Tony Robbins: GO HARD MINDSET | Tony Robbins ft Jim Rohn 2020

If the person is entrepreneurial – and they asked me this question – I always tell them, you know you’ve got to take care of your kids, you got to pay the bills and I said, but you know tell me when you work, and they tell Me well, you know, I work, you know, 9:00 to 5:00 or 8:00 to 5:00 and I’m exhausted when they also said well.

What are you doing with the other eight hours, because that’s? What I did I worked as a janitor, all my long middle than anything else. I could compress time there because it was based on results not time, so if I could do the great job in shorter time, I had that time.

But then you know what I start doing between you know: seven o’clock at night and 2:00 in the morning, which is pretty much the time. I work that’s when I was developing myself getting the skills, learning educating starting the business, so I I think people just have to realize it’s gut wrenching process.

It’s. Not an entrepreneurship is not for everybody. Most people fail entrepreneurship. The vast majority fail. You know ninety six percent of ten years, but what happens after ten years, all clear sailing after that? And anybody remember Lehman Brothers they around a century that gross revenues over a century of more than a trillion.

With a t dollars that’s, ones went through their bank accounts over that century and they’re gone. So I don’t think it’s right for every, but I think you have to really be clear on. Is your personality, the right personality? If you’re gonna begin in this area and then, if you’re gonna work for somebody else, you can still become financially free.

But that means you got to stop being a consumer and become an owner of our under entrepreneurs. You want to own businesses right, get out of just the you know. Don’t just own an iPhone own, the company, but not just Apple.

Obviously, but how do you keep your energy up and your enthusiasm up? I you know, how do you do it? I’m wired for it. You notice it’s, my nature, to some extent, but also the other part. Is I get to see results I mean who here has ever been touched by my work before I’m curious anybody in this room, so look around the room and I just found so hard to be inspired when I’m in A room in a third or a 40 % or 50 % have used my work, and so people come up to me every day, dozens of people a day.

If I’m traveling – and they tell me the most amazing stories outside my children and my wife – that’s – probably the greatest gift of my life – I never get tired of hearing it, and it just makes me want to deliver more.

Give more have more impact you get. The last word tell me what you wan na know. Well, if you’re entrepreneurs out there here’s, what I’d, say to you. I’d, say don’t, be so damn hard on yourself. I know that sounds counter to being an achiever.

But when you’re beating yourself up, you’re, sucking out the energy you need to move forward. It’s kind of like I always tell people there’s, so much energy and I don’t mind. I do a lot of things to build.

My energy be incredibly strong, have really strong endurance, because to me energy is life. If you don’t strong energy, I can do anything, but even after we look at that energy, it only goes so many places.

So if your energy is being caught up, if you take energy in a business and you pour it into external marketing going out and reaching people and adding value that business is gonna grow. But if there are inner conflicts in that business between people, then the energy is being sucked in here and less energy is going out there.

The business is gonna have problems that’s. Also true of you, if you allow your disappointments to create these inner conflicts and fears and you let them run wild within you, they’re gonna suck the energy out.

You need to go to the next level in your business. You have to discipline your disappointment now. You know, mine is the 90 second rule so watch this. Try something real fast! Look around this room. I’m, going to give you a test, look around this room and see everything it’s.

Brown, I’m gonna test. You in a moment, look behind you look around you look clothing with the people. If anything that’s, brown brown, brown, brown, brown rectal cord in your mind, close your eyes now, with your eyes closed.

Tell me everything you saw just now. That was red. If you see more Brown than red, say hi open your eyes, look for red! Now, really look for red! Look for it anywhere! You can find look around you look besides.

You look at the front back. How many found more red this time right hands? You did say ahh. Why did you find more red this time that you told me to seek and you shall find, but here’s? What’s? Amazing seek and you shall find, even if it’s, not there.

I’ll, prove it to you. How many saw beige it called it brown just to feel successful. How many saw burgundy called it red just see, caliber pieces. So if you think you’re a jerk or someone else’s, a jerk, you’re gonna color it you’re gonna change.

You’re gonna find the jerkiness in them. You’re gonna find the jerk in you. It’s, really important that you manage your mental emotional state because you are the business. If you’re the leader, your responsibility, your job, your opportunity, your privilege, is to be able to truly lead, and you cannot lead if you’re living in fear.

You cannot lead in a place of constant uncertainty. We all have uncertainty at times, but if you watched an athlete go out to shoot a free, throw or a kicker in the NFL to go, kick the ball. How many ever seen that person they’re about to kick it there by opportunity? Go they’re gonna miss it, and you know they’re gonna miss it whose experiences before huh? How did you know you could see in their body if they’re missing the core ingredient? Absolute certainty, you get the great skills in the world, but when you lose that certainty, the athlete goes down that’s.

Usually when I get the call, I got to rewire them and get them back where they can execute at that level. So be kind to yourself as corny, as that sounds not to be kind to yourself, but so there’s more energy available to solve the problems and to build the business and to meet your mission.

Because the time you’re beating yourself up, you’re, trying to prove to yourself. You really care, but meanwhile, what you’re doing is sucking the energy out of your growth. I had somebody who embezzled some money when I was a tiny company when I went to come here’s, three million dollars.

I think I embezzled quarter-million dollars and I was seven fifty eight thousand dollars in debt. I thought I was in profit and in those days nobody told me, I have to go bankrupt and I remember I was just like so angry.

There’s, so much anger, because my business was like my child. This guy tried to kill my child. You know so I was chasing him in New Mexico, so I could beat the hell out of him, put him in prison and and then I realized in the middle of stuff.

I got ta. Let go of this because well, I’m busy being angry and pissed off the business is gonna go under. I’m chasing birds. When we do, when I get to the bird, I got ta focus on how to have the value and so take your energy that’s.

All you have in this life and invest it in the things you love. So you & # 39. Ve got to handle the negative here’s. What part of it is it’s called the great war between good knee mr. Reynolds, and I are working on a new book this year called the great war between good and evil, and there is a war on the minute you were born.

You got involved in the war between good and evil, between darkness and light between negative and positive, between evil and good, between tyranny and democracy between weeds and human activity. I mean the war is on [ Music ].

If democracy sleeps guess who never sleeps tyranny in the absence of light, guess what’s automatic darkness? If good does not arouse itself and become active guess what moves in evil it’s, a war, a mental war, a physical war, a financial war between enterprise and ease between accomplishment and failure.

It’s, a war that’s. Why there’s, an old testament phrase that gives the best advice for human activity when it says six days labor one day rest now, I’m sure we’ve. Taken that to mean don’t work. All seven days take one off here’s.

What it also means only take one: Oh or you’re liable to lose the war. Now we’ve, got it down to five and two, and maybe that’s, not too dangerous. I don’t know if God would have thought of five in two.

He might have made it five and two. I don’t know you can’t. Think of everything, but here’s. What it does me enterprise is better than ease. If you rest too long. The jungle overtakes, the village now here’s.

The good news about the war between good and evil evil is no match for good, but good must be active. Weeds are no match for human activity, but if you stand still, how far in will they come? [, Music ] all the way they & # 39? Ll grow right up around your shoes, but if you get busy, how far back, can you take them as far as you wish? They’re no match, but you must be acting.

That’s. Why the six and one make sure you’re, not losing the war by taking off too guess what the average years are after retirement, six six, which means don’t retire. Your chances are too okay the war between good and evil.

The weeds you got to make sure you recognize the negative handle it deal with it and then go on. Let’s, make a list of the diseases of attitude that can wreck all your chances to do with one of the words that destroys everything is called neglect neglect, and I found this out a week of neglect – could cost you a year of repair, Isn’t worth it.

So what to be on the lookout for here’s? The list, if you were making it, you’d, have the same list. I’ve got right. We’re, not covering anything new tonight. This is a reminding session, not a teaching session, but it doesn’t hurt to go over it again here’s.

The list attitude diseases number one – is indifference: the shrug of the shoulders a guy’s, not even concerned. He’s just drifting. This is called the mild approach to life, a disease known as mildness [, Music ], the guy says.

Well, I can’t, see getting all that worked up well to be any kind of winner. You got to get worked up there’s, one problem with drift. You cannot drift to the top of the mountain and the good Lord said in the closing chapters of the Bible here’s, the best way to live one way or the other, that’s best hot, or what’s? Next best cold is next best, the heart, not the half-baked middle lukewarm, not too hot, not too cold.

What a sad way to live. I think what it means is pick a direction and go with everything you & # 39. Ve got just pick one and go somebody says yeah, but what if it’s, the wrong direction, you’ll, find out quicker.

It won’t. Take you 25 years to wake up and say: oh no, I’ve, been walking the wrong road. I told my staff the other day. Next. Best of prosperity is adversity. If one doesn’t get you pray for the other.

We all do better from one of two reasons: inspiration or desperation, and I don’t wish anything bad on you tonight. But if you’re, not inspired, I hope a wagon comes down. You’re rut, whatever it takes to get you to try harder, read more set your goals and go for it.

Somebody asked me one time what quality would I pick if I wanted to work with somebody, and you know what I picked first number one strong feeling. Please number one give me somebody that feels strong about most anything.

I don’t even care just so they believe it, even if they disagree with me wonderful just so they disagree vigorously. I’m, not saying it’s, easy to win those kind of people to your point of view, but I’d rather do that than to try to resurrect people from the dead pump them up every month.

Para la pompe ma I pass [ Music ]

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