Tony Robbins – How To Pick Yourself Up And Move On (Tony Robbins Motivation)

[, Music, ], hey everyone, its Tony Robbins here welcome to the second season of our podcast. The fact, if you’re back after last year, welcome back welcome home and if you’re, not let me tell you what this podcast is about.

I’m obsessed. I hope you are too. I’m obsessed with wanting to find the answers to what makes the difference in the quality of people’s lives. I’ve, always been fascinated to see people that have been given everything.

You know a tremendous love and their family tremendous education, economic advantage. They’re, looked out for it every way and oftentimes the people you give them most to are become emotionally or psychologically weak, not strong.

Often they find their self fighting their way in and out of rehab, even though they have every kind of love and support. You can imagine, and then you see the opposite. Don’t, you, you see, people out there, that life has just stomped all over who’ve, been abused mentally emotionally, physically sexually, anything you can imagine, and yet, rather than live in the story which they have every right to do something Inside of them won’t settle, something sytem is so hungry becomes so driven because the pain, the disappointment, the frustration, doesn’t stop them, it drives them and they create the most extraordinary lives not only for themselves, but they become an Inspiration to all of us as well, I’m, also equally passionate about business and a lot of this.

You know 7075, some, the people to come to my live events or business owners, because I think people who are one of those life on their terms are attracted to what I do, because they’re. Looking for what are those edges and where I found those edges to help, people grow their business 30 to 130 percent or more.

What’s gotten me to be able to coach multi-billionaire clients like the Marc, Benioff, save the world from or Peter Guber of the Golden State. Warriors basketball team, the LA Dodgers. You know it’s, got 52 Academy Award nominations, Paul, Tudor Jones or the top 10 financial traders in the world.

The reason I’ve got to coach them. It’s because I have found answers from the very best on earth. I didn’t, make them up, and so the purpose of this podcast is to bring you the greatest minds. I know over the world.

The people I consider to be mentors and friends who have insights that can truly change the quality of your life in your business. Now this Kassadin passion that almost never came to be because I got a challenge, probably the same one.

You do time so I thought my team came and said you know we’d love to have you a podcast as like guys are you kidding me me. I run around like a crazy person. Every approximately every four days I’m either on stage or on a plane or training helicopter interaction towards one.

Then I go to twelve to fifteen countries a year. I see about 200,000 people last year to give you an idea, and you know I also have 18 companies 12, that I actively manage and of those 12 we have more than a thousand employees on three continents and six different industries.

I think seven now actually – and you know we do over five billion in sales and I start out with no business background and no even desire to do it. But I did have an obsession with wanting. If I do, I do more for other people than anyone else is doing to find a way to add more value.

So I want to bring you those people and of course I want to do the podcast, but it’s like where do I do this in my spare time, and so I first told my team: no, but then you know people kept talking to Me about a program I used to do called power talk and I did it for about a half a decade when, at that stage, in my life, I interviewed all these brilliant people and it’s, still a favorite product for many people, and I Thought, well, I can do this.

I could bring the greatest minds to you if I could get some leverage and so last year, the way we did that is located our co-hosts, who did the actual physical interviews. I set it up and gave people the frames in the follow-up, and that was Anna and she did an amazing job.

I’m very grateful to her, but this year I’m, going to do some of the interviews as well, and I’m going to mix it up and I thought who better to do this then my own personal Right arm the woman who I pitching catch with everyday woman who’s, one of my best friends on the face of the earth and for Bonnie pearl her best friend on the face of the earth and somebody who literally knows what I know she’s, a person along with Diane Adcock runs my creative department, Mary buckeye does her name or Mary B? Is she’s, affectionately known all the different partners and employees and associates we have all over the world? Mary is the person that were constantly brainstorming together to figure out.

How are we going to take this message and tighten it? How we’re, going to strengthen how we’re, going to get through to people here in China, different people in Australia, and so we literally have times we travel the world together with our mission, and we have time for 24/7.

Those nights those all-nighters as well, so I thought she would be the perfect person to do this because there’s. Also, not somebody who knows me better knows my thoughts can help me extend this and get this information to you, but also not anybody in the face to the earth that I respect or a lot more as well.

So with that, do let me introduce you all, and I should give you a background for one second, that Aisha to Mary – and that is you know she was a Division, one extraordinary athlete captain of her team and soccer and tremendous softball player, and then she left That to go to work with ESPN and and literally she launched so quickly.

They gave her some of the most important interviews. One of the first interview she did was with a young man just coming to the NBA called LeBron James. So she could. They gave her some really interesting and challenging pieces, and after eight years there she’s left to go.

Look with the gentleman who’s, one of the world’s, great adventurers, who literally explores the earth everywhere and she’s, got to explore all the corners of the earth with just a brilliant man. She has a great and very background, but her heart or soul or commitment and their mind and brilliance.

I want her to be our co-host here so here she is without further ado, Mary be merry Buckeye. All those compliments done and really I’m. Just like human velcro to you, I think that’s. My biggest achievement is living this life in your shorts pocket traveling everywhere is a Bond girl.

Yes, you are my belt girlfriend and you read my mind, so I’m. Very very grateful, so let’s. Talk with our team here in this first podcast and we’re gonna do part of this together and I’m going to leave it to you, but let’s.

Start with let’s, talk about who this is and why are we bringing this person out for are going to do the first part of the second season? I am delighted to tell you why telling, because this is a human being.

Who is a graduate from Brown University and not a standout athlete in one sport, but in three and again at Brown, which is not exactly a safety school over there in Providence? So it’s, graduated with a degree in psychology.

We love to talk to her about picking the brains of other human beings. She herself then went on to become the number one triathlete in the entire world, even though at age 23 she says she still could basically only swim to save her life, never had any technique.

Coaching training never got in the water, never got in a pool, and then she comes on to be the world number one Robi, you’re gonna love this, because that’s. What we asked her we dug into her psychology here and you’re, going to fall in love with this lady because listen your business owner, many of you, you’re, an athlete yourself, or maybe we’re at one Time and maybe didn’t, take all that you have from athletics to the next part of your life, and I found that athletics is really about peak performance.

I wanted to do this interview where there, because the Olympics start this Friday and I think it’s, an opportunity you think about this. These are the greatest athletes in the world. These are people that had a vision larger than anybody else, but they didn’t just talk about it.

Didn’t get enthusiastic about it. They figured out how to convert that absolute vision into reality where they competed with everyone on earth, and now they’re. Coming to this final competition, there’s very little.

That could be more inspiring, but to hear this woman could even swim. Barely keep her head above water deciding just making that decision. It’s like starting a business. Just like saying i’ma. Take my company public.

I’m, going to make a million dollars or ten million or a billion. You know there was no reason that she should be able to feel certain. She can do this, but she made the decision within herself and then she went on the journey and this interview I think you’re, going to be very touched by it.

It’s, one that I don’t care. If you’re a business owner or if you’re an employee for someone else or you’re, a mom or a dad or you’re aspiring athlete or you just want to go another level. It’s, a reminder that any of us can go from the worst to the best.

If we’re willing to pay the price and if we understand the fundamentals of how to coach ourselves and get quality coaching to get from where we are to where we want to be, and by the way, if you are a business owner, you’re, also going to be driven by this podcast, because we’re, going to dig into her psychology, not how she went from doing what seemed impossible to making it real turn.

Your vision, a reality, but also she’s. Now the world’s greatest coach and if you want to become a triathlete and you have the money, the time, energy and the true commitment, the first thing you want to do is make a journey to Boulder Colorado.

Just try to see if you can get Siri to take you on. So I’m going to ask her. How do you build a championship team, an Olympic championship team? How do you recruit people? How do you know they’re? The right ones, how do you know when to let go of them all the things you have to do in your business or maybe even in your personal life as well at times, and how do you build sustainable success in anything? You told me a quote about her.

What are you saying I’m saying? I think that what the essence of Siri Linley really is, though, listening to an interview watching that she did on TV, and she said she basically lent them being crappy to being in her words on the top.

Basically, which is, as we know, the number one world ranking, so you want to go from being crappy to be number one in the world. Better, listen! Take a few notes here here’s, the pathway, so that’s. Further ado meet Siri Finley, hello, Siri, oh my god.

We have contact, oh, my goodness, sorry, probably not perfect. Oh my god! No prob! I am just Tony. I have to say this is like a dream. Come true! Just hearing your voice on the other side of the phone, I seriously don’t I can’t understand it.

This is a dream or not, because they’re highly responsible for, like a lot of anything at all that I’ve done, you got ta because that’s, you well that’s. Compliment assignment so excited to talk to you, because your history is so unique and you know my whole life is about finding people that just make decisions and then make the impossible happen, and you’ve done that in your life multiple times.

So it’s, really a privilege to have you on the podcast, and I really appreciate you taking the time. Oh my god, it’s such a great honor. So really, thank you so much. I mean a lot of what I learned from you helped me to have the courage to make those decisions that I had to make so really.

Thank you very, very much. Well, you’re, very kind. You give me more credit than I deserve. Is all your hard work yeah, let’s, jump into it right away here, let what I’ve kind of done, an introduction in advance of you here to kind of save you some time, but let me just repeat it for those Who might just be joining? You know you are a human being that has done things most.

Human beings would think would be impossible. You’re. You know you go to brown, you’re. Three Sport athlete. I give me the genesis of this decision, because you know a lot of our listeners are business owners and they’re.

You know they & # 39. Ve got to make decisions where they can take what seems to be impossible, make it possible to say metaphor: they’ve got to build teams, they’ve got to recruit people. I got to know who are the right people? I got thinking how to inspire them and motivate them to follow through they got to build a culture.

You’ve done all that at a level called Olympics. You know at the level where the very best on the earth is not and you competing against people, so I want to start if we could, with a little bit of your journey yeah, I heard and as I understand it, that at one stage, even though you Had not you’re, not a swimmer, you decided you’re, going to become number one world of the triathlete.

So tell me how this comes about and tell me the role that may be coaching played along the way, because I know you had a pretty extraordinary coach, yeah um. Well, in the beginning, so I had been a three-sport athlete field hockey ice hockey and lacrosse at Brown University, and I loved it and – and that was amazing, but there was something inside of me.

I think that I’ve, always kind of doubted myself and I’ve, always been afraid and a little bit insecure, and I think part of my journey was that I needed to do something that was going to show me what I Was capable of on my own without a team around me? You know like as a team, you win a game and you know that you were part of it, but you don & # 39.

T really know how much of an input you had towards that win, and so, when I learned about triathlon, I had a friend that was doing a triathlon and she asked me to come watch and I had no clue what it was and I showed up, and I saw all these people of different ages and different sizes and different abilities, and I just thought it looked like the most incredible challenge.

These people pushing them to the limits just to find out what they were capable of. So I started training for it, but I didn’t know how to swim. The only swim I’d ever really done was swanee with my mom, which is like keeping your head out of the water, because she has this beautiful blonde hair and she didn’t want to get it wet, and so she, just Like do breaststroke with her head out of the water okay, when I got in the first time – and I had told my friend look – I really want to do triathlon.

She took one look at me and thought: oh god, this is going to be a big project. You know I didn’t, really tell anyone how far I wanted to go or what I was dreaming of but as as time went by and I had been training for a few months and I was complete disaster basically in all three.

I just knew you know in my heart and in my gut that I had to do this and I had to take this. As far as I could possibly go, and I told my mom that I wanted to be the best in the world um, which is crazy, she kind of laughed at me because she had seen me practicing [ Laughter, ], remonda, believing you it’s.

Not very promising, I was a little scary for me, but I thought no, I’m still going to do it and I flew out to Colorado. I’ve, been living in Massachusetts at the time and I flew all the way out to Colorado because I wanted to do a race where no one knew me, and I did this race and the first thing you know they line you up and You have to kind of put yourself in the group of your same ability, but I had no idea about what swim times were or what a hundred meters was, and so they asked me, you know what Lane are you and I said I don’T know I don’t know, and I was getting all nervous and all these people were lining up behind me and they said you’ve got to tell me, are you a 120 per hundred 130 400 140 and I’m, like I don’t know I don’t, know just 120, and I got myself in this Lane because I didn’t understand what that meant, and I thought it was like.

Oh he’s. Amazing swimmers with these like triangular backs and they looked so fit, but I was such a dork at the time and I still AM that I was so eager to have my best race that I just stood right up at the front of all these.

You know gods with these triangular backs. It started the race front of him and got absolutely pummeled on the swim and it was just like it was the scariest thing, but it was awesome because after about half, if this swim was done in a pool – and so I was just getting pummeled every time – They went by me, but the great thing was that when I was only halfway through my swim, they were all done so I actually had.

I was just so excited my mom standing on the side of the pool with my spandex pants, which again terrible mistake. I’m trying to get in my space pants and I’m all wet. So I get on my bike and I’m hammering away on this.

You know heavy hundred pound bike, but loving it and you know, but people are looking at me funny because I’m grunting and groaning and obviously don’t know what I’m doing and I get off on the Run – and this was I was thinking – okay, you know I’m used to this.

I run up and down a field and field hockey and lacrosse. I’m just going to do what I do out there and I was just doing these flat out hundred meter sprints as hard as I could go to the point that sagging and I’m huffing and puffing and I covered the Whole 5k, like that, just these hundred meter sprints, followed by a gag and a you know: didn’t notice.

The thing you know I crossed the line. I was just so thrilled and my mom was there. She had packed up everything in the car and she’s like okay, let & # 39. S go and I said, wait. A second. The awards are at one o’clock like we can’t leave now, and she looked at me like, oh my god, I got it.

Okay and of course I didn’t get an award. I was literally, I mean probably last place and I got home that night well actually that day I was just on cloud 9. It was like the greatest challenge of my life and wipe this been totally inside myself, the whole entire race, but that night I got in bed and I closed my eyes and suddenly all the disgusted looks on the people & # 39.

S faces like watching me like, oh my god. Why is that girl even trying to do this, like look at her that so embarrassing and, oh, my god, she’s, got a spandex pant halfway down her leg and the other enough tie her.

You know, and all the face is that I didn & # 39, t really pay attention to during the race, but suddenly they were all flooding back into my mind and I just broke down in tears. I was so upset and I went into my mom’s bedroom and I woke her up and I’m bawling and she said I know honey it’s.

Okay, like there’s, so many things that you’re good at don’t worry about it. I have never wanted anything so bad in my life wrong, and it was in that moment that I just you know in stating it to her. I already knew in my heart, but there was just something about being so terrible at something and all my insecurities, you know I was able to put it away during the race, but it all kind of came back.

If it looks on people’s faces in that memory, and that actually really really motivated me to just want to become first of all, just proficient in this sport that I so desperately wanted to be good at well, you just hit on you know: People ask me: what is the single most important ingredient, the most successful people I’ve ever met in the world, and you know everyone like what’s, the one thing and of course life is never just one thing, but if you Have to pick one I don’t care.

If it’s, you know Sir Richard Branson or Serena Williams or Hugh Jackman, or anybody who’s the best in the world at what they do. It’s. Hunger – and you just described that again, I will share with people.

You know. Intelligence is so incredibly valuable. You know physical strength and skill is so valuable, but there are a lot of intelligent people can’t fight their way out of a paper bag. It’s that hunger that makes you just go far beyond anything.

You can imagine. Where does the hunger come from and you you think I think it comes from um. You know, for whatever reasons in in my early life lacking the confidence feeling like I wasn’t really important enough and and almost feeling like I didn’t belong and in this world, because I wasn’t good enough Or there was no reason for me being there.

I mean it’s kind of obviously as kids. The things we go through and how we perceive the things that we go through really affect our perception of ourselves, and I wouldn’t. Be born the kind of unit equity that series so many times.

Well, we’ll. Look at that and they’ll. They’ll, be destroyed by it’s like disappointment, either destroys you or drives you right. You know, and for most people, if they let it destroy them, you know what is it in you that, in spite of all that pain, I understand the pain that helped to drive you, but why did you convert into Drive as opposed to giving up, which is What most people do? I think I was just so desperate to feel good and and to feel safe in my own body and to feel like I belonged, and I was just desperate to to be happy.

I I wanted something different than the way that I felt. I was so uncomfortable in my own skin and so uncomfortable in the world that I was in, and I didn’t want to live that way anymore, like like, I knew that there was a better way, and sometimes unfortunately you know you watch people.

You know, like I, have a sister who I love so much, but we went through the same stuff growing up, but we made different choices and you know – and sometimes I feel guilty in a way that you know I I’ve, been so blessed In my life, but I do feel that it is a choice you have to make that decision.

I don’t want to feel bad anymore. You know and yeah so that’s where the hunger came from and it was more just. I mean first and foremost wanting to just appreciate and like myself, you know and and really safe, because I didn’t really feel safe.

You know in my life anywhere else and I at least wanted to feel safe in my own skin Wow. I think you know for for women, especially most men have no clue. I ask men very often in seminars how many of you been worried for your safety at one point in the last six months, and usually I get three hands.

You know maybe five hands in a room of eight thousand: ten thousand people ask them and how many of you have had a concern for your safety. In the last six months, 99 % of the room raises their hand, and so it’s.

Interesting that you converted this, so we you felt this sense of. Is it the strength that gave you the safety? It was a sense of mastery. I’m. Just curious. I think you know I don & # 39. T know that I I went into the sport saying this is what I’m going to get out of it.

I know that at the time my whole, I was living my life out of a place of fear all the time and I think the trance the biggest transformation in me throughout the whole process of doing the sport was that I started really loving what I was Doing because I was, I was gaining confidence and – and I was you know doing something that was making me feel good about myself, and so then I started focusing on living my life from a place of love.

If that makes sense and saying I’m gonna be afraid you know, I still get afraid, but I would rather just take steps towards you know doing the things that I love and trying hard and being productive and being proactive and focusing on The things that I love and having that be the major theme in my life and keeping this fear at bay, you know you’re, saying.

The fundamentals that are true to be a champion in a sport, but also be a champion in business, could be a champion in your own life. I mean facing fear and then finding a way to find your passion or what you love.

So you grow, but you didn & # 39. T love it to start with. You just have to drive to start with. Tell me if you would you know, I know you had a very special coach. Tell me the role the coach flight and you know, did you ever think this is going to be impossible and you made this decisive decision, but tell me a little bit about what what the road was like at the training road for this, because most people, I Think overestimate what they’re going to do in a year, and they underestimate what they can do in a half a decade or a decade or a couple decades and life and in business.

So you know you & # 39. Ve got to put the time in, but tell me what. How did you find your coach? How important was your coach and what was your head out in what roles of the coach play goes today? You’re, one of the best coaches in the world for those who don & # 39.

T know it if you want to become the triathlete and you have any intelligence, and you ask around you’re, going to find a boulder man or woman. Then you trained here. If you can – and you can here by you – know, series mindset and attitude how much people love her.

She’s beloved in the community, besides being respected. Yes, some people respected but not loved. You’re, respected and loved so obvious. Why did you talk to talk with you right now, but tell me what about your coach Siri? I’m going to pop in here it’s, married B as I listen to Tony, and I listened to a previous interview last night with you, and I was touched when you, when you told someone else you know you went from Quote being crappy to quote on top basically which that’s, another little glimpse into your humility.

On top. Basically, you didn’t, say it, but your world number one. Two years in a row, you crap you all number one. What is Brett Sutton has to do with that. Well, okay, first of all, thank you so much that’s like the greatest compliment of my life, and I’m going to save that forever.

So, thank you and – and I’m just so lucky that I just really love what I do and it’s such a privilege to be able to work with these amazing athletes. I think I want to mention if you guys don’t mind. My first coach was a huge part in kind of laying the groundwork, and then I’m going to get to Brett because yeah he was just perfect amazing.

I’m perfect for me, but my first coccioli Casaus. This is when I decided I’m moving out to Colorado. It’s, a triathlon mecca. I was no good at this point in time, but I’m, going to take every step to make this happen, and I moved out here and what I loved about Yoli.

She was so passionate about the sport and her take on me was. I want to train you first of all, knowing that you, as a human being, are far more important to me than you as an athlete, and she always kind of you know stressed the fact that, like who you are as a human being, is way more important Than anything else – and I really love that, because I really believe you know, I think some athletes there’s kind of like a fear of success because they don’t feel like they deserve.

You know to do well, or there’s, something that limits them in that area, and I really feel that her influence on me in wanting to really focus on being the best person I could be, first of all and then being the best athlete.

I could be was a really great way to you know give you that comfort, that you know what I’ve been the best person I’m, capable of being I’ve worked my butt off and – and I deserve To do well to have that best face that you really believe that you deserve to do well, so she she was just amazing and when I went to train with Brett he oh wow, I mean he is a.

He’s, a special special person in that he is just brilliant in getting into the mind of the athlete, and I had I’d, been doing pretty well, I had a New Zealand coach Jack Ralston that I’d, Been working with for a couple of years, and I was trying to make the Olympic team in 2000, everything was going great.

I was coming in fourth place and pretty much every World Cup race that I was doing, and that was awesome and all, and it put me in a great position to qualify for the Olympic team, but it wasn’t quite enough.

So, of course, in my heart and and in my mind, I’m thinking. I’m, just not good enough to take that step onto the podium, and so I started well. Actually, I should tell you that the Olympic Trials came along and I was the second ranked American and everybody was thought it was going to be a sure thing that I made the Olympic team and I moved to Australia and lived like a monk for six months.

All by myself, in an apartment, I was on kick that I thought you know I’m, going to be my strongest if I know that I’ve done all of this on my own, there’s. No, so if you’re one of us Mary or one Supporter, it was so awful.

I had my altitude 10. I was like watching neighbors I don’t know if it’s, this horrible. Actually I shouldn’t say that this great show in Australia super watch yourself there. You just watch the country economy and I love Australia, but no it was a show that entertained me every night night eat my dinner.

I get my altitude 10 and I would visualize the perfect race every single night. My goal was for 365 days. I was going to visualise the perfect race on the exact that the Olympic Trials were going to be on and the problem with that I mean there’s.

A lot of problems with this whole scenario number one. I’m, someone who thrives on love, and I thrive on my family and my pets, and all of that – and I I don’t know why I felt that that all had to be put aside for me to prove how strong I was on my own, but I did that and – and I felt like I needed to do that at the time, but when I got into the Olympic Trials race, the gun went off, I dove into the water and within 200 meters somebody had swum right over The top of me and dunked me under the water – and I lost touch with that group – the front swim group and I visualization for 365 days prior this never happened.

I literally choked I mean I was swimming it hard as I could, and not even moving. I was came out of the water near last. I got on the bike which, at the time I was feeling the strongest I’d, ever been on the bike.

I was just being just dropping further and further back so as hard as I was going. I was going nowhere and this was a really pivotal moment for me because you know after the race everyone’s, like what happened.

Are you sick? Did you have a flat tire – and I I knew in this moment it was so important for me to be accountable to me and to acknowledge what really happened, and that was that I choked I had made this race the be-all-end-all.

For me, it was everything I ever dreamed of. I just I you know was just purely focused on me and making the team and it was too much, and you know it just got the best of me and I froze and, and that was my Olympics.

You know I didn’t qualify while I qualified as an alternate um, but I wanted so much more than that, but I think in acknowledging what happened that really allowed me to move forward. If I had tried to fool myself and make up an excuse as to why things went wrong, I think I just would have I wouldn’t have gotten any better, so I acknowledged that I choked and at that point another one of the athletes That I used to race against Loretta, Heracles, Australian and watch his neighbours.

He felt really bad for me. I think she knew how badly I wanted it and she wrote me a letter and said: look if you come and train with my squad and my coach. I know he can turn things around for you and help you achieve what you deserve to achieve, and so I wrote him right away.

I thought wow. This is an incredible, you know, honor to be invited and I wrote him and all I got back was I’m. You need to get here in one week to Switzerland. I’m. The boss. I’m, going to think for you and you know I I don’t know.

I should have it in front of me to read it. It is very powerful. It’s very scary, and so I flew home to the United States and literally, you know, packed my bags and moved out to Switzerland to train with Brett Sutton and here’s.

The incredible like, like I’ve, been training. I thought I had been training hard, but I it was nothing like when I got there and I think what he wanted to do with me, and maybe I’ll. Explain if you guys are willing to listen to like my first couple of days.

Yes, if I make yeah please, because what you’re describing is, is this idea that so many people have the delusion of it? You, I always say the difference between a wan na preneur you don’t want to preneur versus an entrepreneur.

Is they all think their ideas are? What matter? They think that if I just visualize that’s enough and you and I both know visualisations an important part of training, but that’s. Not enough of me. If this visualization didn’t, come close with you, don’t back up your affirmation with discipline, you’re, deluding yourself, and it sounds like this entered you into a whole other realm and every business person I know, usually Gets into business with the purest heart, with a clear visualization, with a great dream to help and save the world or you know, bring a product or service there and make a difference.

But those ideas are not enough ideas or you know a dime a dozen. It’s, the people that can execute right, the people that can get themself to do the things. No one else does and that’s. What you had to do so, when you started training with him, did it look? What was your mindset? I think I saw a video or an interview, one of them with you a week ago, where you’re, describing it that what he was wanting to do the impossible is my memory right about that.

Oh, like every single day I mean the first day. My none of my bags arrived only my bike, and so we I’d, been on the plane for 10 hours. We had a two-hour drive, I arrived and he said, put your bike together.

You’re, doing a wind trainer session downstairs with Loretta Harrop and I said oh well, Brett I don’t. Have any clothes like I literally just have the clothes that I traveled in and he said. Well, you have your bike.

So there’s, nothing stopping you, get your bike set up and go downstairs. I’ll, see you there in 30 minutes, and so I had to go down in my travel, clothes and my you know my converse shoes and got on my bike and had to do this to our like horrendous bike session, and the horrible thing Was you know I got down there and I’m, like oh cool Loretta’s here, I can feel like a little safe, because my friends here and I walked into that room.

She didn’t even look up at me. She had her head down. She’s, hammering away on the turbo doesn’t even say hello, doesn’t, like laugh at the fact that I’m in my travel clothes riding my bike. She just ignored me because she was in the middle of the session and I’m.

Oh my god. I think every ounce of herself just to get through cosplay, right, yeah and – and I just you know – that’s. What I learned that’s, how we do things, you know you it’s, laser focus, you do the session, you get it done.

So I did that such and then it was time to go to bed. I mean this. This was pretty late in the afternoon, so I woke up the next morning and the plan was we’re, going to ride 25 kilometers down the mountain to the 50 meter pool, and I thought out cool great.

You know I can see if my bikes going what, if my bikes working, we drive down to the pool and I had been used to swimming – maybe 3,000 meters a day swimming, and I thought I was doing a great job. Well, we did six and a half K, so 6,500 meters that day it was all hard.

Everyone was faster than me and I thought. Oh, my god, I’m going to die, but I was like okay, I can have a nice breakfast after this. We’re, going to drive home and I can relax, and so we get out of the pool I shower, I get changed, I come out and I turn to Loretta and I’m like where’s, where’s Brett and where’s, the van and she said: oh, no, we ride home.

You know this is our bikes, our transportation. We ride home and I’m, like oh, my god, up that mountain and she said yeah don’t worry about it, go with James. She’s. She sucks go with Jane, so I’m, like oh god like this is just crazy, but I’m like thank God.

I can go with Jane and Jane, apparently sucks, which is a terrible thing to say. I must say she was a little bit harsh, but so we start riding up the hill and Jane proceeds to kick my butt. I mean she drops me within five minutes and I’m like oh, my god.

I can’t even keep up with Jane who supposedly isn’t very strong, so we ride 25 K back and that took you know about an hour and a half, because it was just up this huge mountain. I get home. I get in the bath, I eat a big lunch and there’s, a knock on the door and it’s.

Bread again and I’m, like oh, my god, like I’m, going to die. If he asked me to do anything else and he said it’s time to run so come on upstairs on me in ten minutes, we’re leaving then so I go upstairs.

I’ve got my big water bottle. I put on top of the car, and I’d forgotten something down in my apartment, so I ran downstairs and came back up and my water bottle was it had like one sip left in it, and I was like guys, you know who drank My water and Bret said you don’t need that you should have drank enough in between sessions.

You’re, not allowed to have water during sessions. So I’m like okay, Oh God, so we get back in the van. We go back down to the bottom of the hill 25 kilometers and he says: okay, everybody out lets us out of the car and he’s.

I & # 39, ll, see you back at home and we had to run up that mountain 25 kilometers. On the same day, when I had done more than I’ve, probably ever done in one single day, so I got home that night eventually hours later and now, when I look back, I think I must have felt so exhilarated, but I was like Terrified I’m, like this is my first day there’s, no like getting over the travel like he’s, just giving it to me, and I called home to my mom, and you know she answered the phone and All she could hear on my side was Duke, and I was just crying on the other side of the phone and she said: listen if you can’t hack, it come home, but just do your best and see how it goes well, so that Day we basically every day after that was nearly exactly the same kind of a challenge that seemed so impossible and scared me to death, where I’d, be shaking before the session, but each day I was able to finish it, and I was able To accomplish whatever task he laid in front of me and what was so brilliant about that was that what he was doing is he knew that every day he was scaring me to death, but he also knew that every day I stepped up to the challenge, and I did what he asked and I was successful in overcoming that fear and making it happen, and I tell you that was just the most powerful powerful thing I could have ever received from that experience, because I, my problem was, I didn’t think I was tough enough.

I didn’t, think I was strong enough or you know brave enough to make these amazing things happen, but over three-month period of time he was proved. I was proving to myself through his guiding me that I could, and that was incredibly powerful.

So I’m very grateful for the experience Ceri. One of the things that you just outlined for me was an important distinction that I want people to have, which is so often in life. People don’t begin something because they just don’t, believe it’s possible.

Something inside of you wanted this. You have this hunger that, in spite of your fears and your uncertainties, pushed you through, but one things I try to tell people is a belief. Is a poor substitute for an experience right.

You you had your beliefs about what’s possible and then you know you get a hold of the right coach and he gives you some experiences now to your credit. Most people would give up. You just continue to push yourself through, but you develop more and more, not just physical muscle and speed and strength, but the mental side has to been a transformation.

How would you describe the difference team you today, as a human being as an athlete, you know as a coach compared to what you were like before you went through that transformation with him. I just feel like such a different person on the inside, because I I’m happy to live in my own body, and I mean the mental side of things is just it’s, so critical and for so long I was just Self, sabotaging you know in everything I was trying to do.

I was self sabotaging not to the point where I wasn’t trying and giving 100 % effort, but where I would let myself fall into bad patterns of you know doubting myself or thinking too much about what everyone else was doing.

And you know not keeping all the focus on me and I think now I mean just like what you were saying. I believe that if somebody wants something bad enough and they’re willing to do all the work necessary to make that something happen, that anything is possible, and I believe that with all my heart, you know, because I’m living proof Of that, so I’ll, never announce the whole reason we wanted to interview because you are said because it’s.

So rare you know, most people who become athletes are such extraordinary athletes at least early on people see them as such, or they’ve been training in a sport for their entire life. They don’t, make as wealthy through college and then decide you’re, going to ship sports to one where you don’t even know how to swim.

You are such a delight in this area. There’s, this quote by Michelangelo and it’s. I saw the angel in the marble and I carved until I set it free and as a coach now I use. I quote every I’m thinking about taking on an athlete that wants to be coach and right away.

I put that quote in my head and I think, do I see the potential in this person even it’s like looking at me when I first started this Bart the sport as like this disaster, who had no skill whatsoever, but if I could Just feel something or see something that that would give me that vision that I believed in, and I think that we all have that ability to have a vision for ourselves in our future, and then it becomes about making the choice to make that happen.

To do whatever it takes to make that happen, and that means facing your fears. It means you know, breaking patterns. That always, you know, lead you the wrong direction. It’s. A matter of you know changing the things in your life that need to be changed to set you up for success and to be okay with failing.

You know, everybody has this fear of failure, but the way I see it you know every time I failed miserably. I grew so much and it made me better able to achieve greater things in my future, so you almost need that failure.

I’m, not saying you know. I want failure for my athletes, but I think we grow so much more through the failures than we do, the successes and so being okay with failing and and understanding that that’s, you know two steps back.

Three steps forward is crucial. You don’t. Try that on you, what you’re talking about is exactly the same for the business owner that’s. You know their capacity to be able to face their fears, their capacity to step back up from all the disappointments.

Their capacity to you know, compete in the marketplace and lose and still get back up. I mean you and I don & # 39. T know that’s, everything I think so many people relate to athletics, but they don’t relate it back to their own lives.

Very often, they just look at you as the super extraordinary human being, but you’re. Bringing up another question that I want the listeners who own businesses or are part of anything. One of things we have to do is decide who we’re, going to spend time with and in business we go decide who we’re going to hire, and so you know what do you think that he saw in you there Back in Australia that was making him willing to bring you on.

Even though quote by your description here disaster he must have saw something else, and what is that thing? You know if you’re. Looking for someone you’re, going to decide you’re going to commit to coach them.

You’re, going to bring them into your company so to speak. You know! How do you know they’re, the right person? What criteria? What are you searching for when you say you feel that spark tell us what that looks like what even keeps on you have you ever asked him, and what are you looking for to make your choices about who you’re, going to bring in To you know your family, so to speak.

Yes, so I finally asked him. Actually, after I retired, I said Brett, why in the world, would you take on someone like me and he said Siri I was watching you do a race in Australia. You were in probably 42nd place and you’re in the last 400 meters of the 10k run, and you were absolutely killing yourself trying to catch 41st place.

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