Tony Robbins: Time Of Your Life | 6 Steps to Success

Rpm planning is a way to maximize the results of your life and maximize your sense of fulfillment and joy. It’s both in order to do that. We got to change what we focus on from the question of what do I have to do? What’s? My outcome? What do I want? What’s most important to me? What’s? The result I’m committed to getting that.

One change will change completely how you respond in your life because it’ll change you from focusing where everyone’s, demanding your attention or what you’re, afraid of or remote might give you pleasure in the moment to What’s most important to you and those by the way are the three things that get our focus.

If we don’t discipline ourselves, what gets our focus, something we’re afraid of something to give us pain? What’s? The second thing that’s, our focus, we don’t pay attention. Some will give us pleasure, like you know what I’m, so stressed out.

Oh that chocolates, looking good! Oh, that you know I’m gonna go over to have my little coffee. You know it’s. My smoke, a mocha don’t, go to cream this thing, and that thing, and I’m gonna escape review.

Loehmann’s, because the focus is how to feel good how to not feel bad. How to feel good. What’s? The third thing get your focus. Other people’s demands it’s, not necessarily. There are more demands. It’s, just that we’re accessible to more demands, and if you don & # 39, t know what you want and you don’t know why it’s, a must for you to achieve it, And you don’t have a plan.

I could promise you something you’re gonna fit in everybody else’s plan and you’re gonna wonder why you’re stressed, and you’re gonna wonder why I’m not fulfilled what is time, how do you know when it’s a long time or how do you know when it’s, a short time it’s? Not because it’s, ten minutes or ten hours, how many been in ten hours and time flew because you loved what you’re doing didn’t have any sense of time whatsoever.

How many thought that experience say I? How many have ten minutes feel like 10 years? You want to kill somebody to get out of the situation. So what is time time is emotion, got to remember that time is emotion.

What you’re, really managing is emotion. Another word for that would be meaning or fulfillment. Focus is power, but you’re going to take it. Take it back, take back that power and you got to know when you do that that focus how to chunk it, how to group it.

So you’re, not overwhelmed. We show you how to make it simpler when mass information is coming at you you get overwhelmed. Most of us are great deletion creatures. We delete most of life right now. There are millions and things around you.

You can be focusing on thinking about giving meanings to making decisions about what to do Millions and when you think about what it’s going to take to do something. Usually it takes a lot and you’re, not going to want to do it.

Go I’ll. Do it when later it’s, my Australian friends would say later right and of course, the problem with doing it tomorrow is when you get to tomorrow. Tomorrow’s today, tomorrow never comes so, and you keep promising yourself by the way.

What does this do to you emotionally when you keep breaking your own promises with yourself or you keep failing to do things that you know are important? Does it increase your length level of certainty and confidence? No, what it does is it roads and when you Road confidence in one area, believe it or not, it affects the other areas too.

Do you believe on that don’t, believe me: what about your own life experience? Maybe not one area, but it starts to be multiple areas. It sure does another reason why somebody doesn’t exercise or do anything is because they don’t just chunk it too big.

They chunk it into many details. So remember this. Remember this change is never a matter of ability. It’s, always a matter of motivation. I & # 39. Ll say that again, change is never a matter of ability.

It’s, always a matter of motivation or Drive. Having strong enough for reasons, if you got a strong reason, you could figure out the time couldn’t you, so the biggest part of life and time management is knowing what you want and having enough reasons to follow through.

But there is one more piece: if you make enough reason to follow through you know what you want, but you make the task overwhelming you’ll, be overwhelmed. What you focus on! You feel what you feel you are moved to somehow actuate.

But if you only focus on what you don’t want or mean what’s stressful in your life, which you can’t control or what you screwed up on, or what you’ve messed up on. In the past, I’m, not gonna get where you want to be chunking is power.

You don’t want to over chunk. We’re, trying to bite the whole darn thing together. You also don’t want to under chunk. We make a million pieces of something what is chunking it’s, taking all that’s coming at you and putting it into idealize sized groups that your mind can handle see.

Science has proven the human brain consciously we can only handle what they call: seven plus or minus two chunks of information, the term that they describe in science, that human beings can only handle seven plus or minus two chunks of information at one time.

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