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I took up golf recently. I never play this game old man’s, game, never do it, but my kids play so. I want to play with him. So I go out and I do really well. I go out in this one day and I out power by my instructor.

I’m feeling really proud. The next day I’m, not feeling so proud. I keep putting the ball in the water again. I am so frustrated put down another one put down another one. I don’t care. I don’t care. What my score is, let’s.

Do it and finally, I was getting frustrating that he’s. Gone things like a gnat, a [, __ ]. This is golf and I’m going ball. I said this: is you’re, a terrible instructor? I said because I should at least be consistent at whatever shitty level I can achieve.

I said I know I’m, not Tiger Woods man. I should be able to be consistent and you’re. Just telling me it’s. Difficult being tell me it’s. Difficult is not helping. Tell me what to do. He saw actually you’re.

Only a little bit off, I said, could have fooled me. He said no, you’re about a millimeter or two off. I said you’re, joking, so no watch. This he said I didn & # 39. T teach you this. Yet he said when you approach the ball like this.

He said if you change the angle that you’re, attacking this just one or two millimeters in the very beginning, to see how that changes the arc this one, instead of being on the green or one millimetre.

Now you’re in the water one limb over here. You’re in the sand. He said it all, so you’re, hitting the ground by one millimeter, sometimes sure you’re, not stroking, it just one. Millimeter, I thought what a great belief system that when all hell is breaking loose and nothing’s, working that you’re only one millimetre off, because most people think it’s impossible.

So they give up isn’t that true in a real life, that’s true. So two days later, I’m, going to see one of my clients. I do a lot of coaching. I have a man as the top plastic surgeon in the world. He’s, going through some tough times and aspects of his life, but this is a guy that gets paid.

I’ve sultan of brunai, a million dollars to fly over into three people’s faces. He is the number one plastic surgeon on the world. He can make anyone who’s ugly, look spectacular beautiful. He showed me pictures a woman is 84 years old.

He made her look 40 and gorgeous no exaggeration, but you know what I’m waiting for him in his office and he’s still in surgery. So he & # 39. S. Got a new book he’s, creating, but each other ins surgeons around the world and I’m going to and it’s.

Got pictures of you know the top hundred supposedly most beautiful women in the world’s faces and then men, I wasn’t paying attention to that one. I just kept turning the pages right, but I noticed something he’s got all these measurements and he has mathematically calculated what it takes to make.

Someone look gorgeous man or woman, and it’s. A few millimeters interesting, for example, on a woman, the distance between the top part of your lip and your nose this little distance. The measurement of that, if you’re, a beautiful gorgeous, is the same size as your eye.

If it’s, one millimeter more, you have an average face. If it’s too many means more. You are but ugly the difference even but ugly and gorgeous is two millimeters. He’s, got about a dozen of these little one or two millimeter changes he makes and it’s.

It’s, a different person. It is unbelievable, so a very powerful belief to leave today with l’épée, nothing’s, working on one millimeter way, what little finger change and when I do it changes everything, because I’m heading this direction.

I make this little shift. You take that out an hour from now a day from now a week from now a month or now you have a totally different destination from that direction, but the one millimeter change I’ll.

Show you one of them right now check this out stay in the state of certainty, some of you lost it, intensify it whatever it takes intense make your move come on, make your move say yes say yes say yes, say: yes now feel that in your body, Don’t, let go of it now.

Watch here’s, difference between being certain and being uncertain. Did you see that certain uncertain see if you can find that little spot between the two? Will you drop just a little bit of your chest and you feel a drop and come back up? How many can feel that difference between? Where do you really feel now intensify it? Then we dropped it.

Is it a tiny difference? Yes or no? Yes, or no? Now would you condition yourself to feel great in this state? Yes or no, so what I want you to do is give yourself that opportunity. So the way we’re gonna do is very simple.

We’re gonna go on a peak state and then we’re, going to train ourselves, cuz guess when you’re in this state, a certain state, a certain state of certainty and all hell is breaking loose in Your life people get bigger, do go, move I’ll handle it.

People go, he’s. So lucky he’s. So confident, no here’s. What I’ve created from my life and anyone who knows succeeded. I’m a seventeen year old kid from Azusa California, with no real education other than self education, with no background with parents that did their best, all of them with no money.

But I did one thing: I love people and I had an enormous demand. I made upon myself and I sculpted my mind and my emotions to get me to do whatever it would take to achieve and to contribute, but to do that, I did it by using my body and changing my focus.

I did it by putting myself in a peak physiology and using what I call incantations. Can you train yourself to believe something? Yes, or no absolutely probably have you ever made the fatal mistake of going to Disneyland or Disney World, and while you’re, there made the fatal mistake of going to a ride called it’s a small world.

After all, what happens for about a week after you’re out of that damn place, you’re still singing this thing in your head in 24 languages right. Let me tell you something: how many of you have things when you want to achieve them, and this part of your voice goes well.

It’s, not gonna happen or forget it. I’ve got a voice that sometimes interrupts that good pattern say I and what you want to do is train a new one. So, starting when I was 17, I started doing incantations.

Not affirmations affirmation, you go. I’m happy. I’m happy. I’m happy. I’m happy. I’m happy. What’s? The problem, you haven & # 39. T changed your what your! What physiology! If you don & # 39, t change, your physiology, you won’t, get anything so in incantations you only you speak it, but you embody what you’re, saying with all the intensity.

You can, and you do it with enough repetitions that it sticks in your head, like it’s, a small world. Now the conversation, your head is always the same, and it gives you what you want so use your body and your voice.

So, 17 years ago I started doing things. I was working for Jim Rohn, this speaker and I was 17 years old. I had long hair minestrone soup acne on my face and I was trying to call on Bear Stearns type of people and convince them why they should go to this man.

Seminar be more successful. I was driving a 1968 Volkswagen. I had earned at $ 40 a week as a janitor. The only way I did it was parked far from the building and then go in, and I love people. I believe what I put myself in state and I was able to influence people that were far more successful.

I was at the time I will do something that I still do backs have done for 23 years, because I don’t hope I’m gonna be in a good state. I demand it, so I do an incantation using my whole body. I know command my subconscious mind to direct me in helping as many people as possible life today to better their lives by giving me the strength, the emotion, the persuasion, the humor, the brevity whatever it takes to show these people and get these people to change their Lives now I would do that literally driving in my Volkswagen to a meeting in LA on the freeway for 40 minutes people.

Looking, I’m screaming to top my lungs, they’re going. I know he’s, a serial killer. I know he is, but by the time I entered that room when two people meet. If there’s, a rapport, the person who’s most certain will always influence the other person, and I was totally certain and they were trying to get revved up to certainty.

Do you agree with this? Yes or no? I do another. One because I was poor, I’ve changed my mindset. I kept doing things, but I never got beyond it. I’d, say gods. Wealth is circulating in my life as wealth flows.

To me an avalanche s of abundance. All my needs, desires and goals are met instantaneously by infinite intelligence. For I’m one with God and God is everything and I would imagine the abundance of my life and I would feel so grateful.

And a year later I went from making thirty eight thousand dollars a year to make a million dollars a year and one year that successful people do what failures won’t. Follow me on this. You

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