Tony Robbins on How to Break Your Negative Thinking

We’re back in time for another class. They Tony Robbins is one of the most sought-after seminars in the world and you get to experience it right now. You can’t get into these things. I’m telling you we pick students to be here today for this class because they & # 39.

Ve always wanted to come to one of your events, but it’s hard. You got ta have time to go. You & # 39, ve got to go a distance because then I was, you know uncle time right, yeah you got ta get tickets, which is hard to do and it’s 50 hours for making lasting change, and I’m gon Na ask you if you can combine 50 hours where the wisdom into five or so minutes go take it away all right.

So I’ve heard a little bit, but just tell me for real fast. What if there’s, one concern you have, what is it for you, anxiety, anxiety and what tends to trigger that? I just I feel, like I’m at the point in my life, where I need to figure out what I’m doing with my life like right now, okay, and so you that that pressure inside is really very how about.

For yourself fear failure, Glaus, okay, what what causes that? What triggers that most for you um, I’ve, had losses in life. I’ve had losses, you know it from my family and you know I & # 39. Ve always been really successful, oriented so like I always want to exceed.

I’m kind of an overachiever in a sense, and if you don’t it’s, not consistent with your identity, so it creates exactly how about. For you, I’m. I’m a business owner and just like getting people on board with my idea, I don’t have that niche market, and so doing my business plan has been so difficult because I’m, creating something that’s new and it’s like it’s.

Failure almost too like in a sense where how do I succeed and get people on board and invest, and you know make this world a better place through my idea, real quick. I get overwhelmed and right now I’m overwhelmed because I just found out my mom has stage 3 ovarian cancer, and yesterday I was in Toronto with her and literally drove home.

So I could be here with you, so I could get your perspective on it because I’m trying to say super positive, but I also have to manage my life. Yes and I’m live here, so sorting that out. Let me in a couple of minutes, let me just introduce all of you to just a simple understanding of concept.

All of you have targets things that you’re after, if you’re gonna get a new result. If you & # 39, re gonna grow your business. If you’re gonna be able to support your mom. If you’re gonna get rid of the anxiety.

If you’re gonna be able to over achieve, and not have all that fear inside of you, you obviously need to get a new result. You’re gonna have to new action. We all know that you don’t, get new results with old actions.

Doing the same thing what human beings can do. This is a human being believe it or not. I majored in art what human beings can do is amazing. What they will do is usually disappointing. It’s, not because we’re, not capable of it.

It’s because we don’t have new actions because we get in certain emotional states that dominate us like anxiety, like fear of failure, right, like the fear of the loss of your mother as an example. So if you’re in a state of fear, you’re gonna behave very differently and get very different results.

That’s. What that means right there, then, if you were in a place of being courageous or bold or warm or connected or playful any of those, so the most important key to changing your life in any situation is to change results.

You’ve, got to change behavior, but to change behavior. You got to change the emotional state. You’re in. How do you do that? Well, you don’t feel like it right or it feels overwhelming. There are two ways, and I’ve done this with the greatest athletes the world that does us with four different presents the United States.

I’ve done it with billionaire clients. All you have to do to change. Your state is not trying to think your way there. Like I’m happy, I’m happy. I’m happy and do a bunch affirmations, your brains, gonna go B s.

You are not happy right. What you need to do is make a radical change in the way you use what we call your physiology. It’s, a big word. It just means the way you use your physical body. The way I’m speaking right now, because I got five minutes all so it’s sped up just a little bit.

But if I said there’s, a depressed person behind curtain number one over there and I’ll, donate a hundred thousand dollars to your best charity. Your favorite charity, if you could describe what they’re like physically, tell me what’s, their posture like if they’re depressed.

You tell me slump. Tovar slump worth your head. Where’s, their head down down, are they breathing full or shallow yeah, and are they talking really fast or more slow, slow, louder, quiet, probably quiet? You’re, all saying the same thing: how’s that possible? If you go practice this before, but here’s, what you can find, if you take that same person and you change the tempo which they move, you bring their shoulders back and change their breathing pattern if they make a faster gesture.

If they speak more rapidly, it fires off a different biochemistry in you, and in that state you will take radically different actions. The fact I’ve taught this for 40-something years forty years and about three years ago, Harvard finally did a study where they proved what I did and they called it, these power positions and what they showed was.

If you stand, everyone can try. This stand up just for a moment. If you wanted weight, homes can try it as well. Do something really said I put both your hands on your hips like Wonder, Woman or Superman or that stuff right? If you stand like this, and you breathe deep for just two minutes, what the science found was that you will absolutely increase your testosterone by 20 % man or woman.

You & # 39. Ll drop your cortisol, which, as you know, is the stress hormone by 22 %, and you’re 33 percent. More likely to take action with you, wouldn’t have before cuz fear would have stopped you now.

I don’t. Have people just stand like this? I have people move here’s. Their voice make logical changes in their bodies. You could have seat just to get a handle. I know we’re short on time, but you try it later and you’ll, feel it after two minutes or you know somebody who’s.

You know, put some arms back like this and their feet up. That’ll produce the same state; it produces more certainty in you and that certainty gets you to take different actions. So, if you are in a situation, you think of the worst scenario, your mom dying, no, my business goes under.

I never achieved at the level I need to all the things I have anxiety about the minute you focus on them, you go into those states of fear and then you behave fearful and you get lousy result and we get lousy results.

What does it do to your brain to go see I told you, I couldn’t. Do this, it becomes this negative loop. So how do we break out of it? We change our focus by asking better questions. Everybody newsroom to try this just right.

Now ask this answer this question your mind: what is it in your life that you’re, proud of? If there’s, something you could feel really proud of right now, by focusing on it your children yourself, something accomplished, you did how many think of something you can feel proud of, and I don’t mean fake pride ego pride like Where you’re making things up, I mean well, you really did something.

You’re, proud of good right now close your eyes and focus on how it feels when you & # 39. Re, really proud focus. On that moment, you’re, proud of how do you breathe when you feel really proud? And if you’re a little kid? What happens to your face when you’re, really proud? You don’t, hide it right there’s, that big smile on your face, Rajon! If you can feel these feelings right now, everyone here just say i if you got it awesome, try one more real, fast.

Think of something that you could be really grateful for or excited pick either one something to be grateful for a person a moment or something. If you wanted to, you could be excited about that. She was excited for a moment how we can think of something in your life that, if you focused on it, you can feel excited all right, close your eyes, and just for a moment, all we’re doing is changing your focus, focus on what Could excite you feel like it’s really happening your mom’s healing you breakthrough in the business you’re, achieving billable.

You want anxieties rid from my life. I’m on charge. I’m on top of it. How do you breathe when you feel really excited and then try this when you’re a little kid? You probably made noises the hell of it until people told you not to and make a noise of excitement a sound of excitement.

How many feel that feeling in your body right now? So if we change the state, you’re in just by changing our focus or the waves, our bodies strongly. Now, if you say I’m gonna change, my body like I have people to firewalk, sometimes or skydiving you go.

They’re scared. They go. Mr. Robbins said that I should change my physiology. Okay, oh shoot it. Didn’t work. It & # 39. S got to be a radical change right here’s. My question for all of you: if you focus on what you want, life has probabilities there’s, no guarantees, but you increase them when you change your state and that’s really what this is all about.

Learning to change! Your body! Learning to change your focus and I’m gonna bind all four of you to seminars, show experiences for you sure subscribe to my channel. So you don’t, miss anything remember to check back often to see what’s new

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