Tony Robbins – The Right Mindset for Success

I don’t use that language anymore. You know sunset stabbed me in the back of showed me the scars all right what they really do, who they stole some money from you or most on jealousy. They told somebody something I told them not to tell them and they stabbed you in the back.

The reason I say that is our language creates a biochemical change in us and it’s good, to become aware of the language used cuz. Some of it is a breaking down and should say your ability make progress, but no earlier my business, I had people steal for me.

I didn’t know how to recruit the right people. I first I recruited people that I thought were my friends and they were, but they were incompetent. You know, then I recruited people that weren’t. My friends were competent, but they had no integrity.

I mean I, you know I had less the example. I gave you one of my partners and business. I mean left me with 150 million dollar bill when i had that much money, but the beautiful thing was, i figured out how to get through it.

Pay it off make it happen. My level of growth, it’s. Like I look at whatever problem there. Is it’s gonna stay, a problem till you have a spiritual breakthrough, sounds corny, but an insight. A strategy built a different muscle and I’ve done that so many times at this stage.

It’s there in intimate relationships. No one tells you how to pick your partner, so you know I I married a woman early on. I really didn’t want to get married, but I didn’t wanted to feel hurt. She was sad and – and I married her right – really good human being and instantly had three children, so it was a beautiful gift.

I stayed 14 years to the kids were gone and then I finally have 39 said you know I don’t want to enter another decade this way and let’s, stay friends. Let’s end this and you know I thought it’d, be an easy thing to do and it wasn’t.

She was very upset, it was ending and I went to all of those pieces, but every one of those experiences what I’ve suffered when I’ve experienced financial challenges, emotional challenges, you know physical challenge, they know I had a day Where doctor calls me and tells me, you got a tumor in your brain, I mean that alters you.

I buried for fathers, and you know one mother in alters. You know, but through all of that, you develop a clarity about what’s, really most important in your life, and you learn to let go of all the and stop making it an excuse for you to be upset cuz.

I just believe life is too short to live, pistol to live, worried till we have frustrated, and so you learn you move on and you become better that’s, really what I’ve done! Is it as easy? As that I mean it’s, not easy at all.

It’s, horrible. It’s; tough, it & # 39; s grind your soul. It’s. I don’t want to give the illusion. I think it’s, easy, but the more you do it the easier it gets because you develop the wiring. Did you hold on to grudges and at one point I’m, not my wife.

Sometimes she’s been frustrated because I’m, a pretty forgiving guy. I love people. I’m, but I’m, not stupid anymore. You know it’s like the frog and the scorpion story. I’m sure you know it’s. Like you know, I I look at what somebody’s.

Nature is, and so you know I’ve people like I have a friend that got some pretty horrible things years ago. I’m still friends with him, but I might see him once a year. I don’t have in my life every single day, so it’s.

It’s still be intelligent. World constantly reinforces you that you’re supposed to instantly, get what you want and if you don’t, you should be frustrated that’s, the online instant world. We live in it’s about to get worse, but if you & # 39, ve got what you know that focus the target.

You got the toolbox and you’re, still not getting what you want. It’s because you got inner conflicts, that’s. The third pillar, you’ve, got to resolve your inner conflicts because, as I tried to explain to you, 80 % of success in anything is your psychology and 20 %? Is the mechanics so those inner conflicts are when you take two steps forward, you pull three steps back right when you say boy, I’m totally committed this, but you don’t follow through this is my expertise.

The y-guy part. Why? Why you keep saying you want this? You have crystal clarity, you have the tools and you’re, still, not getting it there’s, a conflict in you. You want to be totally successful, but you’re afraid at some level that if you will are totally successful, you will not be loved.

You’ll, be rejected. You want to be in a position where you have total free time and you want to build a billion dollar enterprise. These are conflicts. You really truly know you have the tools and talents to make this happen, but a part of you, doesn’t.

Think you deserve to succeed because there’s, something you did at some point in your life. There’s, something you made up or you think, making money or being successful economically is not spiritual and you’re committed to being spiritual and yet the other part of you if the inner conflicts between fighting parts.

So what do we do in this third pillar? Think of it as a vault. We got unlock, think of it as unlock and unleash that’s, the third teller, the way you unlock and unleash is you identify the conflict. You get clear what they are, so you may have total clarity, even the tools, but how can you call the unleash and commit when you & # 39, re being pulled in two different directions? It’s only.

How do I solve that? There isn’t. One way you’ve got to get clear about what’s most important to you today, not what you think you should do, based on an old blueprint and all belief system, your parents, society, your friends.

Otherwise, you’ll. Succeed cannot be fulfilled so once you identify the conflicts now, what you got to do is align, align your life with what you really value, align your life with what is most important to you and then, once you are in a position where you & # 39.

Re aligned, guess what you’ll, do take action. You don’t have to work at it. When everything’s in alignment, there’s, nothing pulling you away boom, you go for it, but when you say I want a relationship, but at the same time simultaneously I want to be in a position where you know I never have To you know, I only get what I want every moment or I never have to commit to anything there’s an obviously you’re, never gonna get there that inner conflict must be resolved once you align and you take action Because what’s, gonna happen, you’re gonna achieve, and once you achieve you succeed when you succeed, I’ll.

Tell you what you can add to it, celebrate right and then contribute pay. It forward. A few else corny, as that sounds remember, the movie pay it forward. Don’t pay. It back. Take what you’ve got what you’ve learned and bring it to someone else.

Have you bring it to someone else? It continues that cycle of fulfillment, of joy, of meaning in your life. Everything works, the more you can cultivate that sense of wealth that sense of abundance in you, the more you can feel that sense of joy, the more easy it’s going to be for you to do financially, because you’re, not Going to be in this scarce fearful now that’s anonymous by itself, you have this great sense of the buttons and do the wrong mechanics and be a disaster true or false.

But if I had a they have an area to get. You started with you want to have the emotion psychological strength. Is that’s? Gon na carry you through when the mechanics are boring or frustrating, or when things aren’t working out your emotion, your psychologies will carry you.

It’ll, get you to keep doing it. Everyone knows if you & # 39. Ve done these studies, dr. Seligman, very famous, for doing Studies on optimism and in those studies you really found out. People that are pessimists are much more realistic.

They’re, much more accurate if you give them a test and you ask them to look at something and give you a size measurement of it or to evaluate their own success or failure at a task and every study Seligman’s.

Donny due to the University, I think, Pennsylvania for member correctly. Originally what he found was that optimists always see themselves as doing better than they really did. They basically be asked themselves what happens the pessimist? There are 10 times more accurate, but here’s.

What he found out when he found out is because the people who are accurate never pushed themselves because they know it’s, never going to work anyway, whereas the optimist sees it better than it is so they keep doing it because the other lusion They did well, we’ll all do even better next time, and because that optimism, they did it more often it’s.

So optimists succeed at a four to five fall, depending on the task result, ultimately beyond anything that a pessimist will do and they’re, not as accurate all that’s. A big way of saying is: if you can develop a psychology of resilience in yourself, you don’t have to be optimistic or fake.

You can be real, the realness is whatever shows up. You are larger than anything that can happen to you. You are larger than any financial challenge you could ever face. Who here’s gone through a very tough financial time? Well, you didn’t know how you’re gonna pull it off, but eventually you did how many members before say hi.

How many have this happen more than once in your life say. I then the true history could guide you to know you can get through this and not let you be overwhelmed by the moment, but also the gratitude can put you in that sense of wealth.

So genes are wealthy. Whenever I bring friends they’re, you know we have 325 acres and three miles of ocean frontage. It’s, unbelievable, but you hope these two villages and my friends initially will say well look at their houses, look at their homes and they don’t really have electricity.

They don’t have this, but they don’t feel poor. It’s, your identity, the way you define the wealth determines whether you’re wealthy or not. So are there enough things for you, knowing the two thirds the planet lives on $ 2 a day that you could get yourself to really feel grateful yes or no? How much of your life do you get benefits from today that you never had to create? Think about it, like I said, the road you ride on the library, the books you didn’t have to write all right, the internet, that you can access in seconds and get answers just about anything.

The people in your life, you didn’t – have to raise, but are there for you think about all the different aspects of your life. If you want to be wealthy, all you have to do is associate so before we do the financial part, because financial independence is different than wealth wealth.

Is that State of Mind financial dependence is being in that position where you don’t ever have to work again that if you work you do it, because you really want to not give you a clue. If you get from the independent you don’t work, you’d, be miserable.

I can’t. Tell you how many friends I have a solar company made fifty million dollars. One man made almost a billion dollars and was really excited for a while, but after a while it was like bored. His vehicle of his business gave him a sense of contribution and he was always growing figuring how to solve problems and yet all the people he was connected to in the business, all the employees and friends and associates, and he was significant because he was doing something Worthwhile and he had tremendous certainty because he knew the business and also variety cause it’s, always changing, and then they have this money, so the real secret is to be financially free to be financially independent.

You want to get well, you never have to work again, but you did because you want to that’s when life gets very cool when you don’t have to work, but you want to. You have to work harder. I enjoy my life that I don’t have to work that’s, one of the most killer experiences of life.

So I want to tell you, I’m, not just saying this as some little positive thinking technique. I’m telling you this is the secret, the real secret, to shift it inside of you in the ad the real value most people are trying to pursue thing in the future that they already have.

I want you to think of what it is. You think you want that will make you wealthy or financially free. Is this making sense? Do you see why I’m so intense about this cuz? I don’t, want you to go through and get more money and have plenty of money and still not be happy still not be fulfilled.

Until you define the game and winnable ways, you never win and you chase it and you die chasing it. That is not to say you, shouldn’t, take your life to hold up a little financial and have greater choices and greater ways to give gifts.

But don’t wait and if you don & # 39, t wait. If you can own that you’re already wealthy, I can promise you you’ll, get to a level of riches financially ten times faster than with the identity. You have of limitation.

Does that make sense that’s? The essence of what I’m talking about here, let’s. Talk about money now, not wealth. We do agree all those wealth in this room right now say I, and if you really done what we have you’re, not just saying that at some verbalization you can really feel it.

You can feel abundant. You can feel wealthy from that place. What does it take mechanically to get this thing called financial independence, and what does financial independence as opposed to wealth wealth is a product of the mind again.

No amount of money you ever achieve will make you wealthy gratitude will and living a life where you know you’re, contributing adding value. Will that’s? What’s gonna make? You feel wealthy, where you’re, a giver, not a taker.

That does mean you can’t receive, but someone who’s always looking at what am I getting out of every single thing they do is always poor because they live in scarcity. But if you want to be financially independent, that’s, different financial dependent means you never have to work again in order to live your life that when you do work, you’re doing it, because you really want to not, because you Have to how many committed it’ll, not only being wealthy but also financially independent, say how do we get there? Let me give you the lesson how to get there.

It is so simple that when I tell you’re gonna go, thank you for the breakthrough thought, but even though you may know this, intellectually, whether you’re, sophisticated or not, you probably know this focusing on this is the difference.

Can you be a person who is honest in your values and not be honest in the moment? Yes or no, can you be a loving person but not be loving in this moment? Yes or now? Why? Because, whenever you focus on, we’re focus.

Goes energy flows, so I don’t care how sophisticated you are unsophisticated if you put focus and what we’re gonna put in front of you right now, even if you knew it before you may not cognitively. We have a linked enough emotion to be doing it consistently or if you are, and you’re here, you obviously want to do it more and better and what we’re talking about right now is financial wealth, not just wealth, as It says as an emotion as a sense, if you want to be financially independent, the formula for financial dependence is so simple and you can’t achieve financial abundance unless you really learn to apply this, not just in a concept you have but consistent In your life and that formulas, simple spend less than you what you know.

Thank you for the breakthrough, thought Tony, but is this what most people do yes or no? No, what do most people spend more than they earn there’s? No way around this, no matter how much money you have, if you spend more than you earn you & # 39.

Ve got a challenge, so there’s, no way to be financially free, financially independent without spending less than you earn, and what you got to do with what you don’t spend you got to invest the difference, because what I want To show you right now is how do you build what everybody should own every one of you should leave here with your own personal money machine.

Do you want to create a money machine, a machine that, while you’re sleeping, is making you money right? So you’re, no longer trading the most valuable resource you have in life your time for money. You want to trade money for money.

You want money to go to work. You want to put that money to work for you. So while you’re sleeping it’s, making a difference, you want to create a machine and that machine. You want to create it’s, something that you want to be able to feed you at some stage where you don’t have to work that’s, what the money machine is, and so how do you do that? First, step spend less than you earn and invest the difference in our question.

How many of you currently are spending more than you earn, be honest, raise your hand, how many are spending less than you earn raise your hand fantastic now, if you spend less than you earn, but you don’t, invest it you’Re not gonna get much value, you know most of you say well, I do invest a portion of that, so I might spend more or I do some new spending, but if you invest a portion of it, the second secret to this is you got to Reinvest how many of you have ever made a big hit in your investments and went? Oh, my god, that’s, so cool and took the money and spent it on something.

Raise your hands say: aye come on, say aye. I know you all. Anybody’s invested has done this if you got ta bake a cake. Yes, is it nothing wrong with that, but you got to make sure it’s, significant about that.

You reinvest your returns, so you get compounded what compounded growth is the most basic principle in the world. We all know it intellectually, but are you emotionally associated enough that you’re, really utilizing it to its maximum capability? If you don’t you’re, not gonna get financially free.

You will never get financially independent by your earnings alone. Let me tell you something: there’s, three or four heirs. Your life, you don’t want to go on expert. You don’t want an expert to make.

The decision expert can coach you, but you better make the decision. One is how you raise your kids. I mean if you’re gonna screw up. You should be the screw up, not somebody else in this area, because at least, if you screw up, you know you gave your all and if you screw up you & # 39.

Ll learn from your screw up and you can still make a difference, but letting someone else tell you how to raise your children is insane to think that they know more than you do with your own child, your own, the soul.

You brought in this world. They can coach you, you can learn through them, but you got to make those decisions once another area like that, your physical health, if you don’t, learn this area because you think it’s too complex.

I’m gonna give this decision to somebody else that’s. Somebody else being a be totally sincere and sincerely wrong. I’m, not lecturing you. What to do. I’m just saying whatever you gonna do inform yourself to make the decision, because someone else making that decision.

The consequences are too great for your children, for your health and I’ll. Tell you another area’s. Really important your psychology having someone else, give you a label, tell you what to do same thing with you know you’re gonna end up with some challenge in your body same thing and the last area they are.

I’m. Talking about here is money, because what most people do is like I don’t have time for this. I don’t stand this. I need to go to an expert because I’m, not here, to sell you some financial investment or plan, because if I did that, I’d, have a self interest.

The process that’s, not gonna serve you and that doesn’t mean someone can’t sell you something. It just means. I’m coming here to advise you on how to make better decisions. Not tell you should do this individual thing, because what individually need to do changes and by the way, even if you have the best intent, can you be wrong? Yes or no? So I’m, not here as a registered investment adviser.

I’m, not here to sell you a stock or a bond. I’m here to teach you a way of evaluating, so you can make better choices. More of the time, because when you get to the financial area, when you meet somebody, what’s, the old phrase when a person with experience and knowledge meets a person with money? What happens the person? What the money ends up with experience and the person’s.

Experience ends up with the money and even if the intent is purely positive, if this person screws up no one is gonna care about as much as your financial world as you. No one, no matter how much they care, no maps are come in because it’s, your life and if they make a mistake and they’re sincere, they get the learning which will make them better in the future.

But if you make the mistake – and you have this concern – you can never learn it. You

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