Tony Robbins: Prime Your Brain For Success | Tony Robbins ft Les Brown 2020

The only way to deal with fear that I found in my life is a couple ways. One of those ways is to turn it on itself and ask yourself what am I afraid of I’m free of that I got to be more afraid of what I’m gonna miss out on missing out on my mission.

This thing out who I’m supposed to be missing. In other words, if you’re, not you’d, get rid of fear than use fair use, fear or it uses you. It’s. That simple. You know, fear is a pandemic levels fears you know viral today and, as you know, when someone gets in a fearful place for whatever reason, whether it’s, something real or not, it has a hormonal response.

All of a sudden, the heart starts racing. You start to breathe shallow everything, narrows down your focus and what happens as we go into survival, and we all have a survival brain, because we have a two-million-year-old brain.

That brain is always looking for what’s wrong, and unfortunately there are a lot of people that tap into that today, 80 % of success in life. I found beyond a shadow of a doubt with a tens of millions of people.

I worked with in over 150 countries. 80 % of success is psychology that your mindset it’s, your emotion, it’s, your capacity to overcome your fears and your limitations and just push yourself anyway. 20 percent of success in life is knowing what to do having the skills or the strategies of the tools.

Now that might sound weird to you, because most of you know I’m a strategist like I know the right strategy and anything can save you five. 10. 15. 20 years. You can be looking for a decade doing something that’s, not working and all of a sudden.

You get the right offer the right approach, the right insight, the right way of communicating and the whole game changes. So strategies can turn decades in today.’s can compress decades of days. They can accelerate your success like nothing else, but strategies don’t get implemented whenever we allow our mindset to get in the way and the natural mindset of all human beings it’s set in our brains.

It’s. You have a two-million-year-old brain that’s, all that’s been around and if you let the survival mindset, which is the the part that we go to under stress and fear, most of us, can you let it take you over.

It’s, always looking for what’s wrong. It’s, always looking fine. What’s wrong? What could hurt me? We could get in trouble and let me either avoid it. Let me freeze or let me fight or let me hide try.

People are either running from it or they’re freezing or they’re fighting with what they were afraid of, and so what I want to talk to you about is that four-letter word that four-letter F word: that’ll Mess you up and it’s, not the word most people.

Think of is the word fear that we call it false evidence appearing real f.e.a.r, because if you moan own the morning you own your day and it’s, it starts the frame of reference. You know we all forget that if you’re in a fearful state, you see everything differently.

If you’re, an angry state, you see everything through that filter. So, every day I start my day by training, my brain, how to feel – and I do it for just literally eleven minutes ten to eleven minutes, because you say twenty minutes, thirty minutes people say don’t have time.

If you have ten minutes for your life, you don’t. Never like the reason is when you’re grateful. It destroys the two emotions that mess us up, fear and anger. You can’t, be angry and grateful simultaneously.

You can’t, be fearful and grateful simultaneously. So the first step after changing your physical state and emotion is to stack these three experiences. If you do that, every day to start your day is the first step you’re gonna see the world through a different set of eyes.

Well, if you can have compassion for others and yourself, if you can send love to others and yourself, if you can imagine that healing light, a gold white like coming through your body like a shower of the course through so the second step, is three enough minutes.

You think about people, you love and you Cora light and love them to them. You see your own body healing and then you move to the third step, which is focusing really on what we call your three to thrive.

Three-And-A-Half minutes the last part of the ten minutes we think of three things you really want to achieve it, but instead of thinking like you want them, you see this done. You feel a sense of certainty is fear, a sense of celebration, because in that state of celebration, that sense of certainty gives you momentum.

And now you want to go. Do something when people are uncertain, that’s when they don’t. Take action that, when fear takes over you can either live your dreams or live your fears. I think the majority of people actually not living their dreams but a living their fears.

So I want to ask you a question: what are your fears? What are you afraid of? What are you scared of? Because we all have fears don’t? We we all have something that’s, blocking us, that’s, holding us back and, as we begin to look at life, what we realize is that the reason that most people are not living out their true potential and not doing all Of the things that they would really like to do it’s because of fear some people called fear, false evidence or expectations appearing real, a reminded of a story of a guy that was living in an area where he had some new neighbors.

And these neighbors had a bulldog and when he came home every day, this Bulldog used to chase him about a half a block from his house every day he would have to streak home. I mean he would just run this bulldog be right on his heels, and so he just got tired of that, because he would go home and about a half a block away from home.

He would look around for this Bulldog that he would see and he would go walking casually along and his Bulldog come out of nowhere. Well, it’s, not chasing him here to run home, so this one day he just got tired, and so when the Bulldog was running after and he started running, he saw a rock and he stopped to pick it up to throw out the Bulldog And when the Bulldog got up warning me Starbuck, he realized the Bulldog.

Didn’t have any teeth in his mouth and he’s, not chasing the Bulldog him. You don’t, get all away from it. The boss, the Bulls not gonna done is gum, you know, and so you know what most people go through life running scared, running scared from things that have no teeth in them, because their false expectations appearing real, let’s, see we’re brilliant enough to scare ourselves to death.

You realize that there are some people actually who get a kick out of scaring themselves to death. I remember the last frightening movie I saw it was the Exorcist I will never forget. I was so frightened when I came home.

I’ll, never forgot drove in the driveway, and I had already called my former wife and said: listen turn the lights off. I was coming in the driveway and I and I was getting out of the car and all of a sudden I couldn’t get out of South Floral.

My horn, I said ma & # 39, am when they got me there Gabby. She came to the kitchen: where does that? Take your seat belt loose food? I was freaked out of my wits, but there are a lot of people who think you know for that.

They love I’m a person. My brother is a paratrooper. My twin brother, he’s, a military career man. I would love to jump out of an airplane, a parachute. I’m scared, though I mean I really admire my brother for that.

I would really love to be macho man like that. What are the things that you fear that’s, been keeping you from living your dream, that’s, been keeping you from doing some things that you would like to do just think about those things, and how do we begin to handle That Abraham Maslow said that the life is about growth and he said you could either go back to your comfort zone.

There you won’t, find any growth or you must Willie be willing to go forward and face your fears again, because you’re, never going to have a a fear free existence, I mean some fear is acceptable and legitimate.

There are some things that you, you really should be afraid of. Now you shouldn’t, allow it to immobilize you, you acknowledge it, you take it into account and you carry yourself accordingly. There are times that we should proceed with caution, but it’s, the difference between being stopped by theme.

There’s, a difference between having a fear and the fear having you. So what do we do? One acknowledgeable, knowing that it’s. Okay, don’t condemn yourself for being afraid. It’s perfectly fine to have some fears.

You acknowledge your fears, you embrace those fears and then you move on you act on whatever it is that you fear, because once you embrace it see what you resist will persist. What you resist will persist, so one of the most important things is is to begin to embrace your fear: [, Music, ], [, Music, ]

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