People who succeed in any situation have a pattern of what they do to succeed and it doesn’t matter whether that person is succeeding at a business context or in a relationship context. Doesn’t matter.

What the environment is the fundamental lessons or laws for succeeding are very, very basic. So if we’re looking for the ultimate success for me, the very first thing we have is: you have to know what you want, which we call know your outcome.

You’re gonna succeed in anything it’s hard to succeed, hard to hit a target when you don’t know what it is and as simplistic as it sounds, do you know, do most people really know what They want, what do you think, yes, or no at least not consciously? They don’t right, and so it’s.

Gon na be very, very difficult to achieve what you want when you haven’t defined it, but this is gonna become a question we’re gonna. Want you to ask yourself a lot. What is my outcome in this situation? I don’t even have a time management system that I developed it’s, really a life management system which we call opa, because the first o stands for what’s? My outcome, cuz, you can come up with a question like what should I do and you’re gonna knit with a long list.

But as you do all these things, what will happen? Is you can cross something off your list and still be unfulfilled and not really achieve anything that matters? So you say what’s, my outcome? First, then, you begin to decide what you need to do to get the outcome.

So, in this case, we want to say what’s, your outcome, you want to make it a habit. Ask this question a lot. You’re in the middle of conversation. Stop yourself! If it seems to going nowhere and say what’s, my hell come here, I want to connect.

I don’t want to influence this person. Do I want to learn something? What’s? Your outcome, for example? How many of you have ever been caught up in an argument, and you even forgot what you’re arguing for, but you knew you had to win.

How many been there say? I okay! If, in the middle of that argument, you were to ask yourself the question: what’s, my outcome here, I guarantee you, your brain would say: well my how comes not to fight my outcomes to resolve this, and if you could clear what your real Target is your behavior.

Will change automatically, so very very few people know what they want and the more are you clear you can get about what you want, the more you can really achieve. So my right, underneath this it’s, a subset of number one still number one.

Just like clarity is power. Clarity is power, more clear. You can become about what it is. You really want and more power you’re gonna have cuz. Your brain is like a servomechanism in a a bomb as an example, they sent a missile out.

It has a servomechanism, it knows what the target is and when the target moves. It follows it well, your brain is very similar when you decide exactly what you want. You start picking up information that you never would have picked up before.

Consciously, for example, have you ever bought a particular car, maybe or maybe a certain outfit, and then all of a sudden you see that car or outfit everywhere. How many got that experience say I well what’s that car outfit already around you all? The time yeah, but you didn’t notice it because there’s, a portion of your brain, that it was responsible for one thing, and that is screening out 99 % of what you see here and feeling life.

Because if you were to notice everything that’s going on in this room right now, you go stark raving mad, but most of you don’t. You pay attention to a small number of things. If you could right now notice what millions of things you cannotice my voice, you can listen to what I’m, saying you cannotice.

What’s, going on the background, the screens? You could hear the air-conditioning. You could smell your neighbour off to all that jumping up and down notice that right, you can feel it maybe a little sweat trickling across your chest or whatever was going on.

After all that jumping up and down, you could feel the blood, maybe vibrating or circulating through your left eardrum. But you don’t think about those things. So maybe I mentioned them or something triggers it.

So this part of our brain, that’s responsible for deleting most of our thoughts and most of the things that are going on around us that part of our brain. When you know when it knows what you want, it makes you notice those things.

You suddenly see that car, because it’s, important it’s called the reticular activating system. You don’t have to write all the down for sure it’s called Ras. The reticular activating system tells your brain.

What to pay attention to so when you say that this is what I really want that anything that relates to that that you would have noticed before will start popping up into your focus a lot of times. People say it’s.

Amazing. I decided this and it was kind of you know. Synchronicity these things started popping up. Well, these things were probably around you before, but you never noticed them because you hadn’t decided your outcome.

Now, when you know your outcome, you’re ahead of 95 % of the population, but that’s, not enough. The second thing you got ta know is lot of times. You know your outcome, but you lose your drive. You know you want something but forget the most important thing, which is know why you want it know why you want it.

You got another purpose in our oppa training system when people are managing their lives. We have them ask what’s, my outcome, and then why do I want this? Because any person’s, success or really successful? I was exactly what they want.

They know why. The reason I don’t know. Why is remember. I said yesterday reasons come first answers come second, give enough reasons. You can get a big enough why you can figure out how to do about anything, but you got to have purpose because purpose provides Drive.

Now, if you know what you want – and you know why you’re lightyears ahead of most the population, but you got to go to the stuff that most people seem to avoid, and that is you got to take massive? What that’s right and a key word there is massive.

Massive action can be a cure-all when you know what you’re after, and you know why you want it, because you know you have to when you take action. You won’t just be expending energy. You’ll, be moving yourself in a direction towards something you really really want, and by the way, last night we call taking massive action personal.

What power, which means ability, take action and what stops people from taking action? Primarily, what fear and the way you get over that fear is, what do you think is the number one fear most people have failure and the reason is they feel if they fail, they won’t, be loved, they’ll, be rejected.

They’ll, be hurt, they’ll, be judged, so what they really are afraid of is losing love, and they think that this rejection – or I should say this failure – will lead to that rejection or loss of love.

The truth of the matter is, you can’t fail unless you don’t, try you try something. Doesn’t work, you just learn from it and that’ll. Make you better the next time you go about it now? If you know your outcome know why you want and take massive action.

You’re now in the most small percentile of people on the planet. So what’s? The next step, though, well you can take a lot of action and get caught up in a pattern like become so determined that you became like tunnel vision like I know this is gonna work, and so you keep running east looking for a sunset with total Certainty, a lot of belief, high-standard still doesn’t work, so what you have to be able to do to succeed, so you don’t, get caught up in some old pattern.

Is you got to know what you’re? Getting know what you are know what you’re, getting the word we use for this. As for sure, as we call it sensory acuity, sensory acuity is the idea that you want to become acutely sensitive to whether or what you’re.

Doing is working or not you don’t want to just say, okay, I know what I want to know. I don’t want, and I’m just gonna make it happen this. How I’m gonna, do it you keep hammering and hammering and hammering it doing something that doesn’t work and people do this all the time right do the same thing over and over again expecting a different result.

That’s called insanity. You can’t, do the same thing again and again expect a different result. When you can see it, doesn’t get the result, but we get caught up in our patterns. So we want to get really sensitized acutely sensitized sensory acuity to whether what we’re doing is working or not, and by the way sensory acuity is really the measure of a person’s, intelligence.

What I mean by that is, how do we measure intelligence intelligence is a measure of the number and quality of distinctions you have in a given situation like, for example, if you talked to Eskimos that’s, actually not the politically correct term anymore.

I guess it’s in a way you talked in in a way what we formally called Eskimos. You’d, find out that in a way have more than a dozen words for the word snow. More than a dozen now I’m from Southern California.

Guess how many words I have person? Oh one, I don’t, see any of it. It’s called snow baby right, but they got to know what kind of snow they & #. 39 re gonna make more refined distinctions to be effective in the world to get their outcomes.

I don’t know what kind of snow you can build an igloo out of what kind of snow you can take your dogs through what kind of snow you can eat all right. What kind of snow you’re gonna fall through, so who has more intelligence? Who has more power in that snowy environment, the Eskimo army, which one Eskimo, because they have more sensory acuity? They have more refined distinctions about what each of these elements mean versus I to see it as snow.

Now, if you took that Eskimo and you stuck in my car in Los Angeles, then we find out that maybe I have a little more intelligence because he might try to steer the thing using the rearview mirror right.

He just doesn’t know so, since he doesn’t have that acuity. He doesn’t. Have those distinctions he wouldn’t do terribly. Well, there see some people, I can hold this up and I can say what is this and they say: well, it’s, a cylinder other people say no.

No, that’s, a blue white black cylinder. Someone else does no. No, that’s. A blue color marker, a few people say no, no, that’s, not just a blue color marker. That is a pilot super color bride and WOD color marker and, if you get in your clothes, come out now, whoops whoo those people has more power, 1, 2, 3 or 4 4 because they have the largest number of distinction.

So now, if you know your outcome, you know why you want it. You got your purpose, you have to drive, you got your a and oppa. This is outcome, purpose action. You know the massive action you’re, taking action and you notice what’s working? What happens if you notice it’s, not working.

You’re, taking action, but it’s. Not getting you closer to your outcome, what’s, the obvious 5th step, but this step is change. Your approach change your approach. If what you’re, doing your Qt says is not working change it now.

What, if you change your approach and that’s, still not working, then what would you do? What would you do come on? What would you do? James again, keep yourself in a peak state sit up in your chair. Some of you’ve gone back into that deep hypnotic state of learning I can see, and what have you tried that that didn’t work? Then what you do? What, if that doesn’t work? What do you do and what, if that doesn & # 39, t work? What do you do? What, if that doesn & # 39, t work? What do you do what, if, after all that and still doesn’t work? What do you do and what have you tried out and it doesn’t work? How many times until you find out what works do not say to yourself.

I’ve tried everything that’s Bowl. If you tried everything you’d, have what you want? Why haven’t tried everything, but I tried millions of things. Millions number them name them. Well, maybe tens of thousands, tens of thousands name a thousand – well maybe 100 name on it.

Well, maybe I did these two things over and over again that don’t work. Ok, but we start saying I’ve tried everything. We tend to encamped that don’t, wait, we make it an incantation, then we believe it and since we think we & # 39, ve tried everything we just give up.

That’s, garbage it’s, not true, hey! Let me ask you a question: how long would you give your average baby to learn how to walk? You know before you shut them off and didn’t. Let him try anymore yeah. What are you crazy, my kids gonna keep trying until he or she walks ah magic formula.

You know what almost everything the whole world walks. Ok, so this is the ultimate success form that comes down to knowing what you want. Why you want to take a massive action, know that’s, working and simply changing approach until you get it that’s, it? Anyone who succeeds does this.

They may not call it Robins ultimate success for him. I guarantee they did it. Anna Coren example, Thomas Edison, these lights in here did this guy know his outcome, yes or no, yes, or no. He was absolutely clear without knowing me how come he couldn’t have built that a million years it didn’t exist before he had to decide.

He wanted to create this result without the use of candles. Did he know why you want to do it? You bet you read his writings. This man had a sense of incredible purpose and drive. Did he take massive action? Yes or no? Oh, yes, tens of thousands of experiments did he noticed when it wasn & # 39.

T working and learned from it, yes or no did he keep changing his approach. That’s. Why? Right now in this room, we don’t smell candle light right now, if you know the old story of him was written about him.

Early in his early days, he & # 39. S, got his best friend with him. He’s, doing this experiment and as he’s doing a he creates a small explosion which shakes the room scares both of them very, very severely and then at the end of that he gets up and his friend is totally shaken.

Freaked out he pulls out his journal. He starts writing and his buddy says to him. What’s? The matter of you insane almost killed us, so you’re gonna wait. You have 10,000 failures, for you, give this stupid idea up and Edison’s.

Response to him was I didn’t have a failure there. He goes that’s, your 9090 99th failure. I said no, it’s. Not. He said I discovered the 9999 a way not to invent electrolyte bull, but I did discover how to create a small explosion which may be useful in the future somewhere else interesting right, because he understood what this process was.

Hey did Bruce Springsteen use this. Do you think you just want went out used his gravelly voice and said they may be born to USA and everybody went yeah. You’re. It man that what happened know what really happened.

If you know his story was that all the agents and people who went to try and book was said just play the guitar and keep your mouth shut. Your voice is gross sounding it’s. Gravelly it’s, irritating no one’s.

Gon na, like the stuff, keep your mouth shut and play the guitar, but he knew what he wanted. He had all the drive you can imagine who I want. It took massive action, kept changing his approach, so he got what he want.

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