Obviously, for myself as the oldest and try to keep my brother and sisters from hearing it, but it profoundly changed because that day something changed my life and it was somebody simply coming in delivering food and it wasn’t.

The person wasn’t, giving it it was a delivery guy and it wasn’t a happy moment for my father. It was interesting um, you know my dad mom and dad are yelling each other. My mom’s, saying things to my father: you haven’t taken care of us pretty painful moment and the door happens and I go open the door and there’s.

Just all guys standing there with these big bags of food and on the ground beside him. He had this pan with uncooked turkey, and he said, is your father here and I said just one moment and I sprinted to get my dad thinking.

This was going to be the most euphoric moment he could possibly imagine, like God, had come by and surprised us somebody cared about us whatever you wanted to frame it, and my father came to the front door, but gradually when he saw the man he got very Angry – and he said you know, we don’t take charity, they went to slam the door and the man was a very tall guy.

He put his arm or shoulder against it. It kind of bounced off of him, and he said, sir. This is not charity, everybody has tough times, and somebody knows you’re in need and they want to have a beautiful Thanksgiving.

Please accept this gift and my father got even more intense start saying I don’t accept charity, and this time the man put his foot there. It bounced off of it and then he said something my father and I thought my father would hit him.

He looked at my father and said he looked at me in the background, said don’t. Let your family suffer because of your ego. It was intense words to say my father to know what to do. He grabbed the food he slammed it down and slammed the door.

I tell you the story, because everything in our life is controlled by three decisions and those three decisions are like you to look at today, because I really want to deliver for you. I didn’t come here to do a speech.

I love mark dearly. I really want to serve you and you all giving the greatest gift. You have your time, you get your money back, but you can’t get your time back, and so I really want to serve you and I think one of the most powerful things are good to serve you.

You have you become clear of what the controlling force is, that’s, controlling the quality of your life, and you – and I both know it’s, not the amount of money in your pocket. It’s, not who you know it’s, not even what you’ve, been through it’s, really the decisions you make moment to moment about a couple of doing things and the three decisions I made In that moment that I’d, like to pull your attention to just real quick, are in this moment, you’re, making these three decisions by the way.

The first one is. What are you going to focus on and that day my father focused clearly on the fact that he’s, not taking care of his family and whatever you focus on you’re gonna feel. In fact, many of us in this room who was ever focused on something you were thinking something horrible is gonna happen.

You experienced the pain of that failure that challenge in your life and then it never ever happened. Who’s that this experience say I and things aren’t bad in your life? You can always think of that.

Hasn’t even happened yet I feel bad in advance, but many people do because whatever you focus on you’ll feel write. It down focus equals feeling, because if you start to take control of your focus, you take control of your life, but that day he focused on the fact that clearly he had failed his family, and that was the meaning, the second decision-makers.

What does it mean? Should you look at something think about something focused on either side? What does this mean? Is this the beginning or the end? Is this punishment reward? Is God trying to hurt me or trying to challenge me, or is this nothing to do with God? I was just being a lazy bastard right, the meanings we give to things control our life.

If you think it’s, the end of a relationship. Are you gonna behave the same way if you think it’s, the beginning of a relationship in the beginning relationship when you’re totally in love with someone? What will you do for them? Tell me what will you do? Oh, come on guys what we do when you’re totally in love, shout out what we do, what what make the sound it? Would it’s like when you’re totally in love? Out of your mind, just gonna make that sound like a primal sound? What’s that feel like just go for it, so we get some energy this room.

It’s been a long time for some of you. I can see really clearly let’s. Try this time, how about totally love and passionately desiring this person, like you, can’t, wait to touch them, make love to them be with them, make the sound of what that would be like what nice allow go ahead.

So when you have the meaning that this is the beginning of the relationship and this person & # 39, s lost incredible thing and you will be what for them? What will you do anything? What, if you’re that way with your client? What are you that way with your internal customers cause your partner’s? You go well with at the end.

We have real sexual problems with HR that be the real sellers, but if you commitment was the same when you’re in that place, you do anything in the beginning of relationship and the beginning relationship.

If your partner says, would you take up the trash? What do you say ticket the trash? Happily, but after about seven days or seven weeks or seven months or seven years or seventy years, one day soon we take out the trash.

I look like your janitor. You go what happened to our passion I’ll. Give you a clue if you want a relationship to last, if you think it’s coming to the end, do what you did in the beginning and there won’t be an end, because when you think it’s, The beginning, you behave differently than the end, the meaning we associate the things controls our entire lives.

It’s, not that your mother or father died, that’s, giving you suffering, certainly that’s, painful it’s, the meaning you think it shouldn’t have happened and when we take control The meaning it’s, the only thing we can control our lives.

We can’t control events and we’re living now, where technology is happening so rapidly. It’s, magnificent what it does for our lives, but we all know what that technology. Our psychology is not developing as rapidly and as a result, the world’s changing and a lot of us that have learned to engage with technology, use it to maximize most people in this room.

But there’s. Lots of people use technology to disengage to be harmful to themselves into other people. It’s, not a one-way street. So I’m interested in how to maximize the psychology side that’s. Why? I’m sharing this with you, so you can increase both your leadership skill, but who do you have to lead first to be effective, my friends who yourself and so good to see what’s controlling you? Well, what I’m, focusing on he’s controlling me, you can focus on something you make yourself crazy.

You can focus on something I most of great. In this moment, you could be worried about Ebola, because we all know it’s coming, people are freaked out over the world, 36,000 people die a year of flu, and the whole world is focused on Ebola, because the news is not designed to inform It is designed to startle you because that’s, how you sell things.

So if you let someone else, take control of your focus, your life will be in someone else’s, hands so first decisions. What you’re gonna focus, second meaning my father, that day focused that he hadn’t taken care of his family in the meaning was, I know what it was, but he said it out loud that I’m Worthless and when you come up with a meaning, it produces an emotion and if you and I want to look at the quality of our life, there’s only way to find it one way, really that’s real.

How do you feel every day if every day of your life, you got a billion dollars and every day you feel guilty or angry by the way, nothing worse than an angry, rich man or woman, isn’t. It just want to slap them don’t you.

How do you love the right to be angry, but they find a way, but if you got a billion dollars and you’re angry and you’re pissed off and you’re guilty all the time. What is the quality of your life angry, pissed, off and guilty? If you love nothing, I live in Fiji, a portion of the time I have a home there and a resort there and kind of two families of villages there that interact with the last 25 years, and when you go to Fiji and you walk down the street Or you drive by people jump up and they yell boola boola boola, which means welcome, be happy.

We love you and you drive by five minutes later. The jumper bula bula bula and you’re, going like what drugs are they taking? No one’s, paying them, but they’re. Just they’re so happy they’re in such a different state.

They’ve learned to focus on something else and come up with a different meaning for life, but if the meaning is it’s, the end, if the meaning is that you’re dissing me if the meaning is you Don’t care whatever, meaning we come up with that affects the third decision, which is what am I going to do, and what people do is based on the meaning system, meaning creates emotion right, you can be miserable, no matter what you have and You can be you for having nothing.

We all know it’s. True, in fact, is it possible to learn to let’s? For example, all hell could be breaking loose around you and you could just be sitting in a chair in this centered space all hell breaking loose and you can still feel great.

Is that possible, yes or no? Yes or no sure, but you and I live in a Western culture. Let you sit and bliss out people come and take your furniture. So we have to be good at not only controlling the interval but our external world and that’s, shaped by what we do and what people do is based on their emotions and also their role models.

So I thank you mark, and I thank all of you that are role models for people where you show people that success does not mean taking that success can be truly growing and giving that money resources an opportunity are things to be shared.

There are things that are tools for a quality of life that you abel, enhance for people and for yourself in your family, pretty beautiful thing, my father had a decided. What to do was if I failed, and I’ve been worthless to my family.

I must leave and he did and to me it was the worst day of my life. I’ll, never forget it. I loved him. More than anything I had four fathers. He’s, the one I finally got attached to. I was like mom, I’m confused, but then, finally years later, I got the benefit of it because out of all those experiences, all that pain that day, I made three different decisions.

First decision, as I decided to focus on something different than him, and that’s, the power we have we get to decide what to focus on in my decision number one is. I want to focus on the fact there’s food.

What a concept pretty cool, but the most powerful thing to change my life was meaning. I said what does this mean because my father always said my mother had always said nobody gives a nobody cares. Don’t care about anybody.

They don’t care about you, and that day I had physical evidence. Those you’re bringing food. I want you to know that’s, not just food, that’s called love for someone that’s called hope for someone that’s called surprise for someone and that day for me, I went strangers care And so I started caring about strangers and I decided someday.

I do the same. So when I was 17, I fed two families. It was like one most incredible experience of my life. I went to the grocery store. I was all excited saved up. All my money went to the manager and said I want to feed two families that’s.

What I’m, doing it’s, not for me, give me a discount and he gave me 10 %. I thought cheap bastard, but I went out. I delivered this food and ironically, I call this church and I asked in the barrio particular place: where are some families in need? They gave me two names I put on t-shirt and jeans.

I wasn’t going to be acknowledged. I also didn’t want something to be insulted because I said what happened my father and I wrote a note. So this is a note from a friend, and I said I just want you to know.

We know you’re having difficult times. Everyone does at times – and I want you – have a beautiful Thanksgiving and please feel loved, take care of your family and someday. If you can & # 39, t do well enough to do this for one of the family and pass it on, but love a friend and I had written in Spanish as well, and I’ll, never forget first place.

I pull up this rotten old van stickiest BAM that I borrowed from a buddy of mine, throw all these bags of food, and I went into this place and got out pulled up this little tiny building, really tiny knocked on the door.

And when I knocked on the door, this little woman opened, the door was probably half my size. She’s, not hard time, six, seven. So she’s like five two and she looked up at me like this and she saw the groceries and she screamed and she started grab my head and pulled down kissing me.

I was like no, no, no delivery, boy, delivery, boy and she goes no God gift God gift God gift and she didn’t speak English. I had her the note she read that I was crying again story trying to kiss me again.

So no no, she was God’s, gift God gifted. So I’m, pointing where do I put this in this tiny little room there’s, a table that I put the food down and I went over to get some more groceries and when I did, four children come running out and One hits my leg and wouldn’t let go and when they saw the pumpkin pie it was over and it was one the most emotional experience of my life because, first of all, this little plate just wouldn’t.

Let go and I delivered this food and this woman was crying and smiling and I stayed there just to take it in for a few minutes, seeing them all. It was like going back in time and then, as I went, to go, leave I couldn’t, speak Spanish and she was like trying to say something in Spanish.

I didn’t know what to say it was Thanksgiving. So I said at least Navidad: I heard the song okay and she laughed and laughed she’s crying and laughing one of the more beautiful experience of life. Isn’t it.

I need to have both those experiences in your body simultaneously and I remember I got in a van and all the three four kids were sitting on the bench here and she’s standing there waving and I pulled and gone reverse.

I looked in the mirror and, as I looked in the mirror, I saw these kids there and I saw mom crying and smiling still and then I lost it. I started crying uncontrollably and I’m, like put try, put something in gear through tears.

Come to my eyes, I thought myself what I mean. This is a beautiful thing. Why am i crying, and then I realized what a gift that day was. I realized that my worst day of my life was my best day and my goal for you.

If you don’t already, have it, my guess: is you’ve already done it, knowing where you are in your world today, but maybe you’re second worst day it’s time to make a best Day, because that have every tragedy out of every pain, it only gets healed when we find a deeper meaning when we find there was a higher purpose in it, and I realize I wouldn’t have been there that day, I wouldn’T have that hunger to help somebody else.

If I hadn & # 39, t had the hunger in my own soul at one point missing, so it’s very personal to me, and I want to thank all of you that made the contributions and I told mark, and I’Ve announced that I’m gonna match the million meals.

If you hit it and I’m sure, so it’s, nothing that you will and so will get two million. A mindful that that mark said, I’ll match that [ Applause, ] [, Music ], like this, so mark smash that stuff you do the million we’re gonna do three million here, so that’s.

The way to play the game, I think just raise the game together, and so I’m excited about what that possibility is, and I’m personally also November 18th, I’m gonna feed 50 million people. I’ve, said 42 million in my life and the reason I tell you this and I’ll get off the soapbox, but I want you to think about what’s gonna create meaning for you, because money by Itself won’t, do it, but impact will maybe, but I could be with your own child spending more time with it.

Doesn’t have to be anything to do with contribution in any other way. You can contribute to your own family, but contribution is what makes us feel fully alive and I’m doing that because I don’t know if you’re aware of it, but a year ago, while I summer Congress Cut the budget for what was traditionally called food stamps by eight point: seven billion dollars by the way eight point: seven billion is the equivalent of every family support going without food for one week, a month for 12 months out of the year and all the nonprofit’s are trying to support that.

So I’m partnering with feeding America, and I started writing this book and I thought I’m gonna donate all the prophets. The book I’ll, be ten million people, and then I was like that’s, not enough. Well, I’ll get matching donations and I’ll raise the key bar.

I’ll get twenty million and, as time is gone by at frontier sided, I’m gonna be 50 million myself and I’m looking to raise a hundred million, but that’s. In addition to the million I’m doing here, that’s, not part of it.

So if you want to help you’re welcome to and feeding America is my partner and we’re gonna. We’re working for matching funds to get 100 million people. I’m already to 67 million, just with some friends of mine before we even launched it, but it’s a goal and it’s.

Why do we do it? I don’t, actually do it because it’s, a heavy or something I do it cuz you can’t. Do it because it’s, fun! Do it because research shows when it comes to money buying things will never make you happy.

Never. Nothing should have some nice things that’s. The nice things I’m sure you do too, but it’s. Not gonna give you happiness. Buying experiences can make you happy by the way we’re, saying people say money, doesn’t matter.

They don’t know what a shot, because there’s, some experiences. You can buy that extraordinaire who’s else’s, experiences some trips and things you’ve done the family, your friends that will live with you for years.

Who knows what I’m talking about here right? Those things that money can be a really valuable tool there. You can find enough, add value and have money and do those experiences. How cool I & # 39. Ll.

Tell you what else money research shows will do. People always say money, doesn’t matter. Once you get to a certain level. No, it matters, you can spend five dollars a month and have more emotional juice, and it can be measured all the way down, but into your saliva by hormonal changes.

You want to use money, not let money use you so another thing you will do. It is getting rid of drudgery. Who here loves to pay for you? Don’t want to do right, cleaning the toilet who likes to have someone else, be able to do that if at all possible right, because once you do that those druggies are gone.

What do you get to do you have time and with time you can spend more time with your passions, the things that matter for you that you can do with the world that you’re in the world and the third thing, and the third Thing that gets people the most enjoyment are money just show you now is actually giving it away, and nobody believes that until you do it now, if you don & # 39, t give a dime out of a dollar you’re, not gon.

Na give a hundred million out of a billion ever don’t kid yourself, so the places start wherever we are and if you do have, you can find there’s enormous enjoyment in that process, and I think you also find that There’s.

Somebody you love, you do something for it’s even more, so that’s. Why? I’m here, and I want to now make sure in the time that you hear let’s. Kick this in gear. Let’s, talk about three things that can truly change the quality of your life number one.

First of all, if you make new decisions about the focus on try this just for a moment just for a second take a deep breath in exhale and give it a moan that was really pathetic. Let’s. Try that again, deep breath in didn’t, make it a sexual moan and thoroughly enjoy it.

Well, that was much longer and deeper. I like that. That was good one more time use deep breath in and give it a moan. Now, one of the things that I want to talk to you about here tonight this afternoon is really simple, and that is everyone here is in business and there’s, a problem that all businesses have.

We’re in the most competitive environment we’ve ever been in. We went from what 500 million people being online to a couple billion people being online and in the next four years they’re, saying we’re gonna have three billion more online.

That means this entire world is a bigger market. If you’re the person that adds more value, it also means you’re gonna have more competitors, and you’ve ever seen in your life. How many think the economic world that we’re in today is going to stay the way it is raise your hand.

Okay, one man on drugs there’s, always one okay. How many think that the economic environments going to go through seasons, we’re gonna, have some more ups and downs as we adjust to what’s happening in world here say I well, then, if we know that our goal, you And I, as leaders should be to anticipate that, in fact, everyone, this room’s.

A leader is something whether you’re, the leader of the company or with your leader of department, whether you’re, a parent. We’re, hopefully your leader, not a follower. If you’re a leader, you’ve got to exercise that skill.

So I want to talk to you about that and one of those important skills of that, but most people, don’t exercise that leadership, because they’re dropping behind in their skill sets, and I’ll give an example: What I mean how many of you in this room, I want to honest answer.

I’d like you to yell the answer. Raise your hand. If you would please how many in this room have ever experienced the absolute total humiliation of playing a video game against the child scream, I, if you’ve done this experience.

Oh come on. Let me hear you what happens when you play the child? Who always wins come on? Who wins? Always why is it Custer faster? Is that they’re smarter? They’re younger. They’re neurons. You’re functioning in a quicker tempo here’s, how it usually works.

You’re, a mother or father. You’re, an uncle or an aunt their grandfather or grandmother. You’re, a friend of the family, you’re. Looking for a gift, we live in a tech world in a world where today, children play with an iPad, learn how to use it before they know tie their shoes.

How different is that world I was with mark yesterday with his daughter for six year. Books excuse castrillo birthday, and we’re talking about things and she & # 39. S got these Legos, and a friend of ours says: oh, my six-year-old goes like goes on the iPad searches on YouTube for videos on how to build cool stuff using Legos and starts to study how to build early structures that’s.

The world were in that our kids are in six years old and that’s. What else they’re, searching for and finding at six years old it’s, a wild wild world. So here we are this technology, and most of us are not seeing what it’s doing for us.

So you sit down with this child who’s? High tech, you’re, not even the techies in this room. Aren’t, usually as gamers. I know there are plenty of games, the Ramblers playing about and the ones the child they’re, the Chancellor so come on.

Look I’m, not get this. This is for you, come on uncle, come on, auntie come on, mom, come on dad it’s, my birthday ants, don’t they, and what do you find it? You finally break down? Okay, now you should know you’re being set up when they go.

You go first right and we go look. It’s. Really simple! You just chew, chew, chew, chew! You just shoot these guys and all drops down. You think. Okay, I’m gonna show this little bastard. I can do a thing or two here right, take out the gun, you chew, chew, chew and you’re dead in two point, three seconds whose experiences say I now what happens? A child in about 45 minutes later you get.

Your second turn am i right and then you’re. Now you’re, really test your dedicated your devoted, your focus. You’re gonna. Take this thing out: choo choo, choo, choo choo, you last four seconds and you’re dead.

I decided to have the kid 45 minutes again who’s? Have this experience say? Ah, why does the child always win? It’s because they’re faster. It’s because they’re, smarter. It’s because they’re stronger.

No, it’s because they played this game before. As a result, they have the secret to success. They know the road ahead. If you know the road ahead, you have incredible power called anticipation. Anticipation is the ultimate advantage.

See winners leaders anticipate losers, reacting. The reason you get beat is you don’t know where things are happening, so you’re. Reacting reaction is always stressful and yet so much of our life is predictable.

If we just were to study it not be caught up in our day to day it’s predictable to challenge you’re gonna have any relationships, or with your kids or with your body or with your job or with your Economics or what’s, your mother-in-law and father-in-law? These are predictable and you would anticipate these things and put a strategy in place.

You could take it all out and have the quality of life that you deserve in business. It’s, everything those that anticipate those that lead, and then there’s. Those that follow the followers are the reactionaries.

So the more we can anticipate and you can’t, anticipate lead unless you first learn to lead yourself at a different level. And so I’d love to have you just see and if you and I can start to take control of our focus and we can start to keep crawl the meaning of our lives and make something really the meaning that empowers us.

His look. What’s wrong is always available. Isn’t it there’s, always an Ebola. A bird flu there’s, always something that’s. Gon na kill the entire human race tomorrow on TV, and then there’s, your life.

What’s? Wrong is always available, and so is what’s right and you have to take control of that focus because otherwise you become the follower and you get to live your life. Even though you’re, a smart person, we’re all smart, but it’s, easy to get led astray by everybody else’s, focus isn’t it and then all of a sudden.

Let them create the meaning for us and then all of a sudden we’re settling for life, far less than what we desire or deserve. So my approach is really simple. My approach is to say: let’s, you and I just for a few little time we have here by the way.

This to me is a little time a couple hours two half hours. I guess at the stage because kind of minimum link to someone I knew is 50 hours, five zero and you go. Are you kidding me? I don’t like to hear myself talk I like to see people do things.

So often they build muscle, not just thoughts, and so one things I’m gonna ask you to do in a few minutes. Is we’re gonna go from this passive mode that you’re in right now into full engagement? Because if you get fully engaged it’s, amazing what you can accomplish and it when you’re partially engaged you get a little bit result when you’re.

Not when you’re disengaged. We all know what you get nothing and we live in a society or most of us are so overwhelmed there’s, so much information. We’re, not have any problem with information. We’re being drowning in information, but we’re starving for wisdom, and so we got to separate it out, and so one way to separate out is I like talking about three things that can help.

You increase your performance and your life, because what I’m obsessed by and have been for 37 years is what can crease increased performance for an individual or an organization, but also I’m equally obsessed about what’s.

Gon na make somebody fulfilled because who’s at this horrible experience? Who here has ever achieved your goal? And then your brain said? Is this all there is? Who’s, helped this experience here say ah and that’s? Worse than failing, at least when you fail, your brain gets back and figure this out and do it again a new way.

But when you succeed in your miserable you’re, basically technically screwed. So what I want to make sure that you and I do – is we set ourselves up to be able to win so there’s? Three things I’d, like to walk you through one.

I’d, like to walk you through out of the competitive edge it’s. Gon na get you both the performance you want at the highest level and also the fulfilment you want, because if you want to know my view, I can tell you there’s.

Two master lessons in life lesson: one is the science of achievement. If you want an extraordinary life, if you want to make nificent life which, by my definition, has nothing to do with me, its life on your terms, some of you, what’s, an extraordinary life, it’s, having cool little company for Some of you is having a big billion-dollar company for some of you.

It’s, not a company. It’s; three wonderful children that you totally love and adore and spend time with. For some of you. It’s, poetry for some of you. It’s, making a difference. The environment, it’s; didn’t for all of us.

It’s life on your terms, but if you can have an extraordinary life, you need a master number one, the science of achievement, which most of you are damn good at or you wouldn’t, be in this room right.

You know how to go from where you are have a vision, make it real speeding it up that’s, my business when Mark talked about. He actually showed me the other day. We were together a couple days ago and he showed me the very first day he did his v2 mom, which is really a simple way of saying: what do you really want? What’s, your vision, your values? Why do you want it and walking through the obstacles and the solutions strategies to get where you want to go? He showed me on an on the back of an American Express Ville where they designed on the very first day Salesforce, and there you see that day, where he engaged he engaged in his vision.

Instead of settling for a life that someone else had designed, he had a great life: Jordan, your life top died Oracle working for one of most brilliant people on the face of the earth. The imagine how hard it would be to leave there and start something from scratch, but he adds something larger than he wanted.

So how do you do that? How do you get yourself there? You got ta understand the science of achievement, but I know so many people. I get the call from most successful in the world. This is person politician leader of some sort, economic leader, financial trader, and they call me up.

They want me to change something their business, but I know what they really want. They really want to find fulfillment still because success without fulfilment is the ultimate failure who’s with me on this right.

You make everybody else, feel great. I mean it’s, a horrible example. I hate it, but we all know an extraordinary spirit that took his own life just recently probably lit up more human beings than almost anybody alive.

When it comes to humor and joy, he made everybody else feel happy, but himself it’s that you don & # 39. T want that to be you. If there’s, any gift he can get besides. His joy is the evidence of what you want move towards nobody, mushrooms, gonna move towards that, but we do it in a little level.

We die a little bit along the way by giving up what we really desire and believed in, and my goal is make sure to see. If we can wake that up so and by the way, fulfillment is as unique as our people achievement there’s laws right.

You do this, this money. There are laws, your body there’s laws. We all have biochemical special, unique identities, but there’s. Certain fundamentals, if you do them in Mass, you’re, going to be overweight.

If you do them differently, you’re gonna be fit and strong same thing with money, but fulfillment is unique, is art, art is what one person thinks is vehicle. Somebody else can think is ugly and that’s perfectly fine.

Have you ever go to art museum? You see this big red square and they go ten million dollars to go. You got to be kidding me. Ten million dollars no freaking square. I’ll, draw you a square, but someone else.

No look at the texture of the tab to taste the flavor. I can taste the paint from here. They have a different way of being fulfilled right, so those are two kind of lessons the life. So this is what I like to do to help you with both those today, if you want to play with me number one: let’s, take a look at what will give you the edge who’s up for having a competitive Edge in anything you do say I and it’s, not BS, and it’s, not positive thinking it’s, something you can test, because the edge is what’s gonna get more out of you.

Second, I’d, like to show you how to create a breakthrough. Who here is an area of your life where there’s, something you’ve struggled with for a while, and you’re sick of struggling with it, and you’re sick of making excuses.

You want to actually change it today, who’s got one of those in your life say. Ah, if you want to play fallout, I can show you that, and the third element really affects the other two and it’s. Really, the one that affects business and life and that’s, the power of engagement.

All of these are tied to engagement, and I’ll tell you what triggered me on this is think about. How could I add the most value here and engagements? One of those you know new flash words and the corporate culture.

We all hear about. Oh full engagement, partial engagement, but it’s really true. Engagement plays such a huge role, and some of the studies are out right now are mind-boggling. Have you seen the recent studies they’ve done 142 countries asking workers around the world.

Would you describe yourself fully engaged parcel, engaged, disengaged, aggressively, disengaged and guess what they found out, throwing up their around the world in 142 countries they found out that 13 % of employees worldwide said they were actually engaged in their work.

Now, for us in this room, you’d, say that’s, absurd, something wrong with the survey. Well, you’d, be right in a room like this. It’s, full engagement, or at least a lot. Fuller engagement, America has the highest engagement of any country in the world is 29 %, which sounds so much better when you & # 39.

Re 13, like you know, which we’d, rather have a punch in the face or kick in the stomach. But let’s flip that around and say was that really mean that means 71 % of people are disengaged at work and the richest most powerful, most influential country in the world.

It’s mind-boggling. Now there’s. Only one study it’s, al as a partial, because you study up the study coming up a similar number slightly off, but pretty much. The same ratios now here’s. What’s really interesting? Although 71 percent there’s, a group in there about 24 percent of them that are actively disengaged, you know that means that means they hate what they do and they hate you now.

This is pretty important. Isn’t it they hate. What they do they hate you and they will actively work to disempower the organization who has ever bumped into one of these humans, raise your hands, say: aye, okay, so when you bump these humans it’s, not usually a pleasant experiencing.

We all know they’re out there and by the way, how much damage can they do in a world s? You know social media everywhere, where good news travels fast and bad news travels faster and people don’t care.

What the truth is afterwards, they just it’s, a cool story. It makes it go. So this is an area that, if you’re gonna change, your business, you got to make it even so here’s. What I’m, looking at what makes the difference in people what makes a difference in an organization, and I would submit to you that it isn’t getting a head start.

You can find individuals who you give everything to you. Can love on them give them a great education, they get a great economic background and it can spend the rest of life going in and out of rehab who’s.

Seen this before knows what I’m talking about, say I, on the other hand, you see people that life & # 39; s kicked in the face, somebody’s, been abused mentally emotionally physically, you name it and they become the Oprah’s of the world, so it’s.

Certainly not advantage does not come because you were given something and by the way, in business advantage. Doesn’t come because you have most resources coming from most resources. Don’t win the most resourceful companies lately, the most resourceful companies, the ones where employees are the most engaged and a statistically proven.

You look around. You say who had the lead well before YouTube. There was V meal that a year jump pretty much. The same technology, just didn’t, engage as many people before Google. There was what happened Yahoo if you’re out there.

What the hell happened to you, people right before Facebook, there was what happened to myspace Facebook was more engaging. Engagement is really the new factor being able to be fully engaged by the way in your intimate relationship.

How important is engagement? Some guys go very important. I want to put it off as long as I can. No, no I don’t mean that full engaged when that area is going to term the level of fulfillment you have or don’t have in a relationship right, the more engaged somebody feels that you are with them: the more energy The more connection of the more alive they should have so part of all.

I’d, like to kind of like experiment with here. It’s kind of discover what creates engagement for real with you. What fades disengagement? Because these are huge factors, because if you understand what they are, your level of performance, your level of results, your level of leadership, your level of joy will change very, very radically.

Who’s within me? That engagement is not just a term, but something can make a difference in your body. Let me see a show, hey and say: ah now I’m, asking if your hand raised for some engagement, because here’s, what research shows, if you listen to me passively, as I’m talking here – guess what within A month you just listen sit passively most of your doing it’s like wrong with us.

What you’ve, been doing your whole life. What you’ve been taught to do you’ll. Remember about 10 percent of what I say two months from now, which basically means you wasted your time today and I wasted mine, 10 percent.

How many came here, because you want to learn something, do something change something make something stronger a better say I, if that’s true, then, if all you do is take notes which I don’t see anyone barely doing, although thank You very much a few though I stand corrected and nudge the people, and I decide what’s wrong with you, [ __ ] come on.

Where’s, the mouse right cuz, I don’t know anybody’s. Got that great, a memory. My entire life, I’ve, kept journals cuz here’s. What I learned early on writing it down. If I never look back and read it again, the physical act of writing it down drives that groove, deeper repetition is the mother of skill.

You look at anyone who’s masterful. Why are they master walking? Lebron James view what he can do, cuz he’s, done it a few million times right. You know, Kobe will go out and make 300 shots before. He will leave that floor.

Every day, 300 shots. This seemed free connectivity, most people tekwar, although I heard that story. I know that thing. Oh yeah, if you’re, not doing it, you don’t know you understand an understanding and $ 3 will almost get you a Starbucks.

If you’re gonna master, something you need to get the repetition where you get it in your body and you bring emotion to it enough, emotion, enough repetition. It gets in your body, and now it becomes physical mass.

Where you don’t, think about, and you just do it. Mastery is tying your shoes. Most of you can do this. You know chew on some gum, you know, send a text simultaneously, not some people. Some people leave their tongue out while they’re doing ab.

You get the idea. If you do something enough, you’re. Confident enough. You’re certain if it’s in your body. That’s mastery, so I’d like to see if we couldn’t get to a different level of mastery in this, and what I’m gonna ask you to do is by the way, if You listen to take notes, just write, those notes down or you type them in.

What have you do? Research shows you & # 39. Ll retain about 40 to 50 percent of was concern for the future at highly engaged or encourage you to do that now might be a good time and then the third, the third most powerful one is if you physically, engage your body.

If you ask you a question, yell back the answer, or in a few minutes I’m gonna ask you to actively engage in different level, engage with each other. Do some crazy things things you wouldn’t normally do what that does.

It brings up engagement, eighty ninety percent retention, because now it’s, not just a thought or right. It’s, a feeling in your body as well, and if you do that, you’re gonna retain it, who’s up for doing more and hold it autumn or say I gonna.

Do that last couple things.

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