Tony Robbins – CHANGE YOUR PHILOSOPHY, CHANGE YOUR LIFE – Motivation For Success

Ready rock awesome how many of you’ve, been with me before at some venue, someplace Wow, how many have never been to anything I’ve done. I’m curious, fresh meat. I love that. Thank you for being here. I travel all over the world.

I go to about 14 15 countries a year about every 3 or 4 days. I’m on a plane or a helicopter, or something going somewhere or on stage. So I picked the places I want to go. Cuz life is too short to do things you don’t enjoy, and I’m here, not because you guys just invited me.

I’m here, because this is where I want to come. I actually lived in the Gold Coast for a period of time. I love Australia and I, I think many of you, you know when you’re around something all the time you take it a little bit for granted and as an outsider, coming in one of the beautiful things about your culture that you probably maybe Wash track of, I’m sure you intellectualize it, but you know you know how your children, if they start growing, and they want you to measure them and like two days later, they want you to measure them again.

I think I’ve grown, who’s got some kids know that I’m talking about here right when you’re, a kid everything’s new, you can watch the same Disney film 52 Times and it’s, really cool parents like, oh, my god, do.

I have to see this a second time there’s, a law that destroys the quality of most people’s; life, it’s called the law of familiarity. If you get around anything enough, you tended to get just a little bit for granted and one things I want to do here.

I want to deliver for you times 10 of what you expect. I know you expect a lot, but one thing that I hope that you’ll leave here out of this day with is a focus not only on how to achieve more. That’s, quite frankly, pretty easy, but how to truly enjoy more, which most of you think is easy, and most of you are not enjoying to the maximum level.

I’m here. To tell you if you don’t enjoy this moment today. If you can’t find ecstasy. Here, you’re gonna be in deep trouble. Someplace else, you know there’s. Seven billion people on the planet, they all wish they lived in frickin, Australia, you guys just don’t realize what it & # 39.

S really, like I mean, is the most livable city in the world. You guys are sports fanatics. You & # 39. Ve got an energy that’s completely different than anywhere else. Is it true you guys are more or in towards bedding than any place on earth? Every Australian I know wants to bet me about something I don’t know what the I betcha hmm.

I saw statistic the other day that you have 20 % of the poker machines in the world. Even though you’re 0.3 % of the world population, what is this about? But what you have that’s, most beautiful to me and the reason I’m glad to be here – and I thank you for inviting me – is mate chip.

You have a culture that many of you don & # 39. T really realize how great it is, because you’re like a fish in water, and this idea that we’re all mates at some level that you guys take a little bit for granted or something I don’t And I think it’s, just incredibly beautiful, and I hope today, by the time we’re done.

You’re, not just inspired, and you don’t just have some great strategies to be more effective and to achieve what you want. But my real goal today is for your life to change, and this day now I can’t.

Do it by myself. I can deliver and I can step up and do all the work in calisthenics and then I get the muscle. But if you’ll play with me full-out today, I have some simple distinctions that are not rocket science.

Do you ever notice that common sense is not too common yeah it’s like to me, I like to take things that are so complex and make them simple, because I found that complexity is the enemy of execution. The more complex you try to make something the harder is to get yourself to execute.

How many of you in this room came here because you have a business and you want to grow it. I’m curious. How many came for that reason? Wonderful! How many of you came here? You don’t own, a business, but you’d like to start one.

I’m curious, who’s in that mode? Okay, how many of you came here? Because you want to just improve your life, it had nothing to do with this. That’s, something I want to change all right little test, so I get a sense of what to deliver for you.

How many of you came here? Because you want to let’s, say: transform the economic side of your life. You want to grow your financial side, massively, okay, how many came because you want to change a relationship you want to enhance it.

You want to bring more passion to it or you want to create one. How many are in that mode? I’m curious awesome. How many came here because there’s, something you just want to change. You’re, tired of it.

You want to make a shift in some aspect of your life. You get your raise your hand for everything you greedy bastard, you with all this, and you give me a little three hours. What the hell is this! Well, let me just tell you, I think we can find a way to touch all these things.

My biggest challenge is that the shortest seminar normally do is 50 hours. Five: zero not exaggerated in a weekend, and the reason is, I’m not into pump up. I’m, not into just enthusiasm. I do believe in energy and we’re gonna create that here.

If you’re up for it, because without energy, you’re, not gonna follow through on anything, you could attend everything. You’ve heard you and I’m sure you’ve learned some. Some great speakers, but the vast majority people will never apply it.

That’s. Why? I’m here, because knowledge is not power, knowledge is potential power. Knowledge is trumped everyday by execution, and if you really want to change your life, you can’t. Let the learning you have here lead to knowledge or become an idiot.

You got ta, let your learning lead to action, and then you can become wealthy. Financially, mentally emotionally, spiritually and everything else, so that’s. Gon na, be my focus with you here and part of what I’m able to talk about.

This is because I’ve had this is my 39th year doing this. I started when I was three obviously, and I mean 39 years. It blows my mind in a hundred countries and when you’re around people in a hundred countries and you’re, seeing this much diversity at this point, my life, nothing surprises me, because every culture is different in the world.

All the countries I work in, but we all have the same human needs, and so I hope it’ll, make any foe pause. I’ve been coming here for 25 years, so I think I probably won’t. Make too many of them on here, but I hope you know they won’t be out of disrespect, but I really give a damn more than culture.

I care more about the individual. I care about what you can do with your life and why you came here for you to be the kind of person that party with to day to your life and came here and invested in yourself.

That makes you one of the few do versus the men who talk, but if that whew, that dudes gonna grow into real success at the level you desire and deserve the next level whatever that next level is for you and sure many of you are already Very successful, but he came because you want more, how many came? Would you want more or something here say I, but that’s? True then, we just got to look at what are the fundamentals that make that happen and little background how I came to be here.

I mean this 39. Your journey is because I’ve, been obsessed with a question for most of my life, and the question really is: what makes the difference in people’s lives? Why do some people perform so poorly consistently, even though they have every advantage, and why are there some people that perform at the highest level have every disadvantage, and why are there some people that achieve everything they dreamed and they’re miserable? How many know somebody that has every reason to be grateful for their life and they’re? Not they’re frustrated.

They’re pissed off they’re worried. How many know something like this AI? It’s, chronic it’s chronic in the world and to me that’s. Failure, if you succeed and you’re, not fulfilled that’s. Failure, because, when you’re not fulfilled, you & # 39.

Ve got nothing to really give anybody else. The problem is when you are learning in the way we wouldn & # 39. T recently learned. It was preparing you for a different world than the one where you were supposed to sit passively.

Would you report to your position on the bell rings and then what do you do? Talk to your neighbor initiate make happen. No, what are you supposed to do? Sit down and what guy is what you supposed to do shut up don’t talk to you today.

If you’re in business, you don’t talk to your neighbor, you’re out of business. Who’s with me here, say I. If you wait for someone to tell you what to do in business, it’s over your competition has taken you.

So we live in a different world and here’s. The problem you’re, still learning the way you were taught to learn so right. Now you’re, all being very nice to me. I have no complaint. You’re being very sweet, but you’re sitting in a passive state, and let me explain why that’s, difficult? Who’s ever done this? How many of you have ever gone to an environment where you learned something could be a university environment, could have been a business environment could have been a seminar, and you learn something you truly thought was extremely useful.

It wasn’t somebody selling you. You’re like this is good stuff. This’ll change, my business. This will change my life and you were excited about it and then you went home and you never actually applied a freaking thing that you learned who’s ever done this before, raise your hand and shout I who’s done this More than once say I, who still feels intelligent, say I you’re confused now I’ve done the same thing in the past and I now figure out what’s, the problem here.

How? How could I be this devoted dedicated guy commit my money, my time, my energy go to these events work my tail off, take lots of notes and then not apply it and it’s, because I was learning in a passive state because when you’re sitting like you’re sitting right now.

There’s, nothing wrong with it, but you will not. How much will you remember if I asked you where were you on 9/11 and you’re? Not even Americans how many camembert’s shining you heard about those planes crashing in the building.

You could see where you were. You can remember, raise your hand if you can remember every detail. Wow tell me where you were on eight eleven. You know why information without emotion is rarely maintained.

If there’s enough emotion, if, on eight eleven, you & # 39, ve met a special person in a special place and not a special experience. You might remember that, because there’s, a different level of emotion, so one things we want to do is when you’re learning in the traditional sense there’s, not enough emotion.

In your nervous system. There’s, nothing, not enough emotion! There’s, not enough energy. If there’s, one thing we have to have to be successful. I’m wasting my time and I’d, be wasting yours. If all we do is continue to talk this way, the reason is, it might be interesting as we go through some of the strategies you & # 39.

Ll, probably excited write them down, but in this level of energy here’s, what happens? Whatever state you’re in when you’re learning, it gets linked to what you’re learning. So if you’re sitting here and you’re really comfortable and you’re kind of enjoying.

This is pretty good wow, that’s really interesting, or that could be really valuable or damn. He has big teeth or whatever you’re thinking right now in your head. If you’re doing that in a passive state, then later on, when you & # 39, ve got to do something.

Oh yeah, I’m. Really gonna do this. This is really gonna happen and there’s, just no energy for it, so the less energy you have, the less likely you follow through and use something. How many follow here say I and so, but so you might say yeah but Tony.

I’ve, been here two days and you know it’s great to be here with you Bob a little tired. It’s late in the day that type of thing. What you got ta understand is this as a business owner as a professional.

If somebody’s, gonna be the best in the world at what you do or believes that you are there’s, nothing more valuable than energy, nothing moves without it and the lower the energy low energy things break down.

High energy. You can build, you can create, you can do anything. Energy has nothing to do with age, food sleep, it’s, something it comes with a psychology without the energy anything else about to talk to you about to waste the time.

So you and I need to establish a new standard for energy now here’s. What I want to talk to you about you have all these things. You want me to give you in the next two and a half three hours. Just make me rich.

Make me happy give me lots of sex, making sure that I feel totally confident grow my business, a hundred percent, I’ll. Give you a couple hours go for it kid so here’s. The truth tell me if I’m right or wrong about this.

You tell me if I were to take all the things that you say you want and I was to generalize them up into a deeper richer concept of what you really want. You don’t just want these individual things like lose weight or have more energy or make more money or have better relationship.

How many would agree? What you really are, after is an even more extraordinary quality of life that you want as great as your life. Maybe you want more more joy, more passion, more aliveness, more impact, more success who can relate to this here say I then, in order to create an extraordinary quality of life, you have to define it.

So what is an extraordinary cause of life? What would a magnificent life, be it’s, not for me to define, so you define on your terms to me an extraordinary life is life on your terms. What would it look like if you really truly without without exaggeration, could look yourself in the mirror and say holy look.

What I created look at the life that I’ve created now. Some of you truthfully could do that. Now you just don’t. Do it enough, but I know you want more. So let’s. Look at how to do that. I would say to you: there are two master skills.

I invite you to write them down. Two fundamental fundamental skills that you have to master: to have an extraordinary life that lasts it’s like getting rich anybody get rich. Staying rich is a different thing right and I would just mean financially rich.

I mean emotionally spiritually physically relationship rich. All the riches that are available to us, what are the two skills? The first skill is the science of achievement, the science of achievement and notice.

I said science. The reason is because achievement is a science and anyone can learn it. Doesn’t matter. Your age, it doesn’t matter. Your background, doesn’t matter. Anything the only thing that limits you is limiting beliefs, but once you figure out the science, for example, I just spent the last four years interviewing 50 of the most brilliant financial minds on the planet.

All people who are not part of the lucky sperm Club, meaning they actually earned it themselves, they started with nothing and they built Billy of dollars. And I want to see what’s, their common denominators in their work.

And if you practice what they teach, which is what I put into a book, if you do it there’s, zero question, what you do I applied, what I’ve learned the last four years and tripled my net worth, which was Already extremely high – and it all just came from applying what I learned, because I went to the very best on earth success leaves Clues, figured out.

They’re. Doing. Did it myself, I teach other people too, as well. Your body we’re, all unique biochemically, but not that unique meaning there’s. Certain fundamentals related to health, vitality and energy.

There’s. Certain laws. If you violate those laws, you’re gonna have low energy, and you’re gonna have dis ease in your body that’s. What disease is disease right? If you align with them? You’re gonna have enormous amounts of energy, and you’re gonna have an extraordinary life because you & # 39.

Ll have the energy to make it happen, but those are principles. There are laws you violate them. You pay the price, whether you like it or not. Doesn’t matter. Your beliefs, don’t matter. What matters is those are the rules now all of you in this room, my bet is, have achieved a hell of a lotta.

You would even come here the people that need some like this event. The most rarely come, the people that already successful to some extent they want more. They’ve, got momentum that’s, why they come, but let’s.

Point out real fast was it take to achieve. I want to give you what I believe, and you tell me if this is right or wrong, and maybe the best way to do this is to measure it. So I want you right now to think of something that you’ve, achieved in your life that once seemed difficult or impossible to you, something that once seemed like.

It was a pipe dream like it would be impossible, but today it’s in your life that might have been starting your own business. So now you have it that might have been a person you wanted to go out with you’re, hoping they’d, say yes to going out! You’re, hoping you kiss them! You’re, hoping you make love to them, and now you’re married to them good morning.

Good morning you got laufe milli arity all right, but it was once a dream. It was once like unbelievable. It seemed impossible. Maybe was earning a certain amount of money. Maybe it was something simple like how many of you, when you were really young.

There was a car that was like, oh maybe, even today there was a car that was a symbol to you of freedom or success or something anybody have a relationship with like that’s, something so you wanted it and it seemed impossible.

And then you made it happen, how many can think of something right now that once was impossible and it’s in your life today, solid you made it happen, your hands say aye. Then here’s. What I found the best way to figure out how to duplicate success is to study how you’ve already done it so think of that situation that once seemed impossible.

It’s now in your life, when it was impossible. What made it go from impossible to your life? Think about it! Well, what did you do to take this thing that seemed impossible, and now it’s in your life, but I would argue to you that there’s.

Three fundamental steps that everybody goes through it at a minimum. If you took something once seemed impossible, it’s there that we recognize what they are. You can go back to it and you know it works.

You & # 39, ve done it before and you can apply it to anything and I’ve played it most of my life and by simplifying it. Whenever I really want to achieve something. I come back these three steps and I make it happen.

So the first step is tell me if this is true for you. You became obsessed by it. This thing you wanted you didn’t just want it. You’re, a hunger, for it got stronger your desire, for it got stronger. He’s, smiling, yes, was it him good? I like that lucky man, but you had this hunger.

You have this desire, but it’s, a hunger to desire that wouldn’t go away. People always ask me one of the most common questions I’ll, get asked my people in the media is Tony. Is there a common trait cuz? You know I coach all these multi-billionaires now at this point in my life, so I’ve got guys that have now become I coached him, but they’re now, my friends, so people like to give an idea, Marc Benioff, who started Salesforce.

Com from zero and they’re doing they’re gonna do this year, eight billion, and he did it right out of one of my seminars, came up and told me, you convinced me, I’m leaving my company. I’m gonna start this business, I’m gonna apply the principles you taught.

He said it’s called I’m leaving Oracle. We’re gonna. Do a hundred million dollars he thought that was big. Now they’re, doing an eight billion, but I’m coaching these people or to give you an idea, Sir Richard Branson Richards a good friend of mine.

You know 400 companies. He has he’s. Just and you say what do these people have in common, a Steve Forbes? What do they all become? What they have in common is hunger, a hunger that doesn’t go away. Most people are hungry because things are uncomfortable, they know like how it is and they go to try to fix it or they lose weight to get in the bikini for a month or whatever it is, but the hunger doesn’t last.

The people are the most successful in the face of the earth. I think intelligence is one of the most value things you human-being can have and develop, but how many of you know somebody who’s incredibly smart and can’t fight? Their way out of a paper bag, Hey, so intelligence is not enough.

What’s? Gon na make you maximize your ability, is hunger, a hunger that doesn’t go away. So in the area where you achieved your hunger was sustained. You got hungry, you got desires, but you didn’t. Let it go.

How many can relate to this? When you think about this item, the situation you were hungry, you were driven, you wouldn’t, let it go. How many can relate to this AI and because you got that hunger? What did it do? It gave you the drive to do something which is the second step once that hunger is strong enough.

You pour you into action so step two. Is you got to take massive? What massive write down massive action is the cure-all. We all know it. Will we forget it? People say I don’t know what to do here’s. What to do, try anything I don’t know where to start throw up a rock wherever it lands start there.

The next person goes by go. I need to talk to you. You’re, the first person after the rock whatever it takes, you can get them going, but what people do is they think they have to know the answer. What they really got to do is get into action, but it’s.

Step. Two as two parts take massive action and effectively execute, because if your goal was let’s say to see a sunset: that’s, your whole goal and your plan, as you start taking action by running east.

Looking for that sunset, I don’t, give a how positive you are. I don’t care. How much you believe I don’t care. How enthusiastic you are! You are absolutely not gonna get the result. Cuz! You’re, the wrong strategy right, so you have to effectively I’d to you, but if you take massive action and what you’re, trying doesn’t work.

What should you do if you have this big goal and you’re on fire for it? You’re gonna make it happen, and then you try something that doesn’t work. What should you do? Try something else, and what, if that doesn & # 39, t work, what should you do and what, if that doesn & # 39, t work? What should you do come on guys if that doesn’t work? What should you do if that doesn’t work? What should you do if that doesn’t work? What you to do, I’ll, give you an example: how long would give your average baby your average child to learn? How to walk? How long would you give you average salary say: hey, stop you’re, just not a walker! You go! What are you crazy, my kids gonna keep trying until he or she walks magic formula.

No wonder almost everything the world world walks but watch how many of you like to sing that when no one’s around how many sing you sound like hell these days, your hats! Why aren & # 39? T you a singer because, early in your life, someone said that’s, horrible shut up that’s, terrible don’t.

Do that anymore! You’re, not a singer, and you believed them. Instead of to keep changing your approach until you became a singer there’s, nothing you can’t create if you’re hungry enough. If you take enough massive action and if you keep changing your approach until you find the way to effectively execute now, there is a way to speed this up, and that is to model someone who’s already getting the result.

You want. Why reinvent the wheel? Right, if you find this woman, is able to have this incredible relationship with her man and she doesn’t about him all the time they’re in love. They’re, passionate about for each other.

She’s, not lucky. You want to find out what is she doing differently with a man than you’re doing right? What’s? He doing differently with his woman than you’re doing? Because if you find that out, you’re gonna find out it isn’t luck.

There’s, something underneath in our and once you know what that something is and you effectively execute. Then you’ll. We need one more thing to achieve what you want and that’s. Grace or some people call it.

God some like to call it luck, but there is an amazing thing. I’ve learned in my life, the harder you work, the more focused you are, the more committed you are, the more flexible you are, the more grace tends to come to you and the more you acknowledge grace in your life that no matter how Hard you and I work there’s, still grace that we even born in this time.

In human history. I mean there wasn’t a better time in your life or any lifetime to be an entrepreneur than there is today there’s more resources available at your fingertips. It’s in your pocket. For God’s sakes than ever existed in the history of the world and it’s, going to change every aspect of your life, and you want to be ready to take advantage of that.

But it’s really hard to take advantage of things. When you’re busy, not noticing all the grace that art exists. I found when you acknowledge us there who can align with us who’s ever felt that sense of guidance or grace in your life, pretty beautiful.

So to achieve that’s, really all it takes. How many of you did these three steps? How many of you became obsessed about this thing you wanted and wouldn’t go and your energy built-in your desire bill, and then you took massive action and you know the hell.

You’re. Doing but you’ve, maybe changed enough time. Still you figure it out, and some grace came to you and it worked it out. Who’s done this before say I then I’m here. To tell you whatever is not in your life today that you want go back to those three steps as basic as that is that’s, all it takes, and we make it so much more complex in our minds and that’s.

Why most people don’t achieve they get fearful because they make it bigger than it is, and you can speed it all up by doing what I’ve done throughout my life, go find someone who is the best in the world At what they’re doing and suck out of their brain whatever they know, but there’s.

A second key lesson, cuz. How many of you have ever done this? How many of you have ever achieved the goal? You worked your tail off to get to and then you achieve the goal and your brain said is this all there is who’s? Have this experience for say I isn’t that a brutal experience I’d rather fail, because you know, if guys, like you and I, ladies and gentlemen, in this room before to fail, you don’t, accept failure right.

You just get up and try something else, so failure is actually better because you could still succeed when you succeed and you’re, not happy. Now you’re. What I call technically screwed you really that’s.

Demoralizing cuz! You worked your guts out and you achieve it. You’re, still not fulfilled. So. The second lesson, I believe, is even more important in this lesson. If you can take it home tonight, I’m telling you will change your life more than anything else.

I know, and I know it from 39 years of working with people, including myself. The second lesson is, you must master the art of fulfillment, the art of fulfillment, and that sounds so basic doesn’t it the art of fulfillment but notice.

I didn’t, say the science of fulfillment. Why it’s? Not a science, you know why! Because what’s gonna fulfill, you, my dear you and you, even if your dear friends or family, is not the same fulfillments an art? If you want to know what fulfills people look around this earth, you’ve got to find what it is that will light you up, because otherwise you achieve and you’re, not fulfilled.

As I said earlier, success without fulfilment is the ultimate failure. You think that if you achieve you’re gonna be happy, and I’m here to tell you you got to happily achieve, and that sounds just like changing one word, but it’s a different life and in Order to do that, you have to decide that fulfillment is even more important than achievement and by the way you don’t have to choose.

When you & # 39, re really fulfilled, you tend to achieve more. But if you & # 39, re gonna be fulfilled by something in the future, and you can’t find ecstasy. In this moment, you won’t, find it in the future more money, more accolades, more acknowledgement, more love, more alcohol.

More sex, more whatever it is, it’s, not going to give you more ecstasy in the future. If you can’t find that ecstasy. Now it’s, the most important decision of your life you could make today and it could be worth the entire two days times.

A thousand the most important decision that I’m, offering you to think about making today the most important decision in your life. What would it be? Some would say who you’re gonna marry and I wouldn & # 39.

T. Disagree with that, that’s, probably one of most important things. Your life, who you’re gonna spend time with us who you become, and if you pick the wrong person, life is a or you marry him or her right.

And if it’s, the right person. Life can be magnificent. But as important as that is, and I’ve made the wrong choice initially and the right choice. For the last 17 years, my wife’s been the greatest gift of my life.

I thank God for every day, but I’m, telling you even more important than that decision, because your husband or wife or your boyfriend or girlfriend could go away. They could die and get cancer. They could leave you they could divorce.

You you’re, not in control. We all have the illusion of control. We have the influence, not control, not when it comes to other human beings. The only new in control is what we think about what we focus on, what we feel and what we experience.

The most important decision of your life is deciding. You will be happy no matter what, because, unless you do that, you won’t be, and I can tell you achievement is common happiness, that a sustained is not you want to be an achiever here should be your new goal to achieve the highest Level of daily happiness that any human has ever experienced, because if you do that, you’ll, be the ultimate achieve you’ll dwarfed, everyone else and you’ll achieve as well.

So I’d, like in the short time I got left to do two things with you. I’d, like to give you some tools, more tools for changing your state, so you live in a beautiful state. How many liked to do that say now.

I know many of you about 35, or 40 % of you came here primarily with the idea of business and business opportunities. So why am I talking about these items? How many of you, your business, is like an extension of your identity.

Let me see your hands or it’s like your child. I make it relate to that right and how many of you have some children that need some correction, and so I do literally a five-day total immersion on business.

So I’m, not holding back, but in three hours I’d, be sprinkling it. But I’d like to plant just a couple of seeds with you and there’s, a unique opportunity that I’ll. Tell you a little more at the end that the Australian government is created, that if you’re, an Australian citizen who’s, an Australian citizen here awesome you can go through my business mastery program and my unleash the power would end There one affects your psychology.

One does every aspect of business. My promise of the business mastery program, simple. If you don’t, have a million dollars of value on a day one you can leave on that point. You can even take your notebook with you.

Nobody lives, I’ve been doing this. I help people grow their business 30 to 130 percent like clockwork, and I’m talking about businesses like a company called home X, the largest home builder in Mexico.

They directly relate to us 3/4 of a billion dollars of increase in the last 24 months or a chiropractor’s, got 2 members of his staff, an army of two, and he’s doubled his business in the last nine months.

Right that’s. What I do my greatest skill, and how do I do that it’s like I’ve built all these businesses, but it started with one understanding, but I want you to have and it’s. Why I focused today on achievement and fulfillment, because you’re? If you look at any business and you want to know what the choke hold is on the business’s, growth, it’s, always the owner.

It’s, always the leader, because the choke hold is in the form of your psychology and your skills, and I would say to you jot it down: 80 % of success in business is psychology and 20 % is mechanics now, don’T get me wrong.

I’m, a big believer in strategies because I know one strategy can save you a decade of pain. One strategy can make you a million dollars, but if you have the strategy, how many have had lots of strategies in the past and then not follow through them? Those are done before say I that’s.

Why your psychology is the most important part, so I’ll. Give you the details at the end. I want to put the seed with you. If you want to grow your business, you’ve got to grow. There is no business. That’s, going to grow dynamically and consistently and give you huge levels of financial and emotional and spiritual rewards without you growing, but you have to have a way to do it.

That’s, discipline. That gives you both the psychological change, but also the skill change. Some people do have a great psychology, but if they know how to make a great product or service, but they’re terrible at marketing and today, by the way, does the best product win in the world.

We live in today, yes or no, no, which product wins, the best marketed product wins now long term, the best product and the best marketing wins that would be in the past Apple. I say the past cuz: they’re, slipping a bit because they’ve stopped innovating at the same level they used to.

But the bottom line is: if you have incredible product or service, and you have incredible marketing, you’re gonna win, but we live in a world with shitty products who’s ever seen. Someone’s, a product, far inferior to your own product or service, and they’re, making more business than you are.

Let me see your hands here say I today. Is it easier to mark it or harder which one which one it’s easier and it’s cheaper, but it’s less effective. The reason is 15 years ago I don’t, know what the numbers are in Australia, but I know what they are in the UK.

I know what they are in Germany, France and the US, and it’s. Identical numbers about 15 years ago would be 16 years ago. Now they did the study and they found that it took on average four exposures to a product on average.

Before someone then took action on average, does anybody know what it is today, meaning as of last year, 16 16 exposures on average, before someone’s response, so today it’s really hard to succeed. If you’re in a situation where you’re trying to market, and what are you gonna compare to today, people have gigantic budgets that’s? Why you’ve seen all these small businesses disappear.

More big businesses show up and how are you supposed to compete with that? The answer is you can, but you to use a totally different tack. You can’t. Do traditional advertising you’re gonna have to learn to master what I teach, which is, how do you become the expert in the field so that people come to you because they want to understand what you know about it? Where people seek you out, you don’t advertise for them, because, whatever advertising you have of your small business, it’s.

Gon na be very hard for you compete with that, and that is for every kind of product you can imagine. Today, isn’t it true. So a lot of people get down and out it’s, just cuz they don’t understand. It is so easy in the world.

We live in today to develop a level of expertise where your marketing is not marketing. It’s, adding value. If there’s, one way to become wealthy in business there’s, only one way to stay wealthy find a way to do more for others than who then who than anyone else.

If you find a way to add more value than anyone else in your category, you will completely dominate that market place and if you keep doing it and you keep innovating, you keep growing, you can go from a tiny little business where everyone else dominated you, where You’re, the dominant force, and I’m only one example of that and I can show anyone how to do that process.

But you’re gonna have to commit yourself to the study of

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