Tony Robbins The Keys To Massive Success 2015

Hi it’s, Tony Robbins Happy New Year. Listen how’s your new year coming out so far it’s early its January 15th, and I thought I’d. Send you out this little video message, because you know what that day means don’t you January 15th is the cutoff statistics show that 95 % of the people that actually made a new year’s.

Resolution have already broken it by today and that’s. If you even made a resolution now, if you’re the exception to that, I’m thrilled for you, and I support you and I say: keep rocking it. But if you’ve missed, maybe I could drop you a quick little message or two here that can help you not only recover but get way beyond just making some new year’s resolution and make some real, lasting change in your Life, I mean think about it.

Most people don’t even make a resolution anymore. Why? Because they & # 39, ve made them from years and years and years, and they know they’re, not gonna follow through. So after a while who wants to disappoint yourself, who wants to be upset with yourself? Why even bother to set a new standard for this year? You know it’s, gonna be the same as last year.

If you’re, the kind of person watching this right now and you’ve, actually opened this email and you haven’t shut me off already. Then. Obviously, that’s, not you. So the question is, you know what is it that makes us even want to make a resolution? Interesting question? Why is it at the beginning of the year? We have this tradition, but it goes beyond tradition.

It’s, something inside of us. That makes us want to make things better, and I think part of it is the calendar gives us this idea that we can have a fresh start, that we can start from fresh and have this great victory and it’s.

Really the calendar itself is quite arbitrary. It’s, wonderful to use it, but if you didn’t use it effectively, let’s, use the calendar to serve you today. Let’s just see what does it really take to make? This thing happen because there’s, no denying that inside of you, the only thing that’s gonna make you happy and the your head and the decades ahead.

It’s. Gon na be having you of an experience where, on a regular basis, you feel like your life, is making progress. If there’s, one thing I teach and I want to remind you of it: it’s, really simple things.

Getting things is not gonna make you happy that’s, good news in a tough economy. It’s, a good reminder. You know, doesn’t matter. What you get doesn’t matter, whether it be money or opportunity. All those things might excite you for the moment.

You know even a relationship as magnificent it may be, might be exciting for a while. But if you don & # 39, t keep growing that relationship, isn’t going to stay exciting, so the secret to real happiness is ress, progress equals happiness and if we can make progress on a regular basis, we feel alive and that’s why, at the beginning of the year we get this thing like okay, I could have this fresh start.

I could really do what my soul desires. I could expand, I could grow, I could improve, I could change or maybe better than change. I could progress, see think about that progress. Isn’t aliveness, it doesn’t.

It you don’t, have to work at changing people say all the time that allow I’m working on changing don & # 39. T worry about it. If the work on changing changes automatic your body’s, gonna change, whether you want it or not, as the years go by you, no matter how hard you work there’s.

Gon na be some changes going on there and the economy is gonna change. No matter what you want it to do, the weather is gon. Na change relationships are gonna change. Everything in life has always changed.

You won & # 39, t have to work on change, change is automatic, but progress is not so. If you want to make real progress, then you really got to look at your life in a different way. You got ta say I got ta.

Take control of this process and not just hope that’s, gonna work out, like people do who make a resolution. Cuz really isn’t that what they’re really doing at the beginning of the year. They’re, saying well here’s, my resolutions for the year, and they really basically tell you their wishes.

It’s, their wish list. It’s, what they hope it all comes together and then they call it a resolution, but they don’t know what a resolution is when you resolve something to have. A resolution is to resolve it.

When you’ve resolved, this is how it’s. Gon na be that’s. When you cut off any possibility, except the thing you’ve committed to it’s like the old adage. If you want to take the island – and you burn the boats, because when you burn those boats there’s, no going back, you’re gonna find a way to make things work and most people they’re, stating What they hope will come together and if it doesn’t happen, then they’re disappointed, but they’re, not too disappointed cuz.

They’re, not too vested. What does it take to successfully create a lasting change in your life to not only have a new year’s resolution you follow through on, but really have a lasting change. Well, the first step for lasting change is very much like making a new year’s resolution.

Fundamentally it’s. The same the first step is you got to have a vision, a vision for what it is. You really truly want not what you think you want or what you should have. I mean what are most people’s new year’s resolutions.

I’m gonna stop eating sugar. You know I’m gonna stop smoking. I’m gonna lose 10 pounds problem with that. Is it’s, not very inspiring for most people? You know it’s, not telling what you’re gonna get it’s.

Only what you’re, not gonna, do and it’s kind of hard to have you move forward with that. A vision is about what you’re here, to create a vision that really works is one that excites. You, if you say well mine, you know my resolution, my goal, my outcome for this month this week this year is to lose X number of pounds that’s.

Okay, but it’s, not very compelling. It has to be a compelling vision. It’s, got ta, have something has the power to pull you, not something you have to push yourself to do. Those are two different kinds of motivation.

Push requires willpower and willpower never lasts. What will last is pull having something so exciting so attractive, so something you desire so much that you have a hard time going to sleep at night and get so up early in the morning to rock it and take it to the next level.

That’s. What you’re looking at great and that wasn’t easy to get, but one of the reasons we do seminars and events. I’m saying you know: why do that? Why isn’t? Why not just read a book or something is because when you get an environment where you were people that are being put in a peak state like when you’re going to a sporting event, if you watch the sporting event at home, it might Have a certain level of excitement, but when you’re in a stadium with 50,000 people, suddenly it has a whole different level of intensity when we feel that and the bottom line of our follow-through comes down to our emotional intensity in a different state Of mind you’re gonna come up with a much better and more exciting vision than if you’re sitting, the couch going okay.

What am i new resolutions for this year and you’re doing it the morning after the new year started, and you’re a little inebriated and the football games on in the background, probably not gonna, have the power of focus.

They’re, probably not gonna have a power, the energy to create something that’s. Gon na pull you for this year and you got to do that. So it & # 39. S got to be a vision that’s, compelling something that you know it’s, gonna be a gift to make sure that happens, and also along with that compelling vision.

You got. Ta have strong enough reasons that you’re gonna follow through, and the going gets tough that’s, one of the biggest things missing for most people. They say this is what I want to do it’s, not very exciting.

It’s, not very compelling, but most importantly, they don’t, have strong enough reasons to push themselves through what’s, going to be necessary to get that dream to get that goal when the inevitable challenges come up? When you’re starving hungry and you’re trying to go on a diet right, when you got no time, you’re stressed out, you haven’t, worked out still that’s.

What you’re supposed to do when the economy gets tight and what you thought you’re gonna. Do it doesn’t work, and so you give up on the goal instead of finding another way to get there. You don’t, let the fear take you over.

If you & # 39, ve got strong enough reasons. Those reasons can be positive or those reasons can also be negative. They can be if I don’t. Do this, this it’s gonna cost me – and if I do to this, this is what I’m gonna gain.

In my life reasons. Come first answers come second. If you & # 39, ve got a compelling vision and you got strong enough reasons that will push you through the tough times you’re gonna do things other people don’t.

Do. Is that a collapsing? Even if you get off target you won’t go! Oh, I blew it. You’ll, get right back on target, make the change make things happen, and I know you & # 39. Ve done this in many areas.

Your life just think about it again, I’m, not teaching you something really new here today. I just want to remind you of what your soul knows. You got a change. You got to improve and you & # 39. Ve got to go through a simple process fundamentally to make that progress first, step vision that’s compelling second step, make sure that they’re, strong enough reason to follow through third step.

You got to review it and feel it every day I mean anything. Have you ever had this happen in your life? Has there been anything in your life badly? You were so desirous of it. You have such a hunger for it that you couldn & # 39.

T stop thinking about it could been a career move could have been when you’re, a kid a car, it could have been a relationship, it could have been anything, but you were obsessed you wanted to make this happen.

You wanted to attract this. To your life, you wan na you just wanted something and you didn’t even know how to get it, but it was so compelling to you kept thinking about it every day and visioning, imagining it feeling it and then stuff happened.

And suddenly you started to attract people or situations to your life and it just came together. Like you, didn’t even have a total plan. It was just that it was so a part of your focus with so much intensity and emotion.

So often that it sensitized you to notice anything that could get you there there’s. A part of your brain called the reticular activating system. For short, we call it the RAS that part of your brain determines what you notice in the world and it’s really important, because when you set a goal, when you get really clear on a vision, they’re strong enough reasons And you review good enough, it becomes a part of you that part of your brain says anything that relates to this.

I need to notice it’s like did you ever buy a certain kind of car or maybe a certain outfit, and suddenly you see that car everywhere those outfits everywhere. Well, you know the cars were always around, but why do you see it now? Because your Ras knows this is important.

This is part of my world now. Similarly, when you really get clear and it’s compelling and you’re, reviewing it every day, got strong reasons. You’re, viewing it every day and you’re feeling it. The brain becomes incredibly acute at noticing anything to get you to move forward, and so that’s, the power of this.

So you know what do people do with New Year’s resolution? They come up with something they kind of want it’s, not a compelling vision. They don’t really have strong enough reasons, and they never review it again and told a notice that they broke what they said.

They really want to have make happen because they didn’t really resolve. If you resolve, you got the vision, it’s, compelling you review it daily and you feel it you envision it and you experience it simple as it sounds now.

Ultimately, what is this really about? Ultimately, if you’re gonna have lasting change in anything. You’re, really talking about just raising your standards. I mean, I always tell people if you want to know how to change your life and give it to you.

In three words boring as it sounds, raise your standards. What does that mean? Corny, as it sounds, raise your standards I’ll. Thank you for the breakthrough. Thought Tony. I’m glad. I wasted my time watching this little email with you, but think about lasting change is different than a goal.

You don’t, always get your goals, but you always get your standards. Maybe they’ll help. You is to think about it. This way, I try to explain standards to people with a different set of words. Think of it as everybody in life gets there.

Must they don’t get their right. Think about it. You must be above a list of shits don’t. They don’t. You have a list of the shoulds things you should do you should follow through on I I should lose some weight.

I should work out more. I should make more calls. I should respond more rapidly to my email. Whatever you know, I should get into the office earlier. I should be, you know more confident. Whatever your should list is people love to have their should list make me met, but it’s kind of like New Year’s resolutions.

If it does it’s really exciting, but if it doesn’t, which is most the time it’s a little disappointing. But you kind of know it’s not going to happen. But when you decide something as a must for you and abs mas, when you cut up any possible, you say I’m gonna find the way I’m gonna make the way human beings when they resolve things, and they Have make a real resolution inside themselves, which is they raise the standard they make it a? Must they find the way think about in your own life happens.

You had some area of your life where you raise your standard and your life has never been the same. Maybe at one time your life, you use smoke cigarettes or you did something and you did it for years and you kept trying to change it, trying to change it and kept telling yourself.

I should and then one day something happened, something just clicked you over. Something took you over that kind of tipping point and inside yourself you said no more. It was a very, very different experience.

Wasn’t it something inside has shifted and what was a should became a must and you’ve, never gone back. Is there an area like that in your life? You could think of again Jay ever smoked cigarettes. Did you ever eat a certain way drink, a certain form of alcohol and then finally saying no more and you just don’t, go back and notice this it doesn’t really take any willpower anymore because somewhere when we make this Click we make something a must.

We attach ourselves to it. It becomes part of our identity. The one thing I’ve learned in the last gosh 33 years of working with people. From now over 100 countries, four million people is human beings absolutely follow through on who they believe they are, and you said, said to me: well, I’m, really gonna work hard to stop smoking, but you know I’ve, been A smoker my whole life and I’m.

You know I am a smoker. I know your days are numbered. You’re gonna be back smoking cigarettes again because we all act consistent with who we believe we are. I tell people the strongest force in the whole human personality.

Is this need to stay consistent with how we define ourselves? If you define yourself as somebody who is really conservative, you’re, not gonna be crazy and act nuts. Unless you’re, really drunk or something, and then you can say it’s, the alcohol, when it really does you finally getting permission to be yourself, the alcohols, your excuse, if you’re, a really crazy person, you act Crazy outrageous, playful you don’t act; conservative because that’s, not who you are very often people say well, I can’t.

Do that. I’m, not that kind of person, and I always say to people really. Did you define yourself? I mean really how many years ago did you come up with what you could and couldn’t do in your life? How many years ago, most people, if they really look at how they’re living their life today, it’s based on a set of standards, a set of beliefs that they made choices about 10, 20, 30 or more years ago.

I mean very often we made decisions in our youth or very young about what to believe about what we were capable of about who we are as a person, and that becomes the glass ceiling. If you will that controls us there’s.

A corny metaphor, but it’s. True, I remember one time I was with my family at the circus and there’s, a person there and they had this big giant elephant. And you look at this elephant and they take this little rope, put it around the health and snack and they drive the stake into the ground, and I mean you look at this.

You know that elephant could rip down the entire tent with almost no effort, and yet the elephant doesn’t struggle. Doesn’t. Try why cuz the elephant’s conditioned and they take that elephant conditioned the elephant when it’s, a baby elephant that’s, how they train them when it’s, a little baby elephant and it doesn’t have the power, yet they put a big rope around it and they drive this huge stake in the ground and your elephant fights and fights and fights, and one day.

Finally, that often decides I’m, not capable pulling this out and once that becomes the definition of an identity of anyone, an elephant in this case they don’t even try anymore. It’s, just who I am, that’s, how it is that’s just the way it is in my life.

I’d, like to ask you to take a look at any place. You’ve, got a limitation. Ask yourself. When did I decide to accept that limitation and you may not even see it as a limitation? You might see there just that’s, who I am, but so often our lives.

We’ve, adapted to be a certain way so that we don’t fail or so that people will like us or respect us, but it’s, not necessarily who we are. Joy comes when you’re spontaneous it’s, really hard to be truly happy when you’re, not being yourself, and most of us have no clue who we are, and so a big part of my work.

If you’ve ever been to an event, you know is to get people and do things spontaneously without thinking, because that’s when the real you shows up that’s when the energy comes alive and when you do That when you start to connect your true nature, suddenly there’s energy available for you to set a higher standard for what you want in your life, that’s.

What this is really all about, and when I talk about standards, when I talk about you, know versus muss think about your own life. I know there have been areas in your life where some point in time. You just shift it and you raise the standard in your life change, because whatever people have their identity attached to they live, we live, who we believe we are, that’s, just how it works.

It’s, just kind of like I give an example. Look at your physical body. Your physical body today is an absolute reflection of only one thing: not your goals, not your desires, but your standards, the identity you have for yourself.

If your standard is you’re, an athlete, then there’s, a certain amount of strength, a muscle tone and energy, that’s available in your body on a regular basis, because that’s, who you are And so you do whatever’s necessary to maintain that identity, again, the strongest force and the human personalities.

This need to stay consistent with how we define ourselves, because if you don’t know who you are, you would not act once you lock in on that identity. Your brain finds a way to keep you there. If you say you know man, I’m overweight.

I’ve, always been overweight. I’m big-boned and that’s. The story you got, then you’re gonna always find a way to get back there. That’s. You’re, settling point that’s; your identity, that’s where things lock in.

If you see somebody who’s in a really great shape, you ask him: do you work out? You know the answer? Yes, how often and they & # 39. Ll, tell you three times four times five times a week, whatever in a seven hour.

Last people who here works out at least five days a week and I’m stand-up and you look around that room and you know that they work out five times a week. As you can see their body, you don’t. Just get a result without some kind of action, without some form of ritual ritual, meaning actions.

You do consistently now do you think you know those people that are out there working out five days a week? Do they have more time than you do, or I have for anybody else, of course not? Is that a wife less busy? Of course not it’s, just a must for them.

They must work out that way and they’ve made that turn their life changed. So I’m, not saying you have to work out five days a week. I’m, just saying whatever you really want, once don’t get met consistently, standards do whatever you identify.

This is Who I am, and so it’s, not so much about changing your identity as theirs standing it. You know deciding that you know instead of your goals, to lose ten pounds, which is not compelling what if your vision was to get back to my fighting weight.

You know just this year this month, this next 90 days, I’m gonna transform. My body I’m gonna take on a new challenge. I’m gonna find some technique or strategy. There’s, a million of them that can reframe myself, where I want to feel younger, stronger, more vibrant than ever before.

Here’s, my reasons because I want the energy to really make my life work because it’s. Tough out there and I want to be stronger than I’ve ever been before I’m, going for the mirror and if I’m naked, not you know when I laugh, I will look there and take a good Look and go yeah whatever it takes, something’s.

Gon na make. You laugh smile, something that’s, gonna tease yourself, but someone’s. Gon na move you to another level. If you identify yourself in a new way – and you own that every day and that becomes the staredown, you live, you & # 39.

Ll find the way to make that standard. Real money’s. The same way, I think about it. Doesn’t matter. What’s happening quote-unquote in the marketplace? People that make money find a way to make money.

No matter what don’t. They I mean most people’s. Standard is to pay their bills. So that’s, what most people find a way to do, even when economic times get tough most people? If that’s, their absolute standard, they find a way some people’s.

Standard is pay their bills and most of the time, and so most of the time they do some people standard is not just to pay their bills but to take care of their family and maybe even some of their friends, and they find a way.

In fact, human, if some people may be in a family where they don & # 39, t have enough money to barely have money to pay their bills. They work through guts out and then somebody, their mother, their father or somebody else.

Their sister gets ill and there’s, not enough money to take care of it. Nobody else has money in the family. They don’t either, but if they find a way to get that money to take care of their mother or father don’t pay and pay their bills, they never could do it before why the situation made them raise their own Standard and not everybody does that somebody else in the family might have money and still don’t take care of their mother.

It all comes down to the inner game. My friends, changing your life is a change in the inner game. The outside world. You can’t control, but you have absolute control over this one. If you learn that dynamics of what shapes you and identity is one of those simple, clear, fundamental basics – that if you start to share that everything else, will shift in your life as well.

Some people, by the way, have to have more than enough money to do. What they want when they want, where they want with whomever they want, contribute the way they want. If that’s there must they find a way.

I know that sounds overly simplistic, but it’s. True now somebody once said you can take all the money in the world out of the hands of everybody out of all the wealthy people in the world who are really successful given to other people it wouldn’t.

Take too long. Those people would have it back in their hands. It’s, not because they’re manipulate it’s cuz they have a standard. Some are manipulate. Don’t get me wrong, but they & # 39. Ve got a standard of what they’re gonna find a way to make happen.

I’m just simply saying to you. Take those three magic words and live them raise your standard. If you really want to do it, then I’ll. Tell you the most important secret. Have you ever done this? Have you ever told yourself you’re raised you’re, saying okay, I’m gonna go.

Make this happen. I’m gonna go make this much money. I’m gonna transform. My kids, I’m gonna create the ultimate relationship of my life. I’m gonna transform my body whatever it is, and then you don’t, have strong enough reasons and you don’t lose use it.

You don’t, follow through it’s because you didn’t back up your standards with what makes those standards real and that’s. Rituals rituals. All of the power is whenever we do. Our Robbins results. Coaching and we did Robbins equals results late.

We get results with people, it’s. The same way, if you listen to my ultimate edge program, are back in the old days, personal power or if you went to one of my seminars, you know what I do is I take these huge challenges you got and we break them down into little bite-sized Steps little things you do each day that after you do them, you get so much momentum that it’s.

Easy to succeed. You’re, not overwhelmed. You have these victory day after day after day on little things. If you’d want to ultimate edge, I’m sure you learned about the hour of power or the 15 minutes to be able to be fulfilled or 30 minutes to thrive, where you literally just conditioned your body and emotion with a Couple little rituals, so it doesn’t matter.

What’s going on in your world? You feel that strength and it’s, not fake. It’s, not some pump up. It’s. Coming from inside you and it works, rituals define us see, all the results in your life are coming from your rituals.

They start with a standard and then have rituals that follow it up like, for example, if you are where you want to be physically, you have very different rituals than if you’re, not where you want to be physically.

If you’re overweight, you I both know, you got a different ritual than if you’re physically fit completely different. You get up in the morning. What’s? The first thing you do. If you’re fit your shoes, are there you roll over the minute? How you feel you put on your shoes, you lacing, you start walking or whatever that ritual is.

If you’re overweight, you roll over and you have a very different ritual. You might roll over several times to turn the alarm clock off. You go in and get your mocha mocha whatever you know, special coffee, you stop by at Starbucks or over the case.

Maybe you have your nice sugar muffin. You know it’s supposed to be really nice for you, whatever you do it’s, a different ritual. If you have a great passionate relationship, you have very different rituals and how you come home than if you have a lousy relationship.

You come home and the first thing you do is you’re tweeting somebody or you’re emailing or flipping on the news or you don’t even come home yeah. What are the rituals whenever I study people that are successful? Well, I look for is what’s, the standard they hold himself to and then what are all the little rituals that up because think about it? Success and failure are not giant events.

They don’t just show up you’ll just suddenly become successful or suddenly have this cataclysmic event. That makes you fail. It may look that way, but failure comes from all the little things, its failure to make the call its failure to check the books, its failure to say I’m.

Sorry, its failure to push yourself to do things physically, that you don’t want to do and all those little failures day after day, come together until one day some Cataclysm event happens. You blame that.

That event happened because you missed all the little stuff. Do you agree with me and success by the way is not some overnight event. It’s. All these little things. Success is having a vision. Success is making it compelling.

Success is really seeing it feeling it every day. It was strong enough for reasons success. He is feeling the sense that I’m here to grow, and I’m here to give something to the world more than just myself.

Success is caring about other people. Success is calling and saying I love you in the middle of the day, for no damn reason or sending a note that will change your relationship, how the ritual of something funny playful or a surprise, you do how many relationships are dead today, because they have no Surprise rituals anymore: you need to have some rituals and cool you do that.

Nobody else does that gives you a better life than anybody else has all the little stuff that’s. Where success comes from in business, it comes from delivering more than anybody. Could imagine all those little things add up? People go wow that’s, who I want to do business with it’s, true in any area of your life.

So if you look at somebody’s really successful, you think wow I mean they’re. So amazing there’s such a genius. You kind of dig underneath you got to remember something. People are rewarded in public from what they’ve practiced for years in private myself, and my business people say how you get up and speaking.

You have no notion, you go for three days and nights and the room is like it’s wired. It’s, incredible it’s like a rock concert. How do you do that? How do you get that confidence of home? And you know it’s, not confidence? It’s experience now, but I did so much behind the scenes that I still do to make things right.

I mean how many people would know that, since the time I was 17 years old before I walk on his age still do to this day. Wouldn’t need to do it, but I still do it. I never walk out there without being in an absolute peak state of mind.

You know there are days, my back is hurting, my throat was hurting, or I may have a challenger. My father passed away and I & # 39. Ve still got to deliver for these people, because my standard is give my all every time everything has to be better talked.

Anybody has been to our events for 5-10 years. Some of our trainers – I don’t know he does it. He & # 39; s always finds a way to make it better. That’s, not an ego thing that’s a standard in me. I have to find the way, and my ritual, though, is I prepare.

I think I gather new information. I figure out how to put something across better. What do people need? I spend time with our customers. I see what’s going on and before I get on stage. Each time has a sort of ritual to put myself in a state of mine, and I did it starting to fight 17 years old.

I started doing it say I now command my subconscious mind, and I say this out loud several times this little phrase set of phrases as an incantation to kind of condition, my mind and body, and that’s.

An now command my subconscious mind to direct me and helping as many people as possible today by giving me the strength and the emotion and the humor and the brevity whatever it takes to show this person and help this person change their life now and I started Out with a person when I work with people one-on-one, I would do that for 45 minutes driving in my Volkswagen to go serve and coach somebody for the first time now I don’t say that these 10,000 people and deliver for 50 hours, and I do it every time I come back on stage it’s, a ritual, a ritual to go in a peak stay Peaks.

They don’t just show up. They don’t interrupt you great ideas. Don’t laughter. You got to pursue them. I talked to Michael Jordan. I’ll, never forget Dad the peak of his career and got to watch. His final game saw him backstage and spent some time with them and there’s pretty exciting time.

This case basketball player and I think that ever lived in Hazzard relived and I asked him. I said you know what sets you apart. Michael, you know what is it and is it god-given talent ability skill? What does it needs to tell me? You know he said I can shoot you straight.

You know it’s. Not you know you try to act. Humble he goes. I have a lot of town, a lot of god-given talent, lot of skill. I’ve worked really hard, but he said really it’s, my standards. He said every day I demand more for myself than anybody else could humanly expect.

I’m, not competing with somebody else. I’m competing with, while I’m capable of hmm magic formula because most of us lower our standards. Why? Because who you spend time with my friends, is? Who you become one of the biggest reasons I started going to seminars when I was like 17? Is I had nobody around me as a great role model I could read about somebody but being around people being in that environment was very different.

Finding way to go to work with someone who lived, that standard of life was very different. You get around people at low standards and you compete with it. You don’t need to compete with it. It’s like okay.

I mean remember Jerry Springer, I know if he’s still in the air, but you know I remember used to get people on the show. My thought, where would he find these people watch? These people go my life, so pretty darn good come here that person look at them.

You don’t have to change your life. All you have to do is find somebody with a lower standard. You’ll feel good about yourself, but if you feel that good feeling it’s, an illusion, the only thing that’s gonna make you happy my friend and this year or any other, is to step up it’s to raise the standard it’s, to discover what you’re, capable of and feel that incredible power of pushing through whatever is holding you back and get to the other side of more of your true self.

That’s. What this game is all about and look at the best of the world than anything Tiger Woods. What’s? What’s, his vision to win golf tournaments? No to be the best that ever lived! That’s, his goal, that’s, his vision, but here’s.

What’s interesting? He backs it up with rituals. If you just have a vision and you don’t, have the rituals stop lying to yourself his rituals? Are he started doing things nobody did before he went started lifting weights, golfers lifting weights, no way he went out and he changed his swing when he was the best in the world, because he realized already be the best that ever lived.

He’s. Gon na have to change his swing. If you don’t thing about golf, you don’t change your swing when you’re the best and he went and retrained himself because he has different rituals than other golfers.

Now many people are modeling as rituals to get better it’s. Amazing. You know you look at somebody like Michael Phelps, the 2008 swimmer. 1. 7. You know only two people, I think in history, if I remember correctly, that have gotten seven gold medals in one session and here’s, a guy, he’s, got number six centers belt, he’s exhausted and he’s going in for that final swim, I’m sure you remember, and how does the guy win by one hundredths of a second? Do you think that was some massive skill that got him over the top or was it a standard that says this is Who I am? I am the champion and no one is taking this from me and somehow in those finals, milliseconds hundredths of a second.

He pushed himself just beyond his competitor, but you know how about Michael Phelps, what allowed him to be able to push beyond that moment? Is this rituals go steady, the guy most people who swim have these unbelievable workouts? He does two and three of the workout sessions.

A day, all the other swimmers in the beginning thought he was insane you can over train. You can’t, do that. It’s, not physically possible, but he had a standard and the rituals to back it up. So here’s.

My final message to you because I’ve, gotten carried away. I was gonna. Send you like a five-minute message, but you can see there’s no script here it’s. Just me going a little crazy with you, but I want to really see you get what you want this year.

Don’t, let this year be like last and if last year was great still let it be that way raise the standard. Your life is perfect and extraordinary. You darn well know you’re, not gonna be happy unless you keep making it better that’s.

What makes us feel alive it’s, not what we got to make us happy. It’s, who we become and what we’re able to give, because we’ve become more. That sense of contribution is what creates the deepest meaning.

So here’s, my assignment for, if you want one, if you want to go from conversation to some action here’s, a simple thing: to do: what’s, an area life right now that you really want improve? What’s, an area that’s, important to improve it’s? Your body’s great! How about your career careers? Great? How about your relationship intimate one especially or your kids, or your relationship with your Creator? Your spiritual side of your life, or is it your finances, figure an area that really matters decide on that area.

Number one write down what your life is like in that area right now, specifically as possible, so you might say: well, I’m 13.5 pounds overweight. You know whatever the weight is, whatever the situation is, or my body fat like this or I’m wake up exhausted in the morning, and you write the truth of where you are right now, so you’re real, clear or I’m, not in a relationship.

I say I want a relationship, but I I’m. Not in one I don’t seem to find them all. The good ones seem to be gone. Is my belief, you know – and I really do want one, but I don’t. Have it whatever your definition? Well, I’m in a relationship and god I wish I wasn’t in a relationship.

I’m planning, my escape wherever you are, or I have a wonderful relationship. We love each other, but there just isn’t enough passion just right. The truth of where you are the area. You want to change what right, how it is, and then the second step is that’s, where you got to be really honest with yourself.

What are the rituals that have put me there, because whatever results, you’re? Getting? Even if you don’t like the results there’s, some rituals that are keeping you in that place. There’s. Some rituals of what you eat, or don’t eat how you move or don’t move how you sleep or don’t sleep there’s, some rituals and the lack of variety or spice or energy, Or focus in an area there’s, something you’re doing and it’s.

Usually not one thing: it’s, a bunch of little things. They kind of do consistently. Whenever you think about getting in a relationship whenever you think about working out whenever you think about money, you get yourself in a state of overwhelm.

You start thinking about all the things you can’t control, just write down all the rituals you have and then here’s, the third step. What do you want? What’s, your vision and be really specific? I want to be even my fighting way.

I want to be the strongest I’ve ever felt. I want to be. I’m gonna turn, my whatever it is, be specific and then last step number four. What are the rituals that’ll, get you there? What would you need to differently each morning, if you’re going to be that kind of energy that kind of strength? How would you have to often would you work out? What days would you work out what time a ritual, something you do consistently in a specific time so becomes automatic? Let me tell you something: willpower, doesn’t last, but rituals can last a lifetime.

I bet you have some rituals in your life right now. You’ve been doing for years, even though some of them don’t serve you. I’m, just saying wake yourself up make. If you want a new year and a new life, you don’t need to start in January.

First start today start with this little video and just begin to see what happens and see how easy it is to just do a few little rituals don’t. Do them all just do two or three new things, and you know what happens you’ll get momentum, because once you discipline yourself in one area life, you feel yourself doing in other areas as well.

I always say something that my original teacher taught me. I always remind people there’s, always two pains in life. There’s at the pain of discipline or is the pain of regret and discipline. Weighs ounces is my friend, Jim Rohn taught me regret, weighs tons you don’t have regret so right now.

What do you want to change? What’s? It really like one of the rituals that got you there. That will take a little homework. If you’re, not sure, ask the people around you, they & # 39. Ll. Tell you what your rituals are.

What do I really want in depth where the rituals will get me there and then get yourself to start a few of those actions and lock them in place, so I can help you in any way. We’re here, as a company to support you come to have an event with us, come to unleash the power within or master university or get a coach.

You can get a free coaching session if you call our company and click on something on this. We & # 39. Ll probably have something on it or get a product or don’t do anything with us, but do something with somebody starting with you.

If you make the change in yourself, you’re gonna be proud this year and no amount of money or accolades other people can mirror the feeling of being proud of knowing you’ve taken back control of your life or you’ve taken a great life to another level, because once you do that, you have something you can give other people, whether it be your kids or your friends or your family, and ultimately, that’s.

Why it’s about some thanks for listening? I know how long I went to here, but I hope this has been helpful for you. I just thought it’s a new year and I want people to be able to truly create a new life and till I see again, hopefully something soon or gets a chance to meet.

You live strong and then live with passion and, of course, god bless to you happy new year. You welcome back to your breakthrough. We’re gonna talk in the session about the exact formula for what creates long term happiness.

What creates unhappiness? What creates suffering and what the antidotes are, which there’s only three. How do I know this? I’ve, had the privilege of being with four million people now from a hundred countries around the world live seminars, and I’ve, seen everything you can imagine.

I mean from the most successful people in the world to these singularly most challenged people you could possibly imagine. I’ve, dealt with people with multiple personality disorders, fifty-two different personalities, and how to put them back together, and I dealt with people with no personality of a much bigger problem, no matter what the diversity of people I dealt with and the diversity you’ve.

Seen in this show, the ultimate question I’m, always asking is: how do I help people to break through? The question is what are you breaking through to? In essence, all of us at some level to feel alive have to always feel like we’re growing.

When people ask me, what does it take to be happy, I always tell them one word: progress. Progress equals happiness, even if you’re, not where you want to be. Yet. If you’re on the road, if you’re improving, if you’re making progress, you’re gonna love.

It you’re gonna feel alive. On the other hand, it doesn’t matter how successful you are. If you stop growing, you start dying inside now. How does this relate to this session? I’ll break through all. I’ll, say it’s, really simple.

If you and I want to know what it takes to be happy, we have to understand what is our current blueprint of how our life’s supposed to be, then?

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