Tony Robbins Keys To Massive Success – *TOP 13 IN 2019* ( NEW !)

[, Music ] are the number one. I love intelligence. I love wickedly intelligent people. I try to hire as many of them as possible, learn from them, but what’s more valuable than intelligence is hunger? Do you find if you look at what’s, the common Islander between Richard Branson and Marc Benioff? You know you give me your list of whoever it is.

I guarantee if you dig, underneath their hunger has never gone away. Some people get hungry because they got a goal to you, know achieve something or get in a swimsuit like a certain date or some stuff, but that’s.

What I’m, not gon, na identity change right. These are people that are like myself. I’m hungry today, at 57, more than I was at 26. You know I can I feeling me and when I say hungry, I’m hungry to contribute to learn to grow, to make a difference.

I’ll, never sell a less than I can be, or do or share or give or create and everyone. I know that successful that’s, the driving force, because with that hunger, you can get the skill with that hunger.

You can figure it out with that. There are a lot of very smart people who can’t fight their way out of a paper bag in a pragmatic way. So let’s, get into an issue that I think hinders a lot of people on their road to success.

Getting the momentum. Yes, can I show the little graphic here for a second. So just this is so simple. I think y & # 39. All find it useful. Can I just ask all of you: what do you think the potential is for any human being to live the life they want? What would you say? Okay, some two people said and limit everybody else’s quiet a degree.

It’s, really unlaid a potential, at least. If you do give me a yes. So if our potential is unlimited, the question is: do most people’s, results in life reflect their true potential. Would you say yes or no? Absolutely not? Why not you tell me well, a lot of people say because they don’t, take action and kind of led you with this right.

Yes, but you could be a salesman and you can knock on a hundred doors and say you don’t want to buy anything from me. Would you you may not say that verbally, but your fear, your motion could do that.

Somebody’s gonna buy from you out of pity. So a lot of action is helpful, but if you’re, not certain it’s gonna work. You want to execute that’s. What people say. I tried that, and whatever you say, I’ve tried that I know they didn’t.

Do things the right thing, so I created this graphic and you might want to jot it down those those use at home of yourself. These four words potential action results and then belief or certainty, and here’s, how they work in a circle.

Our potential is amazing, but if you don’t believe some is gonna work. If you & # 39, ve tried to lose weight before and you try to die it. Didn’t work out. Well, you don’t. You don’t, feel a certain anymore and you’re.

Also, fearful of failing so when you’re uncertain, do you tap full potential? Yes or no? No, and what you don’t think it’s gonna work. You know we don’t, take full potential, but are you gonna take massive action when you think it’s, not gonna work anyway? So when you lose little potential with little action, what kind of results are you gonna get lousy was also get lousy results.

What does it do your belief? Your brain goes see. I told you wouldn’t work. See I told you nothin ever happened, see and then what happens? Less potentials tap, less action, worse results, and now you’re on the downward spiral who’s ever been there in a relationship or with your body or finances, know what I mean now you might be doing well in one area like With your kids, you got great movement, but maybe on your finance is not so good, so sometimes were going two different directions.

So how would you change this? What would you guys do someone yell it out? What would you do to change the momentum? Where would you enter? Would you work on your potential that’s right? You got to believe.

So how do you change your belief? The way you do with athletes, because I work with like the Warriors last year, I work with their golden the NHL champion Stanley Cup, Washington Capitals. You get results in advance, they visualize it as simple as that sounds, but I’m gonna show.

You can we pop over this yeah. Would you all stand up and I’ll? Show you quick technique. Oh you got a technique. We have to learn this right now come on over here. Put your over here. Yeah put your feet together straight ahead and then bring your right index forward straight in front of you, and when I say now, I want you to turn clockwise comfortably.

Just as far as you naturally turn. Okay, keep your feet straight. Go turn clockwise. Naturally, everyone home can do it too. Keep your feet stretch see where you end up, come back around. Take your finger out of your neighbors here.

Okay, now close your eyes is so simple. Even if you don’t think you visualize, you can feel sorry. I want you, imagine your finger coming up and imagine it’s so vividly it feels like it’s coming up don’t.

Actually do it if you’re at home or here, but imagine that figure comes up and then imagine yourself turning twice as far and it feels really good see it feel it open your eyes now. Can you finger straight and now turn as far as you can comfortably and see where you go this time? Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness, how many of you, how many of you when significantly further how many when at least 25 % further this time, okay go! So here’s.

My quick question: did you have the potential to turn that far the first time, the potential potential? Yes? Yes, why didn’t you? Because you have beliefs even about how far you can turn, even though you’re unaware of those who have beliefs about money and beliefs, about relationship and beliefs, about business here, beliefs about your own beauty or strength, and so the way to change them Is the simplest I could show you two minutes is to condition your mind, because what’s the mind assert in the body will go there or once the mind of certainty you, we went ice racing.

A group of my friends – and I were with me – and some of them are my security guards, some of them my co-workers, some our partners, I have in business, but we went 70 kilometers below the equator and just excuse me the Arctic and went 200 miles an Hour and Lamborghinis – I was doing it like this.

I love that you said you’re stuck and you went you did this versus like going to spawn getting pedicures yeah. I was able to squeeze in a Porsche and if you can imagine 200 kilometres an hour on pure ice on a lake frozen as fast as you can drive and the beautiful thing about it is like you know, most people have fears and I’Ve learned to make sure I get myself enough here to stay intelligent, but here you don’t have to have it cuz.

When you wreck, you just went straight into the snow. It was just incredible so, but we do crazy things together. We have a blast together, we laugh, you know, we cry, we see the impact and to me there is no dividing line and for my kids, you know, like all the work we do feeding people, my youngest son Jarek when he was five or maybe six, probably Five, we would go and even early days I was feeding families and I take all my friends and we build these baskets up, make him great.

We’d, fed all the families get some food left, some baskets left. So we went to this place in Oceanside this Park and there’s, a man lying on the ground in the toilet area covered with a bunch of pieces of rags, and so you know I gave it to my son and I said, come on.

He could barely hold the thing was so big. I said you know what kind of help you give this to this man. He goes and he set it down next to him and also the man jumped up. They grabbed my son’s, hand and I jumped my son John, and then he just did this and he put it down.

My son is thirty: what one years old now thirty, two years old! Now he’s. Just gotten married. He was working on kids, he’s. Entire life is about contribution. He & # 39. S, got a heart. This big, he works his ass off, but he does it in a way that’s, so fulfilling and his wife travels with them and they have this great life and he doesn’t have to pick between work and mission and he’s not burnt out, and he’s probably been to 100 countries, and I’m you.

How did you, how did you model Financial Industry? How did you model pistol, shooting, which is an amazing story of somebody who does not know how to shoot pistols yeah and yet teaches the best marksman in the world? How to do it fast? I mean it’s like uh turley insane, but it showed me that you can take anything and figure out what the the commonalities are in the best people and then pull that into your own system.

It really started with my very first teachers, a man named Jim Rohn and he was a person without foot speaker and he had this three and a half hour seminar. He would do that. I went to when I was 17 years old.

I was already reading books. I was obsessed with wanting answers. I want to know what make the difference in the quality people’s lives, not because I was intellectually interested, but because I grew up in a really tough environment and had four different fathers.

There’s. A lot of my mom was a great human being loved me dearly, but she, you know, abused both alcohol and prescription drugs, so she was very physically abusive and I was Believe It or Not: 5-1 in high school as a little guy.

So I got the you know. It beat out of me pretty regulated for things that I didn’t do anything to do with, and so it made me try to figure out what made her work. What makes life where it made me more of a practical psychologist and the modeling concept came because Jim Rohn used to have this phrase II said success leaves Clues.

He said if there’s, anything you want in your life. Don’t assume that somebody has some special gift. They may have a gift, but they probably developed it most of it. And if you sow the same seeds, you’ll reap the same reward, so figure out what this person is doing.

Different than anyone else, and do that me he used to have a funny way of describing he used to say don’t. You find out what poor people read and don’t weed that’s like because he said that’s, the fabric they’re, trying to build their mind from find out somebody who’s.

Successful wealthy not just financially wealthy, but somebody who’s rich, emotionally and spiritually and physically and financially, and find out how they lived their life differently. What are the things they believe? What are they, what are some of the daily disciplines that they’re, a part of, and so really early on? I got obsessive about wanting to have all the answers, so I said I’m gonna read a book a day because I figured you know: a person takes ten fifteen years of their life.

They pour two or three four years into this book and you absorb in a few hours literally a decade’s worth of life experience, and I’m into confessing time. So I didn’t, read a book a day, but I read seven hundred books in the area of human development.

Psychology physiology all in my first real seven, you reading right, like youth in high school. I was mr. solution. You have a problem. I have a solution, especially if you’re, a girl I was motivated.

I could really help you with your boyfriend, but seriously I so out of that. I started to develop this modeling concept and then I learned neuro-linguistic programming, NLP yeah, I’m Gestalt therapy and no ericksonian hypnosis.

I learned all these tools but along the way, John grinder, who is a co-founder then LP, said I said to him. I said NLP isn’t all these patterns. You could teach your dog patterns, they’re beautiful patterns, they’ll.

Get me wrong how to overcome a phobia. How to do the things. I learned how to do all that, but I was I was bored with that I wanted him. I wanted to go deeper. I wan na think how you changed the whole person, not just their fear in this one area or get him to perform at a different level, and so I said to him, I said really your skill and opihis really modeling.

He said Tony no one’s ever said that before I said you and you figured out the best patterns from the best therapists in the world and you modeled those patterns and you integrated them with other tools.

And now anyone can do them right. Not just the great person and so kind of started with that for me, and then you know with the I became partners with John and very short period of time. It was kind of people upset about it.

Cuz, I’d, only been in involved mental people less than four months that people have been involved for ten years wan na be his partner, so it’s kind of controversial, but part of what I did was. I said I want to go and do things that people think are impossible.

I want to. I want to take somebody who’s in a coma and get him out. You know I want to you know I want to take on the US Army and say show us anything you can do and I’ll cut the training time and a half and increase the competency and so John agreed and the first big project.

I got was the pistol shooting program like what this general said. I can cut the training time in half on anything. I didn’t, know pistol, shooting and I said, and he goes you know you’re crazy. I said no.

I’m expensive, we kind of negotiated, and so the first thing he picks is this 4-day pistol shooting program that they had worked on. For you know almost 75 years, and he says to me: go do this. You know right now.

We have a third of the people that don’t, never qualify, and I said okay and I thought I’d, pull it off because John was my partner, he wasn’t. The Special Forces will figure it out the day I’m supposed to go.

This is the great gift John gave me the damn supposed to go with him down to Langley, Virginia and underground in the secret area and work with all these different guys and kind of figure how to model the method.

Garmo learn from John. He’s, the best model in the world. He calls me up from a pay telephone in San Jose and says I’m. Getting on a plane. I got to go to Germany. It’s, an emergency. You’re on your own brother and he hangs up.

Oh so now I’ve, never should have gone before in my life. I look like I’m 13. I was 24 years old right, but I look like a little kid at such a young face and I go meet these guys, who’ve been shooting 24 years or one guy.

Why was the best shooter in in the Armed Forces as a whole? Was the best in the army and one was the best instructor, and so they walked in and said where’s, the instructor and I’m wearing jeans and a t-shirt I go on him hey.

Where is he is proper and that’s? No, I’m here. They go. How long have you been shooting, I said? Well, I never shot a gun before, but this’ll be interesting right. So this guy’s. Looking like I’m completely insane, I said I don’t need to shot a gun to model you.

I’m gonna extract from you. What works and I didn’t know what it’s doing, but I acted as if I just like. I said, okay. How would I do this? Well, everything we do externally starts with something internal.

We have an internal process of visualization, we have ternal dialogue, we say and use one dialogue or one visualization or what are we abusing your body? You’re gonna feel me differently than to use another, so I got all three of them up and I said here’s.

What you do take the gun. Take the bullets out. First of all, they made me shoot a gun. They go, let’s, see you shoot so they took a 45 caliber pistol. I had never used one before I didn’t know how to kick and I shot the thing and it went up in the ceiling because you know the ricochet off it.

Didn’t build the confidence, but I eventually, I said, look take a gun out and I had him start practicing. I’d. Stop what do you do it? What do you do and the long story short over a period of maybe three or four hours? I figured there were a lot of things, idiosyncratic unique each of them, but there’s, some universals and one of the most important universals that they all did.

They weren’t, even aware of it was the subconscious was when they took the target, like I saw the target 30 yards away and it looked forever way they mentally bring the target closer, and when it’s closer, you feel more.

Certain and we feel more, certain is firing more effectively. Every single one did it, and yet none of them were consciously aware of it. Once I understood that I didn’t just take new people and train and mentally to bring it closer.

The first time I had people shooting again, they practiced everything perfectly just like the best guys in the world and the first time they shot at the target is where you are, and I’m right here – boom right Wow.

I got this thing down versus me: shooting bullet and ceiling, and then you lose all your confidence. So we do that like 20 times, then I take it 10 feet and then 20 meter than 30 yards and it qualified a hundred percent of the people and we did in a day and a half and not four days triple.

The number of people played at the expert level and the colonel report of the general is the first breakthrough in pistol shooting since World War, one, I would say the 30 year old would say this is what we’re gonna do this year And it would be these huge numbers and I develop a principle around the time I was 30, which is most of us overestimate work.

We’re gonna do in a year, and we underestimate we’re gonna do in a decade, and a decade happens that fast, you’ll blink, your eyes that might be here. That is so great point. I really truly, I everything I do is long-term.

I think it’s. The biggest challenge we have in you know, corporate America is every book in the next quarter. Instead of the you know, the best business people, the Marc Benioff, the Steve Wynn’s, the Peter goobers and people that I hang with.

They all are decade-long people. When I was 14, I said this is how my life’s. Gon na I decided, I said in my 20s, I’m gon. Na help I won’t, have the skill the help, anyone change their life. If I’m giving in and they’re committed, it’s, gonna be done.

I’ll have the ability, so I got a bill to that which I did and I said in my 30s at 14 I said I’ll, do that with groups of people said a one-on-one and then in my 40s I’ll do with big groups and my 50s.

I’ll deal with companies and my 60s. I’ll either. Do it in government as a servant there or in a religious context, because I’m a spiritual person, but I don’t tell people what to believe religiously, but at that point I’ve live long enough.

Maybe I will, when I look at how to create answers. I don’t look for the excuses, I look for what can be done and what I found is this I, when I first did this at Ted years ago. I asked this question because I walked in one of the only times it was about as quiet as this room, and I asked people, and you know the room in those days was very small.

It was the heads of Google, the guys from Yahoo Steve Jobs was in the room, pretty great group fact. It was the day that they came up with a technology that made this happen. They should, if the first time from MIT, they pinched things and pictures grew.

She can move things with your fingers and we were so blown away and Microsoft. We didn’t bought. The entire thing that was demonstrate was a tabletop with pictures and Steve Jobs quietly walked back and went.

I’m gonna use that for a phone and change the world right, so here’s. What I said that day, I asked this question that’s. How many of you have ever failed, not one hand without. I said I know you’re out there.

I can hear you breathing. I said how many failed and now everybody raised their hand, and I said when you failed. Why’d? You fail, and I heard some of the same things I heard here. What were the things people said? Didn’t have enough time.

Didn’t, have enough kappa didn’t, have the right technology. Didn’t. Have the right contact right, didn’t have the right people didn’t, have all these things and in the voice in the darkness, cuz it’s very dark room.

I heard this voice say: didn’t have enough Supreme Court justices and they looked at. It was Al Gore. Vice President Al Gore, there and and everybody started clapping right like crazy, and I looked at him and I said that’s.

One way to explain why you didn’t come press the United States, but I said it’s, not an accurate one. I spent pretty easy for me to say I never ran for president, but let’s see if, for you guys, if I’m true or not, when you told me all the reasons why you failed, you told me resources.

You were lacking courage as a resource right time as a resource. Money is a resource. People are resource technologies, a resource, but here’s. The challenge resources are never the real problem. We all know what.

If we look around think about it, you can get the resources. If you’re resourceful enough resources are not the challenge, its resourcefulness. So what is it? We’re, really missing. It’s, some form of human emotion, that we learn to value less and less than a technologically driven Society.

See if you’re creative enough, can you get the answer? Yes or no? Yes or no and creativity is a resource. If you’re committed enough, can you get the capital, yes or no? If you care deeply enough for other people, will you get people to help you, yes or no? Are the answers there? If you & # 39, re resourceful enough, yes or no, and in fact whatever you see, people in business that fail.

If they & # 39, ll always tell you, they were missing resources when they really just weren’t resourceful enough. This man is incredibly resourceful. I’m, resourceful every person that I work with, who’s gone from nothing to a billionaire, and I did indeed fifty of them just in the last four years, an idea which I gave that book.

I’m, not gonna talk about that. I just want to give you a gift cuz. I literally spent four years of my life interviewing these people and they have none of the people. I interview were from the lucky sperm Club.

They all built it from scratch. They did it by doing one simple thing you got to do in business, which is finding a way to do more for others than who, then you yourself, but more than anyone else in the industry.

You got to find a way to add more what and when I did these interviews, one things that came across when I was doing this is these people just took no excuses, they knew they could get the resources if they were source enough.

So what are the ultimate resources? Creativity, joy, love, determination, flexibility with those things there’s, nothing we can’t get. Who grieves me on the say I and then I turned back to Vice President Al Gore, and I said you know so I heard you say: didn’t have enough Supreme Court justices, but last night I watched you to give a speech and he Gave his in can be in true speech for the first time and he was so passionate.

Al Gore was passionate. It was an amazing thing. I’ve, never seen it before, and I said to him. I’ve, never seen you that passion ever before. I said I watch the debate between you and George W Bush and I want to vote for you, but I couldn’t.

You just have the energy kind of had an attitude. I said you were not resourceful, I said it never should have come down to. Justice is having to make that decision. It’s because you are not resourceful enough and there’s.

This pause in the room and all said everybody stood up in democratic, Northern California and started clapping like crazy, and I’ll sit up and keep my. I give you a high five, a little hug and afterwards they said get him run for pass.

It again, I said no, no, no, but the point is its resources: high energy, too high energy people, what kind of relationship where they can have it? They’re, both feeling great. What’s? The relationship could be like come on.

Tell me: are they gonna deal with challenges in a great state? Yes or no, so our state is the most important thing that influences our capability. Our results in life. Lots of people have capability, but activating it comes from energy.

When you are energy rich, you have a different life, the higher the energy, the more things can get done. If there are problems in your higher energy state, can you solve them quicker? Yes or no? And what have you got? Two people in a medium like okay States, not even about each other, so their life is kind of okay.

What’s? The relationship like come on guys? What is it it’s? Okay, when you got two people in a crappy state in a lousy state and they love each other, what’s still gonna happen. Tell me quick: it’s. Gon na be a lousy relationship.

You’re gonna have pain and gonna have problems that’s. Also true in business, the more energy have, the more things can be organized quicker, faster make it happen e to solve problems when your energy, poor, even smart people, don’t maximize and the problem is in our culture today because of technology technology is Starting to condition us, instead of us just condition the technology.

Today we sit so passively if you walk into most businesses. Today, everybody’s in a deep trance and you can see it because there’s very few rooms that I walked in. There are as dead as this one was when we started here and yeah.

I know you’re, not dead. You’re, the peak of the farmers in the world, but we’re internal when I say that, and there’s, nothing wrong with being internal, but there are times we got to be externalize to make it work.

Who’s with me on the sack, and so what I’d like to do is let’s, see if we can do something a little different this, but we don’t want to leave here with Us have you come here, listen the you know, those are interesting thoughts and go.

We want to go home and make the shifts in our lives who’s up for it say I so to do that we’re gonna. Do some unconventional things to get things moving in here, so we have a different level of energy.

So I’d, like you to find somebody nearby right now point and go I own you now st. what the meaning I hold you now. Cynthia! Oh yeah, no, I now you say I’ll. Do what you’re really saying in that moment is I have challenging you, you low-energy person and what we’re gonna do is.

Where does energy come from? Ladies and gentlemen, someone tell me: where does energy come from food? This energy comes from food. How many of you remember last Thanksgiving where you were last night’s, giving yes and Thanksgiving what you do.

You have plenty of food and, after you ate everything in sight, it said I’ll, never eat again and someone said pie, you would okay, who remembers, and at the end of that, what did you do? Go for a ride? What you feel like, after all, that food tell me do I lie down, go to sleep there’s, no energy! There’s, no productivity! There’s.

No joy! There’s, just sleep right, so it’s, not food. Where does the energy come from come on? How do you agree with me that it’s without energy? We are not going to maximize if you agree, mechanics chef.

Yes, thank you very much. So let’s start to create that energy. So, where’s, he coming from it’s. Not food. Sleep, however, slept for eight hours. You’re tired, you feel tired, so it’s, not sleep. Who’s ever had a night.

We got no sleep whatsoever, you’re, totally excited impose something happen to your weight for hours. Who knows what? I’m talking about, say hi, I would say to you where the energy comes from is psychology.

It’s, a decision about who you’re gonna be and what you’re gonna tolerate or not in yourself, and those are the highest energy. If I said to you Richard Branson, energy, rich energy, for a quick okay, Marc Benioff, any rich energy, poor, yes, the room when I walked in here – energy, rich energy, poor good.

So should we change that? Yes or not good? Let’s say somebody? Would say we’re playfully, your truth, I own you when you’re, really doing this challenge in them, and I want to see if you can do something fun.

I do this is the best athletes for world presidents. You name it. It sounds crazy, but what we want to do is we found that you can change your energy just by changing the way you move for a few moments.

If you decide to energy equals emotion, emotion is energy in motion, and so, if you try to get yourself pumped up in your head, you go in circles and we don & # 39, t look for pump up. We’re. Looking for fuel fuel, that will movement well, if you’re entrepreneurs out there here’s.

What I’d, say to you. I’d, say don’t, be so damn hard on yourself. I know that sounds counter to being an achiever, but when you’re beating yourself up, you’re, sucking out the energy you need to move forward.

It’s kind of like I always tell people there’s, so much energy and I built mind. I do a lot of things to build. My energy be incredibly strong and have really strong endurance, because to me energy is life.

If you don’t strong energy, I can do anything, but even after we look at that energy, it only goes so many places. So if your energy is being caught up, if you take energy in a business and you pour it into external marketing going out and reaching people and adding value that business is going to grow.

But if there are inner conflicts in that business between people, then the energy is being sucked in here and less energy is going out there. The business is gonna have problems that’s. Also true of you, if you allow your disappointments to create these inner conflicts and fears and you let them run wild within you, they’re gonna suck the energy out.

You need to go to the next level in your business. You have to discipline your disappointment now. You know, mine is the 90 second rule so watch this. Try something real fast! Look around this room. I’m, going to give you a test, look around this room and see everything it’s.

Brown, I’m gonna test. You in a moment, look behind you. Look around you look clothing. Look the people, look anything that’s. Brown brown, brown, brown, brown, rectal cord in your mind, close your eyes now, with your eyes closed.

Tell me everything you saw just now. That was red. If you see more Brown than red say I open your eyes. Look for red now, really look for red! Look for it anywhere! You can find look around you look besides.

You look at the front back. How many found more red this time rich and you did say ahh? Why did you find more red this time that you told me to seek and ye shall find? But here’s? What’s? Amazing seek and you shall find, even if it’s, not there.

I’ll, prove it to you. How many saw beige it called it brown just successful. How many saw burgundy called it red just caliber pieces? So if you think you’re a jerk or someone else’s, a jerk, you’re gonna color it you’re gonna change.

You’re gonna find the jerkiness in them. You’re gonna find the jerk in you. It’s, really important that you manage your mental emotional state because you are the business. If you’re the leader, your responsibility, your job, your opportunity, your privilege, is to be able to truly lead, and you cannot lead if you’re living in fear.

You cannot lead in a place of constant uncertainty. We all have uncertainty at times, but if you watched an athlete go out to shoot a free, throw or a kicker in the NFL to go, kick the ball. How many were seeing that person they’re about to kick it? They’re about to shoot it.

You go, they’re gonna miss it, and you know they’re gonna miss it. Who’s experienced this before? How did you know you could see in their body if, if they & # 39, re missing the core ingredient? Absolute certainty, you get the great skills in the world, but when you lose that certainty, the athlete goes down that’s.

Usually, when I get the call, I got to rewire them and get them back where they can execute at that level, so be kind to yourself as corny, as that sounds not to be kind to yourself, but so there’s more energy available to Solve the problems and to build the business and to meet your mission, because the time you’re beating yourself up, you’re, trying to prove to yourself.

You really care, but meanwhile, what you’re doing is sucking the energy out of your growth. I had somebody who embezzled some money. When I was a tiny company, I want to come as three million dollars.

They got embezzled, quarter million dollars and I was 750 eight thousand dollars in debt and thought I was in profit and in those days everybody told me. I have to go bankrupt and I remember I was just like so angry there’s.

So much anger because my business was like my child. This guy tried to kill my child. You know so I was chasing him in New Mexico, so I could beat the hell out of him, put him in prison and and then I realized in the middle of stuff.

I got ta. Let go of this because well, I’m busy being angry and pissed off the business is gonna go under. I’m chasing birds. When we do, when I get to the bird, I got ta focus on how to add the value and so take your energy that’s.

All you have in this life and invest it in the things you love and those you love and the mission of your business and in your clients. If you fall in love with what you do, who you do it with and who you do it for there’ll, be no limit to your impact, but you got to be willing to do it for decades because it’s.

All, maybe you’ll hit the lucky thing and it’ll happen in 12 months, but he, if you don’t, even if you did you know, I & # 39. Ve got a friend who’s. One of my partners in the LFC and so forth. You know Chad, who started YouTube, for example, and one point: six billion dollars and what 18 months 24 month, that type of thing it’s, not always the best thing, because, ultimately, in life, whenever you meet people have succeeded.

Almost always. We talk about the toughest times and laugh and remember because in order to have a foreground, you need a background and to appreciate the foreground. You need a background, so I found that the most difficult times have been the best times because they made me appreciate what my life is like today.

You, I think the the dry part is falling in love with your customers. I love people. I’ve, always loved people, and I hate suffering because I’ve suffered and I love to light people up, but not just lighten my pum pum up.

I love to have another skill having a tool have a system. You know when I do my boot camps each year for our business mastery programs. I guarantee everybody there and the day one you & # 39. Ll have a million dollars of value in your opinion, or will give you people all the stuff you got and will give your money back.

No one ever leaves because I know how to add that value in the business for those people. So I think the drive is the biggest mistake. I think businesses make as many businesses are start by people that you built the product.

You love and that may still be true for you, like you, built this great jewelry or you built this great software. Are you or whatever skill set you have, but the problem is the world changes so fast? Now I mean I’m old enough.

Who remembers the Sony Walkman anybody’s. Ancient of hatchet got that product lasted 20 years now product like that small even last a year right. The competition is too high. So today, if you and I are gonna really succeed, you got to fall in love with your ideal customer because look I’m sure.

You know that right now, the economy we have is looking pretty good, but it’s. Gon na correct, because we’ve done nothing since 2008 sit print more money and we need print money when we put you know ones and zeros and computers.

So there’s. Gon na be some Corrections and when those happens it’s. Gon na shake people up, you need to fall in love with a client who’s. Gon na do well with you, even when the economy goes to hell, think about it.

Starbucks I was sitting across from Howard Schultz and have a great conversation and said: what does he most proud of me said used to say starting Starbucks? Then he said now it’s surviving 2008. If they closed, I think it was 1,300 stores.

If I remember correctly, it’s for $ 2 coffee, so you need get your ass ready for winter because it’s coming and if you have got challenges now, but if you do, if you do well in winter, you’ll dominate for the rest of time and the way you do well mentor is you fall in love with your ideal clients, and then you come up with the irresistible offer for them.

You know steve jobs created 99 cent songs, but he didn’t create that we all know that were to come from who’s old enough, remember Columbia, house, where you got like 10 albums for a buck. Remember that or for a corridor and stuff they built a billion-dollar company, Thomas shoes, shitty product.

I love him great great, but he does but but two for one being able to do something where I get it and I benefits somebody else. Brilliant idea dump a whole company on that. He didn’t build the product; he built it on the mission right, so you need an irresistible offer for the client who is ideal for you and you want to fall in love with a client.

Don’t fall in love with your product or service because those need to change, and if you follow them over the product service, somebody’s. Gon na beat you there gonna, be anticipating. I always told businesses there’s.

Two businesses, you have to run manage right now, you have to run the business you’re in because you know what I’m at your cash flow. Your challenges are going to bite. You, but you also have to run the business you’re becoming and both businesses you have to making progress on.

If you get all excited about the future and all the cool stuff, that’s coming – and you go work on that and there’s, no cash flow. Now you’re dead in the water. If you just work on today, you’re gonna wake up and go what the hell happened.

My competition beat me it’s, those two sides and my 33 companies. I look at what the company is now and what it has to be constantly. So we’re. Doing the you know the the grunt work, if you will the important day-to-day work, while we’re anticipating the future, but the issue of time is not the real issue.

The real issue is that they’re operating as an operator, not an owner yeah, and so when I start to do in the beginning have to do both right. But what I start to do is show them how you have to be able to break off and get other people to do things.

But, more importantly, I teach people I do. Have you know a five-day boot camp. You know I call business master eat a couple times a year and we bring in businesses from all over the world literally, and we have people just starting a business, and we have people with.

You know, businesses that are, do it a billion two billion three, and what you find is that there’s, a common pattern amongst all these group of people, where they they find themselves if they’re. If there’s, a small business, they do everything because they figure like they’re, the only one can do it or they tried someone else and they failed.

Well that happens in every business. You have to begin to leverage yourself or you’re, just going to be self-employed and you & # 39. Ll, never have the scalability. A business is a system that adds value even when you’re, not there and you as a leader have to get good enough to both hire people and train people so that you’re, not a manager.

A manager works with people to make sure they get the job done. While you’re there, but if you have to be there there’s at climb 133 companies. I mean every four days. I’m gonna plane. Train helicopter on stage somewhere on average in a year, and I got 33 companies there’s 12.

I managed directly, but I couldn’t. Do that by management. I do it by leadership. I build leaders who can make their own decisions. I hire people that are the best of the best. Now in the beginning that’s, hard cuz, you have no money right, so you hire the that’s called you and you pay them nothing, and then now you try to hi.

Other people, and what do you do you hire your friends which you know is a disaster because they’re, not as skilled and you love them. It’s, hard to manage them, and then I hired people that were really talented, but they were mean.

You know they. Didn’t share my values, and so eventually you get to that place where you can find the right people, but I think the most important secret for the growth of any business. The question, I guess: how do you go over the time and the answer is you’ve got to take two hours 90 minutes a week with your team of 1, 2 3 2000 and you got to meet where you work on the business, and I teach people a format called 7 7, where there’s, seven areas of a business.

You cannot miss marketing sales, optimization, the financials culture and I’ll. Make sure that each week you and your team focus on that. Not the day-to-day business, but how do we strengthen our marketing? Not just for this run, but overall how we build the brand? What do we do to change our sales process? How do we optimize the business? How do we spend no money and grow their business? 30 % in the next three to six months, and when you take small markers in the business that are critical and you improve them – 5.

10. 15 percent – that you do 12 of them. You & # 39. Ll grow your business 120 hundred 30 percent under 40 %, because there’s, a compounding impact. You don’t just get the improvement you’ve made. So I try to help businesses to make those changes so that so you have time to think and be strategic, because if you’re just running how many of you are stressed, I’ll, be honest, but be honest if you it Today, being here and not being at your business, how many feel some stress in your business being away even for a day? Okay, right now, I’m.

A business operator F that I’m gonna come a business owner. You’ve got ta, be the most important decision you can make above any on the face of the earth is deciding that, no matter what happens in your life? No matter what happens? You’re gonna live in a beautiful state and what the hell’s that mean it means that you’re, not gonna suffer.

It means a beautiful state. Is that you’re gonna be happy, but that’s. The only one or you’re gonna feel creative or you’re gonna be passionate or you’re gonna be in awe of something or you’re gonna feel loved.

Any state. That’s, a beautiful state is really the core essence of who you are without fear right. All of our suffering is human beings, and I deal with people all the time I mention to you off camera to be by I coached yesterday, one presidential candidate and the other one is a rap superstar right, but both on the same day and without naming any Names, people that have everything by your point of view, most people for you: they have the fame and they have the love and believe the people love them, and they have great economics, financial freedom and they have homes and there they are, they have the fashion they Have everything they’re? The I can’t tell you how many of them are miserable.

The majority are miserable. I’m, not bullshitting. I don’t want to get the phone call from the vast majority when I say miserable. They’re, so used to it. Some of them don’t even realize they’re miserable, but most do they get a place where it’s like how do I keep this up? How do I keep outdoing myself? How do I you know? I built these 32 companies how to keep all 32 going to make them all grow every single year and that’s, not how life is right right and then they worry about what will people think what will they do so the decision to say I am NOT gonna suffer, then.

If suffering arises, pains one thing sufferings. Another suffering is when you’re like I’ll, give you example. A friend of mine is a very famous Indian, industrialist and billionaire guy, and he just recently took a sport in India that’s been around 2,000 years in almost every village child plays and he turned it into a professional sport.

No one had ever made a professional sport. Two years ago he invested I don’t know I’m, making the number up twenty million dollars in it in two years. The sport is so successful in India that 500 million people watch the finals two months ago, 500 million people right so half a billion.

That’s. I thought it’s. An idiot and people are saying this is gonna, be as big as you know, for them cricket is the ultimate thing right thing biggest cricket, so his team valuation – I’m making the number up.

I think it’s gone down like a half a billion dollars in two years from you know, twenty five million dollars and his team is number two in the whole world right, he’s, got these great players, so I & #

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